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Onondaga Dragway

Address: Bellevue Rd
City: Onondaga State: MI Zip: Unknown Phone:  
County: Ingham
Notes: Special thanks to RG for info and pics!
View on Google Maps  
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 57024
Video Clip:Short video of walk-through of lot


10/24/2017 - Ron Davis
Does anyone remember my dad racing there on Sundays? His name was Little Dicky Davis and he ran a 63 Plymouth Sport Fury with a 383 and sometimes forgot to put that push button crap back into drive before the green light. Went backwards a couple of times before he figured out a Torqflight. Said that he did fairly well out there until the Ramchargers came out there with their hemis. His name is Richard Davis from Ann Arbor. Thanks for any help.

9/18/2017 - ron isenhath
is there a gary long memorial drag meet this saturday september 23 at the track? thanks.
8/20/2017 - Ed
Just a update on Onondaga Dragway, it is open for operation now. The court ruled in favor of the track owners last week. Racing starts this Saturday, August 12th, gates open at 8am, racing starts at 9am. Of course weather permitting. $35 to race, $10 to spectate, kids 10 and under are free.

8/17/2014 - Bill Gould
Does remember Lil Twister, a red 57 Corvette, racing at Onondaga or Mid-Michigan in the 60s or 70s? I'm trying to document the history of this Corvette which has been in storage for many years in the Laingsburg MI area. In addition to the name Lil Twister, the word Cheveland was written on the side of the car and I don't know what that means. I have photos if anyone can help or if anyone can provide any referrals to someone who might remember the car. Please email me at billygould@comcast. net.

Thanks, Bill Gould.
5/1/2014 - Bridget Bofysil
Many people here may know my dad Bob Bofysil or have heard of him. I'm very sad I say he passed away yesterday morning. It's an unfortunate situation and I hope you don't mind me posting this here. Visitation will be Sunday 4-6 and 6-8 with services Monday at noon - at Estes-Leadley in lansing. Due to some really unfortunate circumstances the family is left with the final expenses.

We have set up a donation page for the final expenses of Bob Bofysil through go fund me. com. Thank you everyone.

4/2/2014 - Matt
From the Lansing State Journal ONONDAGA TWP. — Following its first year of operation in 35 years, a revamped drag-strip in Onondaga Township has lost the first round of a legal battle to stay open. Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina called the track a ‘nuisance’ and blasted the Onondaga Township Board of Trustees for allowing it to re-open in a ruling on March 17. “I do find that this is a nuisance,” Aquilina said according to transcripts from the hearing. “It is the classic nuisance everyone reads about in law school,” she said.

“Everyone should be allowed to enjoy their property. ” The Onondaga Township board approved a site plan for the Onondaga Dragway, 4186 Bellevue Road, in 2012 and its started operating last year. Michael Behan, attorney for homeowners Mark Cooper and John Ghere, is handling two separate cases concerning the drag-way. Cooper sued drag-way owners Ray and Carolyn Comer alleging it was a nuisance , while Ghere sued the township for going against its own zoning ordinances to allow the track to re-open.

Aquilina’s ruling on March 17 addressed Cooper’s complaint. After hearing a recording of the noise levels heard from the track, she questioned why the township board did not try to dampen the loud noise generated by the track by requiring the owners to use sound barriers before granting approval. Behan said now that it has been ruled as a nuisance, he will prepare a motion to stop operations at the track. Behan said an appeal has been filed, and it is undetermined if the track will continue with its plans to open the 2014 season as scheduled on April 4.

The dispute started years ago, when owners Ray and Carolyn Comer decided to re-open the track closed for 35 years. Neither Ray or Carolyn could be reached for comment. In 2010, land clearing was started, and construction was to start pending a special use permit approval but an application filing error delayed the approval process, Township Clerk Diane Johnson said. Anticipating the development, a group of residents living near the property demanded a recall of those board members that voted to allow the drag strip to be rehabilitated.

The group garnered enough signatures and a special recall election happened in November, 2011 but did not result in the ousting of Clerk Diane Johnson or Treasurer Mary Jane Hector. Initially, the Onondaga Township Planning Commission recommended approval of the permit, but the commission recommended a denial the second time it came up as opposition to the drag strip grew. As a result, the Onondaga Township Board then voted against approval in June, 2011. The property owners had to wait at least a year before presenting the plan again in 2012, for which it was approved.

3/24/2014 - Randy C
Onondaga posted they plan on opening Apr, so get ready.
10/21/2013 - Bill
What year did onondaga close?? Some say 1976 and some say 1978.
9/27/2013 - Mike Reed
I raced at Onondaga from the time it opened in 1961 (a very cold day) through half of the 1963 season. We went to Onondaga on many, many weekends over the years. I was racing for some time before Onondaga opened. I raced Super Stock class in 1960 and 1961, L Stock in 1962 and 1963, with the Chevair Race Team. Wish I had photos to post, but unfortunately I do not.

8/24/2013 - Trevor
Onondaga Dragway released on their Facebook page this message Ok here we are Onondaga Dragway is pleased to announce the date of opening day. On September 7th 2013 This day is the Gary Pranshka Memorial race in memory of Dan's dad, gates open at 8:00a. m Spread the word more details to follow.
6/29/2013 - J. Angell
Please launch the Onondaga Dragway web site soon It is a mistake to post updates exclusively on a Facebook page, because many people do not have Facebook accounts. An official web site is better than a web forum, because it can be difficult to distinguish an official announcement from a rumor when reading forum postings. Finally, even a very basic web site is an excellent marketing tool. Looking forward to opening day.

6/29/2013 - dan pranshka
We are working very hard it is taking a lot of back breaking work if u want information and up dates on the track please go on Onondaga Dragway official facebook page. I will be post our information there. Such as open dates, times and events we are working on a website. as well and that is yet to come Thank you.

6/28/2013 - Ross
Drove by the dragway yesterday. doesnt appear to be further progress on track renovations (no grandstands, advertisements, signs, etc. ).
6/18/2013 - Craig Cooper
Oh my god am I happy for you guys. I raced there in 1966 thru 1969. Gary Long and I had B modified class cars and raced each other as cousins. I may bring my Ford wheelchair van and see if Gary and I can go at it again, of course me with a early light. Craig Cooper.

