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My father Jerry Landon won a feature indoors with his NAMRA Mini Champ.
RedBud Speedway
Who owns the property and are we allowed to walk it
Location found at 43.28616306602655, -83.5335071838627. Not sure how to submit an aerial view of the location
I visited the Ford this past July.

They’ve made a lot of nifty upgrades. They’ve gone to total digital projection in a number of theaters. According to an employee, they don’t even use the only projection booth for the main tower, rather a new booth a bit closer to the screen. They apparently started charging by the carload recently and have a new digital marquee up front.

The woman in the concession stand mentioned the original owner, Charles, passed away about a year ago. Another woman I talked to couldn’t tell me the name of the new company who purchased the place, but it was planning on remaining open into the immediate future..with upgrades to come. Things have really changed there.

They now keep constant care in the lot and bathrooms and only allow radio sounds with the option of logging onto the internet. Plus they go between double features and single showings depending on the popularity of the movie. The lines were crazy when I went. Wrapped all the way around the block onto Wyoming.

Still a really good time & nice to see a business survive the pandemic if not thrive!!.
This is the same theater. The small window at the top is still there under the sign. It is still being used for community theater by the Stage Door Players.
opened on March 14th, 1928. Grand opening ad at http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/38848/photos/360351
This building was purchased by a local couple in 2019. They are currently raising funds with the goal of renovating this theater and reopening it as a second run theater and retro 80's video arcade. More information can be found at https://www.theoldmichigan.com/
Palace Theatre, on Monroe Street between Randolph Street and Farmer Street. Opened on February 16, 1914 as a Vaudeville Theatre, during its years of operation it screened silent movies. The Palace Theatre closed in 1928, now demolished. I’ll send you some pics to your email
Does anyone have a pic of Salvettas Screamin Dago Mustang? If so could you post or reach out so I can obtain one?Chuck
Ramona Park was the venue for the very first professional appearance of performer Groucho Marx.
This theatre will re-open as Phoenix Theatres Woodland in early 2022. The new theatre will feature 100 percent heated reclining seats and the first theatre in West Michigan to feature DOLBY ATMOS in 4 auditoriums.
Hi my family use to own the driven back in the early 60.

We had a 3 way partner ship it was Frank Budjanec , Tom Budjanec and Paul affiltranger . My dad tom Budjanec was running the ambridge theater .owned by warrior brothers. I remember my brother and I loved to go out their on the weekends we use to love to go on the songs until the movie started .

and I love to smell the popcorn in the stand . The driven was really out in the country and had a hard time getting people out there . Some time .my dad and I later built the ambridge theater .

after the big theater got torn down .and dad took the neion letters from the blue sky driven market to make the ambridge theater sign . I really miss that driven . I remember always fixing all the speakers All the time .

people wood take them. Good old times.
One of the neon REFRESHMENT signs and IN neon signs were purchased & restored by Starlite DI in Grand Bend, Ontario. You can see that FULLY RESTORED RED refreshment inside the snack bar in 2021.
Do any of you diehard Zilwaukee speedway know what happened to Buck Malone, Dewey Rathmond and any of the other "hot shoes" that raced there? Any action photos or any other photos that are not posted already? Are the previous owners still alive or does anyone remember my father who did work for them later in life?
I saw Davy Crockett movies & the Beatles Hard Day's Night at the Capitol.

My parents operated a photography studio just down Michigan Avenue. Spent a lot of time at the Ritzee Hamburger place next door. The Mall on Michigan Avenue ruined downtown in 65-66 or so. Those were the days.

I'll never forget this place.

I just loved the supermodifieds that ran there in the early 60s. The Gordon & Nelson Johncock, Nelson Ward, Jimmy Nelson, Ralph Donaldson, Johnny Logan to name a few. I loved trying to walk on the high banks in turns 1 & 2. I have driven down Parnell Rd.

several times but have never gotten out of the car to look. I can remember going to the popcorn stand on Michigan Ave. after the races on Saturday night. I miss those days and Jackson of the 60s so much.

Never attended a stock car race there, only the supers.
In retrospect, the Americana had a sort of 60s feel in 1977 when I saw Star Wars there after waiting a long time for tickets.

It was a huge event, in the main auditorium. I remember the parking lot being packed. Exciting.Later, the place had gone to seed when I saw Rocky IV at a midnight showing.

