The Capri Drive-In Theatre

Coldwater, Michigan

August 1999: The Capri just celebrated their 35th year, although from the gloss of the paint, you’d swear they just opened. The "scope" screen #1 (claimed to be the largest in lower Michigan) is quite a sight from the highway (the large screen #2 can also be seen, but dwarfed in the back of the lot by #1).

The familiar snack food counter signs have faded a bit over time, but the burgers and foot-long dogs they advertised were pretty good for the price. The friendly staff kept the two lanes running smoothly. A pair of in-car speakers are also featured inside for those who missed ’em the first time around. Projectors and platters can be seen behind the wide glass of the ground-level booth. The lack of an equipped playground didn’t stop a number of families from playing on the vast lawn in front of screen #1 prior to showtime. Patrons were also courteous enough (when asked) to move their large vehicles when they pulled in and blocked your view (Bravo!).

I brought along one Drive-In Veteran (who doesn’t remember watching ANY drive-in movies back in the day... hmmm... and one Drive-In Newbie, who’ll gladly go again as long as I don’t let him eat Burger King prior to a killer shark flick.

Best Quote: “Man... If we saw Blair Witch on that big screen, I’d have been really sick...”

I’m a fan of speakers and intermission films (which this DI lacked), so I’ll give the Capri a B+. The operators show such pride in the theatre, I’ll definitely drive the 300 miles to visit again.


Site by Brad Chester, who works at the Capri... Great slide show.

Official site.

 September 1, 1999