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7/10/2020 - Frolic Theatre - Midland - Robert Todd
My dad loved the movies and we went to either the Mecca or frolic nearly every Friday or Saturday night.

When I was four years of age, The frolic suffered an internal fire and was closed for the duration of the second world war. Upon the ending of the war, repairs were made and it reopened. My dad and I attended reopening night and I remember that showing was a Fibber McGee and Molly film. On Saturdays, every youngster in Midland that could dig up 12 cents went to the matinee to watch Gene Autry, Roy rogers, Red Rider and Lash Larue, for which the theater gave each attendee a reward of a WWII army divisional patch, and I had a complete collection.

In my senior year of high school I worked at the theater as doorman\ticket taker. I, Like my dad, loved the movies..
6/26/2020 - Silver Drive-In Theatre - Fenton - Cloyce L Midkiff
I went to Fenton's, Silver Lake Drive-In, from early 60s to 1982 My Mom use to make our Hamburgers with cheese, at home and wrap them in aluminum foil, popped popcorn for us, and make 3 big pickle jars of grape, cherry & orange Kool-Aid We didn't have the spare money for concessions and Mom made the best cheeseburgers ever My Mom, Aunt Nettie, my sister Brenda and myself would watch the movies from the back of a pickup truck Over the years, I took a couple girlfriends It was some of my best memories I was sad when the drive-in was torn down I really liked the Yohoo chocolate drink and their big pickles.
6/26/2020 - Liberty Amusement Park - Battle Creek - Jack C Crofoot Jr
This photo is actually the Boat Marina located on the North side of Goguac Lake Battle Creek, MI.

It was not part of the Liberty Amusement Park located on the north east side of Goguac Lake. If you look at the picture of the Liberty Amusement Park Pavilion and Roller Coaster, you will see this building to the left far away from the park. Also, you have included a picture of Willard Public Beach and Picnic Park, labeling it as the Pavilion. This picture of the modern bathhouse was taken in the 1950's long after the Amusement Park had been torn down.

Not a criticism, I enjoyed what you have posted..
6/26/2020 - Kramer Theatre - Detroit - Will
I saw Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever in Kramer theater when they came out in 1977, it was like something out of the Warriors movie by then in that area, and the theater was pretty well armored up too. Explored the ruins of the entire block in the early 80's before they demolished it all. There were tunnels under the whole block for pipes and such, it was adventurous for teens to explore,there was a barber college on that block as well.
6/26/2020 - Star Southfield 20 - Southfield - Cameron Kanachki
As of April 1, 2020, the AMC Star Southfield 20 has permanently closed. Despite the timing, the closure had nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. AMC's lease on the building had expired.
5/24/2020 - Mars Theatre - Detroit - Maceo A Foster
My family lived in Conant Gardens on Charest St / Robinwood in 1958/1959 and I fondly remember walking to the Mars theatre with my buddies to see the movie, The Blob, starring Steve McQueen. Yep, the aerial view is a little off as the theatre was just south of 7 mile on the west side of Conant.
5/24/2020 - Berkley Theatre - Berkley - RODNEY BOONE
My brother Dan and I would walk from 11 Mile and Tyler Ave to the theater on Saturdays.

I was 6 and Dan 8 one of the oldest memories is of The Blob !. we never left our seats. had a super time. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad was incredible when you're small.

Late fifties through the 60's we had a constant Saturday outing with the Berkley Theater. At that time a pet store was next door and once we bought green and a pink baby chicks, mom was sure surprised. Best theater on Earth !.
5/16/2020 - Plainfield Drive-In Theatre - Grand Rapids - Holly
I remember watching that riot unfold right from the start. Someone threw a beer bottle at a cruiser. A cop jumped out and began hitting a kid with a billy club. Thats when the devils house broke loose.
5/16/2020 - Sundowner Drive-In Theatre - Traverse City - Cole Maxson
As of 2020, not much remains at all.

Neither the moonbeam light or the projection building/snack bar is there, and have been replaced by what I think is a warehouse or garage. The entirety of the southern lot has been replaced been built over. A good portion of the northern lot is still there, but no parking spots remain. The northern screen hasn't been there since either 2009 or 2010.

From the satellite view, it appears as though there is a pile of scrap in the northern lot. I believe this could be either remnant of one of the screens or the old speaker poles. Sometime after 2011, the original signboard was replaced with a new one for Traverse Bay Marine. All that remains of the legacy of the theater is the road Sundowner Drive, and serves as access to Team Elmer's.

