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6/22/2016 - Sunset Drive-In Theatre - Midland - Tammy BB
I remember going there with such fond memories, I wish it would have still been open to take my kids there (or now my grandsons).

The first time I remember going there, was about 1970 or so, and we went there as an extended-family outing -my Mom, brothers, & me, and my Aunt and her kids as well. We saw Snoopy Come Home, I still remember how fun that night was! We didn't have a lot of money growing up, so my Mom always made popcorn and a jug of Kool-Aid, & sometimes sandwiches (instead of buying Concessions there). We also saw Jaws there, and the BIG screen really makes a difference! As a teenager, we would go almost weekly. The first movie I saw WITHOUT parents in tow was Conan the Barbarian.

What FUN!! They really need to open up Drive-Ins again for the new generations to enjoy, as we did growing up. I miss the closeness of times before cell phones and other gadgets! Thanks for listing the Sunset on here and letting me reminisce!..
6/10/2016 - Civic Detroit Theatre - Detroit - Tom Boufford
When I turned 16 and could legally get a job, I was hired by a local “mom & pop” drugstore.

Drudgery. Hated the work. Then I had a brainstorm: why not apply at the Civic Theatre for an usher's job? I did, and was hired! Hey. now I was in Show Business! The manager at that time (1954) was Eline Bright, formerly Eline Bowers.

A lovely lady, but she could be “hard as nails” if the situation called for toughness. Since I was in high school, most of my hours as an usher were on weekends, which meant working the Saturday matinees for kids. Oh, the mess they made! I remember we used to use wide snow shovels to shovel up the empty popcorn boxes, candy wrappers, etc. , and then bag this trash.

One thing I did on a weekly or semiweekly basis (depending on whether the movies changed mid-week) was change the marquee. There was a tall ladder and I had to change all three lines of the marquee, both sides, for $1. 00. And I loved it! I remember that when Gone with the Wind was playing, I suggested to Ms.

Bright that we use the top line of the marquee to state: THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE! She was unsure we should do that (false advertising?) but I showed her a clipping from the newspaper that called GWTW the greatest movie ever made, so she allowed me to do that marquee that way. (Of course, I had at that time read GWTW at least 3 times, and had fallen in love with Scarlett O'Hara. ) When I graduated from Denby High School in 1956, I missed the Civic and Ms. Bright.

Now, seeing what has happened to this magnificent theatre, I feel sad..
6/6/2016 - Deer Forest Fun Park - Coloma - DAVE SMITH
Deer Forest has been closed for a couple years now. What's left is rundown & property was auctioned off last year.
6/5/2016 - Fairmount Theatre - Grand Rapids - Doug Taylor
This theatre opened as the Fairmont Theatre in 1930, it was later renamed the Roxy Theatre.

Closed as a movie theatre in 1945, and now houses retail. Listed as the Roxy Theatre in Film Daily Yearbook’s;1941 and 1943 editions. Seating capacity is given as 450. 2150 Plainfield In 1949 it is where Blessed Sacrament Church was listed.

In 1953 it is vacant. In 1964 it is the gun shop. Sometime between 1953 and 1964 it was a roller rink. Nearby Theaters: Creston Theatre, Crestonette Vaudette Theatre, Stadium Drive-In, Park Theatre, Royal Theatre.

Google Maps Street View now: https://www. google. com/maps/@43. 0020307,-85.

6542655,3a,76. 2y,113. 52h,82. 09t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sI1DAXU6IOtmJ32aOOOYxVw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1 Built by Boshoven in 1929 as the Fairmount, and operated by W.

H. Semeyn, this was one of several Grand Rapids theaters named after famous New York City movie houses. S. Rothafel, better known as “Roxy,” was one of the late 1920's top moviehouse impresarios. He was a Minnesota native who had fought in the Boxer Rebellion, played minor league baseball, and mined coal before setting up his first nickelodeon. He later ran such lavish New York venues as the Strand, the Rialto, the Regent, and of course the Roxy. He carved out the opening night entertainment for John D.

Rockefeller's Radio City Music Hall on December 27, 1932. (Source: American Movie Classics Magazine, December, 1999, p. 12. ) The local Roxy Theater was closed by the mid-1940's.

