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8/26/2014 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Tom Nelson
I am looking of info and pix from 1965 / 66 of Dodge Darts that ran out there back then I had a dark blue 65 Dart that sometimes i had Little Bear on the side. We also ran a D Dart in 66 that was called Meat Ball #1 if you have any info or pix please get with me. Tom Nelson, Stroker498@yahoo. com Thank you.
8/25/2014 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Tom Nelson
Looking for any info and pix from 1965 / 66 on Dodge darts that ran there also the D Darts from 66. One that was called Meat Ball #1 Any help will be Appreciated, Thank you.
8/25/2014 - Jefferson Beach - St. Clair Shores - David Allevato
Here is what I remember: Olsen (Olson?) Beach was at the foot of Nine Mile. Burkemo's bordered Nine Mile, but was closer to Jefferson. Jefferson Beach Amusement Park was north east (?) of Nine Mile. This was 60 years ago and my compass direction may be off.
8/25/2014 - Bay Theatre - Caseville - Daniel DiVita
The Bay Theater has closed. It is now a church/place of worship.
8/22/2014 - Hippodrome Theatre - Detroit - Shirl Ryan
The 2nd Hippodrome was a roller rink at seven mile and gratiot.
8/19/2014 - Jackson Speedway - Jackson - Amanda
Hello, my name is Amanda and I recently reviewed your web sight and all the race tracks present and past and realized that the NEW Jackson Speedway is not listed.

Jackson Speedway has 3 tracks (1/4 mile concrete oval, 1/5 mile cement oval, and a 1/6 dirt oval). It has several classes of go carts, mini sprints, and quarter midgets. Names such as Meade, Donaldson, Tyler, and Rapp can be heard frequently at this track as in Boston Meade (son of Mark Meade), Derrick Donaldson (son of Denny Donaldson) Sons of Bill Tyler both race, and Grand daughter of Benny Rapp, all race at Jackson, with photos taken by Braithwaite sisters. Future stars of Michigan racing are born and raised at Jackson Speedway, with quarter midget racing starting at 5 years old, 8 year olds race 250 ninja mini sprints, and by 10 years 600cc mini sprints, many adults race as well.

Info on Jackson speedway can be found on Jackson speedyway. net..
8/17/2014 - Hartford Speedway Park - Hartford - Jennifer Beckman
In the late 70's I lived by the south east entrance, where the cars would go in. When it was empty during the week we would slide our bikes under that gate and ride the track What a great time to be a kid In those days it was paved.
8/17/2014 - Onondaga Dragway - Onondaga - Bill Gould
Does remember Lil Twister, a red 57 Corvette, racing at Onondaga or Mid-Michigan in the 60s or 70s? I'm trying to document the history of this Corvette which has been in storage for many years in the Laingsburg MI area.

In addition to the name Lil Twister, the word Cheveland was written on the side of the car and I don't know what that means. I have photos if anyone can help or if anyone can provide any referrals to someone who might remember the car. Please email me at billygould@comcast. net.

Thanks, Bill Gould..
8/17/2014 - Esquire Theatre - Grosse Pointe - Ben Gravel
Howard Crane did not design the theatre. Kenneth S. Frazier designed the theatre for the Esquire Corp. I had the original blueprints in my hands 8/16/14 and Frazier's State License Stamp is on the plans and no mention of Crane.

8/16/2014 - Krim Theatre - Highland Park - Lillian Murdock-Angelo
I have been searching for an hour on RKO Cafe and I do not remember it.

I do remember a used car dealer directly across from Krim Theatre. And the soda shop either right next door or something in between. My The difference between Krim Theatre and the RKO Theatre was the ticket price. Those were the GOOD OLD DAYS.

8/16/2014 - Krim Theatre - Highland Park - Lillian Murdock-Angelo
I was disappointed when I previously left message on here hoping someone would remember and get in touch.

I worked there from May, 1946-almost 1947. I could relate so many happy times there. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Leonard, the young brother. I had a terrible, teenage, crush on him.

I even think all the girls did. We just didn't talk about it. Please get in touch. Lil.

8/13/2014 - Burton Theatre - Flint - Mona Miron
This was in Burton Township not Flint, MI and now part of the building is a restaurant in Burton, MI thanks.
8/13/2014 - Courtland Center Cinemas - Burton - Mona Miron
The Movie Theater is still open and showing with many screens, I love Courtland Center Mall. New Mall owners are fixing up the Mall too.
8/13/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Cheryl Baumgarten Waldie
My dad, Ed Baumgarten and his 4 brothers, Don, Erv, Fred and Norbert ( Bummie), raced at this track in the 50's and 60's. They even had their own race, BAUMGARTEN TROPHY DASH. Good times for the whole family. Ed's son, Buddy and now his grandson, Brian, both race at Onaway Speedway still in the #100 car.
8/12/2014 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Jay Hauler
8-12-14 - Jay Hauler I need help finding out what type of quick change rear end is in my midget,the car was built about 1946, there is no markings on the rear end at all.

I would like to see if someone knows what type of transmission that I can put behind a 1946 Hercules 4 cyl. flat head. Please email me at jay. com Thanks..
8/12/2014 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - George Nagy
Anyone have any pictures from the races in 1958-60 that aren't posted? I raced my car Raunchy - a 1939 Ford Coupe - started black then painted white. I lost all my pictures in a divorce and would sure like to see any, if possible. Any assistance will be most appreciated. Thanks & God Bless - George Nagy.
8/12/2014 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Paul Torney
Hi, I'm on a committee doing a pictorial history of Ira Township for Arcadia Publishing Co.

