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5/24/2015 - Clawson Theatre - Clawson - Kathleen K. Ferris
The Clawson Theatre is now owned by the couple who purchased and lovingly restored the Ambassador Roller Rink, which is next door.

Both the theatre and the roller rink were built in 1941. Mary Liz Curtin and her husband Stephen founded Leon & Lulu (formerly the Ambassador Roller Rink) in 2006. It has since become an award-winning retailer, which features high-end furnishings, clothing, gifts and more. It is also the site for more than 80 non-profit events each year.

The Clawson Theatre is currently being renovated, including with an exact replica of the 1941 marquee, which was installed May 21, 2015. The theatre will become, The Show, and will feature a cafe and more fabulous shopping. It's slated to open fall 2015.
5/21/2015 - Cub Theatre - Bear Lake - John McDowell
I was asked to help check out this location for a potential buyer (NOT the XXX operator) probably about 1972.

It's hard for me to believe that anyone could make it workable after what I saw. The screen end had been flooded, being right by the lake, and the floors were moldy and slippery. The projection booth was a wreck. I seen to remember that the equipment was rusty from all the humidity in the building.

I had seen enough. I told the man to forget it..
5/21/2015 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Aidan glazier
My grandpa Carl Healy raced out at tri city in a 1966 chevelle red.
5/19/2015 - Galaxy Drive-In Theatre - Mio - John McDowell
News reports (9&10News is one source) say that this location, now the Mio Flea Market, was destroyed by fire. One of the posts earlier in this section wondered about the Dai-Roy name. According to a commenter on the 9&10 website, a relative of the former owners, it comes from Daisy and Roy Whitney.
5/18/2015 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - jim goike
Twin pines dairy had company picnics there also Milky the clown was always there the rides were free for the day All the milk fruit drink and ice cream bars you could eat The early 60s were the years I went with my family My father Gene Goike owned a couple routes in ferndale. and pleasant ridge Very fond memories.
5/17/2015 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Charmaine Jordan nee Dolney
I remember going to Edgewater Park when I was visiting my grandmother for the summer with my friend Nina.

We were in middle scholl and is was around 1964. We met 2 young men from Detroit who we took a liking to, and we would travel by bus visiting various sites. Richard Edge was my boyfrriend. My grandmother never knew that we were meeting these big city guys!! What fun we had!.

5/14/2015 - Fairy Theatre - Detroit - Caroline Brown
The Admiral Theatre was located on Mack between Beniteau and St.

Jean. I saw Mighty Joe Young there. Kids could get in for a dime before 12. We usually got a quarter to go stay there four hours.

Could you include this in your long list of theatres please?..
5/14/2015 - Silver Cinemas - Roseville - Dee Snead
It closed last month. but it was a good cinema to go too.
5/14/2015 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - dennis cazan
we lived on beaverland and then we moved to leewin about 1958 taft jr high was actually an apple orchard and the reason the front of it was sloped down so much was because it used to be our turtle pond.

the rouge river was our highway with bonniebrook golf course cutting through the middle. the original entrance for edgewater was actually off berg rd, and had a cable and wood bridge that was were they originally had the entrance signage over. we used string bracelets that were different colors on different days and you could leave and reenter anytime of that color day we of course got our bracelets from people exiting and we all had full collections of those craig wood paul green mike and marc garwood chuck farrel and most of our neighborhood pretty much spent the early sixties there. we earned our money either cutting grass or husteling golfers on bonnybrook golf course we had a dog trained to get there balls i think it belonged to paul padalino who as i understand still lives on leewinwest of berg rd.

