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7/28/2015 - Northern Michigan Dragway - Bear Lake - Brian Ledford
Kaleva- In their 45 years of drag racing facility operation, Northern Michigan Dragway owners Tom and Sharon Ledford have seen some great weekends.

They can easily recollect jam-packed race events in each decade, along with some lean times when it seemed the business was in jeopardy. The 18th Annual Mopars Against the World event this past weekend broke all attendance records by a substantial margin. The weekend's 1,966 paid spectator/pit admissions eclipsed the previous best 1,800 in 2012. The weekend event also drew a record 336 different race vehicle entries.

The Ledfords' career has also included a very successful 24-year lease operation of a race facility in the Thumb area, Ubly Dragway, where an overall attendance record was set at a 1995 event with 2,400 people overall. Friday and Saturday night's overall attendance at NMD was at 2,600 overall, making it the largest-attended event the Ledfords have ever put forth. As an added bonus to the racers and fans, a spectacular fireworks show was conducted Saturday night. The crowd's reaction to the grand finale was similar to what you would expect to the home team getting the winning score at a professional ball game.

Extensive plans for parking area expansion are in the works, as much of the crowd had to park on the road and walk in through the gates due to parking capacity being filled. Racing action at NMD will resume on August 8th for points event #12, the Cory Gunther Memorial Race. Full weekend race results, points standings and upcoming events schedule can be found at www. NorthernMichiganDragway.

7/28/2015 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Barbara Camden
My childhood was not the greatest, but Edgewater Park brings back so many wonderful memories.

The Beast was my first roller coaster ride. The wild mouse just scared the life out me. I just knew it was going to go off the tracks on every turn. It always seemed like the front half of the car was hanging over.

I loved looking at all the pictures everyone posted, so many wonderful memories..
7/28/2015 - Taylor 10 - Taylor -
MJR has abandoned its plan to take over this location. Cinemark is currently building a new complex across the street at Southland Mall.
7/28/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Joe Uratchko
Then there was a Red 70 LS6 chevelle 4 speed car.

A guy named Dwane had a 427 68 Red chevelle. How about the Redford Speed Willys. These were guys that were there at least every other weekend. Oh, and buy the way.

I still have the 65 Chevelle. Man how times have changed..
7/28/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Joe Uratchko
For Ken Ruth.

Yes, I remember the Homebrew Falcon. 306 sbc, dual quads on a tunnel ram, 4 speed liberty. 5. 38 gear.

I bought 2 of his Crager wheels when he changed over to something else. I ran a 65 Maroon Chevelle with a small block from 1970 to about 1975. I ran GStock, Formula 2. The class winners would run a handicap race for about $40 at the end of the night.

Then about 1973, they went to all Bracket Racing. That was the beginning of the end for me. Is your Father still alive? What ever happenen to Big Jim Fulton? He ran a 69 green z28. A guy named Brady, was the head of tech.

Jim worked at the Mobile Station on Telegraph at 6 mile. He kept the car there. Here are some names out of the past. Running Bare Pontiac.

Red 66 chevelle called Jumping Jack. Rebellyous Dodge. Huston Martins Little Kim. Wayne Fithpatricks 427 67 Mustang.

A blue 427 Mavrick..
7/28/2015 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Chuck Marlin
Still looking to connect with Sid and Dave Warren from the Warren Bros Racing Team. Attempted to connect through the email Dave left without success. If anyone has a direct connection have them call me. 248-894-4727.
7/19/2015 - Jackson Motor Speedway - Jackson - Tim Kelley
Gordon is now living in the Hale, Michigan area and runs a timber transport company.
7/16/2015 - Jackson Motor Speedway - Jackson - Jerry Huelsman
i lived in Jackson many moons ago.

i now live in Middleburg, 'F'lorida. i worked for Jackson Motor Speedway in 1955 and 1956. One of the highlignts of a young mans dreams. When i worked there Gordon Johncock was the local hero.

As many of us know he went on to Indy history. Gordy was one of the best drivers in the country. It is amazing but i ran across Gordy in California. When he raced in California he stayed at Dan Gurney's.

Years later i took my wife to the museum at the infield at Indy and i ask for them to make me some pictures of Gordy or as they called him at Indy, Gordo. When i paid for the pictures the lady said unfortunately we have lost track of Gordy. i told her he lived just outside of Pheonix and owned a cattle ranch. Since then i believe he moved back to Michigan.

