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7/6/2017 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Jennifer Bauer
Gibraltar Trade Center to close Mt. Clemens location after 37 years. The same location of the Mt Clemens Race Track, that was demolished to make way for this shopping weekend market. Last day is August 27, 2017, the land has been sold to an industrial complex developer.
6/25/2017 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Bob
I worked at Edgewater from 1972-1975.

I was 16 when I started and worked there up until my Freshman year of college. My first year I blew up baloons for the dart game, then worked Skee Ball the next three years. I remember when the park only cost $1. 00 for the entire day, however the Roller Coaster was an additional fee.

My boss was Leo Pike and his assistant was Doug Trout (honest to goodness, a true story). I made $1. 50/hour in 1972 and $2. 00/hour by the time I quit in '75.

They had great French fries there. Sometimes when I hear an old song on the radio it brings back memories of Edgewater because those same songs were piped throughout the park, alll day, every day! Working there was an educational experience and I never knew what to expect from day to day..
6/16/2017 - Thunder Road Raceway - Cass City - Brent Kostanko
Hello all - There is a video on YouTube that shows actual footage of Thunder Road Speedway posted by Bill Murawski (Thank you Bill, mom loved it). Type in Thunder Road Speedway 1976. Enjoy.
6/16/2017 - Cameo Theatre - Detroit - Rosey schmidt, rodgers
I sent my photo of the cameo, hope you got it. My schools were , Marshall, Nolan, Pershing. Also the same for my sister Doris. We lived on robinwood during that time period, they were the greatest.
6/16/2017 - Pleasure Island Water Park - Norton Shores - Aaron
Wish there were any kind of pics out there I could find from this park (when it was actually open) besides the one of the Black Hole. Can the person that said they have a pamphlet from 1993 post that at least? Does anyone remember the free mini-golf they had? I also remember the little trail that went off into the other lake with a slide was a blast. What would've been really cool is to be like that poster below that walked around in 2000 when it was abandoned.
6/9/2017 - Nicks 41 Speedway - Ishpeming - Toby P
Hi i was wondering what years the track was in operation 'I found a trophy ata resale shop from there.
6/9/2017 - Garden Theatre - Marshall - Kristin Holbrook
The original Barton Theater Organ from this theater was brought back to Marshall in 1977 and installed inside a gift shop in Downtown Marshall called The Mole Hole. It is played during the year by an organist from Lansing, and also has the capability to play on its own. For more information about the organ, please call 269-781-5923.
6/9/2017 - Western Michigan Fairgrounds - Grand Rapids - Jason Hofman
You can see photos of the grandstands and the large exhibit hall that once stood on the Western Michigan Fairgrounds if you visit Mill Creek Tavern in Comstock Park. I believe the fair that once operated in Comstock Park closed in the early 1930s and was moved to Lowell, Michigan, known today as the Kent County Youth Fair.
6/9/2017 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - David Jungquist
I am looking for Detroit Dragway 1972 Grand Nationals photos, film and info. Need Sundays elemators rounds. My car came in first in my bracket. Can anyone help me.
6/9/2017 - Great Lakes Theatre - Detroit - edward murawski
went to the Great Lakes theater many times in the 50's Saturday afternoon shows were 12 cents great cartoons and weekly features buck rogers and many others , great science fiction movies too. when not there i went to he Norwest , it was about 15 cents to get in. great time to grow up in Detroit.
6/9/2017 - Marysville Drive-In Theatre - Marysville - Michael Bennett
Television was non-existent in Smith's Creek when I was growing up and the Marysville Drive In was best family entertainment option available at the time.

I still remember well how frighten I was when my Dad took the family to see the Thing from another World in 1951, staring James Arness as the Thing. I loved the swings up front by the screen for our use during intermission and waiting for the second movie to start. The popcorn and food at the concession stand was second to none. All good memories from 1950 to 1959 for me.

Some call this progress. I call it our lose for the difference between then and now. Michael Bennett.
5/28/2017 - Bell Opera House - Benton Harbor - Charlotte Zinger Holton
I grew up in Benton Harbor and remember my mother telling of the fire that destroyed the opera house.

