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11/20/2017 - Riverside Park - Saginaw - Brandon Turnbull
I bought a house last year at the end of what would be Riverside Park. The house was built in 1920 and maintained for 56 years by the previous owners I purchased it from. I'd like to learn about more history of the area as Green Point.
11/20/2017 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Clifford Schill
From what I have been told is that the present property owners that live there are not kindly to visitors. They get people there all the time and get fed up with them.
11/20/2017 - Ramona Park - Grand Rapids - Linda Bowden
How can I contact Ronnie Pierce who wrote on the Reed Lake/Ramona Park page. He was asking if there was anyone who had information about his relative Frances Haskins who was a balloon parachutist during the 40-50's. Thank you.
11/17/2017 - Warren Theatre - Detroit - Joyce Kost
I worked behind the candy counter around 1961 and Mr. Goodman was the manager. He'd scold me if I dunked the popcorn in the butter when there was no customers! Haha!! I used to bowl next door at Parkland Bowl. Lived on Rutland.
11/17/2017 - Crown Theatre - Marne - Jim Reid
I found some old tickets from theatre paper tickets price on them waS 40 CENTS ADULT 9 CENTS FOR KIDS PLUS TAX ALSO A MOVIE POSTER FROM 1953 FROM THEATRE CALL ME AT 1586 2196918 I LIVE IN CENTERLINE MI 48015 GREAT FIND.
11/17/2017 - Caruso Theatre - Dowagiac - Antonio Caruso Jr.
the Caruso theater was built and owned by Paul Caruso in 1946 and run by him until it was distroyed by a fire. Paul was my brother.
11/2/2017 - Jefferson Beach - St. Clair Shores - Michael Dubey
I lived on Downing street, right accross Jefferson Ave.

from Jefferson Beach. In 1954, I was only 4 years old when I first became aware of Jefferson Beach, because, in the summertime, I could hear the screams from people on the rolly coaster through my bedroom window at night. I was eight years old when it closed. My first memory of Jefferson Beach was being with my older cousins, and them trying to talk me into going in the Fun House.

I chickened out on several occasions, before I finally climbed into one of those cars on the track that banged open those tinny metal doors that opened up into the darkness that scared the hell out of me at 6 or 7 years old. I can't quite remember what was in there, but I felt empowered afterwards for overcoming a fear. Actually, it was a pretty lame fu house. One summer afternoon, my father treated my little brother and I to a couple of hours at the park.

I remember my dad asking my brother and I to stand and wait near this screen door that he entered. I believe it was a small beer and hot dog stand that was part of the ballroom. He came out minutes later with this huge dixie cup full of beer. I could smell it.

He must have knocked it down pretty quick, because I don't remember him having it in his hand while we walked over to the rolly coaster. When we arrived, my father asked me if I wanted to ride it with him. This rolly coaster seemed large, looming, and dangerous. And again, I chickened out.

So for some reason, he scooped my little brother into his arms and carried him into one of the cars. When the ride was over. My brother was as white as a ghost. He looked a little bit traumitised.

Maybe it was a lapse in judgement on my fathers part, caused by the quick consumption of the beer, I don't know, but that day really sticks in my memory. Years later, after the park closed, my mother told me that the residents of St. Clair Shores began to complain to the city about the trashy people the park allegedly attracted, which contributed, along with the 1955 fire, to it's closure. There are numerous urban legends surrounding Jefferson Beach: like the one about the woman who lost her head when she stood up in the car while riding the coaster.

This one was repeated endlessly among the kids in our neighborhood. Anyone know if anything like that actually happened. ? I could go on forever about strange things that happened in the park, especially, after it was abandoned. Some of it is not fit for this venue But for the most part, my memories of the fire works on the 4rth of July, the enticing lights, the laughter and screams, coming from the park in the summer, invokes fond childhood memories.

11/2/2017 - Showcase Cinemas Pontiac 6-12 - Bloomfield Hills - Jeff Lacey
The Target store is actually where Pontiac 1-5 stood. 6-12 is a car dealership.
10/24/2017 - Onondaga Dragway - Onondaga - Ron Davis
Does anyone remember my dad racing there on Sundays? His name was Little Dicky Davis and he ran a 63 Plymouth Sport Fury with a 383 and sometimes forgot to put that push button crap back into drive before the green light.

