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9/26/2015 - Showcase Cinemas Flint East - Burton - Spencer
GENESEE COUNTY, MI - The former Showcase Cinemas Flint East property in Burton has been acquired by a large automotive group, but the future of the East Court Street facility is still up in the air.

Joe Serra, president of Serra Automotive, confirmed the deal, but he added there are no plans in the works at this time to renovate the property. He said the property listed in tax records as owned by Serra Works of Court Street LLC, 3118 Hill Road in Grand Blanc, was a real estate transaction, with potential seen in the former movie theater location. The theater, which opened in 1980, closed its doors in September 2007 because it was no longer financially viable, according to Flint Journal records. It employed a mixture of 39 full- and part-time employees.

Serra said the property would be ideal for some type of big-box store to acquire. The one-story building at 5202 E. Court St. is 64,398 square feet with a large parking lot and sits between a Walmart store and Courtland Center mall.

He noted Serra has purchased other properties it sees as having potential for investment. Genesee County tax records show 11 properties under the Serra Works name, including dealerships in the Grand Blanc area. Burton Mayor Paula Zelenko said no plans for any type of development on the property have been submitted to the city, but she saw the acquisition of the property by Serra as a positive thing. There have been several inquires about several properties in our city, she said, pointing to the recent announcement of Family Farm & Home moving into the former KMart building on Belsay Road.

To me, that tells me folks are looking at Burton to come and build their business and do their business..
9/26/2015 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Mike Schneider
Can anybody help us identify this history/ owner/ driver of this #97 Challenger? It was believed to run at Mt. Clemens. We currently own the car and someday plan a resurrection of it.
9/24/2015 - Tahqua-Land Theatre - Newberry - John McDowell
This appeared recently in the Detroit Free Press.

If you go to their web site there are pictures and a video. NEWBERRY – He has given this place everything. And now he might lose it all. Fred Dunkeld is the owner, the ticket taker and the film projectionist at the Tahqua Land Theatre, a tiny movie house built 85 years ago in the middle of the Upper Peninsula.

Here in Newberry, the moose capital of Michigan, a builder long ago thought that the people of a small town deserved the kind of magnificent theater usually found in big cities. He outfitted it with decorative moldings and colorful murals, and lit its rooms with chandeliers. Four decades ago, Dunkeld found it abandoned and shuttered, overrun by rats and clogged with coal dust. It was for sale.

And he wanted it. At first he just wanted to own a business, to have a source of income. “And then I got looking at it,” he said. He was at the back of the theater one day after he’d bought it, taking it all in as the daylight poured in through the reopened doors.

“I remember sitting back here on an old wooden box, a milk crate, saying, ‘Wow, there’s more to this place than I realized. ’ ” He spent a year and a fortune cleaning it out and restoring it to what it once was. He moved into the apartments upstairs and opened an office next door for his day job in real estate. His whole life was here.

And anytime he made a big sale, he put the money into his beloved theater to make it better. Then the rug was pulled out from under him. A few years ago, the Hollywood studios that supply movies to theaters announced they were soon switching from film to digital. The big theaters, such as the multiplexes with a dozen screens, handled the cost of the switch easily.

But hundreds of small, independent movie houses around the country have struggled to come up with the tens of thousands of dollars needed for the new equipment. Some have succeeded. Some have failed and closed forever. Dunkeld tried twice to raise the funds and fell far short both times.

“They did it in Rogers City and Grayling,” he said, noting two Michigan cities where old theaters have raised funds for the conversion. “But there’s just not that much money up here. It’s just a bunch of Yoopers up here. ” There’s no hard deadline from the studios, no official final date for the switch.

Every film he gets could be the last one sent to him. So he waits, either for the last show or for a miracle. “About all I do is buy a lottery ticket every week, which I know isn’t going to work,” he said. “But it helps you sleep.

” To see the Tahqua Land Theatre’s Go Fund Me page, go to gofundme. com/tahqualandtheatre..
9/22/2015 - King Animaland Park - Richmond - Mark
sorry to hear Mr.

King passed recently. I vaguely remember a big yellow Cadillac with license plate: ANMLND. or something like that. Maybe KING on the plate or something close to that.

Great memories for all my brothers an nephews here in the late 70's and early 80's..
9/20/2015 - Thunderbird Raceway - Muskegon - Randy Claflin
Looks like Thunderbird is going to re-open in 2016.

They have some work to do to get it up to code. Tom Sprague Sr. is going to run the show there. I am hoping that it's a resounding success.