I was born in 1933 and never saw it because all trace of it was gone by then. But people said it was a grand building. There is a statue and memorial on the bluff near the river in nearby St. Joseph commemorating the opera house and the firemen who fought the fire.

5/28/2017 - Westborn Theatre - Dearborn - Gerald Ford
As a lifelong Dearborn Hghts/Dearborn native (actually from the Detroit side of Dearborn Hgts border near Telegraph/Ann Arbor Trail/Warren in the 70s/80s), have lots of good memories at the Westborn.

Sad it only had a good 10-15 year run from open to around the mid-late 80's when it was sold and twinned. Saw Disney flicks like Pete's Dragon, Aristocats and Apple Dumpling Gang here, as well as first run Superman, Superman II and other great 70s/80s fare. Interior shots when it was a single screen would be GREATLY appreciated- I found none with brief Googling. If memory serves, it had a clean, late mid century modern vibe.

Never lived outside of nor had a phone number (landline or cell) other than THE 313! :)..
5/16/2017 - Flat Rock Speedway - Flat Rock - Greg Adanti
Hey Tom glad you enjoyed reading about my uncle. They had a race called the Australian pusuit race that was fantastic I heard some tracks still have it. But they would line orange cones around the track and if the racer was passed on the track he was out of the race and they would race to the last car was left racing. Anybody remember the flag man Clem Van Rossen or John Toth driving TV4.
5/16/2017 - Dorr Raceway - Dorr - Loren
Looking for information on location of this track(or any defunct track in MI). Please email me at hauptmann6@gmail. com.
5/16/2017 - Ford Drive-In - Dearborn - Vince Speelman
I'm happy to report that as of 5/2017, Ford drive-in is still alive and kicking, running double features every night. They just completed an overhaul for the concessions stand and upgraded counters, equipment, lighting, etc.
5/10/2017 - Lancaster Theatre - Detroit - Kevin Seavitt
The Lancaster Theatre was owned by Grandfather a man by the name of Thomas Lancaster. He also owned a number of other theaters the Vest Pocket theater and maybe a few others. He retired at 40 a millionaire to a big mansion on Grosse Ille. He was my grandmother's second husband and they married later in their 50s.
5/10/2017 - Hollywood Theatre - Petoskey - George Colburn
Documentary filmmaker George Colburn is moving this week into the Hollywood Arcade in the Gaslight District of downtown Petoskey, MI (known as the Hollywood Theatre until 1973, the year Colburn built a vacation home nearby).

He is now a fulltime resident of the area, producing his films locally with the help of local talent. He is the only filmmaker with space in the former movie house. An Open House is scheduled for Thursday, May 11, 2017, from 4 to 6 p. Colburn's films since 1981 include 11 nationally distributed documentaries on the military and political careers of Dwight D. Eisenhower. A new special, IKE: The Making of An American Hero, 1941 - 1945, is in production and is scheduled for release on the 75th anniversary of D-Day. He is currently finishing post-production on Young Hemingway & His Enduring Eden, a two-hour special that will have its American premiere on July 21, 2017, Hemingway's birthday, in the Perry Hotel.

The premiere will be preceded by the dedication of a young Hemingway statue in downtown Pennsylvania Park. His one-hour special on the return of six Navajo Code Talkers to the battlefields of the Pacific in 2005 - 2006 will begin public screenings nationwide in November of 2017..
5/8/2017 - Nicks 41 Speedway - Ishpeming - Stephan Valenti
I am the son of nick the owner of nicks 41 track I would like to see some pictures from back when it was open if anyone has any pictures just contact me on my email.
5/1/2017 - Stardust Drive-In Theatre - Grand Rapids - Don Wenger
I grew up about 1/8 mile away from the Stardust.

I was told my uncle was a manager at one time. He left when the x-rated started. My father took Mom, sis, and I there to see a movie called blood feast. We were way too young and had to COVER YOUR EYES! many times during that show.

The story line involved a caterer that served wonderful meats until it was discovered the meat was human! In the end chase he jumped into the back of a garbage truck to escape but the truck went into squish mode. The End. About 2015 I found that movie on disc and sent it to my parents in Florida. What a hoot.