A pretty sad legacy to the theater, it would've been an awesome experience, but it closed many years before I was born..
5/16/2020 - Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre - Honor - Cole Maxson
Open as of summer 2019. It still has a mini-golf course and a playground on the premises. Not sure if it will open in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in all honesty, it likely will open but without the snack bar and kid areas due to social distancing.
5/16/2020 - Traverse Drive-In Theatre - Traverse City - Cole Maxson
My great-grandfather, Roderick Maxson, owned the theater from an unknown year until the mid-'70s. He was an infamous businessman in the Traverse City area and also opened the harbor across the street (Cuttysark Harbor). In the 1990s, Mount Hope Road was constructed through the remains of the abandoned theater, ironically engineered by my father, Scott Maxson.
5/16/2020 - Eastland Theatres - Essexville - Brett
The Eastland Theater & Lanes has been being converted to a storage facility for a while now. I saw all the wood from the lanes put out for the taking a couple summers ago. The main doors were expanded too. The Bay City 6 to the east of it is now a Life Church.
5/16/2020 - Thunder Bay Drive-In Theatre - Alpena - Vince Furnier
My band played a show here in July 1981 on our Special Forces Tour. The warm-up band was the Rockets.
5/16/2020 - Woodland Drive-In Theatre - Kentwood - Terence Butler
The first photo labelled AERIAL PHOTO FROM THE JACK LOEKS THEATRES COLLECTION is actually the Beltline DI. Thx, Terence.
5/16/2020 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - don wolancuk
i had a 64 mustang raced at motor city and originally international raceway park started before crondeks.

names i remember Gary Koehler. Tony Kneiper. Tony Lomitz (protest) TNT Tom Sidener. billy salveta (screamin dago).

Rzadko dodge. and many more i mite remember. im 80 now. skip was the flag starter at IRP.

5/16/2020 - Silver Beach Amusement Park - St. Joseph - Kostantine Petain
I was Born in St.

Joe 1948 and I grew up there to 1967. Till the Army got me. I grew up going to the old Silver Beach witch I miss it a lot. The biggest mistake that the city of Saint Joe did was tear it down.

I came back from Vietnam in 70,hopeing to see the old Silver Beach ,but it was closed and was going to be torn down,my heart was broken to see what I grew up was going to gone. I remember when the old Silver Beach was there, there was hundreds of people going to the rids or going into the water,fishing on the pier or boating. I went back in the late 80 on leave to see what Saint Joe was like at the beach. Hoping to come back and live there.

I went to the beach in July in it was dead hardly anybody was there. I never returned and made my home outside of Ft. Stewart Ga. There will never be another Silver Beach like the old one.

5/16/2020 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Gary McMichael
My dad raced his stock '68 Fury Hemi at MCS with the whole family in the stands - in the run what ya brung class. Was the coolest thing in the world to me back then. Also raced off I-94 near N River Road in Mt Clemens - anyone recall the name of that strip? We'd go to Fast Eddies' for rootbeer floats.
5/16/2020 - Varsity Cinemas - Sault Sainte Marie - Trolleyguy
Closed and demolished in 2015.
5/16/2020 - Kramer Theatre - Detroit - Brent Lamkin
Closed in May 1971, reopened briefly in Summer 1972, then turned to adult films and closed again in September 1972.
5/16/2020 - Riverside Park - Saginaw - Mike Keifer
Does anyone here know who now owns the property the ark was once on? I’m born and raised in the area but I’m way too young to have ever enjoyed the park.

I love reading about Saginaw's history. I also enjoy metal detecting and would absolutely love to be able to spend some time there detecting. Thank you in advance for any information. love the FB page!.

5/16/2020 - Evergreen Drive-In Theatre - Ishpeming - Andrew Johnson
Arnie Keskitalo was married to my great aunt Dagmar.

She married my uncle George Wuolle. After George passed she married Arnold. He passed away in 1977. Later in life in the late 1970s the drive in only showed adult films.

Im not sure what my aunt thought of this but im sure she didnt approve..
3/24/2020 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Mike
Donnie Taylor passed away on 2/4/2020 at age 84.
3/24/2020 - B&L Speedway - Benzonia - Austin
I would actually be really interested in knowing the price range of this. It looks like a nice race track, And it sure looks like it would bring in some drivers. Especially North of the Border.
3/18/2020 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Dean Gaul
Carrie Hartley I was friends with your uncle Boyd and was actually thinking he may have had lots of photos and memorabilia from Tri City.