We used to go to henries for burgers or pals pizza or to primo,s barber shop all on 7near dubois schoolwe used to climb the steps on the school and slide down the fireescape in the winter we used to climb around on the rides even to the top of the coaster iceskate at rouge golf course north of seven off berg behind the clubhouse they built a rink and in the spring ride the ice flows down the river and sneek into edgewater it was a great time to be alive and a kid in western detroit there was actually a horse farm across the street from st eugenes and i remember the reddick family on berg we used to go to blue dot market next door berg and 8 and i new her brothers all redheads. I was an alter boy and went to school at st. eugenes2nd. graduating classnever made it we moved in 67 but only to redford twp.

so i could get back to my friends quick. I cherish those times because kids today do not know how to get together and have fun like that..
5/14/2015 - Greenville Drive-In Theatre - Greenville - Patty(Chipman) Bowers
Additional information regarding the Greenville Drive In Theater Our grandfather Arthur Chipman & our father Russell Chipman began the original construction of the drive in theater in the summer of 1949. Russell & Marjorie Chipman retired in 1968 with the sale of the drive in to the Wetsman company.
5/9/2015 - Southland Theatres 4 - Taylor - jd
The demolition of the former Mervyns has been completed and the clean up is almost done.
5/9/2015 - East Jordan Opera House - East Jordan - Jason
Thats pretty neat Bob, Im glad we both could offer some good info about the place. Please post more info on it as i would love to see it.
5/5/2015 - Dearborn Drive-In Theatre - Dearborn - Tony Urso
Does anyone have a picture of the day camp next to the drive in? I would love to see that tank and fighter plane again.
5/5/2015 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Craig Pierson
I saw a post from Chuck Sommers.

Man does that bring back memories. I think my Dad, Art Pierson traded you a boat for the old 7-11 car??? How's Artie doing. Is he still with Rose? Rose. oh man :-).

5/5/2015 - Silver Cinemas - Roseville -
This location closed April 30th.
5/5/2015 - Riverside Park - Saginaw - Pat McCarthy
We found the park by accident 45 tears ago when we were teenagers.

We thought we had entered the Twilight Zone. A roller skating rink, stables, tack room and a fenced riding area, rides and remnants of rides all over the place. It was unbelievable. We went skating after finding some old skates that fit.

There was a 10ft stuffed Polar bear in mint condition inside the rink near the entrance. We were going to steal it but that was just a Pipe dream We also found a 1947 olds in perfect condition under a raised building. It had a Hickey plate on it. Weird.

Train tracks that led to a turn table told us how popular this must have been. I would love to go back and search the picnic area by the river with a metal detector. what a treasure trove that would be.
5/5/2015 - East Jordan Opera House - East Jordan - Bob Loveday
Douglas Charles Loveday was my Great x2 Grandfather's brother. Yes he built Loveday Opera House in 1899 - He was actually born Oct 15 1840. I can send you things pertaining to the Opera House, or him, or both, but I would have to have an email address that I could add attachments to.
4/29/2015 - Pershing Theatre - Flint - MichaelSpragg
Verle Schill presents trophy to Doug Harvey Car Owner Leonard Spragg Looks on.
4/29/2015 - Cinema One - Manistique - Sam
the cinema Is now clsoed.
4/20/2015 - Jackson Motor Speedway - Jackson - Bernard Bradley
Wow , such memories , my dad Bernard Bradley Sr.

Was pit stewart at JMS , Lansing motor speedway ,and at Onandaga dragway back then , This was early 60s , R. G. Attwood was the head man , i barley remember the Henry's , i was 5 -6 years old. I Remember ,Gordon , Nolan ,Johncock , Gary and Butch Feedawa , Barefoot Bob Kesoslowski.

Jumpin Jerry Lind , I still have photos of pile ups , my dad and his white hat , Donnie and Carl the speedway clowns my sister and me with Gordie. The awsome banking , the competition , So Fast. WOW !!!!!.
4/20/2015 - Warren Theatre - Detroit - Jim Myers
I was a ticket taker and usher in 1953-1954. I remember Big Al and his girlfriend who was the cashier. I was only 15, and went to Cody High School. Lots of memories.
4/18/2015 - Maple Hill Cinema - Kalamazoo - Bryan
This is my first memory of going to the cinema, 1976 I would have been 3 years old.

My family went to see Midway in Sensesurround. The Speakers would make the entire theater shake. Half way though I had to be pulled from the movie because it was too much for me. My mom and I sat in the lobby for the rest of the movie waiting for my father.

