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12/5/2016 - Lake Lansing Amusement Park - Lansing - beanie
Question. What year was the name Pine Lake changed to Lake Lansing and why was the name changed? thank you.
11/28/2016 - Warren Theatre - Detroit - James Zemboy
Information on this site states that the Warren Theater closed in 1959.

That is not true. In 1967 I married a lady who lived on Woodmont a block north of Warren and she had five younger siblings. During the summer of 1967 she and I walked her two youngest brothers, aged 10 and 7, to the Warren to see Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I don't know when the theater closed but it certainly was not in 1959.

11/28/2016 - Baldwin Theatre - Baldwin - John McDowell
I found information that the address would have been 812 N. Michigan Ave.
11/28/2016 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - louie bennett
Tom will there be a cart to cart for 2017 for Mount Clemens reunion.
11/28/2016 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Howie
Googled this site after seeing pics of some other abandoned strips on Facebook's Blast from the Past Drag Racing page.

I raced a stock '69 Coronet R/T in D/Pure Stock (4-speed) in '69 and '70. Does anyone remember, or have pictures of, Crankshaft, a guy in a gorilla suit and a mini-bike with a wheelie bar that used to clown around near the starting line between class runs and intermissions? GLAD I found this site. I always wondered about the circumstances of the track's closing. I have been told that the site is used occasionally now by local law-enforcement agencies to train canines.

11/21/2016 - Movies 16 - Warren - jt
This theatre is now closed.
11/21/2016 - Riverland Amusement Park - Sterling Heights - Jeff
Utica Amusement Park was my first paycheck job when I was 13 in 1971.

I used to cut lawns for 25 cents in Utica Estates 21/Remer area. One of my customers was related to Ron Brown and she asked me if I like a job. I recall riding my bike to the park meeting Ron and Suzie. They offered me 25 cents an hour and I was happy to take it.

Ron put me to work immediately picking up trash in the park and picnic grounds. I was the youngest guy there. I think people thought I was much older. The high school guys trained me on how to operate the rides with exception to the tilt-to-whirl and ferris wheel.

It was a great place to work! The loud speakers played rock music all day while the park was open and for a 13-year-old teenager the scenery couldn’t be better. My family moved to out of state end of summer in 71. Then we moved back to Utica when I was a sophomore in 73. Ron hired me again in early spring.

He and I set up the rides. I made a discovery. Not many people know this but there is an old dancehall in one of the back buildings. This is where Ron stored the merry-go-round horses and other ride parts/fixtures.

I guess it was quite a place in the day. This fall I took my grown kids and granddaughter to see the park and discovered it was gone! What a disappointment. I had so many great memories and funny stories from my experience.
11/21/2016 - State Theatre - Wayne - Cory Jacobson
We are celebrating the State-Wayne Theatre's 70th anniversary on December 29th.

In honor of this very special occasion, we developed an Anniversary historical web page telling the history of the theatre and asking our patrons to submit stories and photographs from their experiences. The site can be easily found by going to our main web page at: www. phoenix movies. net and then selecting the State-Wayne location and clicking on Become Part Of Our History icon at the top of the page.

11/15/2016 - Air Park Speedway - Douglas - jim schmiechen
FOR AN EXHIBITION AT Saugatuck MI Museum Looking for photos and any info on Air Park Speedway, Douglas-Saugatuck Mi in the 1950s-1960. Also did Bob Muhlke's 1963 events take place at some track? THANKS.
11/3/2016 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - The visualtuner
Gilbert kohn was the owner of Detroit dragway How interesting.
10/28/2016 - Thunder Road Raceway - Cass City - Brian Frazzini
My dad raced way back when with the Vic monart my dads name is Carmen Frazzini, guess I was about 8 or 9 then. great memorys. Don't even know why I googled thunderroad - take care everyone.
10/28/2016 - Woods 6 - Gross Pointe - Duane Lamers
Indeed, the Woods never had a balcony. As in all theaters the floor sloped toward the front. In the first renovation the rear portion was walled off to create a second theater, at a higher level. The front portion then had equipment installed for 70mm film presentations.
10/22/2016 - Jefferson Beach - St. Clair Shores - William Falkner
I grew up at Jefferson beach.

my mother worked for king amusement,witch had amusement rides. Mr stall owned park his wife used to be frozen in ice. It was a great place to grow up in the 50s. the hillbilly up stars in the bath house.

speed boat rides. i have run every ride,worked every consign,by I was 14. The fire hurt the park. god bless.

mr way burn,buckels the bun. The Coney island you front of park, by his turn around. probley have some great pictures.
10/16/2016 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Terry
I stumbled upon this site because I was looking up info on both Grand Bend and St.