What a pleasure it was for a young man going to Jackson High School working for the Stall family. Working with them taught me many lessons on how to conduct my self and acrually get things done. Thanks for the memories..
7/16/2015 - Mariner Theatre - Marine City - Ashley
Today, Phillips Sign & Lighting is installing a blade sign & marquee, fabricated in Harrison Twp, MI. The signage is fashioned & inspired by the original sign from the 1920's. Gary Kohs of Fine Art Models purchased the theatre, and is recreating the interior as if you were in the past. The theatre will also house the 18ft Titanic Icon exhibit.
7/16/2015 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Mike
Ed Hage passed away July 6 2015. He was 73.
7/7/2015 - Lansing Mall Theatre - Lansing - John McDowell
I was just browsing Cinematour, and it mentioned that the Regal Lansing Mall Stadium 12 opened one year ago, July 11, 2014.
7/5/2015 - Eastown Theatre - Detroit - Gayke
I saw Bloodrock, Joe Cocker's Grease Band and Bad Finger at this awesome historical Theatre in 1971.

It is a real shame that noone wanted to invest in this Historical Landmark to save this beautiful venue. It had the best acoustics and was architecturally beautiful and a cult classic. It hosted many classic movies and concerts in it's time. It was a diamond in the rough.

7/1/2015 - Oak Drive-In Theatre - Royal Oak - Maddie Drouin
Grew up on Wakefield in Berkley.

My Grandparents had a jewelry store in the building where the Berkley Theater is. Friday nights,once a month,we would go to the Oak Drive In. In our pjs,played on the playground until the movie started. Brought our pillows and laid on top of Dads Ford Fairlane Station Wagon.

Great memories of that crazy refreshment stand hot dog dancing! Berkley was a great place to grow up..
7/1/2015 - Jefferson Beach - St. Clair Shores - Paula Quinn
Hello, Does anyone remember a Native American herbal store near the Jefferson Beach amusement park? I went there two times in the early 1950s when I was four or five.

The proprietor was a very tall Native American man. I can remember seeing the top of the roller coaster a block or two from the dirt parking lot of the store. If anyone recalls the name of the store, the street it was on, or even the owner's name, please kindly post the information. Thanks so much! Paula.

6/27/2015 - Silver Theatre - Greenville - Dan
There is a recreation of the auditorium with original seats and fixtures at the Flat River Museum.
6/27/2015 - Flint Park - Flint - robert lewandowski
I worked at flint park when I was 14 years old and had to have working papers.

I started in the dart game. I lived one block from the park on Edwards ave. Guys I worked with Dan montpas, Mike montpas,pee wee raburn, bill shultis, lowel, Tom kent, Doug storrs. We all worked the consetions for a great boss Walter sala.

We were given passes on thur so we could ride all the rides. My first tiger game at tiger stadium was with Mr. Sala who also took the whole staff to cinema in Detroit I also made a musical debut on the park stage one Sunday with my polka band the quarter notes. I worked the high striker.

Fish pond with Dan montpas, and was bozo the clown in the dunk tank. I followed Doug storrs as stock boy and relief man till the park closed. 4th of July fire works at the park were the best around at the time. I was saddened to find that Sloan musium has nothing about the history of the park.

This was an original flint icon. The Jenny just quit playing music (merry go round) so it's time to close..
6/26/2015 - Millburg Fairgrounds - Millburg - Fred Luft
I was just doing ancestry research and found that William Bill Ory drove at Millburg during the 1950's.

He is my first cousin. Found a lot of info on his race driving days in The News-Palladium site in newspapers. com This lists a lot of other drivers also. If anyone knows anything about him please leave info here.

6/26/2015 - 5 Mile Drive-In Theatre - Dowagiac - Glenda Edwards
5-Mile Drive In is very much open and bring you the news releases. 269-782-7879.
6/26/2015 - Northern Michigan Dragway - Bear Lake - Brian Ledford
For Immediate Release Contact: Brian Ledford 231.

218. 2657 5th Annual Bowtie Challenge slated for Friday and Saturday 6/25/2015 Kaleva- All indications are pointing towards another fantastic weekend at Northern Michigan Dragway. Racers and crew alike are anxiously anticipating the 5th Annual Bowtie Challenge. NMD racers have only been able to complete one points event in the last 30 days due to rainy weather conditions.

The Bowtie Challenge features Chevy and Chevy-powered vehicles paired against other makes. A score is kept throughout the weekend for bragging rights. In last years event, it was the Bowtie faithful taking the victory in rounds-won, 149 to 131. Racers will be competing individually for over $20,000 in cash and prizes.

Over 1,000 fans are expected in attendance. Both the west pit side and east spectator side (reduced price) gates will be open for admission both nights. Racing starts Friday at 6 pm for Time trials with eliminations by 9 pm. Saturday time trials start at 4 pm and races at 7 pm.

