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10/28/2014 - Ready Theatre - Niles - Thomas Burger
In the 1970's my father would take me to the Ready Theatre.

We used to get our haircuts at the Ready barber shop on the corner. I remember seeing a section of the lobby walls that were painted dark green and stenciled with large curly vines. Years later the place was divided into four Theatres. All the walls were painted a light pink.

The original ticket booths were taken out and the Ready barber shop became part of the lobby. I hated the remodel. Glad to know the place is being restored. The place was meant to be a one stage and one movie screen show palace.

10/26/2014 - Hampton 4 Theatres - Rochester Hills - beth
Sooo. Is this the one that was haunted? I heard people used to blame strange events there on Johnny and that supposedly he was construction worker. Anyone know more details? I'm fascinated.
10/25/2014 - Jolly Roger Drive-In Theatre - Taylor - Mark Vargo
Charter School there now.
10/21/2014 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit - Tom ....
Ah yes, The Mercury.

My girlfriend Jerry Cox lived on Littlefield and I would bicycle (didn't have to lock your bike) up from Wyoming to meet her for the Saturday show. going Dutch of course because fifteen cents was a lot of money. I would collect pop bottles for the cash. Would also go to the Westown but liked the Meciry because it seemed so much more plush.

Miss the old dazzzz. The 50's were the BEST!!!..
10/21/2014 - Van Dyke Drive-In Theatre - Warren - Deb Ingles
we lived there many week-ends in the summer when I went to Cousino High.

We used to load a ton of people into my big Chevy Impala. We even snuck some people in the trunk. I've NOT seen Mad Max like 9 times. For us it was a social event walking around meeting people from other schools and hanging with friends from our school.

10/20/2014 - Midtown Theatre - Detroit - Robert Brinkley
This past summer I returned to Detroit to celebrate my aunt's 100th birthday.

I grew up in Detroit and hadn't been back in 47 years. I wanted to reconnect with my childhood by visiting some of the landmarks that I remembered. My father and I would walk to the Midtown from where we lived on 4th and Forrest. This would have been 1950-1955 when Detroit was a dynamic city.

What great memories..
10/19/2014 - Gratiot Drive-In Theatre - Roseville - Bill Pytleski
First movie I ever saw at the Gratiot was the Beatles Help in '65.

Mom stuffed all of us kids in the Wildcat, still a vivid memory today. But the real fun times were in high school in the mid '70s, either in my Nova, Mentz's Caprice, or Manders Hornet, with a couple of dudes in the trunk. We would go through a whole bag in one night Saw all of the classics first run. Holy Grail, Blazing Saddles, Groove Tube, the Cheerleaders, and many more.

Sad to here it's gone, I havent been back to Detroit in 18 yrs, so many of the old hangouts now gone, especially Tiger Stadium and Dodge Main. Now retired and living in the Sierra Nevada. A shout out to Dan DeFelice and of course Amazing John Szeles, nice to read your posts. PS Detroit needs to stop tearing down it's history!.

10/19/2014 - Whiskey Ridge Raceway - Grant - Randy Whipple
My dad used to take us kids to Whiskey Ridge on Sunday's in the late 50's or early 60's.

His friend John Morse would land his plane in the field just south of the track. The 1st time I ever drove a race car was at Whiskey Ridge about 1976. Gus Weinrick loaned me his Pontiac station wagon in the streaker class. I got a second place in the feature.

It was shortly after that it closed forever and I never got to race there again..
10/14/2014 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Lori Wenzel McP
What a great page After reading the posts with many familiar names, I decided to scroll down to view the photos in hopes of seeing some familiar faces. Imagine my surprise upon seeing a photo that I'm pretty sure includes me, my Mom & my Nana It is the one with the girl & the older woman sitting at an umbrella table, noted as a 'family photo'. Any idea who took that photo & when? Thank you, Lori.
10/12/2014 - Bob-Lo Island - Amherstburg - Brandon
I was one of the last generations of people who were able to enjoy Bob-Lo island amusement park.

I was 7 years old when the ferries stopped running in 1991. To tell you the truth I remember the boat rides to the park more than the park itself. Getting to the dock in Detroit early in the morning, the anticipation of boarding the boat, the ride on the river, the views, the fact I could play an arcade game on a boat blew my small mind. What I remember about Bob-Lo Island specifically, the entrance coming off of the boat, one of the last times I went the Simpsons were the mascots and I met Bart and Homer.

