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11/28/2015 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Dana
Does anyone have information about the dance marathon held at Edgewater Park in the 20's? My mother was in it and I'm trying to find more information about it. I have her old photos from it and she said her and her partner won the marathon and the prize was $1,000. If anyone has any info, please post. Thank you.
11/25/2015 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Dan Ostwick
I am trying to contact the family of Bill Boyd. He drove midgets in the 30's and 40's. Please contact me at dostwick@gmail. com with any information.
11/22/2015 - Rialto Theatre - Gladstone - Charlie Rose
I grew up a little south of the Log Cabin Inn, south of Gladstone.

In the mid-40s, I would often ride my bike, Saturdays, the 2. 7 miles to the Rialto theater to watch the Lone Ranger serials, and similar flicks. That was 70 years ago, and I *think* it cost 10¢ … but it was NOT more than 20¢. If it was raining when the movie was over, the owner let me stay, free, for the second showing.

(If it was still raining after that, I'd hang out at the post office across the street. I couldn't call home because we didn't have a phone yet. When we *did* get a phone, it was on a party-line, and the number was 468-F21. My aunt's number in Esky was 215-J, and other friends' number was 744-M.

They were different times, then!)..
11/22/2015 - Coliseum Theatre - Detroit - roger greene
the coliseum theater was located on hamilton at canfield right across from ristos market it had the range of b movies and serials on weekends. dish night on wed. it probably closed somtime in the late 50s.
11/20/2015 - Edgewater Park - Detroit -

it was during winter 1979 or winter 1980. and they had a few new attractions and i remember working with an electrician,,,the park was getting a bit dated and used by this time and i did odd jobs around the park during winter(painting ,clean up and when the park opened that spring(1979) i was a ride operator. the park had a erie feel about it. i guess knowing say some 10 year prior it was like a mega park.

to seeing what went on behind the scene -made it lose its luster in my mind. but it was fun to work there and walk through the spook house with the working lights on -remembering how scared the ride made me feel and walking around the roller coaster looking at it from a tech stand point. Ford Motor company would have their family fun day -and rented out the entire park for Ford employes and my uncle took me to this each year they had it. its was great to be there with other family's that knew each other rather than the general public.

you felt kinda privileged. the food ,rides and drinks were free-how cool. I think i loved this park. and like many people on here i would wash cars,rake leaves,cut grass,do odd jobs so i would have money to take the bus out there and have fun.

11/20/2015 - Royal Theatre - Detroit - R.bull

i always wondered why it closed down! I went to Mumford High School and lived in the area. this movie house was a treat i saw The Flim Flam man here. In the Heat of The Night and i do be-leave Spartacus and many other nice films. this was a very nice show and i can remember a few times the ushers kicking us out for being silly loud kids.

It was a pleasant walk as well. other shows in the area was the Mercury (6mile/Schafer),The Varsity(Livernois/ 6 mile) was closed by the time i knew it was there and a few other..
11/20/2015 - Eastown Theatre - Detroit - Ed
Growing up in Detroit in the late 40's and 50's we had 2 places for movies. The cheaper one was the Van Dyke Theater which was around the corner from the Eastown on Van Dyke and Harper. I think it was 15 cents to get in but the Eastown charged 25 cents as it was more upscale and fancier Lots of great memories.
11/20/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Bob Beuter
Looking for Ken Vogt.

your old school chum Bob Beuter here, I remember when we cruised Woodward in your 61 Ford 3 sp 352, I always loved that car,if you wish please contact me and we can talk Woodward. Really loved the 57 Fairlane 500 also, scary fast on Woodward. rjbeuter@speednetllc. com.

11/20/2015 - Thunderbird Raceway - Muskegon - Randy Cronk
Remember the night my friend Jerry got up in the fence on the straightaway & ripped down by the entrance to turn 1. What a mess trying to get the car outta there, he was ok, but the wallet took a hit. Track moved everyone down away from that area & went on.
11/13/2015 - Warren Theatre - Detroit - sam staley
I went to the warren theatre every Saturday in the 40s and when I became a teenager I meant my wife Elsie at this theatre this was my Maine hangout for meeting a lot of my friends I truly loved this place and hated to see it close.
11/13/2015 - Nunica Speedway - Nunica - Louis (Rick) Oswald
The clay Fruitport Midget Speed Way was located off from US16 /Taft Road, it is grown over now.

