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2/26/2015 - Northgate Cinemas - Hazel Park - Kevin Jordan
This cinema consisted of TWO auditoriums and it was also joined to Time Zone Arcade. Admission was 99 cents for movies at the time. I used to walk to this cinema and the arcade all the time but was forced closed because of the violent fights that occured in the arcade pool table section and from frequent complaints called in to the Hazel Park Police Dept. The cinema didn`t stay open for too long after since the closing of the arcade, that drew in most of the traffic for the cinema.
2/26/2015 - Northland Theatre - Southfield - Michael Kirkland
I was one of the original ushers hired at the theatre.

Our grand opening was September 16, 1966. I remember a champagne party taking place prior to the opening. There were local celebs, news media, etc. Torn Curtain was our first cinema.

I worked there until 1968, Funny Girl was still playing. Eugene Grouix, sounds like grew. The Solone brothers were the owners of the theatre chain at the time. My starting rate was $1.

15 per hour, usherettes were hired at $1. 05 per hour. Gene (Mr. Grouix) hired handsome ushers and beautiful usherettes, I think eye appeal was paramount, due to Northland being the flagship of the theatre chain.

Gene was the best of the best, I've yet to see someone as fast on an adding machine, the paper was a foot long in minutes! Gene was also the best guitarist I've ever seen, and I've seen them all. Genes manual dexterity was almost unbelievable. He played the Grand Ol Opre, Motown, and I don't know how many others. I asked him why he quit playing, he told me he couldn't sing, and that he was tired of doing all the work (Lead guitar) and the singer getting all the girls.

I have a lot of fond memories from working at the theatre. Email me if there's anything you'd like to know. By the way, we seated 1474.
2/26/2015 - Alger Theatre - Detroit - Barney Theisen
I am a member of the Friends of the Alger Theater. If anyone has pictures of the inside of the theater it would be appreciated if you could share them here. Also, if there are any additional photos of the exterior of the theater they would be appreciated as well. Thanks.
2/26/2015 - Manistee County Fair - Onekema - Trevor Harvey
The Michigan Dirt Cup Tour has scheduled a race there on Aug 08 2015, the modifieds will race for $1,500 to win and $200 to start.
2/26/2015 - Sunset Speedway - Port Huron - James Dondineau
I seen Bob Krupa say something about Jack Donahue.

He was my grandfather. Jack (Donahue) Dondineau. He once told my dad thats what he went with because nobody said it right. Thought that it was kinda funny.

Anyway im looking for any pics of him because my dad only has a couple and i would like to find some so he could see them. I also will try and post the pics we do have. If anyone could hep point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it. Thanx.

2/26/2015 - Maxine Theatre - Croswell - Rick Van Conant
I worked there a couple of times changing carbon arcs in the projector. When I was there the movie showing was The days of Wine and Roses This would have been early 60's and the Teslucks were the owners.
2/23/2015 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit - Howard McDonald
What I remember were the murals on the wall, 2 movies for the price of one.

Prizes awarded during intermission for those who held the lucky numbers. A Duncan Yoyo representative offered me lessons and a free yoyo. And years later moved across the street to the Amber Room. A few years ago I came back to the old neighborhood (Strathmoor and Grove) for my 56 year grade school reunion.

It seemed like a war zone. Currently live in Louisiana!!!..
2/20/2015 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Wild Bill Barnhart
Attention all Racers It is Time for a Mt.

Clemens Race Track Reunion Party!! WBVS is proud to present the 30th Anniversary Reunion Party. The Date and time is November 7, 2015 at 5:30pm. The Place is DeCarlo’s Banquet & Convention Center 6015 Ten Mile Road near Mound Road Warren, Michigan 48091. If you were a driver, sponsor, worker, or fan we invite you to come.

So call old racers and friend’s and come out and have some fun and remember the Mount with your stories. WBVS /Mt. Clemens Racing Hall of Fame will be honoring some of our finest racers. net OR Dave DeHem at ddehem@att. net..
2/20/2015 - Devil's Lake Amusement Park - Manitou Beach - Pippa
Hi A couple of threads commented about Garbage Annie.