Went backwards a couple of times before he figured out a Torqflight. Said that he did fairly well out there until the Ramchargers came out there with their hemis. His name is Richard Davis from Ann Arbor. Thanks for any help.

10/24/2017 - Westown Theatre - Detroit - Tom E
To Loretta A, My friends dad managed the Westown in the early 60’s Mr. Lon Johnson His son Lon Jr. said hello.
10/24/2017 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - George Foehringer
Motor City Dragway sign on east bound direction of 26 Mile Road near Gratiot Avenue In 1976, when we would drive from Rochester MI to Motor City Dragway, we would take 26 Mile Road.

On the south side of the road, somewhere around Gratiot (I think), we would pass a wooden sign advertising the drag strip. I think it showed a drawing of two rails racing horizontally across the sign. It was set off the side of the road in front of a bunch of trees. It measured maybe 5' x 10'.

Does anyone have a picture of the sign or know of its origin or demise? Ah, such great memories of history gone by!..
10/18/2017 - Dixie Motor Speedway - Birch Run - Randy Adam

new owner in 2017. Ran a limited schedule, but big plans for 2018. Place is being upgraded with all kinds of family friendly thoughts in mind. Patio picnic table area with umbrellas, all paved walking areas (easy for wheelchair access).

A full size race car simulator for fans and a lot more things to come. They have a new website as well..
10/14/2017 - Strand Theatre - Caro - Karen Peruski
Updated interior and fully digital now with larger screen. Love the prices versus the city theaters. New releases shown and a great family venue. Also a historic treasure for our town.
10/14/2017 - Grattan Raceway - Belding - dave eager
Did anyone see my clutch pay me a rather violent visit in my primer 66 chevelle this was about 1976. It b cool to have a pic of that.
10/10/2017 - Pleasure Island Water Park - Norton Shores - Brian L
I remember pleasure Island I remember the two speed slides that was right between the two Corkscrew slides and the mini golf course that was on the shore of the lake but I don't remember what lake it was LOL I remember the black hole it was the newest addition to the theme park at the time.

I was just a kid, went there a couple times one time as a field trip I think with the boy scout troop in once with my family. This was in the 80s and I remember Boblo Island as well it's sad that these theme parks dissolved. I even have the Kodak pictures of myself as a are young child mean my family at these great theme parks. Many fond memories.

10/3/2017 - Great Lakes Theatre - Detroit - Eric Ziegler
Grew up on Coyle between Grand River and Lyndon in mid to late 50s.

Burns School. Saturday matinee at the Great Lakes (a beautiful building) was 12 cents for two full length movies, six cartoons and a seriel episode. Adult admission was 70 cents. Movies changed after Saturday nite show with new ones on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon was 20 cents for kids. But only one cartoon and no serial adventure. We brought our candy in from United Pharmacy on the corner of Terry, Gergans Market next door or Bills on Lauder. And yes, we snuck into the balcony, got caught and sent downstairs but never got booted.

The older kids smoked in the boys bathroom and it always smelled not too god. Those were the days, huh..
9/24/2017 - Milan Dragway - Milan - Nicole DeLano
I attended the first ever legal drag race in Detroit last night. We are so excited to get more attention toward a very exciting motor sport. I think perfecting the safety points is key to expanding an exciting world of drag.
9/24/2017 - Flint Park - Flint - John Oviatt
Yes, Troy Winter, you are a bit confused but it was quite a few years ago that we often walked through Forest Park (aka Dewey Woods) to get to Flint Park. Walking through Dewey Woods is not recommended these days.
9/18/2017 - Onondaga Dragway - Onondaga - ron isenhath
is there a gary long memorial drag meet this saturday september 23 at the track? thanks.
9/13/2017 - Caruso Theatre - Dowagiac - Jami Chavez
That building is now a dance studio, also the building that Century Theatre was in is now a gym called Fit Stop which is where I currently work. I have been trying to get more info on the building and what was inside it. If you have any photos or info I would really like to see them.
9/13/2017 - Washington Theatre - Royal Oak - Paul Tamm
The Washington marquee and lobby are gone, but the theatre is still there. Instead of movies, the Stagecrafters acting group performs there. It's now called the Baldwin Theatre.
9/13/2017 - Almont Theatre - Almont - Pat
Something is going on with the building because they have been working on it inside and out for a few months now. Can't wait to see the results.
9/13/2017 - Commerce Drive-In Theatre - Commerce - Jeff F.
The sign has recently been refurbished and looks wonderful.
9/2/2017 - Denniston Cinemas - Monroe - Dennis Barger
Hey guys, love the site.

