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7/22/2014 - Deer Acres - Pinconning - Jena
sorry they have not opened up at all yet and they never post on there Facebook page no car show this year either.
7/18/2014 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Michelle (Micky)Venticinque Holderbaum
Ahh, Memories!! My Dad, Ronnie (Skuzz) Venticinque, started bringing me here when I was 7 or 8 years old in the late 60's with Al Busch and his son Rick.

From here is where my love for fast cars began! My husband and I still race a 79 Olds Cutless which we bought from my dad. He's no longer racing but he's still building motors. I wish Motor City was still in operation so I could show my hubby where it all began for me. I know my dad would love to hear from any and all old racing buddies! He doesn't have a computer but please feel free to leave your number with me and I'll pass it on to him.

michelleholderbaum@aol. com He's going to be 72 this October and it'd be an amazing surprise for him. Thank you!.
7/18/2014 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Michelle Venticinque Holderbaum
Back in the mid 70's, I remember my Gramma, Aunts, cousins and I all going to Edgewater Park. I was in my early teens and like a previous poster, I remember it being in shabby shape. There was a sign when you walked in the park that stated in big letters something about the park closing and to ride the rides at our own risk Did we ride them? Of coarse we did I'm just miffed I missed Sir Graves Ghastly, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy AND THE BEATLES LOL.
7/16/2014 - Dearborn Drive-In Theatre - Dearborn - Mark
Thank you to both Jeffs.

really good information provided. So it wasnt a Zero airplane. I recall it was painted all silver with a red ball/red sun on its fuselage and tail so I had always assumed it was a japenese zero. glad to now know thats the way it really was.

but still it was fun to think all those years it was a japenese zero in our own backyard. mark..
7/16/2014 - Lansing Mall 6 - Lansing - Chuck Sutton
This theater closed on July 10 as the new Regal opened July 11.
7/14/2014 - Algiers Drive-In Theatre - Westland - Walt
The close date on the Algiers theater was 1985, the week of April 13th, to be exact. In one of the pictures below. the marquee advertises final features that showed at the theater: Theater 1: Police Academy II and Purple Rain and Theater 2: The Last Dragon and Beverly Hills Cop.
7/14/2014 - Carmen Theatre - Dearborn - Stuart l. Gorelick
My family built and owned the Carmen theatre.

The theatre was sold to the Nederlander family aprox 1960. I would love to find a picture of the theatre from the 1940s when it was a beautiful, elegant movie theatre. Please contact me at my eMail address, or if you have any questions or comments, photograph please contact me. Thank you Stuart.

7/14/2014 - Flint Park - Flint - Ronald Sharp
I posted a couple of years ago while working on a book about Flint Park which I did not finish after I published a couple of mysteries.

Now I am back at the Flint Park book. Any photos of the park, midway, or rides would help a lot. If you have memories of events there, such as when Adlai Stevenson spoke, or the Flying Wallenda performance would be great. Remember the annual Easter Egg hunt in the picnic ground next to the parking lot on Dupont Street? I plan to post portions of the book on this site as well as my own website, rfsharpbooks.

com Anything you can remember will add color and authenticity to the story. It will be fiction so names and even settings will likely be changed. It will expand beyond the park to the city itself. I grew up at 713 West Stewart, directly across the street from the park until it closed in 1961.

7/12/2014 - Movies at West Main - Kalamazoo - Bryan
At one time the main theater (Theater 1) was the largest 35mm screen in Michigan.

I remember the purple, yellow and orange seats and walls. Saw Star Trek the Motion Picture here, and the sound system was amazing. The entrance was on the upper level around the back of the West Main mall. After the movie you could take your ticket stub to the Arcade across the way Called The Fun Factory for a free token.

West Main Mall stores included: Chess King, Hot Sams Pretzels, Duffs Buffet, Tots to Teens, Zayers Department store, Little Chick Shoe store, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, JC Pennys, Gantos, and more. Water Fountain Light Shows, what great memories in the 80's!..
7/9/2014 - Eastwood Park - Eastpointe - Catherine
My fond memory from Eastwood Amusement was when I was about 15 and went there with my 17 year old boyfriend.

There was a man there who had a large scale and if he guessed your weight incorrectly you won a skinny colorful wooden cane. I mostly remember my weight at the time and it was 111 pounds. I won a cane but I think he purposely guessed wrong since I didn't have a souvenir from my visit. Makes me smile to think of it.

