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4/25/2016 - Horizon Cinemas - Traverse City - Adam V
This theater is now, sadly closed, December 10, 2015, i was one of the last few to close the theater for the last time.
4/20/2016 - Petoskey Motor Speedway - Petoskey - Walker
How can I get ahold of Richard Moore, Junior? I have some things regarding the Petoskey Motor Speedway that he would be in seeing and commenting upon. Very interesting topic. Thanks to all.
4/20/2016 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Angela marke
My dad raced in the late 60s early 70s. His car was dago red. A ford fairlane. Sure wish someone had pics.
4/17/2016 - Jackson Motor Speedway - Jackson - Jerry Albert
Does anyone remember Bud Lynch. I believe he drove a 30s era Pontiac. His dad, Bill and my dad worked together at Norwalk Truck Lines for many years before they moved to Monroe. His son, Jim was my best friend growing up.
4/17/2016 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - w. smith
Looking for video and any lice of a car that ran in the early 70s at deatroit dragway. Carl Holbrooks 69 mustang ragtop called Instant Action car ran 10. 80s like clockwork. GREAT LOOKING CAR.
4/14/2016 - Movies at Fairlane - Dearborn - John
I worked at Fairlane Movies in the 80's with Kevin Dimitry, Dave, April Wamble, Sue White, Tom etc.

Remember the Rocky Horror nights on Friday's and Saturdays and the difficulty we had searching the suspected stoners and drunks? Remember the Tuesday dollar days- All Seats All Shows $1- and the problems it caused when all the thugs started coming in by the carload? We started finding loose bullets on the floor after the shows and security became an issue. Remember the long lines that $ days caused and the other stores trying to get the Movies to cancel them? Kevin had an original 1977 Star Wars poster in his upper level office. Yellow was the light color for #5 upstairs. That was the really big show.

To this day, working at FM was one of the best jobs I had and I met some great people. I love movies to this day and it was so fun being able to see all the movies free. Remember the long lines for Desperately Seeking Susan? Remember that Anthony Quinn art statue Irene that was on the lower level movies? Remember Olga's Kitchen next door upstairs and the A&W Creamery and Au Ban Pan? We still had to wear usher jackets back then! I also recall the movie night deals with JB Pub and the long standing cashier who used to work out on the lower level mall, she got a pension, I think her name was Dianne. The Mall was so nice back then, at Christmas they used to have to bring in the mounted police and close the roads due to the crowds.

Just a few short years later, all that business moved out to 12 Oaks. Remember having to climb the ladder Thursday nights outside on the old marquee and put up the names of the new movies in the freezing winters with all the winds? Russ and I used to have great fun doing that..
4/5/2016 - Beverly Theatre - Detroit - Ron Lee
I was a student at Mackenzie High school in the spring of 1967 and was an usher (gold jacket) at the Beverly. Jiimmy Jackson, Herman Stewart and Jessie and I, all maned the box office and refreshment counter in addition to our usher responsibilities. A great experience and the chance to see good movies like You only live twice and Born Free.
4/5/2016 - Beverly Theatre - Detroit - John
Me and my brother and friends Larry McDougal and skip Marshall used to go to the Beverly show every weekend.

We would hop the train at grand River and Joy Road and ride it down to the Beverly show. We would hop off the train play on the World War Two, Sherman tank that they had on display on grand river near the Beverly show and then go to the show on Saturdays. Great memories lots of fun until the neighborhood fell apart. Good memories.

4/5/2016 - Spartan Speedway - Mason - KEVIN ANTHONY


3/31/2016 - Allen Park 5 - Allen Park - jt
currently replacing the old seats with ones like they have at south gate with movable armrests.
3/29/2016 - US-131 Dragway - Martin - Mark Seiler
To Larry Ridley. That Nova funny car you mentioned was called BONANZA and was owned/driven by Jim Engles from South Haven. I think it was maroon in color, and I remember the name BONANZA was beautifully painted on the sides of the car in what appeared to be bamboo lettering I'd sure like to see a picture of that one.
3/24/2016 - Krim Theatre - Highland Park - Don Webb
I worked for Sol at the Krim Theater in '58.