In 1946 it was purchased by the newly-established Blessed Sacrament Catholic parish for $35,000, and for an additional $15,000 was remodeled into its first church. The projection room was converted into quarters for the pastor. The congregation worshiped here until 1950, when a combination church-school building was built on Diamond Avenue. For some years afterwards, the building was used as a roller skating arena.

(Source: Father Dennis Morrow)..
6/5/2016 - Regent Theatre - Grand Rapids - Doug Taylor
Regent Theatre Ballroom above theatre. Later it will be converted into a bowling lanes. Regent Theatre 1923–1964 133 Crescent St NW at about the Kent County building stands today on Vandenberg Plaza.
5/24/2016 - Michigan State Fairgrounds - Detroit - Steve Wolski
In that photo from Randy 100 lapper fairgrounds 1954, I can identify all but two of the drivers.

I don't know the second one in from the left or the second one in from the right. Does any one know who these drivers are? Also in the race that was run in 1955 it was a 250 lapper and was won by Mason Bright. He drove a 1955 Chevy #96. net..
5/19/2016 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Harvey Osborne
Looking for pictures or anyone who remembers Norm Tucker. Raced a car at Motor City Speedway in Detroit. Car was numbered 0 or 00. Had a giant spark plug on the roof.
5/15/2016 - Cinema 1 & 2 - Pontiac - J
The band Frontier Ruckus used this cinema as the cover of their album Deadmalls & Nightfalls and a lot of their lyrics are about Summit Place Mall.

(I can't include photos for some reason, but a quick Google will show you. ) They also do a music video outside of this place. Just another random bit for you guys. Oh, and in 2015 Oakland County Police Department was doing test-driving through the parking lot.

5/12/2016 - Auto City Speedway - Clio - Randy Adam
Very sad news for the Michigan local racing community.

legendary announcer, Tom Carnegie Award winning and Race Talk radio show host Larry Loynes passed away last week as he lost his battle with cancer. Larry was the Voice of Auto City Speedway for over 20 yrs along with announcing at Dixie and numerous other tracks. He also was the MC for the MRFC on occasion. He was a husband, father and dear friend of the racing community.

He supported local racing with a passion. He also interviewed the likes of Darrel Waltrip, Mario Andretti, Rusty Wallace, Brad Keselowski and others on his Race Talk radio show which was on every Wed night thru-out the summer. I will get some photos to post on here shortly. God Speed Larry.

5/9/2016 - Calvin Theatre - Dearborn - Edward
I remember seeing the Jonestown Massacre in 1979 and going there to see The Nude Bomb and Blues Brothers the Sunday the theater caught on fire. What a loss.
5/9/2016 - Dearborn Drive-In Theatre - Dearborn - Mark Querbach
I'm back, almost 4 years after my first post.

Glad I came back, because I remember some of those that have posted since. Dave Keliher, I remember you because you were starting as I was getting ready to move on. And Ron Swanson, of course I remember you. I almost felt like a member of your family for a few years there.

Steve Burgoyne, I think I remember hanging out with you at the drive-in. do you remember Linda Oliver's yellow VW Bug? Dearborn was so much a part of my early days. wish we could have a reunion! Some others that I remember (with apologies to those who's names escape me): Margaret Swanson (Ron's wife), Barry Packwood, Walt Knock, Marcy Coffman, Carlene Jarema, Clyde Bump Lewis, Jan Gebski, Cherry, Patti, Sandy McGahan, and so many more!.
5/7/2016 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Leo Bolzman
Butch Kloz Most of us from Mount Clemens are on Facebook MOUNT CLEMENS SPEEDWY.
5/7/2016 - Wyandotte Theatre - Wyandotte - Robert Denial
The Wyandotte Theatre for many years was owned by Richard and Eugene Sloan, under the corporate name Suburban Detroit Theatres.
5/7/2016 - Jackson Motor Speedway - Jackson - Sandie Stull Hendrick
I still enjoy reading some of these, but I still find mistakes also.

First off - Bob did NOT built the track. Our dad, Ralph Stull SENIOR. Ralph Jr (Itchy) and Bob went into it together. Dad borrowed the money and was the President.

