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Prairie River Speedway

Address: Centreville-Constantine Rd
City: Centreville State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: St. Joseph
Notes: Dirt Oval
Operating Dates: 1951-1956
View on Google Maps  
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 11654

9/1/2020 - Byron Samuels
Looking for no. 80 my dad and mom both raced there I was born in 1949 and looking for pictures ours got destroyed.
9/10/2019 - jody gest
i was born in 1958 so the track had closed 2 year before that. my dad had raced there so i only heard stories. i grew up right next to the track and remember walking to it and seeing only a few bleachers and the tower which was all that was left. if anyone has photos I'm looking for my dads number 99. please email me.

3/3/2015 - Doug Austin
I have over Six hundred 8x10 pictures of cars that raced in 1953- 54 on this track. Doug.
4/3/2010 - Mike White
I wonder if this was the place I attended a couple times as a youngster with my parents. I just barely remember it (I was only about 5 or 6) but my folks talked about going to the races at Mendon. But since Mendon never had a track to my knowledge I assume this must be it. I have a keen interest in the area tracks I attended as a kid (Galesburg, Hastings, Kalamazoo, Jackson) especially Jackson and Hastings since they are long gone. Any pictures would be precious.

4/1/2010 - Tom Jones
I attended this track in the early 50''s with my father,Duane Jones, grandfather, Herman Miller and uncle,Fred Moore. I was disappointed they closed it and the four owners could not agree on reopening it. I have slides, somewhere dated October,1954 depicting racing from behind the guardrail. Anyone interested turbo30a@yahoo. com and I''ll start digging.

4/1/2010 - Tom Jones
My dad, Duane Jones, grandfather, Herman Miller and uncle, Fred Moore took me to the races there in the early 50''s. Somewhere in a box I have slides dated October ''54 showing some track action and guardrails.

If anyone out there is interested, please e-mail at turbo30a@yahoo. com and I''ll search for slides. Always disappointed the track was closed and owners couldn''t get it together and reopen!!!.
6/22/2006 - Roger Burton
The track is on the north side of M-86. And the track was east to west. It actually ran paralell to M-86. My father used to watch the races there quite often. He took me there when I was quite young.

But I do remember the track being paralell to M-86. I think there are a number of houses on the site now.
5/17/2006 - Bill Moyer
The speedway was located between the towns of Nottawa and Centerville on the north side of M-86.
Prairie River Speedway - BOB MIKEL 1952 WRECK
Prairie River Speedway - AERIAL
Prairie River Speedway - TOPO

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