1985 I think. It had snowed and my friend, driving, did an accidental 360 on an icy, empty Greenfield afterward. .
NMD wraps up 2021 season this weekendContact: Brian Ledford 231.

218.26579/23/2021FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEKaleva-Northern Michigan Dragway's racing community came together last weekend for the first of two championship race weekends. The generous crowd raised approximately $2,500 to provide much needed funds for the family of Emily Orth, a 16 year-old racer from Traverse City who is recovering from a stroke. Orth is currently at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids for several weeks.

Many racers displayed words of encouragement, such as "Emily Strong" or "Racing for Emily." The Authentic 231 Rider Class final points night came down to a final round thriller to decide the championship. Points leader Gordie Bosack of Marion made an outstanding effort to keep his lead, but bowed out in the semi finals with a foul start on his Ski-Doo Mach Z. The final round battle was between the Arctic Cat F7 of Rockford's Thom Rosely and Springdale racer Chris Hardesty on a Buell X-1 motorcycle.

Hardesty needed a win to claim a tie, and force a run-off with Bosack. Rosely had suffered mechanical issues with his own snowmobile at the beginning of the night, but switched to his son's, the same make and model, prior to round 1 of the race. Rosely could claim the championship outright with a win in the finale. Both racers left with green lights, and Rosely used a reaction time advantage to take a come-from behind win in the 5th-round final and claim the class event and season championship.

More season championships continue this weekend. Friday night will feature Thirlby Automotive Street Nights, with time trials at 5pm, and eliminations at 7pm. Two championship races are still undecided in the Street Nights series. The Performance Paint High School class is led by Bellaire's Dominic Dyer and followed closely by Patrick Boris of East Jordan.

Robbie Kesling of Ludington still holds an outside chance in that points chase. The Chicks on Slicks class will also be decided, with Bear Lake's Mel Wade holding a slim lead over Onekama's Jazline Bredbanner. Saturday's TNT Specialized Transport Points event is the always-exciting season championship. Corey Mikus of Bear Lake clinched his 3rd championship in the Pro Systems Bracket I class with his $1,200 win last week.

In Hlavka H&C Bracket II, Dale Mardlin of Kaleva opened up a 49-point lead in the class last week, with a runner-up finish, passing last week's leader Travis Mardlin. In order for Travis to regain his lead, he would need an early exit by the leader, coupled with a 7th round or better finish himself. SK Customs Pro Trophy is also decided, with David Evans clinching his fifth-straight championship. However a strong battle for second is in store, with Ty MacNeill of Lincoln deadlocked with Manistee's Martin Moore.

Thirlby Advanced Juniors was claimed for the third-straight season by Manton's John Root, with his win last weekend. ModuGo Mini Juniors has a 14-point difference between new points leader, Hannah Moore of Cadillac, and Free Soil's Jesse Persinger. Both are in the running for the championship. Saturday time trials start at 1pm, with eliminations scheduled for 4pm.

Northern Michigan Dragway is located 3 miles north of Kaleva at 13991 Potter Road. For further information, visit NMD's social media pages or NorthernMichiganDragway.com.attached photo: A special tribute pass was made during last Saturday's event at NMD.

