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12/18/2014 - Clarkston Cinema - Clarkston - Scott Raby
I grew up in Clarkson and Waterford.

And I can remember when the Clarkson Cinema was G-Rated only. Then it was PG or PG-13 only. It was a cool idea that the owners back then tried to keep it a Family oriented Cinema. But the low ticket price was the coolest thing for me and my friends.

And it was convenient to that area without having to drive a good ways. I saw movies throughout the 1980's and early 1990's. Forrest Gump was the last movie I saw there in 1994. I miss the memories- I wish they would open it up again.

12/15/2014 - Grand River Drive-In Theatre - Farmington - LISA COVERT
12/15/2014 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - LISA COVERT


12/14/2014 - Bel Aire Twin Drive-In Theatre - Monroe - Mark Whelan
I was a projectionist at the BelAir Drive In the summer of 1984.

We played the movie Gremlins all summer long. At the end of the summer I moved to Florida and when I returned in the early summer of 87' I was recovering from a motorcycle accident that left me with all my ribs broken and 4 vertebrae fused in my spine. I spent the summer using a walker to get around. By the time I had recovered enough to enjoy it and drove the 6 miles to the site, I was greeted by a Closed sign.

The Denniston had already closed and I didn't get to enjoy another night at the drive in until I took my son and his friends to the drive ins operated in the parking lot of the Pontiac Silverdome. Cars with thousands of dollars invested in sound systems with their speaker turned up negated the need to turn my radio on to listen to the movie soundtrack that was broadcast for car radios. We watched our movie (can't remember what it was) and then watched some of the other screens movie before we left. Now i live one mile from the old Commerce, Michigan Drive In site and drive by the still standing marque every morning and wish my 14 year old son would have the opportunity to experience a Saturday night at the Drive In with his girl and his friends.

12/13/2014 - Avalon Theatre - Detroit - Brian
I lived on Clements which was acoss the street from the Avalon I could sit on my back porch and I see the Avalon along with A&P and Food Giant , Majors BQ my first movie was Puss and Boots, many of times after that I used to sneek in those days I really miss.
12/12/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Joe Schalm
Kimberly Champine.

I don't have pics of Mike's 333 but I know the history well. The car was a 56 Chevy which was owned by my Granpa, Bert Yennor. I spent many days in the car including a trip to West Virginia. I remember the first night Mike raced it.

I also remember a night when the steering broke and he went head on into the fence. I'll talk to relatives and see what I can find..
12/12/2014 - Michigan Theatre - Detroit - Charles Lee
This breathtaking movie palace stood as a testimony that Detroit was 2nd to no city when it came to majestic movie houses. I remember seeing The Shaggy Dog and Bye Bye Birdie there.
12/12/2014 - Gold Coast Theatre - Detroit - Charles Lee
OMG I saw The Queen Of Outer Space and The Return of The Creature at his theater while attending Saturday Matinees. I used to see watch the old Batman serial there on Saturdays. It was here that I first saw the original Invaders From Mars and The Mole People.
12/11/2014 - Dexter Theatre - Detroit - Charles Lee
In 1963, when I lived on Webb ave in Detroit, I was right around the corner from this theater.

I used to go there on Saturday's to matinees. I saw The Magnificent Seven there for the first time. I also saw such films as Jack The Giant Killer and The Magic Sword there. One movie I saw there that really stands out was The Day of The Triffords.

12/11/2014 - Riviera Theatre - Detroit - Charles Lee
Oh what memories this brings back.

In the early sixties I would walk to the Riviera on Satrudays to see the matinees they would have there. Usually two or three films. I used to walk all the way from Boston Blvd and 12th (Rosa Parks). Just the walk itself was an adventure.

I can't remember any of the movies I saw there. Usually B rated gladiator movies that were popular at the time. Also some pretty low grade horror movies. I miss the old neighborhood theaters.

12/11/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Vince Cuker
Ref: Posting 12/8/2014 by Ann. I do remember your father, John Hosinski racing at MCRT. Unfortunitly, I do not have any pictures in my collection. If I should happen to come across any, I will let you know.
12/8/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Tom Urban
The Mt.

Clemens Race Track Get Together will be held on January 24th 2015 at Kart2Kart. Registration to race will begin at 5:30p. m. Not racing? Show up anytime after 6:00pm.

No food available. Kart2Kart is on Van Dyke Ave. just south of 19 mile road. Come on out and watch the videos, bench race, or watch the karts.

