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Lake Angelus Speedway

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County: Oakland
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6/23/2011 - Danny Swan
I grew up in Pontiac Mi. I remember as a boy about 12 yrs old maybe exploring at Lake Angelus. I came across the track (prev abandoned and all grown up with weeds) but there were still wrecked cars with numbers on them. It must have been about 1969 and to me these cars were really old timey ones. In later years I learned that my parents had both raced and my mom drove a car with Donald Duck painted on the trunk lid.

In 2011 my cousin Joe McDonald said he ran across a lady who worked at a rite-aid (or something) pharmacy near lk orion or oxford who remembered my mom, saying she was a tough racer. Mom later had become the 9th woman in the world registered to drive as a truck driver for Allied Van Lines, along with my father.
12/8/2005 - Randy Adam
Dan, isnt there any pics you have of the cars? I think most of your family raced all over the Det area didnt they? I do remember now that Jims Catering as the sponsor. Email me if you want rusty2win@aol. com, would love to hear the stories.
11/9/2005 - Dan Baumgarten
Randy Adam. That was him. He had a 66 and then a 67 Chevelle sponsored by Jims Catering.

Before the Chevelles he had a 57 Ford and I remember a 61 Sunliner. Raced with Ray Nece and Danny Byrd for years.
11/7/2005 - Randy Adam
Wasnt Ervs #, when he raced at Mt. Clemens, 108? Drove a blue and white chevy in the late 60s and early seventies???.
10/25/2005 - Dan Baumgarten
Sean Fitzgerald. I dont know a Herb, but my uncle was Erv Baumgarten who raced at Mt.

Clemens, Motor City, etc. In fact, the picture posted on this site is his car in 1954 at Lake Angelus.
10/8/2005 - Sean Fitzgerald
Is Dan Baungarden any relation to herb who used to race at Mt Clemens???.
Lake Angelus Speedway - 1954 FROM DAN BAUMGARTEN
Lake Angelus Speedway - AERIAL FROM GARY LASTER

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