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Rendezvous Bowl

City: Sister Lakes State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Van Buren
Notes: Paved Oval
Operating Dates: 1947-1949
Special thanks to Brain Baker for photo and info.
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6/7/2013 - Joe Marshall
My grandfather, Gordon Buss Miller, built and operated this track - as well as the nightclub across the street. This was also called The Rendezvous. I don't know a lot of the history, though I was told by my parents that the top Indy Car drivers frequented this track and the midget racing circuit of the time. I am also told that my grandfather was a colorful man and that shenanigans similar to the prohibition era were common. The track was lost in 1949 in a Federal Court ruling that awarded the property to the lien-holder.

If anyone has any more history about this please post.
4/10/2009 - Phil Wiesemes
street is 95th Avenue.
11/3/2003 - Phil Wiesemes
I grew up in Sister Lakes, MI. During the 60s the racetrack was used for racing go-karts.
Rendezvous Bowl - 1947 AD FROM JERRY
Rendezvous Bowl - AERIAL PHOTO

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