Staff Cathy Coutour, Lois Logamasino, Donna Henderson, Mr. Rose from NY was the manager. Pet store next door and then Fish and Chips on the corner of Florence. The RKO Uptown was a theater in the next block between Florence and 6 Mile.

The bar across Woodward from the RKO was the Dew Drop Inn and the new and used car dealer across from the Krim was Snethcamp Plymouth-Dodge. There was a restaurant on the other corner of Florence named the RKO Grill…. I think. We showed And God Created Woman for nearly a year and then had the world premier of The Case of Dr.

Laurent. Also ran Gigi for many weeks. Sol did a U-turn in front of the show and got broadsided by a DSR bus. The car had to be shipped back to Italy for extensive body work.

The Rat Pack car was there for over a year. Sol spoke often of a younger brother named Lenny whom I never met..
3/22/2016 - Sunset Speedway - Port Huron - Chuck Parr
My father, Carl Parr, raced at Sunset Speedway in the mid to late 50s.

His car # was 5W20 as in motor oil and he raced with Corky Shoebottom. Our family was from St. Clair until we moved in 1960. I remember he was friends with Clare Slack from Sarnia.

I have a lot of fond memories of going to the races as a kid and sitting on the turn so I could get mud in my lap. I also remember watching my father's car disappear over the east end wall and him going upside down on the tract with cars hitting him while his car spun like a top. That was scary!! I still have my father's old yellow and blue leather helmet. I look at it from time to time and think back to those days as a child with great memories.

I have pictures but don't know how to send them..
3/22/2016 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit -
Thank you Irene Suess for having the insight to take photos of the murals inside the Mercury Theater and for posting them here. One of the first theater experiences that I remember was seeing The Ten Commandments at the Mercury Theater in the 50's. That movie, combined with those murals sure left a lasting impression on a six year old.
3/18/2016 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit - Phillip
The murals were soooooo amazing. I really miss those days so much.
3/18/2016 - East Detroit Theatre - Eastpointe - Rob Jay B
Victoria - nice write up.

I recall when the Roma Hall site was the Chesterfield Arena - burned in 1956 and it had Friday night wrestling, bingo on Sundays and parties, weddings etc. Plum Pit is still going on nearby = no more E & A drugstore, however. Go Shamrocks. RJB.

3/14/2016 - Melody Theatre - Inkster - Russell Barber
In the early `50`s this was our nearest theatre.

We lived in Romulus,Michigan across from what is now Detroit Metro Airport. We`d hop on a bus which would drop us off near the show. Saturday nights were big, because it was `screeno` night. This was a projected spinner on a screen, and if your number came up you yelled out `SCREENO`and came up on stage and collected your prize.

The parking lot would be overflowing, so cars parked in the median on Michigan Avenue. A cement company sits on that spot now..
3/14/2016 - Main Art Theatre - Royal Oak - John Krautner
In 1983, My mother took us kids to go see PSYCHO II, probably because she couldn't find a babysitter.

The Main theater at that time was just one big theater. My mother was holding my newborn baby sister which made for an awkward seating situation. The theater manager invited us up to a viewing room upstairs which was a dimly lit, bricked walled, enclosed space with a viewing window right next to the projector room. I remember green paint on the walls with a special external speaker providing the sound.

33 years later. I had a dream that reminded me of this moment. It made me wonder if that room was still there. I made a call to a friend of mine that works at the theater and was given a little tour.

The inside of the lobby has for the most part, looked the same as I remember. I was taken upstairs where the viewing room would have been only to see a long room with three updated projectors showing three films simultaneously. Then I noticed a steel shelf with parts, empty film reels, and odds and ends stacked upon it. It stood against a familiar brick wall that was now painted grey.