6/6/2013 - dave croad
when are they going to open thanks. dave.
5/29/2013 - Ross
Drove by Onondaga Dragway yesterday and the timing tower is almost finished, and another building (snack bar?) is mostly completed.
5/14/2013 - Steve
i was also wondering if there is a website, maybe a facebook page for the dragway, that way people can stay informed.
5/3/2013 - Jeff Cook
Thenewonondagadragway@freeforums. org will become onondagadragway. com.
5/3/2013 - Jerry Green
Great job guys. Drove thru just to check it out. Looking forward to bringing the old man back. We will with a little luck, do a couple of launches with the Anglia and my Front engine dragster. Got to get some video for dad.

Look forward to breaking somethin. :).
5/2/2013 - ron weakley
Is there a web site I could sign up on to get info. on meetings or get togethers concerning the track? I hear about things three days after there over Please help.
4/29/2013 - Ethan
Will you be looking for people to hire or volunteer to work at the dragway when it opens?.
4/19/2013 -
4/3/2013 - Ed
Kent, Contact Dan Pranshka at (517) 206-4610, he is the owner of the dragstrip.
4/2/2013 - Kent Dillingham
The offer that i made several years ago still stands. I would be very interested in helping out at the new Onondaga Dragway. I am available and can be of service to the owner operators. I can and have teched cars for other dragstrips and have held tech certifications from NHRA and IHRA. Also have experience in track safety and clean up, and have worked as a starter.

So if anyone can get me in touch with the owners or if the owners see this post please feel free to contact me via my email and we can get together and see if i can be something you might want to have at the track. And i live right in Eaton Rapids. Oh I forgot I started drag racing at Onondaga in 1966.

3/16/2013 - Jeff Cook
The fight is over. The new Onondaga Dragway will be open 2013. I Will get a dedicated website up and running within the next few weeks.
10/26/2012 - james darrow
please webmaster do not remove this post its just a question what is currntly goin on with the track thier was big buzz then nothing havent hurd anything in months just wonderng what is goin down with the track and info on it would be great i dont need names or anything just wanna know whats up thanks.
6/3/2012 - Dennis Holly
for Ken Cobb, I am also looking for pictures of the Shamrock cars. I do have one picture of the 64. dlholly64@aol. com.

3/12/2012 - ken cobb
i am looking for pictures the 1964 shamrock hemi,any pictures of the car,from 1964-1965. cranberry crate 1965 olds 442,1969or1970 black 1948 angila with flame. my house burnt,and lost all the vidoes and pictures i had. please call 989-560-1906 thanks.

7/21/2011 - Dave Lee Pony Express Mustang
www. qscengineering. com.
7/20/2011 - Dave Lee
Look at my website, and scroll down to the bottom. there are my old pix of Onondaga dragway.
5/8/2011 - Steve
Mat, there is a forum dedicated to the dragway and it has vintage pictures. Do a search for badblackz and you should find it.
4/3/2011 - Matt Cantine
I'm looking for any info, picture, paperwork for when my dad and uncle raced at Onondaga back in the 60's. they had a modified corvair, and the story they have told me was that they set some record at the track with it. My uncle has a pic of the car with the trophy at their lansing home after the run. my email is mcantine@ifs-info. com, shoot me an email if you have any records.

As a side note, any vintage pics of the track would be greatly appreciated, they would be tickled to just see some vintage pics back in the day when the track was in its prime. they were to busy racing to take pictures!.
2/10/2011 - dan pranshka


5/4/2010 - Randy
Here is a cool link to some pics, articles and history regarding Onondaga Dragway:http://www. dearbornflashback. com/onondagadragway. asp.
4/29/2010 - WinterWinterWonderland
From the webmaster: You may notice that I have removed most of the posts related to the re-opening of the dragway. To be fair, I removed those in support and those against. I understand the content from this page is actually being read in the meetings regarding this and I don't want this site to be used in that manner. For those who know me, I am a big supporter of auto racing in Michigan as it is part of our heritage. Just as long as the issues can be resolved between the concerned parties amicably.

Emotions are running high on this issue, and that is understandable. I really hope things can be worked out. Please continue to submit information regarding the track and even the reopening issue, but until this matter is resolved, I would prefer just the facts. Please understand I am not trying to censor anyone, there is a forum that can be used to air all of your views.

I just feel until this is resolved it would be best to keep things cool here, I don't want the content on this site to play a role in whether the track is reopened or not. Thanks.
3/28/2010 - Jeff Cook
Website for Onondaga Dragwayhttp://thenewonondagadragway. freeforums. org/index. phpPlease stop by and register .
3/13/2010 - Web
Permit sought for reopening of drag-racing track in Onondaga Township By Jake Bolitho March 11, 2010, 9:05AM A long-abandoned drag-racing track in Onondaga Township could be reopened, pending a vote on a special-use permit by the township's board of trustees. At its last meeting, the Onondaga Township Planning Commission recommended the vote be put on tonight's board agenda. The recent recommendation and the possibility of the track being reopened after 35 years has drawn the ire of some nearby residents. Noise is probably 80 percent of the issue, said Steven Klein, an Onondaga Township resident. The attitude of the planning commission is another.

We felt that we were railroaded. Klein built his family's home in Onondaga Township 25 years ago. He said several of his neighbors are also concerned about the potential reopening, and that most homes in the area were built after the track closed. Planning Commission Secretary Ernest Hobart said about 100 people showed up at a recent public hearing on the issue.

About three-quarters of those in attendance seemed to support the use of the dragway, he said. The planning commission originally was approached by a group of racing enthusiasts who requested the township issue a special-use permit to grant an exception for the drag strip's use. Supporters include not only township residents but also those living elsewhere in south-central Michigan. There were some adjacent property owners for it, Onondaga Township Supervisor Randy Maiville said.

I was surprised at the total number of people who spoke up in support of it. Located at Bellevue and Byrum roads, the track was originally built as an airstrip in the 1940s and became popular in the '60s and '70s, before there were zoning ordinances in place. While the strip itself would not have to undergo construction, a concrete wall would have to be built along the track. Grandstands would also likely be built, Hobart said.

If it's passed, there's going to be some stipulations, he said. It's a private operation. They would be doing this on their own. Klein said the noise from such a track would cause property values to plummet.

He and his wife are considering selling their house if the track is reopened. Klein also cited the township's zoning ordinance, saying the drag strip would not fit the definition of land use that is harmonious and appropriate in appearance, and that its use would fail to not change the essential character of the area in which it is proposed. We're asking the township board of appeals if the correct process was followed, he said. If the vote passes, the drag racing track would be one-eighth of a mile long, Maiville said.