I just bought the Dennison 3 plex in July. We are going to bring most of it back to life. Uncovered a treasure trove of theater records, blue prints, manuals everything down to the tile choices that eventually became the burnt red used in the theater. amazing stuff, fulfilling a life long dream of owning a theater.

I will post as many pictures as I can along the restoration. If anyone knows how to get ahold of Joe Sterling the last owner please give him our info, wed love to talk to him. Thanks xanadutheater. com.

8/20/2017 - Trenton Theatre - Trenton - Debra Jackson
The Theatre has been renovated and is a very active performance theatre.

It is NOT closed. The photo you post is the OLD photo, although the new updated photo is in previous comments. The theatre seats 355. It is home to Downriver Youth Performing Arts Center, a youth theatre group working with ages 5-19, whose goal is the positive development of young people through experiences in the arts.

We also have a summer program, workshops, and host entertainment and other civic activities! To date, over $500,000 has been invested in the theatre via the support and encouragement of generous community, individual, and civic funding. It i available for rental and even hosts a couple of weddings per year!..
8/20/2017 - Showcase Cinemas Pontiac 6-12 - Bloomfield Hills - Kevin Wilburn
A Target with underground parking is now in its place.
8/20/2017 - Liberty Amusement Park - Battle Creek - Jim Mace
the picture labeled Pavilion (I think it's the 6th one down) and the last picture, are of Willard Beach, a part of the city-owned Willard Park at the southeast part of the Lake. The Liberty Amusement Park was at the northeast part of the lake. Great collection.
8/20/2017 - Onondaga Dragway - Onondaga - Ed
Just a update on Onondaga Dragway, it is open for operation now.

The court ruled in favor of the track owners last week. Racing starts this Saturday, August 12th, gates open at 8am, racing starts at 9am. Of course weather permitting. $35 to race, $10 to spectate, kids 10 and under are free.

8/8/2017 - Hillman Theatre - Hillman - Walter Lutz
Oh! the Great memories of Hillman,Mi.

My grandfather Hazel Totten owned the Theatre,Bowling Alley and the restraunt. He also owned the High Way Inn Bar. Wes Benac and my grandfather also owned the Thunder Bay Drive In Theatre between Hillman and Alpena. I use to wash the cars windows for extra money when they came to enter the Drive in.

Fished the Flood Waters with my grandfather. My grandfather live down the street from the dairy queen. Just behind the Slattery's (Giles,Sheila and Kevin) house. After my grandfather retired in 1964 from all of his businesses he and my grand mother moved to Sarasota,Fl.

He passed away there about a year or so after they had moved. My grand father will never be forgotten. He was my hero and my idle. They had two daughters - Nancy and Mary Ann.

Mary Ann passed away years ago. My mother Nancy is still living in Florida. She will be 93 in Sept.
8/8/2017 - Farmington 4 Cinemas - Farmington - Kenneth D. Barnard, Jr.
The Farmington 4 Cinemas was owned by the Krim Brothers.

Their corporation name was Krim Enterprises Inc. I used to work on and take care of their cars during the mid 70's. Sol Krim was a great guy whom I mostly interacted with. The other two brothers were good people too, Leonard and Mac.

They had another brother out in California who was a well-known Hollywood producer and also went by the nickname Mac Krim who had dated extensively Kim Novak in the mid 50's. I never figured out why the youngest brother always went by his older brother's nick name Mac? All the brothers used to also own and started out with Krim Theater on Woodward Ave. in the 1940's in Highland Park (enclave city in Detroit).

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