Emily Orth's purple Mustang was driven by her brother Devin Orth of Traverse City, while Dan Snyder of Houghton Lake drove Devin's car. Points Standings Top 10 each classPro Systems Bracket I1 Corey Mikus, Bear Lake, Chevy Camaro, 4302 Travis Mardlin, Kaleva, Chevy S-10, 3093 Chris Gee, Bear Lake, Ford Mustang, 2674 Tom Whitaker, Muskegon, Chevy Camaro, 2545 Mark Daniels, South Boardman, Pontiac Firebird, 2496 Scott Eriksen, East Jordan, Chevy Camaro, 2297 Patrick Boris, East Jordan, Dragster, 2088 Steve Mikus, Ashley, Chevy Nova, 2079 Eric Johnson, Onekama, Chevy II, 19310 Bud Roof, East Jordan, Dragster, 190 Hlavka Heating & Cooling Bracket II1 Dale Mardlin, Kaleva, Ford Falcon, 4902 Travis Mardlin, Kaleva, Chevy S-10, 4413 David Evans, Benzonia, Chevy Monte Carlo, 4084 Scott Eriksen, East Jordan, Chevy Camaro, 3605 Al McChesney, Kaleva, Plymouth Belvedere, 3566 Kyle Kidder, Benzonia, Chevy Camaro, 2777 Dan Snyder, Houghton Lake, Altered, 2738 Andrew Heinig, Traverse City, Plymouth Barracuda, 2459 Bob Vandewater, Cadillac, Dodge Challenger, 24310 Donnie Heinzer III, Manistee, Chevy Camaro, 220S.K. Customs Pro Trophy1 David Evans, Benzonia, Chevy Monte Carlo, 6992 Martin Moore, Manistee, Chevy Nova, 446tie Ty MacNeill, Lincoln, Chevy Monte Carlo, 4464 Parker Cesaro, East Jordan, Chevy S-10, 4045 Dustin Cesaro, Kalkaska, Chevy S-10, 3826 Bill Moody, Bear Lake, Ford Mustang, 3467 Jim Bacon, Luther, Chevy Nova, 3458 Jim Evans, Benzonia, Buick Skylark, 301tie Nathan Cebula, Bear Lake, Ford Mustang, 30110 Gary Wood, Manistee, AMC Spirit, 285Thirlby Automotive Advanced Juniors1 John Root, Manton, 5092 Leah Helsel, Manton, 4303 Hunter Cesaro, East Jordan, 2344 Toby Helsel, Manton, 2325 Carley Guerne, Bear Lake, 2186 Hunter Sanford, Ludington, 1997 Cheyenne Martin, Manistee, 1538 Lexie Sanford, Ludington, 1329 Damian Snow, Brethren, 12010 Ean Guenthardt, Manistee, 118ModuGo Mini Juniors1 Hannah Moore, Cadillac, 3912 Jesse Persinger, Free Soil, 3773 Knox Schmidt-Stoykovich, Kaleva, 3344 Tyler Thompson, Grawn, 3195 Ava Cebula, Bear Lake, 2386 Ann Cerka, Free Soil, 2187 Wyatt Martin, Manistee, 1738 Emmett Omar, Bear Lake, 1509 Nevaeh Adams, Kaleva, 13210 Eli Omar, Bear Lake, 102Performance Paint High School1 Dominic Dyer, Bellaire, Pontiac Firebird, 772 Patrick Boris, East Jordan, GMC Terrain, 713 Robbie Kesling, Ludington, Ford Mustang, 444 Chase Clark, Central Lake, Dodge Ram, 385 Gannon Dougherty, Honor, Ford Crown Victoria, 316 Madelyn Ledford, Bear Lake, Jeep Cherokee, 177 Dakota Sutter, Chesaning, Ford Mustang, 168 Sean Lamb, Pickford, Pontiac Trans Am, 109 Alexis Rosenburg, Kalkaska, Ford F-150, 6tie Brennan Tallquist, Rothbury, Subaru Legacy, 6Chicks on Slicks1 Mel Wade, Bear Lake, Chevy Monte Carlo, 1552 Jazline Bredbanner, Onekama, Ford Ranger, 1463 Angela Freeman, Kaleva, Chevy S-10, 924 Kim Crawford, Kingsley, Chevy Camaro, 835 Darci Simpson, Free Soil, Chevy S-10, 716 Pam Snyder, Houghton Lake, Chevy El Camino, 707 Kristina Mardlin, Bear Lake, Chevy S-10, 618 Leanna Sorensen, Kaleva, Chevy S-10, 60tie Kalia Wiederhold, Grawn, Chevy S-10, 6010 Rebecca McNinch, Beulah, Chevy Nova, 56 Authentic 231 Rider season completedChamp Thom Rosely, Rockford, Arctic Cat F7, 1372 Gordy Bosack, Marion, Ski Doo Mach Z, 1273 Chris Hardesty, Springdale, Buell X-1, 1164 Jeremy Krueger, Wellston, Arctic Cat Thundercat, 935 Scott Bosack, Cadillac, Yamaha, 796 Danniel Dean, Kaleva, Harley Sportster, 577 Travis Mardlin, Kaleva, Jonway, 528 Tyler Fisher, Benton Harbor, Suzuki, 489 Thommy Rosely, Rockford, Arctic Cat F7, 4710 Dan Marcinkowski, Kaleva, Harley Fat Boy, 40Grand Rapids Machine Repair Top Doorslammer (season completed)Champ Dru Williams, Manton, Chevy Nova, 1152 Sean Nagy, Houghton Lake, Ford Mustang, 973 Ron Brow, Belmont, Chevy II, 914 Brad Rentsman, Stanton, Chevy Malibu, 665 Tim Heiges, Traverse City, Chevy Corvette, 416 Mark Daniels, South Boardman, Pontiac Firebird, 377 Bill Bruske, Glen Arbor, Chevy II, 368 Justin LaRocque, Essexville, Ford Mustang, 31tie Bill Heiges, Honor, Chevy Roadster, 3110 Jason Helsel, Manton, Chevy II, 26Brian & Rebecca LedfordNorthernMichiganDragway.