Its use would only be allowed on Saturdays within a set time frame of the day, during a 22-week period of the year from April 15 to the end of September. Maiville declined to share his personal views of the track because he will have a vote on it. http://www. mlive.

com/news/jackson/index. ssf/2010/03/permit_sought_for_reopening_of. html.
2/20/2010 - Ray Comer
Hi there, this is Ray Comer owner of the Onondaga Dragway, I applied for a special use permit so we can keep things going on the track. The public hearing is on 3/2/2010 at 7:30 P M onondage township hall , Onondaga Mi. I could use all the positive suport I can get, to get this to pass. Thank you Ray comer.
1/11/2010 - Dennis Holly
With all the renewed interest in the track at Onondaga, I''d like to see more old pictures from back in the 60''s and 70''s. Anyone have pictures to contribute here?.
12/9/2009 - charlie westcott jr
attn. John LI dont know if we can help, but feel free to contact us. My dad may know something about it. http://hemimilitia. com/Index.

htmlthis has all contact info.
12/7/2009 - Jessica Bridges
Ken Sears was my grandfather, and I would really like to thank all the guys from Onondaga coming out to pay their respects. He was a great man. Thanks.
12/6/2009 - Dennis Holly
This is for Kelly, the picture you are looking for are at www. dragaction. com.
12/5/2009 - Jon Lundberg
HI I need someone who''s interested in motor sports history to contact me from the Jackson area. Someone has just unearthed a piece of racing equipment built in the area from the 1960''s and we need to research the builder. Thanks.
11/17/2009 - Jon Lundberg
Another great Michigander - Dave Crane - has just reported the passing of Ken Sears following a long cancer battle. This is really sad. Three generations of the Sears family were involved with Onondaga Dragway. Ken''s dad, his brother Hal, their wives and kids. Family are good, decent, straight-forward people who watched other Michigan drag strips launch and decided to do their own.

They did it and for a long time Onondaga was successful. It opened in the fall of 1961. The Greek called one day. He''d had a falling out with Gil Kohn at Detroit Dragway over a run by the Loukas/Leffler coupe and had - on purpose - mowed down Gil''s lights.

Said to Ken Sears, If you pay me X, I''ll be there in 2 hours and come off the trailer at 200. Ken came to me asking, Can you hold the crowd for another 2 hours? This was at 4:00 PM on a hot Sunday afternoon. My response was, To see the Greek come off the trailer and turn this track''s first 200? You bet! I did and he did. That was 1963.

Lotsa good memories from that place. Among them that this close-knit family of average means invested in a dream and made it work. This is a sad day for me. Jon Lundberg.

10/30/2009 - John Keyes
MY dad James Keyes started his racing career at this dragstrip. He even still has one of the many cars that he raced there. Growing up my bedroom was filled with trophys from onondaga dragway as well as tri city. I have seen old photos my dad has and hope you guys can bring back a piece of michigan history for the next generation such as myself who were brought up around racing and hot cars to enjoy. Thanks.

10/28/2009 - Kelly Johnson
My Grandfather James Jimmy Johnson raced the Mighty Mopar II with Howard Dicks at this track. My family and I have several of his trophies. Unfortunately he had a rare genetic disease, Huntington''s. Once he became ill he obviously had to give up racing. I was told there was a photo of their car out there and it mentioned Howard as the driver, which is true, but I was hoping to see it and maybe mention my Grandpa.

He loved the race track and his Mopars and it would mean a lot to the whole Johnson Family!!! Please help if you know anything about the MIGHTY MOPAR II :).
10/15/2009 - Old Racer
Greetings all. I wish to thank all those responsible for the Car Show at Onondaga Dragway last September. I had a great time there. It brought back many memories of the old days when I was in high school hanging out there on a summers night watching the cars race. Even though I never drove a car down the track, I spent lots of hours working on my friend''s new ''72 Nova SS.

My car was nothing to race out there, not cool enough nor fast either. But the Nova was. So being able to be there, out on the track was the greatest thing for me. I got to watch the track with my son and we talked about the dragstrip back in its heyday when all the big time racers got to stop in and race.

It was greet to see Mr. LaHaie out there walking up and down the track and his very cool Merc Woody. He is a drag racing champion and it was fantastic that he came out there for this event. Wonder if he has any of his old race cars yet that he could bring next year.

I heard that there was over 200 cars there for this show. I believe it. The number of cars out there and the number of spectators there was stagering. At the end of the day, I was finally able to do what I have never been able to do before there, drive my car down the full lenght of the track.

Very very cool. I plan on being there again next year. And I hope to bring some of my high school buddies that where there back then, to the 2010 event. Thanks again to all those that worked hard to put this show on in two weeks.

10/12/2009 - Mel
This track runs sundays 13:00 to 18:00 when dry. It is private, not open to the public. but it is NOT demolished!.

10/7/2009 - Bill Ferguson
For Jon LunbergGo to www. blip. tv/file/2639551 for video of cars running at Onondaga.
10/5/2009 - Dennis Holly
Here''s a link to more still photos from Onondaga Car Show. http://www. dragaction. com/.
10/4/2009 - Dennis Holly
Try this link for Onondaga Video. http://www. blip. tv/file/2639551.
10/2/2009 - Jon Lundberg
THIS IS AMAZING!! Wow. the old place is open with racing again. I was the announcer at Onondaga for the first 8 years it was open.

Great to read that the car show was a success. Is there any video on You Tube or elsewhere I can see?This is really cool!.
9/29/2009 - Dennis Holly
A big thank you to all responsible, for the 1st Annual Onondaga Car Show. I attended as a spectator. What a great time. I hope to have my Max Wedge car done by the time you have another car show.

9/23/2009 - Natalie Bellairs
Hi everyone. thank you for everyone who is interested in pic''s and the new Dragway DVD. I am taking reservations for the DVD that will be avalible at the show this weekend. But for all those who have contacted me regerding the show or showing your car.

but you will neet to contact jeff or dan at the phone #''s listed below in this thread. I cannot help you. thank you everyone natalie.

9/22/2009 - Dan Graham
Hi, Due to the amount of emails I have received regarding the pictures taken of cars testing and tuning at the Onondaga Dragway, I would llike you to contact Natalie Bellairs. She has made a compilation video of the cars testing and tuning at the track. Natalie Bellairsmyhorse8129@yahoo. com Thanks for your interest Thanks, Dan Graham.
9/20/2009 - Mike
my uncle was part owner of onondaga racey jerry sears.
9/20/2009 - Jeff Cook
We are having the show on the 27th, but we have called off the racing for that day due to the huge response and # of cars that are expected to show up. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised with the plans that are being executed for the track.