Our brother, Roger, was in the Coast Guards during most of the time we had the track, but he was also a part of it and seems to have been forgotten a lot! Dad passed away in 1968 from Strokes. Mom died in 1986 at age 88. She was a fantastic mother and a Fantastic Christian woman - She played the piano at Church on Wednesday night, went shopping Thursday, had a silent Heart Attack Friday night and died on Sunday. Two sisters, Janice and Wilma also died from Strokes.

Wilma in the late 1992 and Ralph Jr died 5 months later. Janice died. Both Bob and Ralph Jr were in World War II and Bot fought in the front lines - he confided to me later that he had to shoot many people, and I believe this is the reason the boys drank so much - a lot of men who fought in the front lines and killed people had a hard time facing what they had HAD to do so that we could live freely. Ron was in during the Vietnam War and he also fell into the drinking, but there is no confirmed information that he committed Suicide.

His life at the end was something bothering him and he drank to be able to forget - just as the others did. Roger had the same problem - he was in the Coast Guard and he had to retrive many young children that had drowned in Lake Michigan during his 4 years. He was cremated and his ashes have been scattered at different tracks - including Eldora where he and his boys went to races at Tony's track for years. So our of 7 children, only 2 of us are still around.

I still see people that knew our family and reminisce about the track. And does anyone member Bill Tripp - NO-ONE can forget him - he would help dad when Bob and Ralph couldn't be around to help him. Any by t he way, Bill has cancer and is being cared for in his home by nurses and family. He might appreciate a card or two! He went to our Church the last few years and the minute he saw me, he remembered my name and had to have a big hug from me.

He really was one big help to my dad at the track! He turned 95, I believe on his last birthday. He told me he has almost 200 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren - he's a proud man!..
5/7/2016 - Westborn Theatre - Dearborn - Vern
The Westborn was a rather good theater, all things considered.

The movies were second run and the showtimes were limited during the week (on the weekend there were matinees). However, compared to the Ford Tel (the other local dollar theater) the theater was less populated and felt more like a smaller version of a larger theater. I can't recall the last films I saw here, but I want to say it was in the winter of 1989/1990ish (I remember taking the kids to see The Wizard and Tremors). Either way, there was a quality to the theater many bigger theaters today lack.

5/7/2016 - Camelot 1-2-3 - Dearborn - Vern
The Camelot was around until the late 80s or early 90s, if memory serves.

It became a dollar movie theater sometime in the 80s (perhaps it was $1. 50). Sadly, the theater was in very poor condition. The patrons were always pushy, the floors sticky and the snack bar poorly stocked.

Of course, for the price, you got what you paid for..
5/2/2016 - Northern Michigan Dragway - Bear Lake - Brian Ledford
Racers and fans alike had been anxiously awaiting the Saturday April 30th season opener for several months.

Coming off a record-breaking season in all attendance categories, Northern Michigan Dragway started the 2016 season where it left off the previous year. Over 200 spectators were on hand, to watch 93 race entries participate in Saturday’s opening day test and tune event. The previous best turnout for opening day had been 65 entries. The newly-poured concrete starting line performance came around quickly.

The fastest dragster was driven by Kip Burkhardt of Coldwater, running the eighth-mile in 5. 03 seconds elapsed time (E. T. ) at a top speed of 137.

34 miles-per-hour with his Ford-powered entry. Frank Piltz of Cadillac had the quickest door slammer entry, as his 1990 Pontiac Firebird performed a best pass of 5. 31 E. and topping out at 137. 37 mph. The fastest snowmobile pass was made by Mike Brown of Traverse City with a 2017 Arctic Cat, 5. 93 seconds at 132.

10 mph. Racing action will continue this Saturday with another test and tune scheduled from 2-6 pm. The following Saturday, May 14th will be the first bracket race event of the season with time trials set to begin at 6 pm. NMD is located 3 miles north of Kaleva on Potter Road.

