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2/7/2016 - Forum 30 - Sterling Heights - Greg Hunt
They have now closed down one wing making it a 17 plex and I have noticed this is the same thing they have done with other 30 screeners. I worked at the Sterling Center 10 and there were viable options for 4 more theatres.
2/7/2016 - East Detroit Theatre - Eastpointe - Victoria
I remember my mom took me to this theater to see some kiddie movie before it became an adult theater, and she complained about all the litter on the floor.

I was at East Detroit High 1977-80, and it was the Capri porn theater in those days, along with Stage Adult Movies in an old pizzeria building, north of Nine Mile. A poster said that the Stage used to be on the site of Olive Garden on Gratiot, just south of 10 Mile. No, Roma Hall used to be on that site, as I remember going there multiple times for Girl Scout banquets. The Stage building as of 2016 still stands.

After the porn years it was a takeout restaurant, car rental and insurance office..
2/7/2016 - Tower Theatre - Detroit - Cathy Everts
My mother, Frances Mathers worked at the soda shop which was right next to the Tower Theater.

There is a thought that she was dating someone she worked and 9 months later my brother was born (November, 1937). We are looking for his father. My mom would never talk about it and did not share. She was 18 years old when my brother was born.

We realize chances are slim his father could be alive. All he wants is to find his father's name. So if you are or know anyone who loves Detroit history please contact me at ceesuego2881@comcast. net.

2/2/2016 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Pat
Does anyone have any photos from the late 60s of either a '55 black Chevy or a black or yellow '57 Corvette B/Gasser? They used the name Prontito. They raced at Tri-City, Ubly, Milan, and Norwalk in Ohio plus other places.
2/2/2016 - Novi Town Center 8 - Novi -
@thomasA Can't wait to see the picts.
2/2/2016 - Huron Theatre - Waterford - Bill Van Horn
To Bob Lally, I think the name of the restaurant on the corner of M-59 and Pontiac Lake Rd was The Swan right? And wasn't it an A Frame building, all white?.
1/29/2016 - Eastwood Theatre - Eastpointe - Ann Priebe
In 1958 I was was one of the candy girls along with Maryann Douglas and others.

Irvin Belinsky was part owner. Mr. Belinsky also owned the Shores in St. Clair Shores and he had a drug store at Harper and Gratiot.

He died in 1997 living in California..
1/28/2016 - South Lyon Theatre - South Lyon - Bonnie Brown
They are open, and doing well.
1/26/2016 - Movies at North Kent - Grand Rapids - Mark
The theatre closed in 1998 and the Movies at Woodland closed in 1997. They were owned by United Artist. I was a manager @ North Kent when it closed.
1/25/2016 - King Animaland Park - Richmond - Dorothy Smalley....Dorothy Hayes
I was just thinking about King Animal Land and looked this up. So sorry about your dad. How is your mom? I hope you remember me as Bobby and Nancy were your friends and Chris expecially. I worked there for 4 yrs loved your mom almost became a elephant rider with her she was going to let me my mom would not.

I was kind of a wild child back then but your mom kept me in line. Irene and Sue worked there too it was a family thing. Irene was very close to your mom as was Wendy at the time. I worked from 72 to 76 I believe there.

Irene was my boss so. it was fun. I always wondered what happened to all of you. Tell your mom and Chris hi from me!!!.

1/16/2016 - Ramona Park - Grand Rapids - Joy
I went to Ramona Park around 1954, for a birthday party.

Only remember the Fun House and it's hot slides at the end. I took swimming lessons in the 50's from Mr. Reed on Reed's Lake. He only taught the breaststroke on these water wing contraptions.

If you swam to the little island in Reed's Lake at the end you got an ice cream float for your prize. Also ice skating in the winter. Fun memories.
1/16/2016 - Strand Theatre - Union City - Chris1982
Opened prior to 1926 as the Broadway Strand, the name was shortened in 1926 to just the Strand Theatre, The theatre seated 326 patrons. It was listed as closed in 1960.
1/16/2016 - Lakes Drive-In Theatre - Lake Linden -
The monkey was Corky.
1/16/2016 - Onaway Motor Speedway - Onaway - Chris Sylvester
The track will be idle for 2016 for new renovations. Plans look to include facility updates and a figure 8 track.
1/16/2016 - Cherry Speedway - Fife Lake - Chris Sylvester
2015 was the final year for the track. Roger Steig sold the speedway to a neighbor of the place in hopes to carry on the facility. The track was closed at the sale closing and will now be used for industrial purposes.
1/16/2016 - Benton Harbor Fairgrounds - Benton Harbor - Wes Stafford
Can't picture where this would have been located. Worked at the Benton Harbor News-Palladium and never heard mention of it.
1/16/2016 - Air Park Speedway - Douglas - Wes Stafford
Drove my first sprint car here, even if it was a six-cylinder sled during intermission on a very muddy track. It was a start.
1/16/2016 - Hartford Speedway Park - Hartford - Wes Stafford
Tim Dibble saved the track from closure and does nothing but improve the facility and run a variety of programs. Dick Beebe would be proud.
1/16/2016 - King Animaland Park - Richmond - mary ann j.
So sorry to hear my friend Walt.

passed, I used to work for him in the seventies. He hired me to find out who was cheating him. I worked in the skee-ball part. And was there when we had a tornado warning, and stayed inside.

when the storm came thru. Barbara came out to access the damage, the front of the building that held the elephants was laying on the ground. I was glad the lions didn't get out. long story short , Walt hauled the guy who was cheating out by the back of his collar, he was a great man.

miss him. and I have an oil painting still that I bought from him of a Lion..
1/16/2016 - Norwest Theatre - Detroit - Mark Schmeling
Growing up in the 1960s I frequently went to a trio of theaters up and down Grand River Ave, from the Redford out on Lasher, to the Great Lakes, east of Greenfield.

