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6/10/2018 - Ionia Drive-In Theatre - Ionia - Tom McGill
Interesting to note that there was Danny Boy's Drive-In Theater right across the street from where the Ionia once was. It wasn't a full drive-in because it appears to have had pop-up inflatable screen, but there were ramps. It was unable to open this spring though.
6/10/2018 - Big Rapids Drive-In Theatre - Big Rapids - Tom McGill
It would appear that this opened before 1963. It is fully visible in a 1955 Historic Aerial.
6/10/2018 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit - Chris Ott
Henry Dahlgren, my Swedish grandfather and a friend painted the mirals at the Mercury theater.

They came to the USA through Ellis Island in the early 1920s. Several commercial artists from Sweden came over to do artwork for the auto companies and the military. His renderings of army Tanks were unbelievably detailed. I was born in 1952 and we lived on Hartwell.

I vividly recall going to Abba Jays market for penny candy and baseball cards. I went to Vernor elementary school during kindergarten and remember then serving Vernors Ginger Ale on occasion. We moved to Huntongton Woods when I was 5 yrs old. We were on Elgin and used to go to the zoo for 10 cents and ride the train to Africa and go through the cool tunnels.

there. We could hear the lionss at the zoo roaring from our house when they fed them. It was great living there.
6/3/2018 - Eaton Theatre - Charlotte - Leann Owen
Correction: Rick DeDolph bought the Eaton Theatre in 1987 and twinned it in 1992. *The delay in replacing the upper marque sign was due to the roof needing replaced. The roof is now being replaced this month and then we are working on refurbishing the upper marque and putting back up. It is in bad shape and may take a little time to complete that project, but it will be back up.
6/3/2018 - Court Street Theatre - Saginaw - Matt
This theatre had gotten new owners. The Court had an extensive remodel and is now open once again.
6/3/2018 - Eaton Theatre - Charlotte - Leann Owen
The Eaton Theatre has a new website. It is eatontheatre. com.
6/3/2018 - Jefferson Beach - St. Clair Shores - Dolores Lacelle
Re: Julia Michals. the name of the other beach next to Olson beach at the foot of 9 mile road and Jefferson, was Murray beach.
5/26/2018 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Tommie Peterson
I do have pics from Manchester and Butler my dad was Tom Peterson who owned #114 and #12 drove by Mel Shroufe and others.

I grew up at both tracks. Funny no-one has mentioned farmer Budwit. As he was the king of helmet throwing. 50yrs later I still greet him with a hug.

Anyone who knew my daddy and the sport is part of the family. thank..
5/26/2018 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Tommie Peterson
I was fortunate enough to have grown up at Manchester and Butler speedway.

My dad was Tom Peterson. We owned #114 car and #12 and probably others too. I remember Jim Martin, Taylor, roscoe stetton, Jerry Lidell and so many more. My dad passed 2yrs ago and I still look at all the pictures.

As his youngestg daughter..
5/15/2018 - Cinderella Theatre - Detroit - Chauncey Chapman
Inside there was a mural at the top wrapping around the theater telling the Cinderella story in 8 paintings.
5/15/2018 - Forum Theatre - Ypsilanti - David Novak
Entrance to Wuerth/Forum theatre is in the green building. I worked there in early 50's taking tickets, concessions and ushering (well, trying to keep the balcony in some sort of order). Moved on to the Martha Washington a year or two later.
5/15/2018 - Michigan Water World - Milford - Cal Cortright
I had been aware of this park, but only after it ceased operations and it had been my intent to photograph it. When I finally decided to make the ride, the place was completely gone and the land graded for something new. I am certain that the park was located on the site now occupied by the Hines Park Ford dealership.
5/15/2018 - Troy Drive-In Theatre - Troy - Irene
Remember when 15 Mile Road was so curvy, so dangerous going to the Troy Drive In.