, we have the history of Motor City Dragway to add but we'll need some original photos to scan at a high resolution. If someone could provide us with a few classic photos of the Drag Strip, especially with the name Motor City Dragway visible. This history would greatly enhance the story of Ira Township and the photos would bring the story to life. net or at 586-725-0766. Thank you for your help and interest..
8/10/2014 - Spartan Twin Theatre - Lansing - FRED ABBEY
I believe the comment of 7/3/14 is one of mis-understanding.

I never mentioned that we showed Rocky Horror Show as our Friday midnight movies. Apparently, that's what came to be a few years after I left. When I worked there, we showed older movies. the types you might see on TV.

Plus, they were real horror movies, not humorous satire like Rocky Horror. I don't remember very many of the ones we showed. There are two that I can remember. The Torture Garden & Psycho.

8/8/2014 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Gary Jewell
I just found this great site I grew up at tri-city, those were great times. Back in 2009 Blain posted wanting to know if anyone remembered the 58 ply. Wagon (REJECT) It was driven by my dad Don Jewell, I don't have very many pic's dew to a house fire. If anyone has any pic's please let me know.
8/6/2014 - Millburg Fairgrounds - Millburg - Shawnee
My dad used to race motorcycles there in the early 70's. He was friends with the Ken Scheffler and their family. What a fun bunch of people great memories. My Dad's name is Ed Wolph.
8/6/2014 - Miller Opera House - Vassar - Carolyn Rapson
The Miller Opera House was built in 1878-79 by R.

H. Miller at the corner of Huron and Main Sts. It was a three story brick building with general stores on the first livel. The original cost was $7500.

and had seating for 700. There was a stage, auditorium and a circular balcony with a hand painted dome. It was lit by gas jets along the wall. In 1931 it was remodeled to be a wallpaper showroom and warehouse for the Millers Drug Store below.

The whole building was demolished in Oct. 1987 to build a bank and mall..
8/6/2014 - State Theatre - Grand Rapids - Doug Taylor
The State Theater was on the NW corner of 2nd Street N.

W. and Stocking Ave. It closed in 1950 and was demolished shortly afterwards. The I-196 Expressway goes through where the State's property was.

Attached is a photo of the corner where the State Theater was..
8/6/2014 - Crescent Theater - Grand Haven - Doug Taylor
Built in 1928, the Crescent Theater operated until it closed in the mid-1930’s. The exterior of the building is mostly intact, but the interior has been transformed into other uses. Owned by Prins Brothers, then by Endenburg family. Sold to Sabines in December 2011 (dba Crescent Building LLC).
8/5/2014 - Superior Drive-In Theatre - Munising - Dave Lempke
Yes this Drive In was in Wetmore.

It was basically in my grandmother's backyard. I remember very early 60's was still operating. By mid 60's not. I would have to look at old photo's for exact location.

8/5/2014 - Oak Drive-In Theatre - Royal Oak - Eric Riddle
My Grandfather Lorne B Seeley was the maintenance man at the Oak drive in and my great grandfather Al Smith took tickets there.

I have many great memories from those days. My adrenalin rushed at the thought of getting to climb up on the red firetruck. My best memories were going to work with my Grampa Seeley. trying to catch the killdeer, chasing big grey flying grasshoppers (never caught one) looking for change.

Grampa Seeley used to put a sawhorse by the killdeer nests so nobody would run the nest over. Wasp nest hunting was fun but spooky. Like others here, there was nothing better than putting on my PJ's and loading up to go watch the show. The big paper sack of popcorn, waking up to being carried into the house and half watched movies are far off fuzzy but fond memories.

8/3/2014 - Royal Theatre - Detroit - leslie yates vanhollebeke
So glad to have happened upon this site.

Been 50 years since I worked there. 1st as a candy girl and then cashier/payroll. Loved John Ferger (the manager) like a father! We employees were NOT encouraged to date. which, of course, encourages us to date secretly.

lol Met my husband there! This theater was HUGE! Thanks for posting the pix. Wonderful 1st job/1st love memories! I see co-worker and friend Chris Dodge posted on here some years ago. lost track of you. if you see this.

find me on FB..
8/1/2014 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Tom999p
I'm looking for information on a dark green 1970 Chevrolet Nova Yenko Deuce that was cut/ tubbed/ tube framed to make a race car but was never completed or raced, sometime between 1970 and 1976. The owner of the car at the time was local and may have been in a local car club.
7/30/2014 - West Branch Cinema - West Branch - Barry Wilkinson
I started there as an usher about 1949.

I advanced to the guy who makes the popcorn and changed that marquee whenever the movie changed. The winters were very challenging! A man named Jack Noirot was my manager at that time. I was there for about two years. A young lady named Beverly Gelinas was our cashier for a year and then Joan Winter came after her.

7/30/2014 - Lake Lansing Amusement Park - Lansing - DENNY EMMER
Madison if you have the time could you share some of the photos? We have a Facebook page I Grew Up In Haslett I personally have over 100 photos and documents that I own and have posted. If anyone has photos please email me dennyemmer@gmail. com.
7/22/2014 - Deer Acres - Pinconning - Jena
sorry they have not opened up at all yet and they never post on there Facebook page no car show this year either.

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