She was the local refuse collector and her name was Ada Goodson. She did a job no one else wanted. And did it well. It was a wonderful area and had its share of eccentric people! The memories of Greens Pavillion.

are priceless! Pippa..
2/15/2015 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Garry Bidoul
Just found this site.

My Dad used to race at Motor City, Flat Rock, State Fair Grounds, Mt Clemens and Toledo during the 50's. We lived on Leonard a block North of Toepfer and I remember being put to bed early and hearing the racing on hot summer nights as my Dad raced. Being at the track and watching the races on TV with Fred Wolfe are also great, great memories. His name was Art Bidoul.

He was a Motorcycle cop in Warren Township and a Patrolman, Traffic cop and Investigator after becoming a real City. I'd like to get any info I can about his racing career if available. I remember climbing all over his race cars in the garage and getting tanned pretty good when I'd break something off! We were estranged later in his life and I'd really like to refresh some of those earlier memories.
2/15/2015 - Eastwood Park - Eastpointe - David Syner
Richard Siegel, Can you contact me? Max Kerner son Nathan was married to my GrandAunt Edna Meltzer. google my name you will find my email address. thanks.
2/9/2015 - Beltline 3 Drive-In Theatre - Wyoming - cody seevers
The 28th street theatre was demolished in 2014. It was sad. I remember going up to the flea markets up on the lot.
2/2/2015 - Flint Park - Flint - Norma Pippin
I used to go to Flint Park to roller skate, had my own skates and case.

My brother who skated there and was an artist painted my name on the case in beautiful scrip. I think I also rode every ride out there. Was born at end of 1931, started going to Flint Park when I was about 8. We caught the bus at Saginaw & Hemphill Roads, rode all the way from there to Flint Park.

Recently I found a ticket good for 100 points at Japanese Store, Flint Park and 2 tickets from Flint Park for Candy Kiss Coupon to be redeemed at Candy Booth. At my age now I would like to see that someone who collects Flint Park artifacts have them to treasure, will mail if info emailed to me..
2/2/2015 - Four Bears Water Park - Shelby Township - Justin
Hello if anyone is interested I have a go kart from four bears waterpark for sale.
1/31/2015 - Lucon Theatre - East Lansing - Mike
I have great memories of this theater.

I went to see Star Trek IV with Lynn Ludwig, a nurse I had met on Amtrak in December 1986. Lynn came up from Rochester Hills and we spent a few days together. I was a penniless law student but managed to scrape some money together for the movie. It was a great time.

1/31/2015 - Odeon Theatre - Lansing - Mike
I went to the FrandorOdeon starting in 1988 when I was a law student. I usually went alone and enjoyed the films, many of which were foreign. I would often chat with other movie goers.
1/31/2015 - Lake Lansing Amusement Park - Lansing - ron isenhath
hello to everybody who put this waterwinterwonderland site together.

THANK YOU. went to lake lansing amusement park many times. always fun there. i have a question.

there was a man who i think made movies of some of the big picnics that were held at the park. anybody know who he was and are the movies still out there? would like to have a vhs or a dvd if possible. these movies were very cool and detailed. thanks again for everything here.

1/31/2015 - Devil's Lake Amusement Park - Manitou Beach - Michael Saparito
What happened to the White Swan Electric Tower?.
1/31/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Delaney T
I am looking for anyone who has any memorabilia from the Detroit Dragway that any one would be willing to sell to me.

