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11/23/2014 - Algiers Drive-In Theatre - Westland - Gary
We lived at the Joy rd & Farmington area.

When the Algiers would set off fireworks on the 4th of July, we could see them from our back window. I saw 4 Clint Eastwood westerns from dusk to dawn there. Pretty sure I dozed off a few times. Also remember getting the fire engine rides out to where the future Quo Vadis would be.

11/21/2014 - Gateway Theatre - Sterling Heights - Denise Slowik
My first job was at The Gateway in 1971-1973.

I started at the candy counter and worked as a usherette then in the box office. There were matinees on Saturday and people would drop their kids off for us to babysit them. The ticket cost $. 50 and the movies would run for about 3 hours.

We sold candy for $. 15 and popcorn was $. 35 for a small $. 60 for a medium and $1.

00 for the big bucket with butter. The popcorn was brought in in large bags. We did use Land O' Lakes butter. There was orange and grape Fanta type drinks that we mixed with water.

I made $1. 05 an hour. And was able to bring my boyfriend in to see the show for free. I knew every line of the Omega Man and Fiddler on the Roof.

We had some great times there!..
11/17/2014 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Tom Nankervis
Posted on here in 2010 and have new e-mail add.

ntb1953@hotmail. com This was a very user friendly drag strip. We always had a great time unless we broke something. The drag strip out here in Az.

closed sometime back don't know why. It was Bee Line Dragway, located on Indian land. Sure wish it was still in use. Would love to hear from anyone from the good old days again.

Haven't heard from my old race partners in a long time. SAD..
11/16/2014 - Kal Theatre - Kalkaska - Robert Barnard
The old cement projection room is still in the 2nd story of the building (it's the only thing in the 2nd story).

My dad, Larry Barnard, used to go to that theater. He's told me about going up to the projection room (he's always been interested in how everything works and people in the town seemed to enjoy showing people their craft when someone was interested). Years later he started and owned Larry's TV and provided TV service and repair in the area for many years (Zenith, Quasar and Motorola). The business was located about 2 miles East of Kalkaska on M-72 (where Ken Dupuie's Country Communication's is located now).

In the 1970's dad sold the business to Jerry Beebe. Later Jerry moved the business to town where the old theater was at. About 5 years ago Jerry gave me a tour of his building. The building has some interesting differences from other buildings.

As I said, the only thing accessible in the 2nd floor is the old projection room. It's a small room with a few small holes for the images and some ventilation. Other than that it has the feeling of a bomb shelter because of the cement walls, ceiling, floor and steel door. To access the projection room you have to climb a set of narrow stairs that are more like a ladder than a stairway.

Looking out from one of the holes in the room you can still see the original ceiling. But today wires hang down to support the main floor's suspended ceiling below. There is also an old chimney for the projectors exhaust. The main floor's original floor still slopes down (as theaters do).

Someone had build a second (level) floor over the original. From what I understand, the original floor is still in tact..
11/16/2014 - Starlite Drive-In Theatre - Lansing - Son Ross
The site of the Starlite Drive-In is now a trucking company just now being built. The drive-in closed thirty years ago this year (2014). My uncle Louie used to live on Snow road beside the theater back in the 60's and my cousins and I would sit on the front yard and watch the movie couldn't hear it though.
11/14/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Joe Genise
Sad news today my Uncle Ken Link passed away.

He raced at Mount Clemens in mid 60's to 70's he ran sportsman class white 64 ford fairlane #20. Then he went to Auto City with it and done very well. He then went to late models white 67 fairlane #10. He finished third with Frank Lamp second and Benny Parsons first.

Benny jumped into Franks new Camaro and Frank drove his old czr 67 chevelle. What a race. My brother Vince and cousin Patrick was his crew then and throughout his career. I race Outlaw Super late Models at Flat Rock #99.

all because of one man Ken Link. God Speed Uncle Ken. We love you and surely miss you! Joe Genise.
11/14/2014 - Delaney Speedway - Grand Rapids - Roger Groot
Yes my Uncle took my brother & I to the races once at Delaney Speedway. Think it was about 1947 and it seemed to be about a mile west of Covell Rd on the northwest corner of a dirt road One of the racers got hurt bad the day we were there.
11/14/2014 - Auto City Speedway - Clio - Joe Genise
Sorry to say my Uncle Ken Link passed away.