9/17/2009 - Samantha
On September 27th 2009Car show 9am - 1pm Followed by racing. Car show entry fee $10/$15 if you stay to race. Spectators: FREERacing 1/8 mile track (Only first 50 registered will be eligible to race)Burnout contest, Fastest back half/pro street, Fastest Stock SupspensionFor more info contact:Jeff: 517-667-6035Dan: 517-206-4610.
9/14/2009 - Natalie B.
Hey guys thank you so much for giving me the chance to come out and watch you run and to video you. The music video is about 1/2 way done and i am wondering how many copies do you think i should make? thanks SO much.
9/14/2009 - corey
public car show at onondaga dragway 9:00am to 2:00 pm sep 27th.
8/27/2009 - Scott Klinger
I can remember Hal Sears quite well. He was my mom''s boss since he also owned Woody''s bar. I can remember mom working the jam sessions on sundays and all the bikes and cars parked out front. And the kick ass bands too. We would get into the track on the west end gate.

The guy would open it and we would end up at the return road and I remember meeting alot of racers first hand there. A couple of the racers would even stop in on friday nights at Woody''s and have a drink before Saturdays race. Mom passed away 6/18/98 and like her dad Alonzo, I miss them. I have been surviving life well for the most.

I just got my car running and would like to let it rip once. I just became a father for the first time on June 23 at the age of 41. If you know me send me an email!.
8/16/2009 - Dan Graham
hey,dragrace fans. I wanted to post some pics of some of the cars that ran on the old track today,8/16/09. for some reason it would not let me. we have cars that run in the high 11s to cars that run in the low 8s. we even run a alcohol dragster!if you want to see them send me an email and i can send them to you.

dannygraham12@yahoo. com.
8/16/2009 - shawn
Aug,14,2009 I Spoke with the owner of the track i seen the news paper clippipngs and such on here did some more research and found of some people talking of the strip reopening. so i went out and talked to the current owner no such luck he said that he has let a few guys down the street do some test and tunes but that''s it he said the track is not going to reopen.

Sorry guys i was hoping too I would love to see a track in southern Ingham county !.
8/14/2009 - Lee Walker
Can anyone post a radio announcement for Onondaga?.
8/9/2009 - Randy Norton
Used to race at Onadaga from 1973 until it closed. Went there with Mark Bartig most of the time. We were both from Williamston. Mark had a Kawasaki 500 and I had a 1972 Kawasaki H2 750. Seemed like every week I ended up against Harold Dolson out of Grand Rapids in the finals.

Was great clean fun. I remember seeing E. J. Potter run his Bloody Mary there.

Onadaga was a great track and kept alot of us from racing on the street all of the time. Good luck getting it reopened.
7/25/2009 - Jerry Green
I am the son of Ray Green, still the owner of the 1948 Shifty 3 Anglia mentioned by Howard Dix (hey Howard). He campaigns the car (gets it out of the car hauler, calls my cell while I''m at work and fires it up without saying anything prior. what a great way to say hello!) in Metter, GA.

I spent more than a few Saturday nights at the strip. I remember watching some of the greatest match race shows ever put on. My all time favorite was Dick LaHaie and his front engine AA/FD and Art Arfons and the Green Monster Jet car. The twin engine fueler of Tim Arnold driven by Bob Bofysil, the fuelers ran by Thomas Brothers John and Jim, Don Griffins A/FD, Ed VanHorn''s Jr.

fueler, Big Ron McQueen''s Chevy Fueler,. I could keep going.

WOW, what times. I am currently working on a 1972 R&B Chassis front engine dragster. It is an ex-AA/FD, 240 wheelbase, full bodied car.

I have an old cast iron BBC and glide that I hope to run at some of this years nostalgia meets. I am looking for old pictures of my parents cars and other gassers that ran at Onondaga Drag. The suspects in question are those above mentioned and the 1940 Ford Coupe, MR. SHIFTY, the 1958 Corvette, SHIFTY 2, and the 1948 Anglia, SHIFTY 3 ran from 1958 - 1974 at Onondaga Dragway.

Thanks Hal and Kenny Sears for all those great memories. My alternate email jerrygreen10@comcast. net and my cell (517) 819-5285.

6/28/2009 - james
just for fun i typed the dragstrip in on google and their are a few message boards with people talkin about running their whats the deal with this??? does anyone know whats up????.
5/15/2009 - james darrow
i think we should really try to reopen this track if we can not i think it should be marked as a historical place and a racing museum put their then we should open a new track same name same town only in a diff place.
5/2/2009 - Steven McGee
Went there in 66 drove my mototcycle to the Sunday races. in 1968 I went into the Army for three years. By 1972 I bought a 1972 Olds 442 (I worked at Olds final assembly) Got the car ready, named it Skull Shaker and took it to the track to race. I won class trophy a few times and I still have the engraved plaque from the trophy and thats all. Many fond memories of watching Shirley, Big Daddy, The Snake and a few others race there.

I went back there about five years ago and it was just like in the pictures below with gravel and grass growing through the cracks. To bad it was ruined by the racers themselves.
2/22/2009 - Gary Long
hello Taylor Elliott I have a lot of records of who raced at onondaga dragway from the 60s/70s what car they ran what class they ran what times they ran and if they were in the track points race and the years they raced there look on the bottom of the trophy your father in law had. the red/silver/gold sticker might still be there.

if I seen the trophy I can tell you what year it is. gary long.
HI. I just got done reading the postings on this site for Onondaga Dragway, it is so sad that people have to ruin what others enjoy, and a piece of history.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about Harbert T. Elliott, who raced at this track? He is my father-in-law, who just passed. January 25, 2009. We found a trophy from Onondaga Dragway amongst his possessions.

No date or information on trophy other than, Onondaga Dragway. We knew he raced cars, but didn''t know he drag raced. His youngest son is forty-one, and know''s nothing about his racing there. Please anyone with information, or how I can go about getting information, let me know.

Thank you so much. Pictures would be awesome. Would be wonderful if they opened the track back up, I''m praying they do.

12/14/2008 - Brewster
I am just curious, how can I get a hold of this club that is racing here now? I used to go here a bunch back in the mid 70''s. I have raced bracket racing for a few years, and have wanted to get the old car out, and have some more fun with it. I believe I know one of the members, or at least heard he raced out there last summer. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

10/26/2008 - Dick Nottage
I have fond memories of Onondaga. Late 60''s early 70''s I was a neighbor (across the street) of Dick Lahaie. We made the trip to Onandaga more than once to watch Dick run. Also, the first place I saw Connie Kalitta and Shirly Muldowney run. Seems like yesterday.