But the Norwest was the main venue of movie going as I lived south of this theater on Longacre. It was a double feature house then, with the occasional Neighborhood Premiere single attraction, such as Ben-Hur or Dr. Zhivago. There were silver dollar give aways in the summer with the right movie stub number, and snow cones at the concession stand.

After the remodeling in '61 (?) they added a waiting room off of the newly paneled lobby with a television in it. That struck me as odd, for even as a 9 or 10 year old I knew that movie releases in theaters were losing out to more and more television watching, so was it a case of - if you can't beat them, join them? Across Grand River at the south-west corner of Longacre, there was a shoe store called Hansel & Gretel, and they had some how been given miniature highway billboards of current movies playing in and around Detroit. These billboards were scale for a Lionel train landscape and were engraved with United Detroit Theaters.
1/10/2016 - Lancaster Theatre - River Rouge - Jerry chrin
Used to get a long bag of pop-corn at Kresge's and eat at the Saturday shows. Would also take a bag of Halloween candy to eat while watching. Then go to the Harbor in Ecorse on Sunday.
1/10/2016 - Meridian 5-8 Theatres - Okemos - Greg Hunt
Then Paul you worked for me and I was with AMC until 2001.
1/10/2016 - Showcase Cinemas Flint East - Burton - Jon C.
From MLive: BURTON, MI A Flint-area movie theater that played host to the premiere of Michael Moore's film Roger & Me about Flint will be no more in a month's time.

Demolition began at the former Showcase Cinemas Flint East, 5202 E. Court St. , in Burton on Wednesday, Jan. It's expected to take around one month to complete the entire demolition. Serra Works of Court Street LLC, 3118 Hill Road in Grand Blanc, purchased the East Court property including the 64,398 square-foot theater building in 2015. The theater, which opened in 1980, closed its doors in September 2007 because it was no longer financially viable, according to Flint Journal records. It employed a mixture of 39 full- and part-time employees.

1/8/2016 - Upstage Theatre - Detroit - Ken Potter
I have a number of other photos including photos of the back of the building showing the fire escapes where a lot of folks went to have a smoke or sneak a drink.
1/8/2016 - Novi Town Center 8 - Novi - ThomasA
This cinema was originally owned/operated by General Cinema or GCC.

It was the first in 1993 to have Dolby Surround sound for the movie Jurassic Park in theaters 1 and 4. (each 350+persons) Theaters 2,3,6, and 7 were smaller theaters, that were in fact stadium type seating. 1,4,5, and 8 were pit style meaning they were on a gradual slope going down into the theater. This theater put the United Artist theater in Twelve Oaks Mall out of business.

It had a good location compared to what some are saying. (worked there off and on from 93-97). Diamond Jim Brady's and Cup of Joe were right next door making it perfect for dinner and movie night. The box office was outside unlike what the indie house did with it.

We had multiple gold star awards in customer satisfaction back then and best movie theater awards. I will be uploading some of the older/better days pics in the future. These pictures here do not do the theater justice at all!.
1/8/2016 - Van Dyke Drive-In Theatre - Warren - Jay
Just to comment on the photos below, as one of the anonymous previous posters said, the picture titled Recent Aerial below is actually the lot to the north of where the Van Dyke Drive-In once stood.

That photo shows the old arcade / go-kart / mini golf place. and includes the golf dome. That property also operated while the drive in was open, but has also since closed and has been replaced by a Menard's. When I was a kid, my parents mainly took me to the Gratiot Drive-In about five miles away.

which also closed sometime in the mid-80s. But we did see a few movies at the Van Dyke. I remember wanting to go the movies at Van Dyke really, really early so I could go next door and play mini golf and arcade games. but my mom and pop never let me.

If you are in the area and driving north on Van Dyke Ave, as you pass 13 Mile Road keep an eye to the left. The boundaries of the Drive-In started at the current Speedway gas station and extended north past the McDonalds to the donut shop (think it's called the Donut Hole). The lot then extended to the west to where all the current hotels currently stand. down from that service drive next to McDonalds.

1/8/2016 - Nicks 41 Speedway - Ishpeming - Tom Posthuma
All these years later the track is still somewhat of a mystery as to where it was on that property. The faint layout of the X is visible even with the gravel pit in the picture at the bottom of the page. Go to Google Earth now and we have clear shots but the gravel pits seems to have expanded across the whole site. Did it run from near the drive in theater northwest towards the powerlines or from the southwestern end northeastward?.
1/3/2016 - Cherry Speedway - Fife Lake - taz
As of 2016, cherry speedway is no more. The track has been sold, and new owners have bought it with the sole intent of shutting it down.
1/3/2016 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Aidan glazier
Does anyone know Carl Healy from tri city dragway he raced a 66 chevelle it was kinda red if you know him e-mail me at glazieraidan@hotmail. com.
1/3/2016 - Gale Theatre - Galesburg - Frank D
This theater was long gone by the time that I can remember anything in Galesburg.

I remember the Park in Augusta of course, but nothing about the Galesburg theater except where it was at. In the 80's, the building was used for a lawnmower repair shop. My best friend's dad worked there, so we sould go hang out. In the upstairs was an old bowling alley, which still had all of the lanes, pins and old balls.

We would set them up by hand and bowl a little. I'll see if i can get a Google map street view of the building and post it..

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