Hope to see all of you there..
12/8/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Ann
My father raced at Mt Clemons in the 60's and very early 70's.

His name was John Hosinski and his number was 28. He won the checkered flag many times and I know that pictures were taken. When my father passed away those pictures were thrown away and I remember looking at them a lot and watching him race. He also raced in the demolition derby always in an Impala.

I would be so happy to look at those pictures again. Please help!..
12/8/2014 - Eastwood Park - Eastpointe - jack krebs
I am 80 years old and remember the park in my youth at 8 mile and Gratiot.

Noisy but fun. The Motor City Speedway was at 8 mile and Schoenherr. I still have black and white 8 mm. movies at the track.

Still have the same camera and projector, (Keystone). The Ridgemont golf course was located on 8 mile east of Gratiot by several blocks. All three sites were in Macomb County. The original Saratoga Hospital was at Saratoga and Gratiot.

Behind it was a large brick houise of which was Dr. Tassi office whom was the hospital founder, of which later moved to State Fair and Gratiot. How do i know all of this: Dr. Tassi brought me into the world in November 1934 on Saratoga ave.

in an upstair two family flat. Amen..
12/6/2014 - Varsity Cinemas - Sault Sainte Marie - Trolleyguy
This theatre is scheduled to be torn down in 2015 so that a Meijer store complex can be constructed. There are no current plans to replace it.
12/5/2014 - Cameo Theatre - Detroit - Donald McLeod
I was in this theater twice, both times as a child.

My mother took me to see Ivanhoe. I conflated the title with Eisenhower and called it Ivanhower. She also took me to see The Night of the Hunter with Robert Mitchum when I was six years old. That movie riveted me.

12/4/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - michaele salpino
12/3/2014 - West Branch Speedway - West Branch - Linda Zettel Silber
Just wanted to thank everyone for keeping the memories of the West Branch Speedway alive.

As I write my father's obituary it is helpful to see the impact he had on others. He and my mother were active in the American Legion and instrumental in creating the West Branch Speedway. My favorite race car was number 16 and the driver Rick was my dad. My family spent many hours at the American Legion Speedway.

I personally worked in the concession stand, pit house and gave trophies to the winners. Many times that was my dad. We had a house full of trophies to prove it. My mother drove my dad's car in powder puff events.

We had many family times that revolved around the races and yes many trips down Valley Street to test the car..
12/3/2014 - Deer Acres - Pinconning - Frank
The car show did happen this year and I talked to owner and he is still working on it but is coming along slowly but has done a lot of work but still a lot to be done. I have faith it will be open in a year or two.
12/2/2014 - Vogue Theatre - Detroit - Russell Robinson
Attended nearly every Saturday Matinee from 1940 to 1951.

The Matinee included a newsreel, a full length feature, cartoons, the weekly chapter of a serial such as Buck Rogers, and finally a second full length feature film. All for 5 cents. When price was raised from 5 cents to 7 cents, I only had 3 cents to spend at the Penny Candy Store next door. Also remember coming out of the theater and finding newsboys in the street shouting Extra, Pearl Harbor Bombed.

Nobody in our group knew where Pearl Harbor was..
12/2/2014 - Deer Acres - Pinconning - sabrina
Deer Acres is still closed and on the sign it said they are still remodeling but that has been on the sign for 2 years now. I see it everyday I only live 2 miles away and I drive by it everyday to work.
11/29/2014 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit - Louise Rizzo
The Mercury Theatre was the most amazing place to go as a child.

The murals of the chaiots were breath taking. We lived off of six mile east of six mile and my mother would get the baby buggy out and all six of us would walk all the way the with the promise of a wonderful day at the movies then across the street to the dairy queen for a five cent cone and next store to the dairy queen my fathers jewerly store. If we were really good we would go either Ann's restruant or Saunders stop at Federals for shopping then the long walk home. those were the days My father and uncle owned the dairy queen ,Rizzo Jewerlers and Ann's Restraunt.

On the Fourth of July the best please to be would be at Precious Blood for the fireworks. I miss those days and wish our children and grandchildren could feel these experiences just once. Boy am I dated myself.
11/29/2014 - Niles 31 Outdoor Theatre - Niles - Matthew
I wonder if anyone has a list of what movies were showing when? I have many fond memories of seeing films at the old U.