comTrack Manager & Promotions(231)218-2657 (231)429-4411.
I am the son of the owner (Joseph Ellul Sr) of the Family/Follies Theater.

I was the Manager during the change in the name as well the Builder of the Stage for the New direction of the movie theater to Burlesque. My Father Joseph Ellul Was an Immigrant from the Island of Malta. He came to the USA very young, Alone. Found his way to Detroit and worked at Auto Plants as many hard working new Americans did.

He also owned and operated the Colony Theater and Empress Theater in Detroit, Later Buying out the partners of the Mount Clements Drive-In Theater as well in the early 60's.I do have some other photos that I will retrieve for you.Regards, James (Jimi) Ellul.
Summer of 1970, racing my 40 Ford at Motor City Drag Strip. Partner of the Mt Clemens Drive-In Theater.Photos will be sent email, Thank you
I use to drive by this place alot.

I saw a sign on the ticket booth that I thought was cool. I found the owner of the property and bought it. It's a hand painted sign that has the admission price and rules. I would be happy to send you a picture of it.

I have it im my gameroom.Ken S.
Cinemark now sits on the property.
I believe the 43 blue Dodge was Bob Merrifield in a Chrysler kit car. just fyi
The track is still active. Saturday night racing for 2021Limited Late models, open/limited modified, ABC stock cars, 4 cylinders, mini wedges and karts. Open tire rule for all classes except kart and wedges.August 14, Full show plus bonfire August 28, Full show plus Enduro race and bonfireSeptember 4, Full show and trailer races/night of destruction and bonfire.
The Flynn Theatre offices are now housing the Coastline Children's Film Festival and the Michigan office of Ann Krsul Architecture. The visual artist still has his studio space in the main theater area.
I just purchase a set of Drive in speakers that said "Ionia, Mi. DRIVE IN THEATER! The seller was from Arizona and thought it was LONIA, MI. Lol I plan to full restore these.
There is a short article about the new Booker T Theatre on page 48 of the Modern Theatre section of Boxoffice, issue of March 4, 1950. Architect Ted Rogvoy drew the plans for the conversion of a former garage into a 1000 seat theater including a stage for live performances. It was the first new theater intended to serve black audiences to be opened in Detroit in a dozen years.
My boyfriend and I stumbled across your page while on our quest for old theaters.

We visited the Gaylord Theater and made it a mission to try and find which building was the Old Star Theater. We were pretty confident we had located the building based on the exterior structures. We went in and talked to the owner of the current building but she wasn’t aware of it ever being a theater and only of it at one point being an insurance agency. The building still has the original hardwood floors, as well as the original wall.

After leaving there we began our internet search and were able to find an old postcard on the county historical site advertising a running of the movie “The Mark of Zorro”. Based on the info from that I knew the theater was open for sure in 1924. Then was able to google Gaylord businesses in the 1920’s and stumbled across the information I needed to know it was open in the 20’s and 30’s, and with photos from the historical society we can conclude it was closed by the 40’s. The address of where the theater once was is 240 W Main Street, Gaylord.

We are going to email all the photos we have to you. Thanks for such a great site. We’ve been visiting old theaters from Calumet down the UP and wish we would have discovered this site before then. We have some other photos and information on other theaters if you are interested in them.

Such a shame that the drive in was replaced by a shopping center that didn't even last long. The place is almost completely vacant now except the current cinema somehow is still active. The target, toys r us and everything else closed.
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