9/20/2015 - Thunderbird Raceway - Muskegon - Randy Cronk
Read on FB that their is a new owner of the track, Sprague, same guy that owns Winston up the road, anxious to see what happens.
9/16/2015 - Lyric Theatre - Detroit - Sheryl Cavanaugh
I have family stories of my grandfathers uncle, Clarence Tumey, being an owner of the Lyric.
9/16/2015 - Cinderella Theatre - Detroit - jerry h
I was at the Cinderella April 22, 1972. Me and a friend were able to get the fire dooors opened on the eastside of the building at the top of the stairs and were charging half price. I'm sure j. giles and Peter wolf remember it for other reason, but I'm sure the were made aware of what we did.
9/14/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Joe Uratchko
What an awsome day Sunday at Bakers in Milford.

I saw this red 61 Falcon Gasser type car pull in, and I said Naw, aint no way that thats the old homebrew car. Well, I walked up to the man, and what he said, floored me. Ron Ruths Homebrew ii. That sent chills down my spine.

Back then, it was black, with silver sides. He had pictures and other memorabila from the day. He let me listen to a cd of the car going down the track back in the day. He told me Ron died years ago, but his memory still lives on in that car.

I told him that he has a real piece of History sitting there. those early 70 memories will be with me til I go. I hope I see the car there again. Ill say a prayer for Ron.

9/8/2015 - King Animaland Park - Richmond - Bill King
I am sorry to say that my father Walt King passed away on 9/5/15. From health issues.
9/8/2015 - Varsity Cinemas - Sault Sainte Marie - Jack Franklin
This theater closed August 20, 2015. The closest place for anyone in the area to see a movie now is across the border in the big Soo in Canada.
9/5/2015 - Cinema Carousel - Muskegon - Trolleyguy
Now operated by Celebration Cinema.
9/5/2015 - Plaza 1 & 2 Theatre - Norton Shores - Trolleyguy
Now operated by Celebration Cinema.
9/3/2015 - Goldfront Theatre - Cheboygan - Jason
Just found out this property has been sold on a land contract so hopefully they get it up and going again, i only live about 20 mins from here so will keep this updated.
8/30/2015 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Thomas Porzondek
Chris Rosinski - Sorry to hear that your father, Skeeter Ross, has died. I saw him race many times at Motor City during the years my dad took us there (1954-1958) with guys such as Felix Brooks, George Cooper, Joy Fair, Jack Goodwin, Wayne Bennett, and many more. I remember that he always put on a good show and was a crowd favorite. My condolences to you and your family.
8/30/2015 - Spartan Speedway - Mason - Steven McGee
I went on Fridays to Spartan back in 1967-68 before I went in the Army.

After that stint I started going back in 1972. I remember they had a spectators race and announced that If you wanted to race what you drove to the track you had to get a helmet and sign a waiver. I ran to the parking lot and got my Plymouth satellite with my girlfriend yelling No don't you wreck our car. We had a local from my hometown driver that went there and raced for Ramus Automotive in Adrian Mi.

Dick Crup. so I borrowed his helmet. I signed the waiver and as the drivers, which were quite a few who volunteered up their daily driver to race and as we were talking and they were all saying well I am not really going to race they are just looking for a good show. Others were saying, well I am not gonna tear up my car.

They turned to me and said what you gonna do and I said race and race hard because I know when you all get out there and a few laps in it's gonna be a race. What they didn't know was I raced dirt track when I was in Germany. It was a great race and we sent one over the south end and I got a dented rear quarter but came in second only because the hit slowed me down. I almost got a ride on Spartan from Bill Ingram when he was looking for a driver.

8/25/2015 - Midway Theatre - Dearborn - Ted Cuda
I was very young at the time, but I vaguely remember seeing this building. I think at the time, it may have been the Budny Building, and I know in later years it was the Budny Building. The Budny shoe was later on the main floor.
8/25/2015 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Chris Rosinski
We lost a great one today. My dad Skeeter Ross passed peacefully today. Racing was his life and a day didn't go by without my dad talking about some kind of racing he did. Thank you Steve for the interview you did with my dad he always talked about it.
8/25/2015 - Hi-Way Drive-In Theatre - Carsonville - Matt
Just took my family here this past Saturday.

What a wonderful experience. I encourage everyone to go to this Drive-In. we drove 1 hour and 20 minutes each way and it was well worth the memories. We hop that Hi-Way Drive-In remains open so we can enjoy movies for the next few summers to come, while our child is still young and enjoys things that we used to enjoy in our childhood.