10/26/2008 - Bob Leverich Jr
I remember the Purple Haze car like it was yesterday, we also ran the top eliminator class and remember the all top eliminator pilots report to the scales call so we could draw the numbers.
10/14/2008 - Garrett
I took a cruise out by the old strip last Sunday and couldn''t believe my eyes. There were actually cars on the old track and some activity was going on. Naturally I stopped to find out what. Fearfull of a Get Out rebuke, I approached slowly and found out some info. Turns out a local club has a member or two that have been friends with the property owners for many years and a deal was reached to allow ONLY club members (by invatation only) to prep the old track for a little summer private test & tune action.

While there, I was fortunate enough to witness a little of this and I got to walk around the old starting line a while. I can''t tell you how cool it was to here a car fire up and do it''s burn out, then launch and fly down to the other end of the old track! BUT BEWARE! DO NOT GO OUT THERE LOOKING TO RACE! YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY IF THE CLUB MEMBERS DON''T KNOW OR WANT YOU THERE! PLEASE RESPECT THEIR WISHES OR IT ALL MAY GO AWAY IN A FLASH! I think it''s sooooo cool that somebody is doing something with the track again and as much as I would LOVE to make a pass myself, I have TOO MUCH respect for this group who quietly put together this deal out of THEIR own time and HARD WORK to screw it up for them. It should also be mentioned that THIS IS NOT an INVITATION to go out and watch EITHER ! Just be content to know that a LEGEND LIVES ON! Privately.

10/7/2008 - Kent Dillingham
If everyone is serious about doing something with the old Onondaga dragway you would need to contact the right people in the correct order. Starting with the Governing bodies first, to find out the legalities of putting the track back into operation. Then check with the land owner to see how much it would take to bye him out. Then you would need to start getting with contractors to see how many millions of dollars it would take to get the track surface ready, bleachers up, bathroom facilities in concession stands etc. Not to mention timing equipment support equipment and so on.

This would be a very expensive venture and with times the way they are these days money will be hard to come by. Then you need investors, sponsors, the list goes on and on. If there was a Bruton Smith out there that wanted to give up ten or fifteen million bucks you could have your track. And this would be a low end type track.

Is the market in this area worthy of supporting a track? I would love to see a track back there so lets all get together and get the ball rolling. I will be glad to help with the operations of the track when its done. And i will help shovel dirt if needed. What do you think?.

10/6/2008 - corey
the township is ok with it opening back up but the owners are not. you need the ok from them not township.
10/1/2008 - Doug
Onondaga was a particular favorite of ours. Even in the early 70s it seemed like a throwback to the 50s. It was the kind of place where the spectators just nosed their cars up to the fence and sat on their hoods (sheet metal was thicker back then!), drinking beer and enjoying the racing on a Saturday evening. They would call out to us as we pushed past them on the return road, and I remember a guy coming into the pits to thank me for the ten bucks he won betting on us in the previous round. Another unique practice for the area was that they ran a Top Eliminator every Saturday night, which was a run-what-you-brung type of open event.

Junior fuelers like ours were best suited to the short, narrow track, but you''d see all sorts of things including the occasional funny car or top fueler show up. For qualifying positions, we drew numbers out of a paper bag. There was also a major purse up for grabs: they paid $25 for each round that you ran, and I think $200 to win and $100 runner-up (plus the round money). It almost paid for our nitro back in those days.

I always enjoyed running under the lights there. Of course, lighting was expensive, and the spectators only cared about what happened up to the finish line, so the shutdown area was DARK! And did I mention it was short? Timing was everything, as you tried to pull the chute release just before the first timing light and hope it opened just as you crossed the finish line. More than a few ended up in the sand trap when they got caught up in the race and ran it all the way through the eyes. The last time we raced there was 1976.

I dropped by a few years later and it had closed. Sorry it had to end that way. See our 70s Purple Haze dragster story at haze. wdgordon.

com, or contact me at doug@wdgordon. com.
9/30/2008 - Jake Faist
I''m from Leslie and I have been hearing this for some time. They must work fast. At the beginning of the summer we dumped a couple loads of stone on the starting line for the owner of the property. We walked down the track a little and I wouldn''t have driven the semi down the track let alone my car. I can also remember going over there when I was younger and going out on the track.

At that time there were animals pastured on it. But the township needs to get over whatever its problem is and see the track as the the opportunity that it can be for the area. Word is spreading through the area like wild fire about the racing and the locals are going crazy about the possibility of a place to race again. I know the people that live in that area because I live in that area myself.

If you can prove to them that the track will have a positive impact on the local community they will allow things to happen at the track. Like all you know the track is in the middle of nowhere. Sure there is that trailer park near it but the track wont have any impact on it. If the organizers have a good plan in place the local government should have no problem with anything.

If they do that is why we vote! http://www. onondagatownship. org/ is the website of the township. Send them an email and ask them why they have such a problem with the track.

Just my 2 cents.
9/4/2008 - Michael R. McClintic
I just happened on this site thru Milan Dragway''s message board. I too raced at Onodaga Dragway from 1964 until the day it closed. My partners and I have many fond memories, have raced numerous cars and classes there, and seen some of Drag Racing''s best pound the quarter mile. While looking through the pictures posted here I even see one picture of our 70 Chevelle convertible A/SA car going against a Camaro. Going to Daga was a Sat night tradition, in the early days we would drive our 66 SS396 chevelle to the track, jack it up and unhook the tailpipes from the headers, put on the slicks and race C/S class.

After Eliminations it was cap the headers, put the street tires back on and Cruise the Ave in Jackson. Oh to be that young and energetic again, those really were the Days. I still have the first money check we ever earned, from Onodaga Dragway, dated 18 Sep 1971, $5. 00 for 4th place in Super Stock Eliminatorback then it at least paid for our gas.

Regards to all the old Onodaga racers and fans Mike McClinticIHRA PX39T/E Dragster.
8/13/2008 - Old Racer
Yup. That carchick knows. I veiwed the video of the sceens today and it''s a sad site. I remember the days of thunder out there. Many a Saturday night in the pits and the grandstand side to.

It was the best of times and would like to see something done to restore it to it''s glory days. But, with what happened out there in the 80''s when Dan Ranshaw tried to re-open it and all the locals vitoed it by complaining that it would cause them hardship on there livestock and crops, plus the noise and traffic problems, and the fact that when that night came for people to show up out the to support the re-opening of the track, many of them parked on the shoulder of the road causing a traffic snarl and then some Jerks started doing Holeshots on Bellveue Rd. , it was like putting the last nail in the coffin. The only way that it could ever comeback would take a lot of negoiations with all, the owner of the property, the neighobors, the township, the local police and someone with a very Fat Wallet.