I also went with a girlfriend, who was a teenage model for Kerns, and they took photos of us and other teenagers on the roller coaster. That does not make me smile..
7/9/2014 - Deer Acres - Pinconning - Beverly Sullivan
When I was a pre teen my parents and sibling along with myself stopped here - then when my sons were small we took them here. My oldest granddaughter is now 13 and we not only took her every year sometimes more than once a year with friends of hers, now she has 2 1/2 yr old twin bro and sis and we are planning on bringing them. Do you still have live animals as I was informed there aren't any anymore?.
7/7/2014 - Northern Michigan Speedway - Elmira - Angela Dvorak
Opening night is July 12, 2014. Check their website for more details.
7/7/2014 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - john saum
To carlos I remember your 68 roadrunner. lt belonged to Marty Selvidge. The hemi went into Jerry Millers 66 belvedere. Hope this helps.
7/3/2014 - Carmen Theatre - Dearborn - Gary Guerriero
I went to many (free) movies at the Carmen as my grandfather, Carroll Floyd Kemp, was the projectionist there for many years.

I don’t know exactly which years but if I were to guess it would probably be somewhere between 1946 and, perhaps 1955. I visited him many times in the projection booth and grew to be fascinated by all the mechanical gear he operated and also began my love for film which I still pursue today. As I was quite young at the time I don’t remember very many of the films that I saw at the Carmen but one stands out in particular - the original Mighty Joe Young from 1949. One of my younger uncles took me to the film, I must’ve been not much more than six or seven years old and was so scared that I spent most of the time under my seat.

In reference to the rotunda area of the lobby, I remember vividly, a gigantic circular soda fountain filling that space at the top of the curved staircase and I was very impressed by it’s size and beauty. It was one of my grandfather’s favorite features of the theater and he usually ordered a milkshake every night from there. Apparently the popularity of the soda fountain declined over the years and it closed and eventually that area of the lobby was closed off as well. When my grandfather left the Carmen, he became the projectionist at the Dearborn Drive-In where he finished out his career.

7/3/2014 - Southland Theatres 4 - Taylor - jd
An article in todays Free Press says that the site that used to be Mervyns will be razed by the end of July to make room for a new twelve screen theatre to be operates by Cinemark. the new theatre is expected to by open sometime next year.
7/3/2014 - Spartan Twin Theatre - Lansing - Teller
The post from 6/21/2010 is inaccurate. The Rocky Horror Picture show wasn't released until 1975, several years after he left this theater.
7/3/2014 - Imlay City Speedway - Imlay City - Ken Jordan
Looking for jet car and jet car driver for possible show Americas got talent and Guinness books of records. To show what I do look up super car jump by ken Jordan YouTube. 810-787-1985.
7/3/2014 - Taylor 10 - Taylor - Jeff
It was announced this week that MJR would be taking over this site and it is expected to open by Christmas 2014 after an extensive renovation.
7/1/2014 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Tom Porzondek
This post is in reply to the posting of Vince Cuker last March: I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for your great work with the flags.

Although we have never met, I spent many nights (and some Sunday afternoons) watching and enjoying the races at the Mount over the years from the early 1960's until the place closed. When we (my dad and I) first started going to Mt. Clemens in 1963, Eddie Janis was on the flags and he also did a great job. Thanks to ALL the folks who helped with putting on the races, they were all appreciated.

I can't believe it has been 51 years since I first went to the Mount, where did the time go?? Thanks again, Vince, and take care..
7/1/2014 - Ford-Wyoming 6-9 Theatre - Dearborn - Sean
Wow. I spent a few months there installing the equipment in the projection booth. At the time I thought it was on of the better desinged modern drive ins. The only bad thing though there was too much inadiment lighting from the plants and a little noisy for some to enjoy the shows.
7/1/2014 - Alpena Drive-In Theatre - Alpena - Steve
The property has been renovated by a downstate investor. It is now called the Arzo Fun Park. Putt Putt, Cart Track, both reopened. There is a ferris wheel, carousel, arcade, driving range, bumper cars, etc.
7/1/2014 - Fremont Cinema - Fremont - Jason Tubergen
Fremont Cinemas 1027 W. Main Street Fremont, MI 49412 231-355-5033 www. fremontshowtimes. com OPEN 7 days a week.
6/26/2014 - Empress Theatre - Detroit - bob stoll
I was in the USCG, stationed on the CGC Mackinaw in 1964, there was a CG reserve comic named John Ory, who worked at the Empress Theatre, doing a 6 month tour of duty on the CGC Mackinaw, the Mackinaw was breaking ice on the lakes, we happened to end up in Detroit, John took me to the theatre, and a bar close to the theatre where I was introduced to a comic he worked with. I lost track of John Ory, he sent me a letter after he finished his tour dated Apri l1964. He stated in his letter that the work policy was the same, 44 shows per week. Anyway it would be great to locate John, through an email address or phone no.
6/24/2014 - Rendezvous Bowl - Sister Lakes - Terry Blovas
Our family vacationed at Cable Lake from 1961 to 1973.