I have thought about contacting your family to see if that were the case. It does not sound like that's the case? I have dragway pics but none of Boyd. One interesting fact, your uncle made arrangements for me to watch an entire sunday of racing from the tower for my 16th birthday. it was awesome!!!.

3/18/2020 - Cinema Four Theatres - Mount Pleasant - Michael
When I was growing up about 30 minutes north of Mt.

Pleasant, I saw many many movies at this theater throughout the 80's and 90's. It was the closest larger theater (by the standards then) that had more than one screen and decent sound. In a pre internet age, and as a kid who was always into much bigger things than much of northern Michigan could offer, movies were my window to a larger and more exciting world. Sometimes I would have my parents drop me off at the Cinema Four to see a movie while they ran errands or did other things I wasn't very interested in.

I saw dozens of movies there over the years, but a handful I remember specifically were An American Tail, The Land Before Time, Back to the Future II, Dragonheart, Mr. Holland's Opus, Demolition Man, and the movie that changed the direction of my career, Jurassic Park. At the time of seeing Jurassic Park on opening day on June 11, 1993, the Cinema Four had just been equipped to handle DTS surround sound. Jurassic Park was the very first movie to even carry a DTS surround mix.

I can remember the whole area turning out to see the movie that night on opening day, and the theater was packed. I held my ticket stub in my hand through the whole movie, and by the end it was as limp as cloth from my wringing it through my hand with excitement and tension. This changed my focus even as a kid, and I decided that night to make film and television my career. I later went on to film school and have worked as a television producer and editor ever since.

I can also remember sitting in the theater's main lobby as I waited to go in to see my movie, and hearing the few arcade games there running through their demos. The one in particular that I remember was the shooter game Operation Wolf by Taito. That game was in the lobby for years. Another memory from this theater that I have, was in 1995 when the movie Ace Ventura When Nature Calls came out.

Jack Loek's theaters, which owned the Cinema Four, offered a large Ace Ventura popcorn bucket for around $20. When you bought it, it allowed you free popcorn refills for the entire summer, or possibly longer at around 3 to 4 months. Considering what concessions cost, it was an incredible deal! During my first year in college at CMU just across Mission, I would even go to discount movies in the theater's later years, in between classes when there was time. The Cinema Four was essentially just a plain big box theater complex, but that was much more normal at the time, and it was great.

Most other theaters in the area were similar to the Ward and Broadway, also in Mt. Pleasant, and were single screens in old vaudeville-style stage theaters. Despite changing standards, I was sad to return to Mt. Pleasant one year to find the Cinema Four demolished.

It was one of my own little worlds growing up, along with just a couple other theaters in Central Michigan, and it had a big impact on me..
3/18/2020 - Gratiot Drive-In Theatre - Roseville - Al
I think it closed later then that i believe i had a 1988 dakota and i was there with it.
3/18/2020 - Ishpeming Speedway - Ishpeming - Steven P. McCoy
I forgot to mention, I have both movie projectors from the Evergreen Drive-in, that was real close to the Ishpeming Speedway. One can be viewed on this site, in the drive-in section.
3/18/2020 - Home Theatre - Detroit - Brianne Turczynski
Hello, I'm writing a book on the Poletown neighborhood and would like to know more about the Home Theater/The Castle.

If anyone could share their stories with me that would be great! Pictures would be welcomed too. Thank you! -Brianne Please use this email to contact me. Briannefaye@gmail. com.

2/16/2020 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Dave Eby
There was an amusement park on Lake Erie in LaSalle Michigan which is in Monroe County Michigan.

It dates back to about 1910 and lasted into the 1950's or 1960's. It was called Toledo Beach Amusement Park but was about 15 miles north of the Ohio-Michigan state line. There are postcards about it on eBay all the time. It originally had its own train rail stop that dead ended into the park.

It had a large ornate dance hall and a huge water slide that sat in the waters of Lake Erie. It also had a permanent Ferris Wheel among other things. It advertised as having the world's largest outdoor roller skating rink in the 1950's. Many people not familiar with it think it was in Ohio because of the Toledo Beach name and Toledo was just 15 miles south.

The dance hall was electrified very early and was something to see at night..
2/16/2020 - Algiers Drive-In Theatre - Westland - Jr. Dude
Update Uncle Dave LaCasper has passed away, he passed on Friday January 24, 2020 at age 71, RIP my dear friend I love you always and forever Your friend in time Jr. Dude.

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