There would need to be support from political standpoint to of local politions and some big sponcerships as well. A small group of people could not afford to re-open the track and run it without liabilities and insurance to cover any mishaps. All these things would need to be inplace first before the public, and racers be allowed to even operate. So, in endding.

It is a private group and only a private group that gets to enjoythe privilage of testing and tuning and playing. The public is not invited and respect the ones that can and the ower of the property as well. Lets not ruin a good thing for the few that can enjoy it. The photo section of Onondaga Dragway in it''s HeyDay were great.

It brought back the sites and sounds and memories. Hope to see more pictures posted in the future. I never took a camera out there, just tools, a jack, and a pair of slicks and my buddy''s ''72 Nova SS. Live free and race hard my friends.

7/16/2008 - Carchick
Currently the old Onondaga Dragway has been leased by a private club for personal use only. That is why you are seeing work being done on the track. There is no intention to re-open the strip or use it as a spectator event. This is a private lease and is to be respected as private property with the exception to those who have permission. Sorry to bust your bubble fellas.

I know you have all waited a very long time to see this track open back up, but it is doubtful that will ever happen given how the surrounding houses and township feel.
7/10/2008 - Mike
I think the current owner and a few friends have cleaned and repaired part of the track to test their own cars.
7/7/2008 - Chris
Went by Onondaga Dragway today. There is a small section that is recieving new blacktop or sealer. I should have gotten a pic of the work. Why would they be repairing the pavement? Does anyone know more about this?.
4/9/2008 - Bruce Bunch
This is one GREAT Website! The Memories that came back to me after seeing the pictures of the old Drag Strip. I cute my teeth on Drag Racing at Onondaga Dragway. I won my first race at Fifteen years of age in a 1963 Olds Cutlass f-85 running M\SA and won my class that weekend, It was the 1968 Michigan Spring Championship Race. I raced many of years at that track on and off. Out of all the tracks I''ve raced over the years I''ve never forgotten that Day and all the great people I meet from Onondaga Dragway.

3/6/2008 - S Winter
Never got to go to the track but my brother use to race there. He is 16 years older than me. Had a 66 Impala and a 61. It would be great if they could open it up again. The area needs a little extra income for the township and the people.

2/15/2008 - Howard Dix
I raced at Onondaga DrAGWAY for over 13 years ,best years of my life,I owned & drove a 1933 Plymouth coupe with a 426 Hemi the MIGHTY MOPAR. the last year I raced I drove Ray Greens anglia with a 426 Hemi. thi ws a wild ride. The other 1933 PLymouth that raced at that time was the PF flyer owned by George Frymuth of Muinth. Both cars were built by SONNY BENSON a chrysler genus.

He lives in Sikeston,mo. now,still building motors&cars. my email address is vhd122997@peoplepc. com would sure like to hear from any of the old gang.

2/6/2008 - Randy
I got the link to work for the walk thru. might want to check to make sure your ''pop-up'' blocker is disabled.

2/5/2008 - Ken
Thanks for all the great pictures you folks have submitted. Any more would be great. The link on top says there is a short video walk through. It''s a non working link. Does anyone have video that you could put up? I have some super 8 with no sound.

I don''t know how I could get it transferred.
1/14/2008 - Dennis Holly
Looking for any pictures or good stories about the Chevairs Racing Team from Lansing.
1/13/2008 - Amy H
I lived around the corner on wilcox since 1972. I remember hearing the races growing up born in 68 Istill have 79 grand prix i would get going again just to race in onondaga. I would help in any way i could to reopen the track. contact me if i can help. please.

1/3/2008 - Brewster
Who owns Weekend Warrior now? I remember the original owner, Doug Cousino, when he raced it. He always ran it with a 383, tunnel ram, with a 4 speed. I seen the car sitting out on Flansburg road last year, and seen it on a trailer going down US 127 this summer. I really remember Onondaga Dragway. A friend of my Dad''s, Jerry Sears, used to work the gate.

He let my Dad run his new 1973 Chevrolet pickup down the track, after the races one night. Sure made my Dad''s day.
11/10/2007 - Ken
James Darrow, Was your uncle the State Trooper? If he was I remember him.
10/14/2007 - james darrow III
hey guys in 17 and i would like to reopen the track some day with the help of anyone and i wont stop until i dye so if anyone whants to help hit me up i have an uncle that raced their (tomas esch) not really blood related but good enof hahah he had a 1967 427 impala and a 1969 396 nova i actually know a guy that lives in rives junct. that owns the old 1965 weekend warrior if anyone remebers that my dad graduated highschool that same year they closed it down so he had never been there but he told me storys of a group of guys that would break in and race there at night till they got aressted haha now that im oldenof to drive and have my own ride i try to get out there all the time and i always try to drag my dad with no luck i will take some pics and talk to the owner to see what i can do any person who would like to see the strip open agen help me out because i will find a way somehow.
9/4/2007 - Ron Gross
I never made it to Onondaga when it was open, but I did go the twp. meetings and the rally. Why don''t you guys do an Onondaga Reunion? Bring out all the old racers, some photos, and a few old drag cars for display.

I bet the farmer there could be persuaded!.
9/2/2007 - Ken
Jon, I talked to my Dad, Ken,, he doesn''t have any pictures of Stanton when it was dirt. I remember going up there when he was driving a new 59 Fury,, The Maverick. I was just tall enough to see the races over the weeds, but I remember it was already paved by then. Dad remembers when it was dirt at first, but he said he wasn''t into taking pictures back then. My Dad and Jerry kept Onondaga mowed! Dad was hell on weeds.

Back then all we had was Lazy Boy''s to swing at the weeds on the fence, that''s where we came in,, I bet there was a mile of fence rows we had to keep cut,, both sides,, along with around the Timing Stand, 2 trailers, 2 concession stands and the Little pits with hand mowers. You probably don''t remember Scott and me. We were the kids that hung around the Timing Stand handing out trophies and bugging you a lot when you were announcing. hehe.

You were and are The Man. I remember when you started there, we were impressed.

Me and Scott jokingly called you the Mouth of Drag Racing,, in fact you really are the Voice of Drag Racing,, you were very good at calling the races. You kept it exiting. You deserve to be in The Hall of Fame. Remember the time a guy crawled up in the ceiling of the Main Concession and he got over the Ladies Bathroon?? That was a good one.