Thank you Hi-Way Drive-in!!..
8/19/2015 - Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts - Owosso - Mark Van Epps
The theater, showing mostly live events, has been reopened since 2013. It is home to Owosso Community Players and The Shiawassee Chamber Orchestra.
8/10/2015 - Norwest Theatre - Detroit - Janet
Norwest Theatre was my first job behind the concession stand in 1975.

I was 15. My second was on the corner Grand River/Fenkell/Southfield Shell. I have great memories of the area that have stayed with me for a lifetime. The sister Theatre Mercury was my mothers first job.

8/8/2015 - Mt Clemens Drive-In Theatre - Mount Clemens - John Bussinger
There is still evidence that there was a drive in there.
8/8/2015 - Pine Air Drive-In Theatre - Baldwin - Mike
A friend of mine grandfather owned the property and theater.

I was at the property over the 4th of July weekend and came across the old screen. It was in great shape for its age. I had no idea it was ever there, all the times I have been to Baldwin. I had no idea that my friends grandfather owned the theater until I told her I found a old drive-in theater screen in the woods.

The field is overgrown now as well as trees by the screen, no remnants of any drive in stuff left..
7/28/2015 - Northern Michigan Dragway - Bear Lake - Brian Ledford
Kaleva- In their 45 years of drag racing facility operation, Northern Michigan Dragway owners Tom and Sharon Ledford have seen some great weekends.

They can easily recollect jam-packed race events in each decade, along with some lean times when it seemed the business was in jeopardy. The 18th Annual Mopars Against the World event this past weekend broke all attendance records by a substantial margin. The weekend's 1,966 paid spectator/pit admissions eclipsed the previous best 1,800 in 2012. The weekend event also drew a record 336 different race vehicle entries.

The Ledfords' career has also included a very successful 24-year lease operation of a race facility in the Thumb area, Ubly Dragway, where an overall attendance record was set at a 1995 event with 2,400 people overall. Friday and Saturday night's overall attendance at NMD was at 2,600 overall, making it the largest-attended event the Ledfords have ever put forth. As an added bonus to the racers and fans, a spectacular fireworks show was conducted Saturday night. The crowd's reaction to the grand finale was similar to what you would expect to the home team getting the winning score at a professional ball game.

Extensive plans for parking area expansion are in the works, as much of the crowd had to park on the road and walk in through the gates due to parking capacity being filled. Racing action at NMD will resume on August 8th for points event #12, the Cory Gunther Memorial Race. Full weekend race results, points standings and upcoming events schedule can be found at www. NorthernMichiganDragway.

7/28/2015 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Barbara Camden
My childhood was not the greatest, but Edgewater Park brings back so many wonderful memories.

The Beast was my first roller coaster ride. The wild mouse just scared the life out me. I just knew it was going to go off the tracks on every turn. It always seemed like the front half of the car was hanging over.

I loved looking at all the pictures everyone posted, so many wonderful memories..
7/28/2015 - Taylor 10 - Taylor -
MJR has abandoned its plan to take over this location. Cinemark is currently building a new complex across the street at Southland Mall.
7/28/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Joe Uratchko
Then there was a Red 70 LS6 chevelle 4 speed car.

A guy named Dwane had a 427 68 Red chevelle. How about the Redford Speed Willys. These were guys that were there at least every other weekend. Oh, and buy the way.

I still have the 65 Chevelle. Man how times have changed..
7/28/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Joe Uratchko
For Ken Ruth.

Yes, I remember the Homebrew Falcon. 306 sbc, dual quads on a tunnel ram, 4 speed liberty. 5. 38 gear.

I bought 2 of his Crager wheels when he changed over to something else. I ran a 65 Maroon Chevelle with a small block from 1970 to about 1975. I ran GStock, Formula 2. The class winners would run a handicap race for about $40 at the end of the night.

Then about 1973, they went to all Bracket Racing. That was the beginning of the end for me. Is your Father still alive? What ever happenen to Big Jim Fulton? He ran a 69 green z28. A guy named Brady, was the head of tech.

Jim worked at the Mobile Station on Telegraph at 6 mile. He kept the car there. Here are some names out of the past. Running Bare Pontiac.

Red 66 chevelle called Jumping Jack. Rebellyous Dodge. Huston Martins Little Kim. Wayne Fithpatricks 427 67 Mustang.

A blue 427 Mavrick..
7/28/2015 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Chuck Marlin
Still looking to connect with Sid and Dave Warren from the Warren Bros Racing Team. Attempted to connect through the email Dave left without success. If anyone has a direct connection have them call me. 248-894-4727.
7/19/2015 - Jackson Motor Speedway - Jackson - Tim Kelley
Gordon is now living in the Hale, Michigan area and runs a timber transport company.

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