For more information visit NorthernMichiganDragway. net or call (231)362-3439..
5/2/2016 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit - Chris Ott
My grandfather was one of the painters of the murals. He was from Sweden and came came to America in the 1920s. He and another person painted them. Nobody believes this but it is absolutely true.
4/30/2016 - Southland Theatres 4 - Taylor - jt
as of 4/21/15 the Cinemark Southland Center 12 and xd theatre is now open. features include stadium seating and power recliner chairs in every auditorium.
4/30/2016 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Joe Uratchko
W Smith. Give Chris Holbrock a call at Holbrok Racing Engines in Livonia, Mich. Carl was his father. He has pictures of that car on the wall.
4/25/2016 - Horizon Cinemas - Traverse City - Adam V
This theater is now, sadly closed, December 10, 2015, i was one of the last few to close the theater for the last time.
4/20/2016 - Petoskey Motor Speedway - Petoskey - Walker
How can I get ahold of Richard Moore, Junior? I have some things regarding the Petoskey Motor Speedway that he would be in seeing and commenting upon. Very interesting topic. Thanks to all.
4/20/2016 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Angela marke
My dad raced in the late 60s early 70s. His car was dago red. A ford fairlane. Sure wish someone had pics.
4/17/2016 - Jackson Motor Speedway - Jackson - Jerry Albert
Does anyone remember Bud Lynch. I believe he drove a 30s era Pontiac. His dad, Bill and my dad worked together at Norwalk Truck Lines for many years before they moved to Monroe. His son, Jim was my best friend growing up.
4/17/2016 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - w. smith
Looking for video and any lice of a car that ran in the early 70s at deatroit dragway. Carl Holbrooks 69 mustang ragtop called Instant Action car ran 10. 80s like clockwork. GREAT LOOKING CAR.
4/14/2016 - Movies at Fairlane - Dearborn - John
I worked at Fairlane Movies in the 80's with Kevin Dimitry, Dave, April Wamble, Sue White, Tom etc.

Remember the Rocky Horror nights on Friday's and Saturdays and the difficulty we had searching the suspected stoners and drunks? Remember the Tuesday dollar days- All Seats All Shows $1- and the problems it caused when all the thugs started coming in by the carload? We started finding loose bullets on the floor after the shows and security became an issue. Remember the long lines that $ days caused and the other stores trying to get the Movies to cancel them? Kevin had an original 1977 Star Wars poster in his upper level office. Yellow was the light color for #5 upstairs. That was the really big show.

To this day, working at FM was one of the best jobs I had and I met some great people. I love movies to this day and it was so fun being able to see all the movies free. Remember the long lines for Desperately Seeking Susan? Remember that Anthony Quinn art statue Irene that was on the lower level movies? Remember Olga's Kitchen next door upstairs and the A&W Creamery and Au Ban Pan? We still had to wear usher jackets back then! I also recall the movie night deals with JB Pub and the long standing cashier who used to work out on the lower level mall, she got a pension, I think her name was Dianne. The Mall was so nice back then, at Christmas they used to have to bring in the mounted police and close the roads due to the crowds.

Just a few short years later, all that business moved out to 12 Oaks. Remember having to climb the ladder Thursday nights outside on the old marquee and put up the names of the new movies in the freezing winters with all the winds? Russ and I used to have great fun doing that..
4/5/2016 - Beverly Theatre - Detroit - Ron Lee
I was a student at Mackenzie High school in the spring of 1967 and was an usher (gold jacket) at the Beverly. Jiimmy Jackson, Herman Stewart and Jessie and I, all maned the box office and refreshment counter in addition to our usher responsibilities. A great experience and the chance to see good movies like You only live twice and Born Free.
4/5/2016 - Beverly Theatre - Detroit - John
Me and my brother and friends Larry McDougal and skip Marshall used to go to the Beverly show every weekend.

We would hop the train at grand River and Joy Road and ride it down to the Beverly show. We would hop off the train play on the World War Two, Sherman tank that they had on display on grand river near the Beverly show and then go to the show on Saturdays. Great memories lots of fun until the neighborhood fell apart. Good memories.

4/5/2016 - Spartan Speedway - Mason - KEVIN ANTHONY


3/31/2016 - Allen Park 5 - Allen Park - jt
currently replacing the old seats with ones like they have at south gate with movable armrests.

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