The rear of our cottage was on the side of the lake that faced the race track and it was a short walk out the back door and through the forested area that ended up at the track. There was a foot path through the forest at that time. We used that short cut to walk up to the Driftwood which I'm glad to see, by recent pictures, hasn't really changed at all in 50 years. We would then walk through the track and down the entrance road to 95th Ave and then turn left for the Driftwood (about 2 more blocks).

Anyway, at that time they were racing go-carts at the track and on those nights you could hear them over by us. At some point before 1973, that ended and the track fell into dis-repair and became overgrown with vegetation. Sometime in the late 80's or early 90's I returned to where our cottage was on Cable Lake and walked that path again only to find that most of the forest had been cleared, the track demolished, and there were now homes there and that foot path had been paved and was a street. I thought what a shame it was that Sisters Lakes became so commercialzed and lost it's old charm.

Those still are some of my best and fondest memories of my life..
6/22/2014 - Carmen Theatre - Dearborn - Ted Cuda
Hi Gary, I remember the Alden, but I don't remember the Mercury. The only Mercury on Schaefer that I remember, was the bowling lanes, which may still be there.
6/19/2014 - Gratiot Drive-In Theatre - Roseville - Jason Nunnold
I was only ten years old when the Gratiot Drive-In came down, but I do recall seeing quite a bit of movies there.

The Last Starfighter, Neverending Story and Star Trek 3 were all summer of '84 releases that I saw at the Gratiot as a kid. only a few months before it closed. I grew up less than two miles away and always looked for the huge neon whenever we would drive around that area after dark. Years later I briefly worked with a guy who said he was once an assistant manager there.

He said that the place still did decent business up to the very end, but that the land was just too valuable. He seemed to believe that was the biggest factor in the sale, as opposed to lack of business. Looking at the pictures from 1948, it was literally in the middle of a field. Probably with nothing but farm land heading north until Mt.

Clemens. I can only imagine how much more valuable that parcel was by the mid 80s when everything around it had been completely suburbanized..
6/17/2014 - Royal Theatre - Detroit - A.Bostic sr.
The Royals location was about 50ft west of the road on the right and right in the drive to the left the structure being built is a Checkers restaurant the street to the right is Montevista,the drive leads to Home Depot this is where Grace Hospital stood when the Royal closed the hospital bought it for storage so when the hospital closed everything was torn down after a lot of years past a/c of contamination in the ground from the hospital,K Mart was the first store to build there but soon closed because of high theft.
6/15/2014 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - David Dillon
Ok after a little investigating it was the '65 summer nationals at Detroit Dragway that Fred Dillon beat Shirley Shahan.
6/15/2014 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - David Dillon
If I remember correctly, it was 1963, Detroit Drag Way, at a NHRA sanctioned event, my dad, Fred Dillon, beat Shirley Shahan, The Drag On Lady, to take the class. Rick Ketchum was part of his pit crew and Fred Zincraft drove the stock car. 1957 Ford Fairlane, 292 CI Alter Ego I and II Fred went on to stock car racing shortly after, running the same car, 1957 Ford Fairlane. Fred Dillon passed away on April 19th, 2014.
6/13/2014 - Krim Theatre - Highland Park - stuart wilhelm
I lived behind the Kessler house on Ohio St.

Growing up. Camille Kessler was the sister of Mac Krim and Harry and Sol Krim. I met Kim Novak when she was going with Mac Krim. My best friend was Leon Kessler the son of Camille.

So when we went to the Krim Theatre Sol would let us in free..

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