He raced at Auto City when it was dirt late 60's to early 70's. From sportsman to late models. He is how I got bit by the racing bug. He raced down south in later years.

Dirt Tracks. He will be greatly missed. He was so proud seeing me race. I race at Flat Rock A.

R. C. A. super late models.

God Speed Uncle Ken. I know you will be riding shot gun with me. Love you! Joe Genise.
11/14/2014 - Dearborn Drive-In Theatre - Dearborn - Anthony Hopkins
I remember going to this drive in so many times and it was when a movie was playing there I was in the yard of Wellever school by the swings watching the movie which I can't remember which one was playing at the time with a girl who I liked back then. Why can't I find pictures of the school ? They seem to always get rid of childhood memories sad but true. PS : does anyone remember the floor hockey there and Applesauce lol :).
11/13/2014 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Scott Harris
I'm looking for information on my '64 Dodge Polara Gasser that was raced in AHRA events in 1965 through 1972 i believe.

Was owned by KEN SIELOFF of the Detroit area way back and it's been sold a couple times. I now own it in Hartland, MI and am taking it to SC for my retirement years. Thanks, Scott Harris, scottsgretch2002@gmail. com.

11/13/2014 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Scott Harris
I'm looking for information on my '64 Dodge Polara Gasser that was raced in AHRA events in 1965 through 1972 i believe. Was owned by KEN SIELOFF of the Detroit area way back and it's been sold a couple times. I now own it in Hartland, MI and am taking it to SC for my retirement years.
11/12/2014 - Park Theatre - Lincoln Park - GeoGeo123
Proud to say that now Park theatre has been rehabbed into beautiful loft style apartments.
11/12/2014 - Thunder Road Raceway - Cass City - Dave Mellendorf
Yes Jerry please post picsI have a page on facebook with pics of owendale and thunder road feel free to add pics to that. Thumb area racing memories thunder road and owendale.
11/12/2014 - Maxine Theatre - Croswell - Ryan Markel
My cousin just acquired the old Maxine theater sign that was above the screen.

We can see writing under the paint in the scrolls. On the left side we have determined that it says TALKING : SINGING : DANCING. We can't quite make out what it says on the right side scroll. We think it says HEAR : ______ YOU : ______ SEE ?? Any ideas of what it could say would be appreciated.

Thanks Ryan Markel..
11/7/2014 - Elmwood Plaza 8 Theatres - Lansing - Greg Hunt
I was one of the original managers and this theater was really a diamond when it became a reality. I remember the advertising saying 8 + 4 + 4 (meaning the two 4 screen theaters at the Meridian Mall) equals a choice for Lansing. They also thought that we would be selling out movies the entrie summer but as it turned out nothing sold out until Karate Kid.
11/3/2014 - Clay Theatre - Detroit - Gregory Patton
The Apollo Theater was a very active movie theater serving the lower North End of Detroit in the 50s and earlier years.

The theater slowly became inactive in the late 50s and very early 60's and was eventually closed and then demolished to make way for the Chrysler Freeway (I-75). It was located on the S. W. corner of the intersection of Clay St and Richmond St.

, now the intersection of Clay and the I-75 service drive. The theater sat in the midst of the Clay St. business corridor and was just one of many businesses along the 3-block strip between Russell St. and Oakland Ave.

11/2/2014 - Jackson Motor Speedway - Jackson - steven wing
Just wondering if any old timers.

Have any pictures or info on me grandfather E. G. windy Daley ran in the 50's. Then known as Rocket Motor Speedway. Thank you..
10/30/2014 - Manistee County Fair - Onekema - Steve Jacobson
Great times at that track brings back fond memories.
10/28/2014 - Ready Theatre - Niles - Thomas Burger
In the 1970's my father would take me to the Ready Theatre.

We used to get our haircuts at the Ready barber shop on the corner. I remember seeing a section of the lobby walls that were painted dark green and stenciled with large curly vines. Years later the place was divided into four Theatres. All the walls were painted a light pink.

The original ticket booths were taken out and the Ready barber shop became part of the lobby. I hated the remodel. Glad to know the place is being restored. The place was meant to be a one stage and one movie screen show palace.

10/26/2014 - Hampton 4 Theatres - Rochester Hills - beth
Sooo. Is this the one that was haunted? I heard people used to blame strange events there on Johnny and that supposedly he was construction worker. Anyone know more details? I'm fascinated.
10/25/2014 - Jolly Roger Drive-In Theatre - Taylor - Mark Vargo
Charter School there now.
10/21/2014 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit - Tom ....
Ah yes, The Mercury.