I also remember the space needle, cork screw the nightmare, log ride, and some sort of bounce house kids area. It is a shame that the park could not be saved or salvaged, now everyone goes to cedar point and more potential state income does too. When we had family or friends from out of state come in we used to love taking them to Bob-Lo island.
10/10/2014 - State Theatre - Wayne - Cory Jacobson
One other point is that as of September 14, 2014, Phoenix Theatres now owns the State Theatre officially. We will send over a few cool pictures too. Thanks, Cory.
10/8/2014 - Ready Theatre - Niles - Jillian Stanley
Hey, everyone.

My group and I are doing an oral history project about the Ready Theatre and were wondering if we could interview anyone who has been there. If anyone is interested or would like to help out, please email me at jillian. stanley@nilesnewtech. org ! Thank you!.

10/7/2014 - Wayne Drive-In Theatre - Wayne - Work at Ford Truck Plant
We who worked at the Truck Plant next to the drive in loved it.

There was a break room on the second floor that had windows that faced the screen. The electricians snuck in one day and ran wires for sound before it went to radio broadcast. Many people were late coming back from a break watching the movie. It was a sad day to see it go.

10/7/2014 - State Theatre - Wayne - Cory Jacobson
Phoenix Theatres To Add Plush Reclining Seats and Large Screens to the Iconic State Wayne Theatre The remodeled State Wayne Theatre will feature 100 percent fully reclining seats in every auditorium with the latest in digital picture and sound technology while maintaining the historic features of the classic movie house – with no price increases Phoenix Theatres announces the renovation of every auditorium in the downtown 4 screen State Wayne Theatre – the most exciting feature being the replacement of every seat in the building with large electric power leather recliners.

Each auditorium will feature wall-to-wall plush carpeting, reconfigured aisle spacing to provide every guest with 6 feet of leg room, and new vastly increased digital picture sizes in every auditorium. Renovations are already underway and the full project is scheduled to be finished by mid-November – just in time for the holiday movie season. “We remain true to our mission at Phoenix Theatres of focusing our attention on making the customer experience the best we can offer, where every seat in the house is the first class section,” said Phoenix Theatres’ owner Cory Jacobson. “We are significantly upgrading our newest property, the State Wayne, and will offer plush recliners with power-lift footrests, better sightlines, in a completely new environment coupled with fully updated digital picture and sound.

We are also leaving our current ticket price policy in place, providing what we hope to be the finest movie-going value anyone can find anywhere in Michigan. ” Phoenix Theatres owns and operates the theatre at The Mall of Monroe and recently purchased the State Wayne Theatre building from the City of Wayne in mid-September. It also operates the theatre at Laurel Park Place in Livonia, which will be the company’s third theatre to install plush power-reclining seats, by December 2014. “Phoenix Theatres is currently the only theatre that is not raising prices for the luxury of reclining while experiencing the latest Hollywood releases – all part of our effort to maximize customer comfort, convenience and value,” said Jacobson.

The new seating design has the following features: • Loveseat pods for two, with a flip-up middle armrest and drink holders. • Power recline feature for virtually limitless relaxing positions at the touch of a button. • Designed for cozy luxurious comfort and lumbar support. “We see great promise in the other historic buildings in downtown Wayne and want to be a part of the resurgence and revival of businesses there for the long run,” Jacobson said.

“We plan on keeping the history-telling mural on the exterior east wall that shows the great progress of Wayne over the years. We want to preserve that part of how the City of Wayne tells its story to visitors and young people in the community. “And without question, the classic wrap around marquee with its 1,152 lamps is the character of the theatre and one of the most unique historical marquees in the country. ” – it’s part of what drew us to Wayne in the first place,” Jacobson added.

“I personally have a great love for the classic movie theatres across America and the State-Wayne is one of the finest in Michigan, a real gem right here in our own backyard. ” Phoenix Theatres was named the 2013 Business of the Year by the Wayne Chamber of Commerce. Digital Sound and 3-D Projection: State-Wayne offers Christie Digital Projectors, and Dolby’s latest 7. 1 Digital sound systems, new QSC speakers and amplification – all run from GDC computer servers and RealD XL 3-D presentations.

About Phoenix Theatres: Phoenix Theatres opened its first Detroit-area theatre in 2001 and currently operates 10 screens at Laurel Park Place in Livonia, 8 screens at the Mall of Monroe in Monroe and 4 at State-Wayne. For more information, visit www. phoenixmovies. net.

10/2/2014 - Monarch Theatre - Detroit - Keith Ferstl
Owner: Wilhelm Kochanski.
10/1/2014 - Cherry Speedway - Fife Lake - Edward Williams
This track is now called Cherry Raceway, address is 8649 East M113 Fife lake MI 49633, phone number is 231/468/1477, website www. cherryraceway. com e-mail address is Icherryraceway@aol. com owners are Roger and Michelle Steig,.
10/1/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Kimberly Champine
My dad raced at the Mt.

