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10/13/2016 - Gary Baker
Hi everyone concerned with this Drive in. too have memories of the Blue sky theater. Nancy I saw your post and I think i remember you and several others from this area. I actually grew up literaly at the drive in. My dad was partners with my uncle Jim from Lapeer, and at the age of 16 I moved to case-ville with my Grandmother, sister and brother to run the theater.

I ran the projectors and did most of the maintenance work including the electronic repairs and sound checks. At this time around 63/64/65 it was a family place not xxx, Harry bought this along with the Sunset in lapeer after my Aunt Margie and Uncle Jim passed away, probably around 69 or so. I do remember the farm house across the street, one of the girls would come over and watch me change the Marquee sign. I remember Gotts corners and i think they had a meat market where we would buy from stuff for the concession stand.

SOme of you might remember me or my grandma, brother or sister. My sisters name was Susie, or Janice, by brother was Steve an he was about 11, My grandma was a small short lady with dark hair. The locals would tell people that she was a trained karate expert and to watch out and not mess with her. DO any of you remember the Silks, or Larry Troust? I thank this site for a chance to remember this part of my life, I had thought that it was gone and would not be remembered by anyone since it was pretty much over 50 years ago.

I also remember the triffic beach parties going on on the caseville beaches. During the summer the town looked like a summer vacation movie. I hope this reflection finds you all well and I hope to return to case-ville and look around with my family. I went to caseville school for a year or two then transfered to Elton Pidgon Baayport High for a while before returning to the flint area and gruaduated from Ainsworth in flint township.

Im going to look for pictures that I put away decades ago and is I find them I will try to post them for everone, thanks again for this time to remember.
2/7/2014 - linda hughes
Yes I have pictures and will post what I have. Thanks for asking. Please email them to waterwinterwonderland@gmail. com.

2/6/2014 - linda hughes
my family owned the blue sky from 69-77. we learned alot about business, hard work, fun, and a little about farming thanks to the duftys and ruths. it kept us busy every summer. great memories. From the webmaster: Do you have any pictures?.

7/10/2011 - Nancy
I grew up directly across from the blue sky. I spent my childhood looking at the big blue theater so this realy brings back the memorys. My most vivid memory is all of the neigbors picketing out in front when the theater started playing the xxx movies. (little did my mother know that while she picketing, my dad was up running the film projector).

1/14/2011 - James McBride
I was rasied at Gotts Corner and watched a lot of movies at the Blue Sky. I also worked at the Blue Sky checking ID's during the time the Drive-in was showing XXX movies. I remember that Lake Twp made them put reverse lighting around it during that time. Caseville area was a great place to live and be raised during the 1960's.

1/2/2009 - George Laetz
Coming across this web site brought back fond memories of the Blue Sky Drive-In. In the late ''60s I was camping at Albert E. Sleeper State Park. I made friends with the family that ran the concession stand at the State Park. One night the mother of this family took a group of us in an old station wagon to the Blue Sky to see the movie Fantastic Voyage.

It seemed like this drive-in was located in the middle of nowhere. With no distracting lights from anywhere. Just darkness and an endless star-filled sky. What a beautiful Michigan night.

7/2/2006 - Eric
The Blue Sky last showed movies in the mid to late 1970s. It was truly Blue then, as the last owners tried to make a go showing XXX features.
12/27/2005 - Marlene McIlhargie Schram
The drive-in was open the summer of l950. I worked in the concession building the summer l954. Gilda Waterworth was the manager of the concessions.
9/25/2005 - Mike Walsh
The remains lie east of Gotts corners. There is a gas station that also sells field drainage tiles at the intersection , proceed east about a quarter mile and its on the left North side) Mike.
11/19/2003 - Jan
I remember seeing the Drive In Blue Sky as a teenager in 1975. The back of the screen that faced Kinde Rd. was a beautiful sky blue color. I drove down that road two weeks ago and couldnt locate the spot. I also remember hearing many years ago that the theatre was originally owned by the parents of Francesca James.

She played the Kitty/Kelly characters on All My Children in the 70s/80s.
3/23/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
As of 3/22/2003, a site inspection performed by WaterWinterWonderland. com revealed there is much more left of this drive-in than previously reported. In addition to the In sign which is laying on the ground (see pic below), there was also a screen foundation, ticket booth remains and almost a full lot of speaker poles with ramps. There was also a full foundation and remains of the concession/projection booth as well as the remains of the fence. There is not a house on the lot itself, although there is one nearby.

This location of this drive-in is actually many miles east of Caseville and is probably closer to Pinnebog. It is on the north side of the road and is surrounded by farmland. It is pretty hard to spot from the road as most of the remnants dont become visible until you walk the lot itself.

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