I believe when it opened there were only 2 screens and then later they split one of the theaters to make it the Maple Hill Cinema I II & III..
4/14/2015 - Emerald Theatre - Mount Clemens - Kim Connell
From Crain's Detroit.

Macomb Music Theatre owners file bankruptcy, it may trump receivership Chad Halcom The cost of floor and plaster repair inside the Emerald Theatre was estimated in 2012 at $1 million or more, according to then-new owner Wally Mona. The Macomb Music Theatre in downtown Mt. Clemens, formerly known as the Emerald Theatre, may be out of receivership after about one month, now that its owners have sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Detroit. The 94-year-old theater, owned since 2012 by Wally Mona and Marc Beginin, was placed in receivership Feb.

4 by Oakland County Circuit Judge James Alexander in a lawsuit by Farmington Hills-based Domestic Uniform Rental Inc. But the court-appointed receiver, Paul Nine of Bloomfield Hills-based Paul L. Nine & Associates PC, said that appointment ended when Beginin- and Mona-owned companies M&W Holdings LLC, Macomb Development Group LLC, Macomb Entertainment Group Inc. and Emerald Entertainment Group Inc.

sought voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization this week. The four companies own the theater property and the adjacent former Johnny G’s Bar and Grill along Walnut Street, also acquired about two years ago, along with liquor licenses for both establishments, attorneys said. The bankruptcy stays all proceedings for collection of judgments, and any other matters, and transfers jurisdiction to the federal bankruptcy court. I’m automatically removed, Nine said of the petition.

Technically, I’m nothing in this case right now. There will need to be an unsecured creditors committee, and either a debtor in possession or a trustee appointed. Photo by KENNY CORBIN In 2012: Wally Mona (left), became new owner of the Emerald Theatre, working with broker Joseph Sowerby of Anton Sowerby & Associates to close the deal on the historic building in Mt. Clemens.

Mona had plans to renovate and reopen. The Beginin and Mona companies claim they owe between $500,000 and $1 million to various creditors in the bankruptcy petition documents, including $561,826 on a loan that the owners obtained from Revere Capital LLC in 2013 for working capital to operate Macomb Music Theatre. Revere has assigned its mortgage debt to Caixa Preta LLC, listed as the owners’ largest and most senior creditor. Also holding a loan on the property is Gratiot Manchester Development LLC, Nine said, the company lists Manchester as its second largest creditor at $100,000 in court.

Domestic Uniform obtained a court judgment against Macomb Entertainment and other companies for about $40,000 last year, attorneys said, but the bankruptcy exhibits list its creditor claim as “unknown. ” Charles Bullock, partner at Southfield-based Stevenson & Bullock PLC and attorney for the companies in bankruptcy, also said the petitions end the receivership and the owners hope to regain control of the property shortly. Attorneys and sources in Mt. Clemens said the theater hasn’t hosted an event since last fall and Johnny G’s has been shuttered since shortly after Mona and Beginin closed it for renovations, more than a year earlier.

But Bullock said the owners plan to ask the court to appoint a chief restructuring office, possibly by early next week, and retake possession of the theater. “The theater is currently preparing to reopen, but obviously the bankruptcy is slowing that down a little bit,” Bullock said. “Between the theater and Johnny G’s next door, and the liquor licenses, there are plenty of assets to work with here. This isn’t a large amount of debt.

The owners were just being stretched (by creditors) and needed room to be able to work something out. ” The owners originally acquired the theater for around $650,000 and Johnny G’s for about $325,000, over two years ago, and Mona and Beginin made extensive renovations, largely with their own money. The theater was listed for sale at $2. 9 million last fall, but it found no buyers at that price.

Nine later relisted it for $995,000 after the receivership appointment in late February. But that listing has also been withdrawn, said Joe Sowerby, partner at Mt. Clemens-based Anton & Sowerby & Associates, who listed the property for the owners and later for the receiver. In mid-February, Sowerby said, he and a maintenance worker he had hired to help keep up the property entered the theater and found someone had broken into both establishments, taking several flat screen TVs, some sound equipment and electronics.