As I recall that yellow pole was erected at an angle away from the back of the screen because the screen was close to falling forward. A cable was supposed to go from the corners of the screen to that big knob on top of the pole. The stardust closed and the cable never was put up. The screen fell and the property was used for the Kent County Expo fair in the early '70's.

That's about all I heard or knew of the Stardust..
5/1/2017 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Blake Russell
Does anyone have any pictures or film of a 1934 ford roadster lettered Ed carpenter dodge? Please reach out to me if you do, this was my grandpas car and I would love to find pictures of it. Any 1934 ford roadster with a 426 wedge or 426 hemi I would want to see Thanks.
5/1/2017 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Blake Russell
Hi I am looking for pictures of my grandpa's roadster He ran it in the area from the late 50's until 1967.

He was transferred to Indiana from ford in the fall of 67. It's a 1934 ford roadster, he ran a 426 wedge and then a 426 hemi. We still have the car, it is now a hotrod with the 426 hemi, but we don't have my grandpa. He passed away when I was 11.

I am now building my own 34 ford with a blown 392 hemi and I am 23. If anyone has any pictures of a 34 ford roadster please send them to me it would be the coolest thing to find a picture of my grandpa at the track!! The car was lettered Ed carpenter dodge in the later years. Thank you!.
5/1/2017 - Flint Park - Flint - Troy Winter
I'm a little confused.

Is this the park on the north end. We always called this park Forest Park. It didn't have rides as I remember but it did have live animals. They were gone by the 60's and 70's when my grandma and granpa took me there but the cages were still there.

5/1/2017 - Air Park Speedway - Douglas - Rod Mellon
My Uncle Mike Mankin from Allegan raced a blue #51 there. He probably raced stock on a shoestring budget. My parents took a photo of me standing on his seat wearing his white helmet, looking out the window holding the steering wheel. I was hooked on racing at 3 yrs old.
5/1/2017 - EMagine Woodhaven - Woodhaven - jt
According to an article in the News-herald, this theatre is now under the ownership of amc theaters.
5/1/2017 - Atlas Theatre - Detroit - Stephen Oleszkowicz
I believe that it was some of my family who owned this theater.

My great-grandfather is Stanley, my grandfather was Stephen Stanley, my dad was Dennis Stephen and I am Stephen Gordon Oleszkowicz. All of us were born in Detroit. An uncle once mentioned to me that the family used to own a theater in Detroit, but nothing more was mentioned to me about it. This leads me to believe a great (or great-great)-uncle my have inherited it.

I will have to dig into this with my family some more..
5/1/2017 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - mark smith
My brothers and I delivered newspapers for the Farmington Observer and they held an appreciation day for the delivery personnel every year at Edgewater. This was in the late 70's and the park was nearing the end of it's run. I suspect my parents would not have taken us to Edgewater, but since we earned the privilege with our own hard work delivering papers in the snow, deep snow, and cold, they couldn't reasonably say no. It was fun.
5/1/2017 - Beacon East Cinemas - Harper Woods - Dan Wieczorek
The beacon east was my favorite theatre.

I did some part time management there shortly after it opened. It was a plush beautiful theatre with the most elegant chandelier in the lobby. It was a 2 screen theatre at that time with a private viewing room over the main room. I remember when the governor of Michigan visited and proclaimed that it was the most beautiful theatre in Michigan.

Working in this and other theatres was the best time of my life..
4/14/2017 - Hampton 4 Theatres - Rochester Hills - Dan Wieczorek
I was the projectionist when Vicant ( Bob Vickery and Gabe Anton ) acquired the 3 screen theatre around 74 or 75.

We used 1 reel to reel xenon bulb system in the main theatre and 2 platter systems with xenon bulbs in the smaller 2 rooms. I remember the private screening room well. My girlfriend and I used to make out in there when she would visit me at work. It was a great experience ( being the projectionist ) one I'll never forget.

4/14/2017 - Shelby Theatre - Shelby Township - Daniel Wieczorek
I was the manager/projectionist 76-77.

It was a great theatre to work at and for R&R theatre company. I had a great crew and it was a terrific job for a single 21 year old male. It was business all evening then drinking and dancing the rest of the night. I hope all that were there at that time are doing well.

That was a wonderful experience..

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