I hunted turkeys out there with my dad back in the late 50's. The Nunica Speedway was paved, its located behind the trailer park on State Road. I use to ride go carts on it as a kid. My Father and mother use to own a grocery store on the Y across from Ben Brower Bottle Gas called Junction Grocery in the mid / late 50's across from Sellers Drive Inn.

11/10/2015 - Eastwood Park - Eastpointe - Brian Bowman
No the Jupiter was on Gratiot around 10 mile area. There was no round restaurant on south side of 8 Mile. I am familiar with that area since I worked at Ridge Drug Store from 1959 to 1960.
11/10/2015 - Fort George Drive-In Theatre - Southgate - Greg Shur
Fort George Drive In Was Torn Down Before Southgate Theatre. It sat vacant for a couple years before Meijer built a store on the site.
11/10/2015 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Butch Klotz
I just came from the 30 year mcrt reunion party.

what a fabulous party. was so nice to see old friends from a great time in my life. many many thanks to wild bill for caring enough to put on this event. and for the award.

thank you..
11/4/2015 - Krim Theatre - Highland Park - CareyVigor
I think I met Mac Krim in a deli in Beverly Hills in1989 We struck up a conversation in Polish He said he came frim Warsaw before WW2 and bought the Martha Washington theater in Hamtramck and sold it to move to Hollywood The waitress who spoke Polish told me he was married to Kim Novak and took her to Detroit to oprn the Trans Lux Krim theater and was a founder of Paramount Studios.
11/4/2015 - Hi-Vue Theatre - Durand - Bill Domby
Steve Paluch and his wife first owned the Hi-Vue Drive In and the Durand downtown theater. They lived onsite in a mobile home. One was open in the summer and the other in the winter.
11/4/2015 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Wild Bill
Last Call for the 30 Year MCRT Reunion Party on November 7, 2015 Tickets are $ 30. 00 each and you can contact me to get them at: mcrt@comcast. net Photo's & Video to be shown along with dinner & drinks.
10/23/2015 - Mt Clemens Drive-In Theatre - Mount Clemens - frank. kahofer
I have movie film that I took of the Mount Clemens Drive in coming down and other items from Mount Clemens anybody interested on any of the above write me an email I have it on DVD disc the kids rides are now at an ice cream place on 23 mile road going to New Baltimore next to a driving range the swing and other items.
10/6/2015 - Eastown Theatre - Detroit - Matt
It is great that everyone shares memories, but of those of you that attended shows, Does anyone recall seeing The Doors Nov. 20 1971?.
9/26/2015 - Showcase Cinemas Flint East - Burton - Spencer
GENESEE COUNTY, MI - The former Showcase Cinemas Flint East property in Burton has been acquired by a large automotive group, but the future of the East Court Street facility is still up in the air.

Joe Serra, president of Serra Automotive, confirmed the deal, but he added there are no plans in the works at this time to renovate the property. He said the property listed in tax records as owned by Serra Works of Court Street LLC, 3118 Hill Road in Grand Blanc, was a real estate transaction, with potential seen in the former movie theater location. The theater, which opened in 1980, closed its doors in September 2007 because it was no longer financially viable, according to Flint Journal records. It employed a mixture of 39 full- and part-time employees.

Serra said the property would be ideal for some type of big-box store to acquire. The one-story building at 5202 E. Court St. is 64,398 square feet with a large parking lot and sits between a Walmart store and Courtland Center mall.

He noted Serra has purchased other properties it sees as having potential for investment. Genesee County tax records show 11 properties under the Serra Works name, including dealerships in the Grand Blanc area. Burton Mayor Paula Zelenko said no plans for any type of development on the property have been submitted to the city, but she saw the acquisition of the property by Serra as a positive thing. There have been several inquires about several properties in our city, she said, pointing to the recent announcement of Family Farm & Home moving into the former KMart building on Belsay Road.

To me, that tells me folks are looking at Burton to come and build their business and do their business..
9/26/2015 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Mike Schneider
Can anybody help us identify this history/ owner/ driver of this #97 Challenger? It was believed to run at Mt. Clemens. We currently own the car and someday plan a resurrection of it.
9/24/2015 - Tahqua-Land Theatre - Newberry - John McDowell
This appeared recently in the Detroit Free Press.