“We were trying to fix up the asset and help make it look presentable (for a possible sale). It was before the receiver hired us, so that was just something I felt a business and civic responsibility to do,” he said. “It must have happened within a few days prior, because the building engineer indicated that he had been there about 72 hours earlier, and it hadn’t happened yet. ” Doug Bernstein, an attorney for Revere Capital at Bloomfield Hillls-based Plunkett & Cooney PC, said the case has taken a few unusual turns in court such as an unsecured creditor being able to obtain a receiver for the property.

But he still hopes to reach a resolution in the matter. We’ll see if we can work something out, he said. But it’s still pretty early in the bankruptcy process.
4/14/2015 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Gary Sterling
Yes Iam the same Gary (thunderhead)sterling.
4/13/2015 - Dipson Theater - Farmington Hills - Kim Connell
Now changing over once again to a luxury theater, owned by the same group that owns the Maple Theater.

There is an article in MetroTimes online. Swanky new movie theater to open April 30 in Farmington Hills Posted By Alysa Offman on Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 1:23 PM The Riviera Cinema, a brand new, nine auditorium theater, will open in Farmington Hills on Thursday, April 30. The swanky cinema will feature wall-to-wall screens in its auditoriums, state-of-the-art sound systems and film projection, high-backed rockers and VIP recliners. Doesn't sound like your typical cineplex, does it? The Riviera Cinema will also feature a cocktail lounge with an extended menu in addition to the usual concession fare.

The theater is owned by the Cloud Nine Theater Partners, LLC. The company also owns the Maple Theater in Bloomfield Township. In 2012 they revamped that theater to include a coffee shop, a full bar, new seats with more leg room, and larger, 3-D capable screens. “Return to elegance in this grand new movie palace.

Imagine yourself back in an era when movie-going was a special event. Now everything is new, sleek, and modern with the finest technology,” said Cloud Nine's Ruth Daniels in a release. To celebrate the opening of the theater, a special charity event will be held on Wednesday, May 6. The event will feature a strolling supper, a signature cocktail, live music, movies, popcorn, and snacks and will benefit Jay's Juniors, National Council for Jewish Women, Oakland Early College, and Sweet Dreamzzz.

Jay Towers will host. Cocktail attire is required. Tickets for the event are $100 per person. The event starts at 6 p.

m. The theater will be located at 30170 Grand River Ave. , Farmington Hills.
4/12/2015 - Eastown Theatre - Detroit - Dawn
Its interesting reading everyone's comments.

My great grandfather was the manager at Eastown in the 1940s. He went on to help open many other theaters & drive-ins in Wayne , Macomb & Oakland counties. Almost all of these are closed now. He owned a business that furnished most of the theaters with projectors & seating.

His company was Exhibitors Supply Company. So sad that these beautiful theaters are all about gone now..
4/12/2015 - Northland Theatre - Southfield - EUGENE E. GREW
Kirkland: Such a treat finding your posting, especially the glowing accolades about me. You're very kind, but perhaps the years have dimmed the memory. Well, perhaps not! I have some group photos that I can scan should you want to add them to your post. I'm looking at one now, perhaps you have it.

A black and white, with you standing top row center, proudly in your uniform replete with cap with me and 25 others. Circa 1966. eegrew@comcast. net Regards, Grew.

4/8/2015 - Grand Rapids Speedrome - Grand Rapids - william anderson
I watched races at the what I remember as the speedroom just south of comstoc kpark and west of North park I remember Gordon Johncock Dick Dunchey Andy Eddie and Gordy Falan were winners at the races I watched I also remember a guy named Doc Holliday and a guy named Howdey Steel I just remember them because of their names they were unique other than that No I don't remember any other racers It was a dirt track and they had parachuters on the 4th of July I was young but my parents went to the old track regularly It was torn down for the new highway 131 in the 60's I think.
4/8/2015 - Zellah Theatre - Detroit - Chuck
By 1946 this theatre was known as the Moran Theatre and was still in operation into at least the early 1950's.
4/8/2015 - Superior Drive-In Theatre - Munising - kenneth latvala
The theater was north of 28 & west of conners road. Mirons Lived near it. And the Clyde Beatty circus came to the same place.

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