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Silverdome Drive-In Theatre

Address: Featherstone Rd.
City: Pontiac
State: MI
County: Oakland
Open: 2003 (10-10-03)
Capacity: 360
Owner History: Movies at the Drive-In, Farmington Hills, MI
Number of visits to this page: 15458
Info Updates:
8/26/2011 - Ray Roney
CONFIRMED: The Silverdome Drive In has now gone the way of many Drive-Ins. July 2011 Letter to their customers: To Our Valued Customers: On behalf of The Theater Group we would like to thank you for the support that you provided to the Silverdome Drive-in. At this time we regretfully announce that the drive-in will no longer be operational effective immediately. This season Triple Sports and Entertainment, the ownership of the Silverdome, took over day to day operations of the theater. After many behind the scenes issues we have decided to no longer allow the Silverdome to use the drive-in equipment. As guests and supporters of the drive-in we want to thank you for your support over the years and understand that closing the drive-in was not easy as it brought much enjoyment to members of the community. We are currently exploring other options for a drive-in within Oakland County and hope to be able to return in the future with another venue for local residents to enjoy. We will continue to update this facebook page with information and updates about our search for a new location. Once again thank you for your support of the drive-in. Sincerely, The Theater Group Management.
7/17/2011 - Silverdome
The Silverdome Drive-in officially closed on Wednesday July 13, 2011.
6/4/2011 - Silverdome Drive-in
The official website of the silverdome drive-in is www. silverdomedrivein. com and the hotline number is 248-630-7013.
5/15/2011 - RayG
The Silver-Dome drive-in opens it's 2011 session May20th.
3/17/2010 - Alex Loewy
The Silverdome Drive-in Theater now has three screens and is owned by The Theater Group.
1/6/2009 - Tom T
I Hope SilverDome Stay there I dont want Them Tear it Down it A big Wasted It
Good Spot to Keep the Dome Open Then Why the Lion keep losing Because They were Renting then Why did they Buy that Place That Is the Place Where It Belong Lion Ponitac Dome Should Stay .. And Keep the Drive in Movie keep that running !
I miss that Place ... I live So Close to it
5/10/2008 - Roy Munson
Tear down the dome, build a Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid and Walgreens there. Can''t get enough of those. Maybe a bowling allley too. Move those those drive-in screens out in the sticks somewhere AWAY from Pontiac and all that light pollution.
5/8/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Tear down the dome, build a drive in slash 1/2 mile stockcar track.
4/18/2008 - Chester Ripley
I miss the "old" place too. The perfectly flat parking, the toilet trailer and the carnival food trailer that were so close to the parking areas, the excellent lighting from across the highway, and don''t forget the long history and nostalgia of it. Ah yes, many fine memories were made over the many years that this fantastic establishment entertained so many of us. I too mourn it''s passing, it was exactly like I remember drive-ins were like when I was a kid. It''s too bad there aren''t any other drive-ins open anymore.
4/17/2008 - BB
I miss the old place. I loved going there and I thought it was very clean and it was always jammed packed. I wish someone would re-open it. NOW, PLEASE!!!
6/1/2007 - dm in troy
The phone number is disconnected. Sounds like they''re not opening?
5/11/2007 - pam grawbarger
I am wondering if and when the drive in will be opening for the 2007 season I have been going at lease 2x monthly when open and I havent heard anything yet, can someone please let me know if they know anything. hopefully it will open soon.
7/8/2006 - Don Hatfield
The drive-ins hotline number is now 248-703-6063. See website.
6/12/2006 - Jeff
According to an ad in the movie section of todays Detroit Free Press, the Silverdome Drive in is re-opening this Friday, June 16th.
12/19/2005 - Ginger
Hi, Been here...wasnt impressed at all. Had to walk a long way to the bathrooms...they were very nice and clean BUT they need to be close for everyone. ginger
10/10/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
The Silverdome Drive-In opened on October 10, 2003 with much fanfare, with TV and radio coverage and both major newspapers covering the opening extensively. The result was a more than sold out night with over 400 cars! The movies were "Duplex" and "Kill Bill Vol 1". There is 1 screen set up so far and there are 2 more that will be set up next week. The screens are 40x80 feet and are about 20 feet off the ground to compensate for the lack of ramps which would normally be there to improve visibility (line of sight) to the screen. The concession stand is run by Big Boys and is right outside the Silverdome itself, so it is quite a walk to the Screen 1 lot. The pricing at the snack bar was typical for any theatre, maybe a tad higher (4 dollars for a Big Boy hamburger). The selection was pretty good, burgers, dogs, sausage with the movie staples of popcorn and candy and pop. The much discussed restroom situation was better than expected. Although they are portable, they are heated trailers with hot water and regular stalls. The screens themselves will be permanent with the projection booth, concession stand and ticket booth being moveable to allow for other events at the Silverdome. There was plenty of security and folks directing the cars to there spots. The vehicles are aligned by the use of white lines painted on the lot, the yellow lines being for regular parking. There was some confusion amongst some of the patrons as to the proper space and position for their vehicles. The picture quality was good, it was sharp and quite bright. There is a small amount of light pollution visible from the lighting on M-59, but overall did not adversely affect the image. The sound was FM radio and was good although there was a small amount of interference during the second feature. There was also a short vintage intermission reel between movies to provide a bit of nostalgia. The gentlemen at the projection booth indicated that the current plan is to run 3 screens thru December 15 and then close down until March, where there will be an additional 2 screens added. He also mentioned that they are getting inquries from other arenas and stadiums around the country to do something similar.
10/10/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
The Silverdome Drive-In is located on the grounds of the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan. Movie traffic will enter off Featherstone Rd (Gate 5) and exit on Opdyke Rd (Gate 1). Beginning Friday, October 10, 2003 the Silverdome Drive-In will officially open with its first double feature. This cost will include two, first run movies. Ticket prices are $7.50 for adults and $4.50 for seniors and children, ages 8 to 12. Children ages 7 and under will be admitted at no charge. Movie tickets can be purchased upon your arrival, day of show. All sales for the Silverdome Drive-In will be cash only.
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - SPRING 2006
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - MARQUEE
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - TICKET BOOTH
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - SCREEN 1
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - SCREEN 1 CLOSE
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - GREAT LICENSE PLATE!
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - PARKING GUIDES
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - SCREEN 2 AND 3 WAITING
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - SIDE VIEW
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - SCREEN WITH M-59 BEHIND
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - PROJECTION BOOTH
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - INSIDE PROJECTION
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - PROJECTOR WITH PLATTERS
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - CAR SHOW
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - CONCESSION
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - DOME LOOMS BEHIND US
Silverdome Drive-In Theatre - AERIAL
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