My girlfriend Jerry Cox lived on Littlefield and I would bicycle (didn't have to lock your bike) up from Wyoming to meet her for the Saturday show. going Dutch of course because fifteen cents was a lot of money. I would collect pop bottles for the cash. Would also go to the Westown but liked the Meciry because it seemed so much more plush.

Miss the old dazzzz. The 50's were the BEST!!!..
10/21/2014 - Van Dyke Drive-In Theatre - Warren - Deb Ingles
we lived there many week-ends in the summer when I went to Cousino High.

We used to load a ton of people into my big Chevy Impala. We even snuck some people in the trunk. I've NOT seen Mad Max like 9 times. For us it was a social event walking around meeting people from other schools and hanging with friends from our school.

10/20/2014 - Midtown Theatre - Detroit - Robert Brinkley
This past summer I returned to Detroit to celebrate my aunt's 100th birthday.

I grew up in Detroit and hadn't been back in 47 years. I wanted to reconnect with my childhood by visiting some of the landmarks that I remembered. My father and I would walk to the Midtown from where we lived on 4th and Forrest. This would have been 1950-1955 when Detroit was a dynamic city.

What great memories..
10/19/2014 - Gratiot Drive-In Theatre - Roseville - Bill Pytleski
First movie I ever saw at the Gratiot was the Beatles Help in '65.

Mom stuffed all of us kids in the Wildcat, still a vivid memory today. But the real fun times were in high school in the mid '70s, either in my Nova, Mentz's Caprice, or Manders Hornet, with a couple of dudes in the trunk. We would go through a whole bag in one night Saw all of the classics first run. Holy Grail, Blazing Saddles, Groove Tube, the Cheerleaders, and many more.

Sad to here it's gone, I havent been back to Detroit in 18 yrs, so many of the old hangouts now gone, especially Tiger Stadium and Dodge Main. Now retired and living in the Sierra Nevada. A shout out to Dan DeFelice and of course Amazing John Szeles, nice to read your posts. PS Detroit needs to stop tearing down it's history!.

10/19/2014 - Whiskey Ridge Raceway - Grant - Randy Whipple
My dad used to take us kids to Whiskey Ridge on Sunday's in the late 50's or early 60's.

His friend John Morse would land his plane in the field just south of the track. The 1st time I ever drove a race car was at Whiskey Ridge about 1976. Gus Weinrick loaned me his Pontiac station wagon in the streaker class. I got a second place in the feature.

It was shortly after that it closed forever and I never got to race there again..
10/14/2014 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Lori Wenzel McP
What a great page After reading the posts with many familiar names, I decided to scroll down to view the photos in hopes of seeing some familiar faces. Imagine my surprise upon seeing a photo that I'm pretty sure includes me, my Mom & my Nana It is the one with the girl & the older woman sitting at an umbrella table, noted as a 'family photo'. Any idea who took that photo & when? Thank you, Lori.
10/12/2014 - Bob-Lo Island - Amherstburg - Brandon
I was one of the last generations of people who were able to enjoy Bob-Lo island amusement park.

I was 7 years old when the ferries stopped running in 1991. To tell you the truth I remember the boat rides to the park more than the park itself. Getting to the dock in Detroit early in the morning, the anticipation of boarding the boat, the ride on the river, the views, the fact I could play an arcade game on a boat blew my small mind. What I remember about Bob-Lo Island specifically, the entrance coming off of the boat, one of the last times I went the Simpsons were the mascots and I met Bart and Homer.

I also remember the space needle, cork screw the nightmare, log ride, and some sort of bounce house kids area. It is a shame that the park could not be saved or salvaged, now everyone goes to cedar point and more potential state income does too. When we had family or friends from out of state come in we used to love taking them to Bob-Lo island.
10/10/2014 - State Theatre - Wayne - Cory Jacobson
One other point is that as of September 14, 2014, Phoenix Theatres now owns the State Theatre officially. We will send over a few cool pictures too. Thanks, Cory.
10/8/2014 - Ready Theatre - Niles - Jillian Stanley
Hey, everyone.

My group and I are doing an oral history project about the Ready Theatre and were wondering if we could interview anyone who has been there. If anyone is interested or would like to help out, please email me at jillian. stanley@nilesnewtech. org ! Thank you!.


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