For information on NMD, call (231)362-3439 or visit www. northernmichigandragway. com.
6/26/2015 - Park Theatre - Lincoln Park - Timothy Warren
In the late sixties and early seventies, when the theatre was on its last leg and struggling, the Park had live rock bands. The MC5 and the Frost performed on a regular basis. Tickets were inexpensive and the shows were well attended. The businesses and residents of the area wanted the shows stopped and the theatre closed back then as well.
6/21/2015 - East Detroit Theatre - Eastpointe - Robert Taylor
Tom Lasota, I remember you from Deerfield Elementary School (Mrs ONeil) I still have the 6th grad class. We moved to Kentucky about 1960 and have been back a few times but not since 1994. Hope all is well with you.
6/16/2015 - Lake Lansing Amusement Park - Lansing - Maureen Ryan (nee Lack)
I grew up in my Dad's and Uncle's store (Lack Brothers), which was right across the street from the Park when the Johnsons owned it.

I even worked the Skee Ball one summer. I loved the skating rink, which was attached to the arcade, and of course, all the pinball machines in the arcade. My Uncle Eddie used to drive the train around the park, and sometimes they would cater some of the picnics. I moved to Boston in 1966, but came back in 1984, so sad to see the Amusement Park was gone.

6/16/2015 - Lake Lansing Amusement Park - Lansing - Jannet Moulder
Jim Johnson My dad Winfred May, My mom Fay May, And my brother Roger May worked for your mom and dad back in the 60s you had the most wonderful parents ever they treated all of us very well. My dad also worked for GM and I remember the picnics there with union local 652. I wish a lot of tines I could go back to then a relive it all over again. Absolutely Loved It.
6/12/2015 - Dearborn Drive-In Theatre - Dearborn - Jeff Howell
Yes Tony Hopkins, I remember floor hockey in the Wellever gym, In fact, I played against you many times I remember summer recreation in that gym was one of the summer highlights. The Drive In was always part of the background.
6/10/2015 - Jefferson Beach - St. Clair Shores - Pete Janak
Where was Olson's beach and St. Clair beach. As I recall they were between eight mile and nine mile, but very close to eight. Does anyone have any more definitive information about them? What happened to them?.
6/8/2015 - Ramona Park - Grand Rapids - Mary McNulty
Re: Roy and Josephine Murphy, my father, Tom Higgins, worked at Corduroy Rubber Company and our family lived next door to the Roy and Josephine Murphy during the years they lived on Giddings.

I have many happy memories of them and their children, who were about 15 years older than me. One of their sons, Jim, was my Godfather. They moved to the home on Manhattan, where they lived for the years after. Deb, the amusement park in this area was gone when I was a youngster in the 1950s.

It was an attraction in the 30s and 40s when my parents were living in the area but had been closed down near the end of the 40s I think. That's why you don't remember it on your visits to their place..
6/5/2015 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Tom Porzondek
It was posted that Jack Goodwin died earlier this year and I just wanted to say what a really nice guy he was besides being one of the best that ever raced at Motor City Speedway. There are lots of great pictures posted on this site for anyone who has never visited this page before. Some of my other favorites from Motor City were Felix Brooks, Joy Fair, Johnny Wallace, George Cooper, Wayne Bennett (another very nice man), and so many more. Lots of fun memories.
6/5/2015 - Flint Motor Speedway - Flint - Randy Cronk
My mom used to sneak a peak through the fence and watch the races when she was a little girl at this track. Heard they helped the Catholic Church across the street get money for their building then helped shut the track down. Heard it from a reliable source and not mentioning any names but gave up his Catholic faith because of that.
6/5/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Angela Marie Payne
Hello, My Grandfather is Larry Payne and I was wondering If you would mind If I copied the photo's you have of his dragster Gang Green? I'm not sure which house is in the photo's, if it's my Great Grandparents (his parents) home in Royal Oak, his first house when he married my Grandma Carol on Charleston ave in Detroit when my mom Donna was a baby, or Sterling Heights when my mom was a little girl.

My Grandma, Grandpa, and Mom have all passed on now so there are no sources to ask here. I was hoping that I could show my Aunt Dottie(my Grandfathers sister) and ask her if she knows which house. I would like to add them to my collection of family photo's if it would be okay with the owner. I would be very appreciative, I miss all of them very much and photo's can have a way of making loved ones feel closer.

Sincerely, Angela Marie Payne..
6/1/2015 - Dearborn Drive-In Theatre - Dearborn - Steve Burgoyne
Bud Thompson Passed in August 1999 just before his 79th Birthday in San Diego Ca area. He was a great guy and these stories I hear of him are a good testament of who he was. He had a great sense of humor he loved the people he worked with.

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