Some woman started screaming and Harold and somebody else threw him over that tall fence,, with 3 strands of barbed wire on it by the road so high and hard that he never touched fence. Dad won''t have anything to do with computers but I read your post to him, I think it made his day. That was kind of you. Thanks.

Hope everything is good with you.
8/25/2007 - Jon Lundberg
I used to announce at Onondaga in the 60''s. My experience there launched into quite a drag racing career. Don Garlits called two weeks ago to say I''d be a 2008 International Drag Racing Hall of Fame inductee. What I''d like to show those Gatornationals attendees next spring is how it was for mid-Michigan racers in the early 50''s. Many of the Lansing, Jackson and area racers who used to race at Central Michigan moved to Onondaga when it opened.

It''s from those people I need help. Does anyone have a good, clear photo of Central Michigan taken in the mid-50''s before it was paved? Yes, they actually held a couple events there on gravel! I developed my craft at Onondaga and will forever thank the Sears family and Dewey Kentner for the opportunity to do so. Neat place and GREAT PEOPLE!.
6/4/2007 - Garrett Pierce
Does anyone know what the story is with the old photo of two cars racing off the starting line ? When was it taken? Who owned the cars? Drivers names? I''m especially interested in that Chevy II. I am currently building a similar car and would like to know about this car as it would be neat to replicate. I appears to be a 62''-65'' car and has a straight axle front end. Let me know if you have any info. My e-mail is ratman.

1@sbcglobal. net. Thanks. Great web site.

12/18/2006 - Garrett Pierce
I grew up hearing stories about this track & then in 1986 I finally found it to go and look for myself. I wish I had taken a picture of it back then. It had only been closed a little while then (about 8 years). The track still looked like you could make a pass on it, & all of the grandstands were still there! I remember that the timing tower was full to the windows with hay bails. The paint on the pit side concession stand still was nice (red & white).

That was the year they planned to reopen it. I remeber because I was working in Eaton Rapids at the time & a friend told me he seen an article in the paper & heard about it on the radio. As I read the article below it all came back to me. NO ONE wanted that Dragstrip to reopen more than I did (still do), as I was 19 years old at the time and was looking for a place to race near by where all my friends could go & watch the races.

It would have been GREAT! Too bad we'll never get that chance. It would cost Millions of dollars just too get the land developed again. This is what happens when you get people moving in too close to a place like that. That damn trailer park should NEVER have been allowed to be built there.

THE TRACK WAS THERE FIRST! Now all I'll have is a broken dream & all those who had raced there the memories. But thanks to this web site, at least maybe those will be preserved.
11/12/2006 - Jeff Hart
Jamie, Ican remember a Danny Hector that always raced fords racing at Lapeer Dragway back in the 70's. Jeff.
9/13/2006 - Jamie Owen
great site. too young to remember the track. dad raced there. looking for pics of his cars tho. one is a 55 willys jeep , green.

and the other is a 66 fairlane red. he bought it from a lady who raced it there till no one would race her. dads name is herb owen. also a friend of mine ran alot of fords there.

danny hector. any info on either guy would help. also would love to see some old pics and memrabellia from track. jamie owen.

8/2/2006 - Mike Janes
Back about 61 I went to Onondaga for the first time. I was 15. We stopped about a half mile from the strip and 2 of us climbed into the trunk of Steves 57 Chevy. Steve and another guy paid to get in, and we went into the pits and parked. We were let out of the trunk when no one was looking, but didnt have a pit pass so we had to keep a low profile.

Throughout high school I may have made it up there a couple more times. After Vietnam, I bought a Camaro and ran I Pure Stock. I can recall the Slowmaro ran high 15s/Low 16s. Once during time trials I was next to a B/Stock Hemi Mopar and I did a hole shot on him.

Must be my timing didnt start until after he was under way because all of a sudden my time slip was about a half second faster than the national record. I shoulda had the timeslip laminated to show everyone. John Bricker had a 40 Ford Pickup with a 302 in it. He ran D/Gas.

I remember the time it had rained all day the day before we went, and somehow the rain affected the scales, and John was told he had to run C/Gas. John was somewhat upset until he realized the C/Gassers had to run B/Gas. We used to see Dick LaHaie and Tim Arnold out of Coldwater running dragsters. There was a guy maybe named Al Provoast? in K/Stock that held the K/Stock record, and could run right on the record time after time.

I saw him down in Indy in 68, 69, & 70. I think Ralph Shaheen from Lansing also ran there.
5/7/2006 - Ken
My Dad and his two brothers built Onondaga Dragway. I was just a kid, but we helped stretch all that fence. They took on a partner later, Dewey Ketner, but he wasnt there long. We lived at the track and my brother and me had 80 acres of papers to pick up evey week and help keep mowed. My Dad Ken, could spot stuff growing on a fence at 500 feet.

We even helped build the Bleachers. At about 9 my brother and me would hang a box with a rope around our necks and sell Drag News, Drag Rules, Pop and Popcorn and get a nickle for each one we sold. After the races before we picked up the papers we would go pick up all the pop bottles for the deposit and go look under the bleachers for money. There was always money under there.

Those were great days, so much easier than the hectic pace of life today. Eventually I worked every job there except Classification. Someone said there was no safety inspection. Every car was checked.

The Stockers and Pro Stockers had to go through Classification and they had a guy, I think it was Jim Hughes, walk around the Top Fuel Pit area and check each car. If a protest arose, which they did all the time, I saw them tear motors down to make sure they were within specs. I was the 13 year old kid that got to put the numbers in the Hat and let Dick LaHaie and Don Gartlits and ALL the fuel Dragster Drivers pull a number to see what order they ran. My dad would tell me to go tell Dick LaHaie, if he couldnt get there in 10 minutes, he was done.

Needless to say they didnt like hearing it from a 13 year old! I would have to shut off the Staging Lanes after Time Trials too. A little kid, making the drivers turn around and go back. They didnt like that much. Someone said they had all the top names in Drag Racing and thats true.

They had Art A had Art Arfons and several other Jet Cars run there too. One night they had two Jet cars run side by side and on the 1st run, they blew the Dog houses away that were covering the lights for the clocks on the starting line. On the second run my Dad and Uncle Harold Sears each held on to a doghouse so they wouldnt blow away. They didnt blow away but both of them came away with singed eyebrows and hair and no hair on their arms.