The fog was so thick at times. But they finally straightened the road out and as the city grew around the fog disappeared. I remember them building 75, watching the workers as we were waiting for the movie to start. We used to stop st Aimes market on 15 mile to get candy for the show, it was the only store around, the owner used to polish rocks to make necklaces and other jewelry.

When the movies finished on the weekends the police were there to help you get out onto 15 Mile Road, that was later when there were more people living around Troy. Wonderful times!..
4/28/2018 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Mike
Laura Devlin passed away on 4/17/18. Laura, along with her husband Neil owned the 120 sportsman's car that was driven by Washtenaw county sheriff Doug Harvey, Howard Woodman, and Ed Hage to name a few drivers who had drove for Neil & Laura.
4/28/2018 - Harper Theatre - Detroit - A.J.
Actually the dates here are in fact correct. This is referring to the origional harper theatre, not the one that is still open and now called harpos concert the theater. The origional harper theater closed around 1930 and is the one pictured here and as you can see the entrance is in the middle of the building whereas the one that opened in the late thirties had the main enterence at the corner of the building under a huge marquee.
4/14/2018 - Casino Theatre - Detroit - The Keystone Kid
The Casino was run buy a guy we called Johnny Tatoo.

I think his dad owned the Romona. The time frame was the early 1950’s. Price to get in was. 09 cents.

15 cents for Adults. That was for two feature movies, two cartoon’s and a news reel. My mom didn’t get to go to the movies much, but she got most of her good china there. Frankinstine, the Werewolf, the Mummy played by Tom Tyler his real name was Vincent Markowski he was also Captain Marvel in the comics, and a cowboy He Lived with his sister on Monart street until he passed around 1954.

Casino sold Gold Chip’s but they were better hot right off the line in the factory on Coanut in 1951. The neighbor hood was once a great place to live full of hard working Polish and Italian people. Now most of it has been burned to the ground. Sad.

4/9/2018 - Capitol Theatre - Flint - Alan DeVoe
The theatre has recently been restored and opened. The historic downtown site underwent a $37 million restoration to bring the 90-year-old facility in Flint back to working order and was shown off through an opening ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 7.
4/9/2018 - Lincoln Park 8 - Lincoln Park - Charlie
As of a month or so ago, the entire shopping mall has been torn down, except for the Sears store. No word as to what will be done with the property.
3/21/2018 - M-59 Speedway - Pontiac - Barb Allison
I grew up in White Lake but don't remember ever attending any races here.

I just stumbled across this site and am interested in everyone's comments as I have been trying to find out more information for the historical records of White Lake Twp. If you would like to share any stories or photos for our archives, you can send to whitelakehistoricalsociety@gmail. com. If you would like to donate any items, you may mail to White Lake Historical Society, 7525 Highland Road, White Lake, MI 48383.

We have an annual festival in September and it would be fun to have a display. Loaned items would be appreciated as well. If I can gather enough, I could set up a display in 2018 - or 2019 if that's what it takes!.
3/21/2018 - Devil's Lake Amusement Park - Manitou Beach - Jonathan Nissen
I've been going up to Devils Lake most of my life and now have a place up there.

Several people said they were writing books? I would love to buy them. I sell Real Estate and am a history buff for the area. Please let me know where I can Buy them! JDNissen@cs. com Thanks, Jon.

3/21/2018 - Traverse Drive-In Theatre - Traverse City - Jason
This drive in burned down in 1981, I learned this from a lady that worked for Acme township and i have pics to prove it burned down that she sent me.
3/9/2018 - Odeon Theatre - Lansing - Antonio F
This building has not been demolished. The picture of the moto photo is facing the opposite side of driveway. Which is now a fast food restaurant. The Odeon Theater was actually in the building on next to the borics.
3/9/2018 - Wenonah Park - Bay City - Erv Hutter
Wenonah Park and Wenona Beach are two separate and distinct locations. Wenona Beach was the Amusement Park located on the shores of the Saginaw Bay at the north end of Patterson Road on the west side of the Saginaw River it closed in 1964. Wenonah Park is a public park on the east riverfront of the Saginaw River in downtown Bay City. The Wenonah Hotel (1908-1977) sat just east of the park until it burned down in 1977.
3/9/2018 - West Side Drive-In Theatre - Flint - Brad Norman
Watched many movies here as a kid with both my parents and with my older brother, until I was old enough to drive - then went on dates here throughout my early high school years.