Clemens Race Track in the 50's and 60's when I was little #333 Mike Champine and now #333 went to the big tract in heaven on 2-16-14. I am trying to located any footage I can find when he raced. I know the building where the film was kept when they would show the races on TV had a fire and all was lost or so I was told. It is a wish of mine to find these for my mom Eileen (Watson) Champine she and my dad were together 55 yrs.

It has been such a great loss to us all. If anyone one has any idea where I might something so precious as this please let me know. Thank you and GOD BLESS!.
9/30/2014 - Thunder Road Raceway - Cass City - Jerry Franklin
I raced there in the Early 70s red and white coup # 74 What a wonderful place it was back then brings back a lot of memories I Do you have a lot of photos from back then if anyone would like to see them.
9/29/2014 - Gilmore Car Museum - Hickory Corners - Don Campbell
During the early 1970's Don Gilmore's daughter was married and he provided a huge parade of vintage cars from Kalamazoo all the way to the farm in Hickory Corners.
9/29/2014 - Devil's Lake Amusement Park - Manitou Beach - Don Campbell
My uncle, Charles Campbell, owned a grocery store on the South East corner of Townley Hwy and Manitou Rd. Our family also rented from Mrs. Switzenberg and my father paid for the cottage by repairing her farm machinery. Roller skating at the outdoor roller rink was a highlight every summer.
9/28/2014 - Lake Lansing Amusement Park - Lansing - JIM ELLIOTT
Madison, The Sprague's sold the Park to Roger Haney and his son, Conrad. They in turn sold to the Johnson's. I worked for the Haney's from 1955 to 1961.
9/28/2014 - Riviera Theatre - Detroit - Carl A. Trocki
As a boy in the 1940s, I lived on Dailey Avenue, just a block off Grand River.

My folks often took us kids To the Riviera. I recall standing in a line that stretched for two or three blocks to the east waiting to buy tickets to Bambi. We went there a few times a month. We were so lucky to have such an architectural treasure as our neighborhood theater.

I was so impressed by the luxurious plush carpets and the ornate brass railings on the wide marble stairs that circled up to the balcony seats. Just walking into the rotunda as a seven -year -old kid was a religious experience. That theater was true grandeur, and the children's tickets were only 25 cents!.
9/28/2014 - Sunset Speedway - Port Huron - Dave Crocker
For those who remember the Shell Station at State and Stone it was Russ Bowns not Bowen. Later the motto on his race cars and tow truck was Don't Cuss, Call Russ. Russ would later become the City Dog Warden.
9/26/2014 - Huron Theatre - Waterford - Michael
The Huron was owned by Francis C. Bouford and Forest Kistler. The original cost was $75,000. They also owned the Oakland and later Maple Leaf Dairy Co, on Howard street in Pontiac.
9/22/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Vince Cuker
Tom Porzondek: I check this site once in a while, and when I just did, I saw your kind comments on your experiences while going to the track many moons ago.

I post old pictures and comments on my From the Flag Stand input on Facebook. It has been many years, but like you, I have great memories of those times. I have a great chance to re-live them thought my articles. Thanks again.

9/22/2014 - Sunset Speedway - Port Huron - Kevin Odle
Was wondering if anyone remembers my dad who raced at Sunset many years ago? Number 33 Robert(Bob) Odle.
9/20/2014 - Temple Theatre - Muskegon - Douglas Sunlin
From the Muskegon, MI, city directory of 1911: (Louis F Sunlin, Harry S Waterman), mgrs Temple Theatre, 21-23 Market, Muskegon.
9/19/2014 - Gladmer Theatre - Lansing - D.F.N.
My first date with my future wife was at the Gladmer Theater on September 5, 1953. We saw an um-memorable movie Vice Squad. Our sixtieth wedding anniversary is later this year.
9/18/2014 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Gary Sterling aka Thunderhead
I worked at tri city dragway when it first opened for at least one season had a lot of good times I also had a 33 ford coupe with a fuel injected 327 four speed and I'am still roding and building rods.
9/17/2014 - Holland Speedway - Holland - Mike Tubergen
My grandfather told me that they used to race cars on the horse trace at the fairgrounds.

I think he was talking about when fairgrounds were on 16th St. where Pilgrim Cemetery is now (on south side). I have pictures of him racing motorcycles at a fairground track, but not sure which one. There were USAC type cars, and a thrill show, also.

(like Joey Chitwood style)..

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