I always hung around the trailer where they paid the drivers and really got to know a lot of the Big Names in drag racing. It was a nice atmosphere and Drag Racers are generally a bunch of really decent folks. I also remember Al Exstrand in the Outlaw, The Terrifying Toranado with 4 engines, The Hemi Under Glass, the Little Red Wagon and other wheelie Cars and on and on, they always had Big Names, back then they had to pay those Big Names like Gartlits $600-$1000 just to show. If it rained, they got paid and never took the car off the trailer.

They always had family stuff too. They had penny scrambles for the kids, cars jumping over cars on the track and doing T-Bones. They had a guy explode in a woodbox on the starting line. They always had Onondaga Dragway Bikini Contests and would name the winner Miss Onondaga Dragway of the year.

They even had a streaker one Saturday night, funny, nobody caught her before she ran the whole quarter mile. My Uncle Harold Sears, who passed away about 10 years ago, being the nice guy he was, took his Jeep down to the end of the track to give her a ride back. As I recall it took quite awhile for him to get back to announcing that night. My Dad and Harold did the announcing mostly.

Then they hired John Lumberg to announce. When they first started the track was 1850 feet long, around 1961. Needless to say if they race 1320 feet, thats a pretty short shutdown. They had sand traps at the end that they kept worked up and soft.

Later they bought more property, the guy had them over a barrel and sold the land in the 60s for like $10,000 an acre so they could lengthen the track. They had a couple rollovers, or one would cross the center line and hit the other car and a guy broke his collarbone on a motorcycle but, nobody ever got hurt bad there. The size of crowds went down and I think the family was just tired of it, so they sold it to a guy named Sangster. He was going to have a Woodstock type event there, took down the fences and the lights and went broke before he saw his dream come true.

The lights that lit the track are still in use today at the Mason High School Football Field. They had rent a cops for security, I remember this one chubby little security guy took his club out at a guy. The guy took the club away from him. Thats the fastest I ever saw a big guy run.

3/30/2006 - Lee Walker
I went there every weekend with Jim Palmer, Mike Stallcup, David Gage and my cousin Denny Bentley. We got to know a lot of the drivers and cars. It was a place to remember.
3/1/2006 - Jim Briggs
my dad used to help his friend Lee stanton from shaftsburg michigan run a rail dragster which he built. i was with my dad at the last race they had there. i was in my early teens. i got to be in the push truck right by the bleach box during the burnout. lee also was one of the first drivers to have reverse in his dragter maybe even the first.

also john polhemus of perry michigan ran a 1966 chevyII polhemus was on the side of the car in prism tape for anyone who remembers.
1/2/2006 - Randal Cronk
My cousins who lived in Bellevue used to go race there. I was younger than they were so I didnt get to go. My brother and I were awoken one morining by some loud voices with a different language (swearing) coming from down stairs. Our Dad said I dont think you boys want to go down stairs right away. Seems one of the cousins took his Dads car the night before to Onadaga.

He won and had a hugh trophy on the table. My cousin passed away years ago and I dont know what happened to the trophy. I had the ticket stub, it was 75 cents to get in i think. If I can find it Ill see if my friend will send it to you.

2/7/2005 - Kent Dillingham
I started racing at Onondaga in 1965. I was thirteen years old and i was running motorcycles at the time. I lied about how old was and they let me run. I ran at that track until the day they closed it. I saw some of the biggest names in drag racing at that track and it was up close and personal with the drivers.

Garlits, Muldowney, the Snake, Nicholson, Beswick, just name a few. It was a great little track to run at. I was heartbroken when the track closed because i live in Eaton Rapids and thats only five miles from my house. The tracks that are in Michigan now are really nice but not quite the same atmosphere.

I also have pictures of Garlits running down the track at Onondaga.
11/28/2004 - Rob Imerson
I went here in the early days. I remember seeing EJ Potter when his parachute on his 327 motorcycle didnt open at 160mph. He slid to the end of the track then jumped up and waved at the crowd. His bike went end over end and ended up in a tree way off the end of the track. EJ said he didnt want to live over 30 years old.

I loved going there and had friends who raced.
1/6/2003 - RG
The dragstrip is on Bellevue Rd. , between Onondaga and Leslie. Its a couple of miles west of US-127 at the Leslie exit. I dont have an exact address. It was open from 1962 thru 1978.

The site is now used by a farmer. Back around 1985, there was a big movement to try and get the strip reopened. It was a big deal around here, alot of excitement. I went a rally at the track where they were trying to drum up support for the idea.

I remember tons of people showed up, the neighbors werent happy. The old timing tower was still there then, long gone now. I also went with a buddy to a public hearing at the Onondaga town hall on the deal, and we got our picture in the newspaper. The people who lived near the track were pissed! They were against it reopening all the way, and came out in full force.

The effort was doomed that night I think. I guess it really was a outlaw track, it sounded like quite a rowdy place back then, from what the neighbors said that night. I remember complaints of cars screaming up and down Bellevue road, and their dishes getting rattled out of the cupboards on Sunday mornings!.
Onondaga Dragway - AUGUST 2008 FROM RON
Onondaga Dragway - FROM RON GROSS
Onondaga Dragway - FROM RON GROSS
Onondaga Dragway - FROM GARRETT PIERCE
Onondaga Dragway - FROM GARRETT PIERCE
Onondaga Dragway - OLD PICS FROM GEORGE
Onondaga Dragway - OLD PICS FROM GEORGE
Onondaga Dragway - OLD PICS FROM GEORGE
Onondaga Dragway - HOT ROD IN ACTION
Onondaga Dragway - 2 CARS READY TO RACE
Onondaga Dragway - SIGN
Onondaga Dragway - THE TRACK NOW
Onondaga Dragway - THE TRACK NOW
Onondaga Dragway - RETURN LANE
Onondaga Dragway - OLD SIGN FROM RON GROSS
Onondaga Dragway - OLD SIGN FROM RON GROSS
Onondaga Dragway - FALL 2009 FROM DAVE COOK
Onondaga Dragway - SPRING 2011 FROM RON GROSS
Onondaga Dragway - FALL 2009 FROM DAVE COOK
Onondaga Dragway - SPRING 2011 FROM RON GROSS
Onondaga Dragway - FALL 2009 FROM DAVE COOK
Onondaga Dragway - SPRING 2011 FROM RON GROSS
Onondaga Dragway - SPRING 2011 FROM RON GROSS
Onondaga Dragway - AD FROM RON
Onondaga Dragway - AERIAL
Onondaga Dragway - 1985 FLYER FROM RON GROSS
Onondaga Dragway - AD FROM PAT SMITH
Onondaga Dragway - BIRDS EYE

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