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5 Mile Drive-In Theatre

Address: 28190 State Rte 152 #M
City: Dowagiac State: MI Zip: 49047 Phone: 269-782-7879  
County: Cass
View on Google Maps  
Open: (1961) NA Closed: OPEN IN 2006  
Capacity: 500
Owner History: Neal/Glenda Edwards 2006 - R. Tyrakowski 2005
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 36157

6/26/2015 - Glenda Edwards
5-Mile Drive In is very much open and bring you the news releases. 269-782-7879.
7/28/2012 - Jon C
Independent theatres like drive-in theatres make very little from ticket sales. Most, if not all of that money goes back to the film distribution company and to operating costs of the theatre. The real money maker for an independent theatre is the concession stand. That is why they don't want outside food in the theatre. So, please support your local drive-in or local theatre buy purchasing items at their concession stand.

They would appreciate it. As for large chain theatres, that's another story.
7/9/2012 - Ed
I love this place It brings back old childhood memories of going to the Starlight With outdoor theatres becoming almost nonexistent across the country, it nice to see that there are some folks that still love this experience Don't be so quick to bad mouth the rules and regulations, rules are a part of your daily life. Instead , take time out of this busier than ever world we live in and take the whole family out for an experience that you and the little ones are sure to remember for years to come. After all, isn't that what life is all about Family friends and great memories to remember for a life time'n.
7/2/2011 - Jolo
We took a caravan of cars to see Transformers 3, thirteen of us, had a great time except for the intrusive group of young men paroling the lot like the Gestapo. What's with the no outside food our drink policy' and having my vehicles interior visually searched every time one of these guys walk by ? The whole idea of a drive in movie has always been the picnic like quality of the experience and the freedom of being out of doors. Some minor technical difficulties with the projector but overall an enjoyable evening.
5/27/2011 - Jessica
they are open and their number is working again. this weekend they are showing kung fu panda 2 and something else. call 269-782-7879.
5/13/2011 - Jim T
Drove out there last night - sign still says Closed for Season - at Hartford's Sunset drive-in they are playing RIO and something else.
5/5/2011 - Jim T
Phone number listed is disconnected or no longer in service. Other drive-in owned by same people in Hartford (Sunset) has Paul and Your Highness playing this weekend.
8/11/2010 - Katy
Great article in the Herald Palladium''s Sunday paper about the drive-in:http://www. heraldpalladium. com/articles/2010/08/08/features/1678811. txt.
8/7/2010 - Dominic
It would be nice if you had a website like other drive-ins. With show times, policies, etc. Nowdays nearly everyone has one. Also a Facebook page. We drove up here last month, found out we could not bring in our own food.

Was disappointed with this as the theaters we usually go to in Indiana let us bring in our own food. We will buy popcorn, snacks and drinks during the movies, but like to be able to bring our own dinner to have before the movies start.
8/7/2010 - Katy
We had a great time last night. Wonderful folks, location was clean, snacks were reasonable for a venue. We saw The Other Guys and Salt. Lots of people with lawn chairs next to their cars. Great value at $14.

00 a carload!! Remember to bring your portable radio for sound.
7/25/2010 - Unknown
The recording said The Eclipse (The twilight movie) and The Predator.
7/23/2010 - Sarah
It is wonderful that you have a phone number to call to get information about the movies that are showing. However, it is VERY difficult to understand the recording. I think this week (7-22-10) it said Be Clips and second showing Predator. I''m not too sure what movie Be Clips is. Predator would be awesome, but which one is it? Perhaps 10 more seconds of information would clarify any misunderstandings.

Thank you :).
6/25/2010 - jim
We went to this drive in to see the A-Team. It was nice. Popcorn wasn''t that great and the diet coke tasted a bit off, but all reasonably priced compared to regular movie theaters. We had an issue with mosquitoes because we didn''t want to spray anything around our new baby, but we have some ideas for fixing that next time we go. We will be going to see Karate Kid & Grown Ups at the Hartford drive in owned by same people tonight - here at 5-mile it is Karate Kid & Get Him to the Greek.