It should be noted that during most of its operation (if not all), Linden Rd. ended at Corunna Rd. (coming from the north) and did not go through to Lennon Rd. All that was there was an open field, until construction started in 1972 to push Linden Rd.

through to Lennon Rd. Sad to think that out of the 7 or 8 drive-ins I remember as a kid, only one exists - the US-23 Drive-in on Fenton Rd..
3/9/2018 - Sunset Speedway - Port Huron - Marlin Lambert
I helped in the pits with Bernie Martin, car# 72, remember these names well, Aahh For the good old days. Also did a few days at Jeddo, selling popcorn in the stands, for admission.
3/9/2018 - Rendezvous Bowl - Sister Lakes - erik
I live in the Wildwood subdivision and just wanted to say that the trails through the Forrest are still there, and not paved over. Also the track is still behind The Lions Club off of 95th Street where it has always been although it is in sad shape. Maybe someday someone will fix it up.
3/9/2018 - Sunset Speedway - Port Huron - karen hinkle
i have a Facebook page up if you would like to post pictures and comments thanks come check it out Sunset Speedway.
3/9/2018 - Eaton Theatre - Charlotte - Leann Owen
The Eaton Theatre opened January 7, 1931.

“ Whoopee” staring Eddie Cantor was the first movie shown there. Our website is “eatontheatres. info”. It was twinned around 1986 when Rick Dedolph bought it from the Beechler family.

It is currently owned by his daughter. I have been the manager for approximately 17 years. I have a copy of the newspaper from opening night hanging in our lobby. I do not recall that it ever closed.

I did hear I may have briefly in 1960. This is something I’d have to research more. I don’t know if that was just a possibility that was mentioned in an article or if it happened. It has had many improvements and is still being updated currently.

We are now upgraded to digital projectors. :)..
2/22/2018 - Devil's Lake Amusement Park - Manitou Beach - Nina A Long
I was born at Addison Hospital in 1947 but we lived in Manitau Beach on the bouvalard.

At the end of the street was a one room school house I attended there for first grade and also went to kindergarden in Addison my teachers name was Mrs. Miller. I remember going down and riding the Merry Go Round. My dad was the station agent at the depot in Manatau his name was Millard Long.

We moved from there before I entered 2nd grade because my dad was transferred for his job. There was an ice cream store also at the end of a street downtown that I remember my grandfather taking me too. I remember Linttons gas station that was across from the depot. They lived in back of the gas station and they were originally from Kentucky.

We lived next to Harold Chase and his wife. They grew berries in their back yard and a little friend and I Bruce Talmadge use to go over and pick and eat them. She use to come out her back door with a broom to chase us away. Thanks for letting me reminess.

You are welcome to correct all my spelling errors..
2/22/2018 - Grand Theatre - Grandville - Sharon Sturgess Klynstra
I am the owners daughter of Howard William Sturgess.

My Grandfather William Sturgess built the Grand, I think around 1945 or 46 sometime around there. He also owned a theater in Canada and Detroit at one time. The record shop is the old Grand Theater building. The Grandvilla restaurant used to be called Crackles Grill and had a big chicken in front when I was a kid.

It was owned by Gus and Vanita Langerman who were friends with my parents. The parking lot in between was parking for the theater and the restaurant. I don't know what else is in there but you can see it is very long. I see there is a receiving dock on the back part.

I remember John very well back then he was Jack. I hope this clears things up about my family's theater. What a great way to grow up. It was truly a family thing.

We all worked there. Fun..

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