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Frederic Speedway

City: Frederic State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Crawford
Notes: Dirt Oval
Operating Dates: 1955/1968
Special thanks to Brain Baker for photo and info.
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2/9/2014 - D Schalm
I've got some pictures from the middle 60's I took as a kid, and some that I took of the property last summer. As soon as I get the hard drive organized, I'll send some in to be posted. There is a self-storage business on the site, but you can still make out the track if you were familiar with it when they were racing on it. I accidentally almost put a serious hurt on a friend there. A friend of a family of our friends let us use his cabin in the winter for sno-mobiling getaways, a couple of times in the early 70's.

It was back in the woods a bit across Old-27 from the track. Us younger folk took the sno-mobiles to the track and race around it. at night. with the practically useless headlights that were on late 60's sleds.

Not the best conditions for a safe ride. I was going full throttle down the backstretch when at the last second I saw one of my friends going across the backstretch to head back to the cabin. Almost one of the ugliest T-Bone wrecks you might have ever saw a race track. Almost.

but I sure didn't miss him by much.
Frederic Speedway - AERIAL
Frederic Speedway - AERIAL PHOTO

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