6/17/2010 - brandy
I have been calling the number for show times but it is telling me that no one is available to take my call. Is there anywhere else we can get the movies that are playing for that given week? I know that you used to have it published weekly in the Leader but I have yet to see it this year. I would like to come but live in Niles and its a bit of a drive just to see what is playing. From the webmaster:The number I have is 269-782-7879, that is what is listed on the Internet and directory assistance gives the same number. I am not sure what is going on.

5/17/2010 - Whiners
Please, If people had common courteousy, they wouldnt have to make stupid rules. of course people with small vehicles dont wanna be behind some huge vehicle, and not all of them like to have their necks all streched up by being in the front few rows, when we go we get there well over an hour before start time, and park in a decent spot, not too close and not too far, and it never fails, there could be 10 other spots in the row in front of us, and some moron with a truck or van or whatever parks right in front of us or another car in our row. and the prices, all theatres charge ridiculous prices on food and entry, if u dont like it dont go.
4/19/2010 - Disgusted
I don''t like the full car load rate only. I''m single and being discriminated against. For that rate I enjoy a local indoor with better concession prices, cleaner restrooms, and no hassles. Yes I do get two movies. But usually only one movie is the reason I come to see.

I also don''t agree with the truck limitation to what row they can park. I come early to get the best spot for me. If someone comes in later and parks behind me and can''t see.

that should be his fault for coming in late. The same owners on the Sunset.

I don''t go there for the same reasons. I have been going to both for over 40 years before the new owners. Never had any problems or complaints with them or their policies.

8/14/2009 - Unknown
How about putting the movies that are showing on this website. You have everything else but that. Just a suggestion. From the webmaster: The individual theaters have their own websites generally speaking. There are also tons of other sites with that info.

I don''t have time to be constantly updating movies and show times, especially since the site already costs more to operate than I receive in ad revenue.
8/12/2009 - Sara
Don''t like the fact that mini vans, SUV''s, and trucks have to park in row 5 or back. There is hardly no one that parks in the 5 previous rows. Concession is expensive for what you get!! 50 cent extra for butter! Seriously! Next thing they might charge for salt. Good movies and the food is good, just ridiculous on the parking and concession prices. Piece of advice, people should be allowed to move cars forward by the time first movie start if no one is there.

Note from Webmaster: Sara, the reason the first rows are reserved for cars is to not obstruct the view of the screen for cars that are behind those rows. If people in SUV''s were allowed to move forward, folks wouldn''t be able to see, even those in other SUV''s and especially those that are sitting in lawn chairs. As for the food, I think you will find most drive-ins charge less for their food than indoor theaters and their admission prices are also cheaper. You also get 2 movies for the price of one.

The film companies take a big portion of the admission price so the snack bar is where the owner of the drive-in can make a little money to keep operating. Nobody is getting rich running a drive-in these days, I can assure you, that is why there is so few left operating. We should be thankful that we have a few still going in Michigan and give them our support. Thanks.

7/7/2008 - Joel
Great Experience! We watched Hancock and Sex in the City. Bring a radio with Batteries to save your car''s battery. Saw a few people who needed a jump. The last movie played till 2:30am! The experience was awesome. Will come back again with whole family.

6/29/2008 - Mark
Still open and better than ever. Showing the latest new releases and delicious concessions. Special opening Wednesday, July 2 through Sunday, July 6 showing HANCOCK.
9/7/2006 - WaterWinterWonderland
The theater is now re-opened and is owned by the owners of the Sunset Auto Theater in Hartford, Neal and Glenda Edwards.
1/6/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
The awesome Five-Mile Drive In is still going strong and appears to be well-maintained.
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SUMMER 2013
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SUMMER 2013
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SUMMER 2013
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SUMMER 2013
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SUMMER 2013
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SUMMER 2013
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SUMMER 2013
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SUMMER 2013
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - LOT AND SCREEN
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SCREEN TOWER 2004
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SCREEN TOWER 2004
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - MARQUEE 2004
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - REAR OF SCREEN
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - FRONT OF SCREEN
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - TICKET BOOTH SIDE
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - TICKET BOOTH
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - DRIVEWAY
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - MARQUEE
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - PROJECTION BOOTH
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SPEAKER POLES
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - PROJECTION BOOTH
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SNACK BAR
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - SNACK BAR
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - ACROSS STREET
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - TICKET BOOTH
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - AERIAL
5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - AERIAL

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