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New Baltimore

Address: Burdon and Hobarth Roads
City: New Baltimore State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Macomb
Notes: Dirt Oval
Operating Dates: 1939
Special thanks to Brian Baker for Aerial photo and info.
View on Google Maps  
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 10851

7/29/2016 - Tony
it was a horse racing training facility back in the late 70's/early 80's.
11/14/2012 - Dave Biland
This is an old horse training track that belonged to Thornwood Farms. It was on Bourdon Rd and burned to the ground back in the 80's.
11/5/2012 - Jill
Uncle Bill V. Is that you?.
11/4/2012 - Bill
I live around the corner From the track entrance there is a pilar off of burden rd. that was the old entry way.
4/9/2012 - Kyle
I am a bit skeptical on this oval track being the correct location for a track in new baltimore in the 40s-60s. There are aerials available (historicaerials. com) of this location in 1964 and 1973, and this oval is nowhere to be found.
2/4/2010 - Bob
Raced the drag strip myself in 1959 and ''60. Ran a ''55 Chevy with a Latham-blown Pontiac engine in B-Gas Supercharged. I belonged to club called the Tappet Tickers out of St. Clair Shores at the time. At one point, due to the track being too short, it was run as an 1/8th mile.

I can''t remember the exact year, ''59 or ''60, I remember Don Garlits running here, in an exhibition race, when it was 1/8th mile. Track was quite popular at the time as it was the only drag strip in SE Michigan. Cars came from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana to run here. Sponsorship was extremely rare at the time.

Maybe one could get a set of tires, plugs, etc. from some parts store. I do remember one competitor from Ohio who (tongue in cheek, I''m sure!) was sponsored by Jack''s Donkey Farm. Slogan on the car was We Haul A__!As the run-off area was so short, some drivers would try to turn their cars onto the return road rather than go straight off the end of the pavement into a plowed field.

One Saturday morning before racing started, I distinctly remember the track manager deliberately driving off his street car off the end of the track, at full speed, to prove to the drivers that it was safe to do so, rather than attempting to turn on to the return road, rolling their cars in the process. The reason that he did that was that had been either a death or a serious injury (can''t remember which) the week before as a driver had turned rather than run into the field. Track itself was pretty rudimentary in that the pits were dirt, maybe only one (1) small building and no lighting at all. I do remember running there at one night race when one of these huge, World War II era arc lights (used for scanning the night skies for enemy aircraft) was placed behind the starting line to illuminate the track.

Driving it was scary as hell what with the extremely strong light at your back. The problem was that one''s own car blocked the light, darkening the track in front of the car all the way to the end! Sure made it tough to keep yer foot in the kitchen through the entire quarter mile! The arc light was so strong, it completely over-powered our headlights (those of us who had them!), that it was still dark in front of the car and the arc light made it very difficult to see the features of the ground or the track. If memory serves, that was only night race ever held there although the track may have been upgraded in later years. Once Detroit Dragway was opened this track faded into the sunset.

Please feel free to correct me on my recollections. Keep in mind, it has been a few years.

at least fifty (50)!.
9/28/2007 - Larry
I remember going to a New Baltimore drag strip in the mid 50''s.
8/24/2007 - Rudy
Yea went by there and what I saw was what looked like a dirt bike track with jumps and that is what can be seen north of the so called circle track?? That is why I asked if there was anyone with any credible photos or stories of their times at the track. There are a lot of people out there with Bulldozers and backhoes who could build that in a weekend. LOVE THIS SITE.
8/23/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
the lower picture sure looks like a racetrack to me and not a farmers horse trail. If it isn''t a track, man it should be Looks lke a nice local for a track.
8/23/2007 - Rudy
Are you sure that this is the location??? I am a sure it has grown over since the 1940''s?? Any one have any pics?? or stories??.
8/22/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
This looks like it would be a prime location for a rebirth. It''s close enough to Detroit and Port Huron. Has anyone contacted the owners of the land??? Does anyone live near there????.
New Baltimore - AERIAL
New Baltimore - AERIAL PHOTO
New Baltimore - AERIAL PHOTO 2006

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