My boyfriend currently works on a NHRA Top Fuel Dragster team owned by the legendary Connie Kalitta. My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I would really like to find him something from this track. We go out and drive by it all the time, thinking about how amazing it would have been to be at the races at the Detroit Dragway and think about all the legendary racers who drove down the same roads we do. Please help me with this! It would mean the absolute world to me and him as well.

you can contact me at dtepel@att. net..
1/26/2015 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Jerry
I drove the Rzadko Tire Dodge Poison Dart in mid to late 60'S. Best times we ever had at MCD.
1/25/2015 - Ramona Park - Grand Rapids - Roger Groot
Watching the Pakistani or Indian fellow ascend in the balloon on Sunday evenings and also doing the fun rides bumper cars,fun house and riding the ferry boat sure leaves lasting good memories,Also was a man who made a bet with his friends he could stay perched on the top of a flag pole in Ramona Park for 15 days and the 3rd or 4th day a severe thunder storm came and he had to be rescued by the East G. R Fire department. Seems like this was in the early 40`s.
1/23/2015 - Jackson Motor Speedway - Jackson - Russ Lanius
I have a lot of great memories there used to a model car to race it down on the banking on turn 1 and 2 at the intermission. I watched Gordy johncock number 85 and his brother number 72 I think some of the drivers were dick cherry and skeeter rocock from michawaka Indiana.
1/23/2015 - Krim Theatre - Highland Park - Mary Barson
My Uncle Bob was killed March 28th, 1948 in front of the RKO Theatre.

He was stabbed to death. He went to Catholic Central High School, and had a football scholarship to MSU. He was murdered on Easter Sunday morning. Does anyone remember this murder.

It was big news back then. I just want to know if anyone remembers my Uncle Bob. I never met him and would love to know what he was like. I hear he was a great guy, and was so handsome!! I have a picture of him, but don't know how to submit it.

Thankyou. Please e-mail me at toza37@yahoo. com.
1/21/2015 - Niles 31 Outdoor Theatre - Niles - John Brock
I rember the Outdoor Theatre my parents took me there when I was a kid in the early 80's then later on it was torn down to biuld Wicks Lumber then the building laid empty for several years after going out of buisness what a waste. The one the thing I remember that we did on a Satuerday was go to Kelly's Sportsland and in the late evening go to the Outdoor Theatre.
1/18/2015 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Terry
I went to this Dragway every Sunday and enjoy it John was the owner then I believe. I did security and loved it, at times race the track, I went out to the track on 26 mile rd last yr high grass now and miss them days,which was the good old days. I believe these kids today will never have the fun we did back in our days, Just wish I kept my 1968 Charger.
1/18/2015 - Thunder Bay Drive-In Theatre - Alpena - Callie
What year was the Alice Cooper concert and who was the 'special guest'?.
1/18/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Jason Flames

Still looking to get a photo of Butch Flames Hemicoffin 65 Dodge S/S. I tried your email several time with no luck. Give me a call if you can. 419-308-4zerozero8.

1/13/2015 - Riviera Theatre - Detroit - Michael Bolan
In October of 1969 I went to the theatre to see Joe Cocker & the Grease Band. The Grande Ballroom was not functioning for a few weeks and Russ Gibb had the British rock artist's play there. I went backstage and took some photo's of Joe & Henry McCullough as they chatted with Dave the MC who had a boa wrapped around his neck. I also recall going there a week later and seeing The Band, King Crimson, and The Kinks perform What a fantastic venue.
1/13/2015 - Flint Park - Flint - Marsha Galbraith
My mom has talked about her memories of Flint Park, so I thought I'd interview her tonight.

She is in her 100th year, just having celebrated her 99th birthday, and has an amazing memory! She lived on E. Stewart and spent a lot of time having fun at Flint Park with her family and as a young adult. Her dad used to take the large family on Hamady Days, when it was free to get in. Her sister, Genevieve (called Genny by her friends), worked at the roller rink there, selling tickets.

My mom, Eleanor, told about being there the night of the accident with the flagpole sitter. There was loud music playing. The man's wife said it was the last night they were using that pole, as it was not in good shape. It was right by the dodge 'ems.

There was absolute silence after he fell to his death. She remembers every detail of that night..
1/13/2015 - State Theatre - Wayne - Cory Jacobson
The owner of State Wayne is officially Phoenix Theatres as of September of 2014. We have installed fully reclining seats in every auditorium, increased the picture sizes in theatres 3 & 4, and fully carpeted all the auditorium floors as of Thanksgiving Day of 2014.

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