If you go to their web site there are pictures and a video. NEWBERRY – He has given this place everything. And now he might lose it all. Fred Dunkeld is the owner, the ticket taker and the film projectionist at the Tahqua Land Theatre, a tiny movie house built 85 years ago in the middle of the Upper Peninsula.

Here in Newberry, the moose capital of Michigan, a builder long ago thought that the people of a small town deserved the kind of magnificent theater usually found in big cities. He outfitted it with decorative moldings and colorful murals, and lit its rooms with chandeliers. Four decades ago, Dunkeld found it abandoned and shuttered, overrun by rats and clogged with coal dust. It was for sale.

And he wanted it. At first he just wanted to own a business, to have a source of income. “And then I got looking at it,” he said. He was at the back of the theater one day after he’d bought it, taking it all in as the daylight poured in through the reopened doors.

“I remember sitting back here on an old wooden box, a milk crate, saying, ‘Wow, there’s more to this place than I realized. ’ ” He spent a year and a fortune cleaning it out and restoring it to what it once was. He moved into the apartments upstairs and opened an office next door for his day job in real estate. His whole life was here.

And anytime he made a big sale, he put the money into his beloved theater to make it better. Then the rug was pulled out from under him. A few years ago, the Hollywood studios that supply movies to theaters announced they were soon switching from film to digital. The big theaters, such as the multiplexes with a dozen screens, handled the cost of the switch easily.

But hundreds of small, independent movie houses around the country have struggled to come up with the tens of thousands of dollars needed for the new equipment. Some have succeeded. Some have failed and closed forever. Dunkeld tried twice to raise the funds and fell far short both times.

“They did it in Rogers City and Grayling,” he said, noting two Michigan cities where old theaters have raised funds for the conversion. “But there’s just not that much money up here. It’s just a bunch of Yoopers up here. ” There’s no hard deadline from the studios, no official final date for the switch.

Every film he gets could be the last one sent to him. So he waits, either for the last show or for a miracle. “About all I do is buy a lottery ticket every week, which I know isn’t going to work,” he said. “But it helps you sleep.

” To see the Tahqua Land Theatre’s Go Fund Me page, go to gofundme. com/tahqualandtheatre..
9/22/2015 - King Animaland Park - Richmond - Mark
sorry to hear Mr.

King passed recently. I vaguely remember a big yellow Cadillac with license plate: ANMLND. or something like that. Maybe KING on the plate or something close to that.

Great memories for all my brothers an nephews here in the late 70's and early 80's..
9/20/2015 - Thunderbird Raceway - Muskegon - Randy Claflin
Looks like Thunderbird is going to re-open in 2016.

They have some work to do to get it up to code. Tom Sprague Sr. is going to run the show there. I am hoping that it's a resounding success.

9/20/2015 - Thunderbird Raceway - Muskegon - Randy Cronk
Read on FB that their is a new owner of the track, Sprague, same guy that owns Winston up the road, anxious to see what happens.
9/16/2015 - Lyric Theatre - Detroit - Sheryl Cavanaugh
I have family stories of my grandfathers uncle, Clarence Tumey, being an owner of the Lyric.
9/16/2015 - Cinderella Theatre - Detroit - jerry h
I was at the Cinderella April 22, 1972. Me and a friend were able to get the fire dooors opened on the eastside of the building at the top of the stairs and were charging half price. I'm sure j. giles and Peter wolf remember it for other reason, but I'm sure the were made aware of what we did.
9/14/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Joe Uratchko
What an awsome day Sunday at Bakers in Milford.

I saw this red 61 Falcon Gasser type car pull in, and I said Naw, aint no way that thats the old homebrew car. Well, I walked up to the man, and what he said, floored me. Ron Ruths Homebrew ii. That sent chills down my spine.

Back then, it was black, with silver sides. He had pictures and other memorabila from the day. He let me listen to a cd of the car going down the track back in the day. He told me Ron died years ago, but his memory still lives on in that car.

I told him that he has a real piece of History sitting there. those early 70 memories will be with me til I go. I hope I see the car there again. Ill say a prayer for Ron.

9/8/2015 - King Animaland Park - Richmond - Bill King
I am sorry to say that my father Walt King passed away on 9/5/15. From health issues.
9/8/2015 - Varsity Cinemas - Sault Sainte Marie - Jack Franklin
This theater closed August 20, 2015. The closest place for anyone in the area to see a movie now is across the border in the big Soo in Canada.

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