Behind the shelf was a painted board blocking what was likely the window through which I saw PSYCHO II as a boy. I was satisfied after I saw that, confirming my memory as clear and truthful. I was hoping to also see the original pistachio green 70's paint, however, the room was well covered with grey paint. On my way back downstairs, I noticed that the edge of one of the brick walls, was not covered by grey paint and was indeed the 70's green paint that I remember.

Its as if the painters wanted to leave a remeinder of what was. and what now remains..
3/14/2016 - Great Lakes Theatre - Detroit - Joe Panackia
Well, I came to this page to see if anyone had listed the child admission rates from the late 50's.

It seems to me that admission was. 20 cents then rose to. 25 cents around 1960. I was among the group of kids who attended the Saturday Matinee regularly.

Yes, The Blob and all of the Vincent Price horror movies, West Side Story and everything in between. We also hung out at Bill's Confectionery on the corner of Lauder and Grand River..
3/11/2016 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Steve Higgins
It's great to see the information about Manchester Speedway.

My Grandparents had a cottage at Evans Lake back in the early 1970's. We would visit Manchester Speedway on a regular basis. In my mind there are more lasting memories of Manchester than if we would have visited Daytona Speedway. How cool it was to see the welders burning in the dark.

watching the cars go over the back hill only to re-emerge at full bore. the strait exhaust pipes shooting fire out the end. firecrackers under the stands. and passing around the Boone's Farm to wash down the dust.

Well it may be gone but it will never be forgotton. Steve. Bowling Green Ohio.
3/6/2016 - Nicks 41 Speedway - Ishpeming - Larry Lawrence
The gravel pit and recently constructed ready mix plant have made it hard to tell what was what on the site.

The starting line area was on the south west end of the property and can still almost be seen from US41. I remember driving by and hearing the cars doing burnouts and seeing the tire smoke from the highway. The shutdown was on the north east end of the property down by the power line. It was short and some ended up going off the end of it.

Entry was from down by the Evergreen drive in..
3/2/2016 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - marc
Ed Carpenter, please contact me , I have your dad's Biscayne.
3/2/2016 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - marc
Can Ed Carpenter please contact me , I have your Dad' car.
3/2/2016 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Marc Chezepock
Ed Clark, please contact me, I think I have your Dad's Biscayne. mchezepock@cogeco. ca.
3/2/2016 - Lapeer Dragway - Lapeer - Marc Chezepock
Ed Carpenter, I need to talk to you. I have your Dad's 69 Biscayne. Looking for photos and history. Thanks, Marc.
3/2/2016 - Onaway Motor Speedway - Onaway - J.R. Schmid
Track will be up and running for the 2016 season UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP.

Call Gary or Lindsey Schmid for details 615-997-7812 opening nite is set for May 21st. 2016 7:00 p. m. Racetime.

2/27/2016 - Capital City Speedway - Lansing - Rod Dropping
My dad's friend, Dana Smith, was the flagman at Capitol City Speedway.

He took me and my friend, Monty Grimes under his wing when we were about 12 yrs. old. Dana (Smitty) would take us to the track with him and eventually promoted us to assistant flagmen. He had shirts made for us that matched his, and paid us fifty cents a night for helping him.

We occasionally were allowed to ride around the track in the cars with some of the drivers. We were big shots..
2/27/2016 - Gem Theatre - Beaverton - Seth Landon
my great uncles theatre is now Digital and has been purchased by new owners and is in the process of being renovated and restored to her former glory like the way my great uncle intended after years of neglect and decay.
2/27/2016 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - John Haven
Anybody remember a driver by the name of Cleo (Jerry) West from Flat Rock?.
2/27/2016 - Huron Theatre - Waterford - Alan WIELING
to Bob Lass.

The restruarnt at M-59 and Pontiac Lake rd. was named the Swan in the 60's and i rermemeber it was also called the pied piper sometime during that period. I remember coming out of the Navy and going there for fish dinners on Friday. com thanks al I was looking for photos of pied piper, frost top or Super Chief , telegrapg and dixie..

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