Thomas / Sparta Dragways. That got me thinking of Motor City Dragway and Windsor Dragway. I am 59 yrs old so I don't have driving stories from the 60s other than the awesome memories of my Dad taking me to these strips when I was 8 to about 14 yrs old. My Dad passed away 4 yrs ago and I couldn't find any of the pictures he had taken on those trips.

I was raised in Sarnia Ontario. We used to take the Sombra Ferry to go to Motor City. Looking at the pictures reminds me the fact that Motor City Dragway got all the big names. The first time I saw The Little Red Wagon and Hemi Under Glass was at Motor City.

I raced Mustangs there from '73 to'76 on a high school students budget. My friends and I would go over with our cars. Some times I did ok most times not so much. It was always fun though.

There were always wild cars racing. When my wife and I fly anywhere we take the Sombra Ferry to Marine City to go to Detroit airport. I always get an urge to drive down the road that took you to the strip. I am feeling very good right now.

I am thinking of my Dad and how I used to love talking with the racers when I was a kid. I am so glad I stumbled across this site. I will be a regular reader now and will pass it on to my friends. Thankyou.

10/13/2016 - Blue Sky Drive-In Theatre - Caseville - Gary Baker
Hi everyone concerned with this Drive in.

too have memories of the Blue sky theater. Nancy I saw your post and I think i remember you and several others from this area. I actually grew up literaly at the drive in. My dad was partners with my uncle Jim from Lapeer, and at the age of 16 I moved to case-ville with my Grandmother, sister and brother to run the theater.

I ran the projectors and did most of the maintenance work including the electronic repairs and sound checks. At this time around 63/64/65 it was a family place not xxx, Harry bought this along with the Sunset in lapeer after my Aunt Margie and Uncle Jim passed away, probably around 69 or so. I do remember the farm house across the street, one of the girls would come over and watch me change the Marquee sign. I remember Gotts corners and i think they had a meat market where we would buy from stuff for the concession stand.

SOme of you might remember me or my grandma, brother or sister. My sisters name was Susie, or Janice, by brother was Steve an he was about 11, My grandma was a small short lady with dark hair. The locals would tell people that she was a trained karate expert and to watch out and not mess with her. DO any of you remember the Silks, or Larry Troust? I thank this site for a chance to remember this part of my life, I had thought that it was gone and would not be remembered by anyone since it was pretty much over 50 years ago.

I also remember the triffic beach parties going on on the caseville beaches. During the summer the town looked like a summer vacation movie. I hope this reflection finds you all well and I hope to return to case-ville and look around with my family. I went to caseville school for a year or two then transfered to Elton Pidgon Baayport High for a while before returning to the flint area and gruaduated from Ainsworth in flint township.

Im going to look for pictures that I put away decades ago and is I find them I will try to post them for everone, thanks again for this time to remember..
10/8/2016 - Linden Theatre - Linden - N. R. Tate
According to the website CinemaTreasures, the Linden Theater had a capacity of 316 seats.
10/2/2016 - Garden Theatre - Flint - N. R. Tate
According to info from the website Cinema Treasures, this building was designed by Detroit-based architect C. Howard Crane.
10/2/2016 - Nicks 41 Speedway - Ishpeming - John Karvonen
Cool web site.

Just picked up a 1969 Copo Camaro that was at Nicks alot. Its black and Bob Kivela owned it at that time. It had Kivela and Swift on the door. Found it in Beaver Grove about a year ago.

It was sitting for 40 years!Talked to Bob and he remembers it like it was yesterday. Going to start a concours ground up restoration on this very special car soon. There are only twelve know black 69 copo Camaro on the planet. And this one was a regular at Nicks.

How cool is that. And it was very fast. Does anyone have any pictures of this car?or movies?thanks.
9/23/2016 - Pleasure Island Water Park - Norton Shores - Sonya Johnson
I really like the Haunted Forrest they would have at Pleasure Island during Halloween.

It was really scary. There were shallow graves that people would pop out of and chase you. I also remember someone chasing me with a chainsaw. I thought my friend was holding on to me in fear, and it was one of the workers dressed like a demon.