S. 31 Outdoor Theater, including Ryan's Daughter with Summer of '42 (1971 or 1972), Gimme Shelter with Jimi Plays Berkeley (Nov. 30, 1974) and lots more. It would be interesting to see a list of films that were shown there.

11/23/2014 - Algiers Drive-In Theatre - Westland - Gary
We lived at the Joy rd & Farmington area.

When the Algiers would set off fireworks on the 4th of July, we could see them from our back window. I saw 4 Clint Eastwood westerns from dusk to dawn there. Pretty sure I dozed off a few times. Also remember getting the fire engine rides out to where the future Quo Vadis would be.

11/21/2014 - Gateway Theatre - Sterling Heights - Denise Slowik
My first job was at The Gateway in 1971-1973.

I started at the candy counter and worked as a usherette then in the box office. There were matinees on Saturday and people would drop their kids off for us to babysit them. The ticket cost $. 50 and the movies would run for about 3 hours.

We sold candy for $. 15 and popcorn was $. 35 for a small $. 60 for a medium and $1.

00 for the big bucket with butter. The popcorn was brought in in large bags. We did use Land O' Lakes butter. There was orange and grape Fanta type drinks that we mixed with water.

I made $1. 05 an hour. And was able to bring my boyfriend in to see the show for free. I knew every line of the Omega Man and Fiddler on the Roof.

We had some great times there!..
11/17/2014 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Tom Nankervis
Posted on here in 2010 and have new e-mail add.

ntb1953@hotmail. com This was a very user friendly drag strip. We always had a great time unless we broke something. The drag strip out here in Az.

closed sometime back don't know why. It was Bee Line Dragway, located on Indian land. Sure wish it was still in use. Would love to hear from anyone from the good old days again.

Haven't heard from my old race partners in a long time. SAD..
11/16/2014 - Kal Theatre - Kalkaska - Robert Barnard
The old cement projection room is still in the 2nd story of the building (it's the only thing in the 2nd story).

My dad, Larry Barnard, used to go to that theater. He's told me about going up to the projection room (he's always been interested in how everything works and people in the town seemed to enjoy showing people their craft when someone was interested). Years later he started and owned Larry's TV and provided TV service and repair in the area for many years (Zenith, Quasar and Motorola). The business was located about 2 miles East of Kalkaska on M-72 (where Ken Dupuie's Country Communication's is located now).

In the 1970's dad sold the business to Jerry Beebe. Later Jerry moved the business to town where the old theater was at. About 5 years ago Jerry gave me a tour of his building. The building has some interesting differences from other buildings.

As I said, the only thing accessible in the 2nd floor is the old projection room. It's a small room with a few small holes for the images and some ventilation. Other than that it has the feeling of a bomb shelter because of the cement walls, ceiling, floor and steel door. To access the projection room you have to climb a set of narrow stairs that are more like a ladder than a stairway.

Looking out from one of the holes in the room you can still see the original ceiling. But today wires hang down to support the main floor's suspended ceiling below. There is also an old chimney for the projectors exhaust. The main floor's original floor still slopes down (as theaters do).

Someone had build a second (level) floor over the original. From what I understand, the original floor is still in tact..
11/16/2014 - Starlite Drive-In Theatre - Lansing - Son Ross
The site of the Starlite Drive-In is now a trucking company just now being built. The drive-in closed thirty years ago this year (2014). My uncle Louie used to live on Snow road beside the theater back in the 60's and my cousins and I would sit on the front yard and watch the movie couldn't hear it though.
11/14/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Joe Genise
Sad news today my Uncle Ken Link passed away.

He raced at Mount Clemens in mid 60's to 70's he ran sportsman class white 64 ford fairlane #20. Then he went to Auto City with it and done very well. He then went to late models white 67 fairlane #10. He finished third with Frank Lamp second and Benny Parsons first.

Benny jumped into Franks new Camaro and Frank drove his old czr 67 chevelle. What a race. My brother Vince and cousin Patrick was his crew then and throughout his career. I race Outlaw Super late Models at Flat Rock #99.

all because of one man Ken Link. God Speed Uncle Ken. We love you and surely miss you! Joe Genise.
11/14/2014 - Delaney Speedway - Grand Rapids - Roger Groot
Yes my Uncle took my brother & I to the races once at Delaney Speedway. Think it was about 1947 and it seemed to be about a mile west of Covell Rd on the northwest corner of a dirt road One of the racers got hurt bad the day we were there.

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