That scared the mess out of me..
9/18/2016 - Star Theatre - Brooklyn - Josh Mitoska
We are still here, we have turned the outside into a canvas for street art Find us on facebook Water STREET ART Project.
9/18/2016 - Movies 16 - Warren - Cameron
MJR just bought this theater. They're going to renovate it & create a 16-screen theater with first-run films, 4 screens with 3D capability, a bar, Pepsi Spire drink dispensers & leather chairs. It's scheduled to open in February.
9/18/2016 - Harbor Theatre - Ecorse - Kim Watters Struthers
We were just talking about the Harbour Theater yesterday. As Keith mentioned above, there was a contest to name the theater. My Aunt, Hollis Sage Flavin won the contest Can you imagine winning $100 back in 1948? I am emailing the newspaper clipping/picture to you.
9/11/2016 - Village Green Theatre - Marysville - Jeff Young
This is actually the Playhouse Theater in Marysville.

There was a Village Green Theater across the parking lot in the small strip mall and it had one small theater in it. The Playhouse started off as two theaters and eventually went to three, then closed. It is now a Wesleyan Church. I can send pictures off both if you would like as I live about a mile away.

9/11/2016 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Jim Laraway
Sorry to hear about your Brother Bill. I have three old photos maybe I can find a kid to show me how to post them?.
9/2/2016 - Gratiot Drive-In Theatre - Roseville - Tom Holbrook
As teens, a carload of guys (don't ask how I know this) used to sneak in to the Gratiot Drive-In by slowly backing in a carfull, with the car lights off, into the exit! Worked every time! The downside was that most of the movies weren't very interesting to us at that age.

This was in the 50s. A school friend once, who had a pilot's license, took me up in a small plane and the one sight I recall that flight was looking down as we flew over the Gration Drive-In. It was very much like some of the views on this site. My flyover was probably circa 1954-55.

9/2/2016 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Tom Holbrook
I grew up in the 50s able to hear the distant roar of Motor City Speedway on hot summer nights all the way over on 9-1/2 Mile Road in East Detroit.

Then, in my mid and late teens I worked at the Speedway selling Coca Cola for three years (10c/cup, 2c/profit). We carried metal Coke cases with 20 bottles each, and experienced guys carried three cases at a time from the supply room under the main grandstand up into the stands. For that 2c profit you had to carry the case up, open the 6oz bottle, take out a paper cup (we carried those too), fill the cup and hand it to the spectator. On hot nights I made $6-$7 a night as the top seller (I had earned the main grandstand as top-seller territory).

It was cash, non-taxed, and 3 race nights a week, so I was earning maybe $80-$90/mo, though I didn't realize it then (that was pretty big money for a 16/17-year-old back then. Sometimes I got a ride with a friend, but usually I hitchhiked to MCS. Hard work, but free entrance to all the races (and occasional boxing matches). Them wuz da daze!.

9/2/2016 - Standish Speedway - Standish - Kevin
Clarence LaLonde owns the track. I'd try calling their trucking company.
9/2/2016 - Tuxedo Theatre - Detroit - Harrison Engle
As a young boy in 1950-1958 I used to attend this small neighborhood theatre on Hamilton Avenue. It seemed very charming. I remember nearly every film I saw there, including FORT APACHE, SANDS OF IWO JIMA, (after their original release) HOUDINI and BEAU JAMES. I would love to see a photo of this lost theatre which gave me many happy memories.
9/2/2016 - Rosedale Theatre - Detroit - Harrison Engle
I grew up in Detroit in the 1950s.

On my birthday in June of 1953, my Mom took me to the Rosedale Theater on Woodward Avenue to see the movie, SHANE. It was a life changing experience. (I subsequently became a film director. ) The film was wonderful, and the Rosedale was, as I recall, quite a beautiful neighborhood theater.

I would love to see a historical photo of the Rosedale as it was in the early '50s, before it was changed into a church..
9/2/2016 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Art Thibault
I own the Motor City Dragway trademark.

Would to see some more photos and trying to find the weekly mailers that was sent in the mail for upcoming events and old posters etc. would love to see this placed restored it is historical landmark Luke the Packard proving grounds. The township now has a new board and said they would like news businesses again. It's still rural around track Burms could be built around grounds with shrubbery to help noise.

Love to see it a old bracket track again!! My Facebook site is Fans Of The Old Motor City Dragway ask to join to relive the memories!!!..

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