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1/23/2015 - Jackson Motor Speedway - Jackson - Russ Lanius
I have a lot of great memories there used to a model car to race it down on the banking on turn 1 and 2 at the intermission. I watched Gordy johncock number 85 and his brother number 72 I think some of the drivers were dick cherry and skeeter rocock from michawaka Indiana.
1/23/2015 - Krim Theatre - Highland Park - Mary Barson
My Uncle Bob was killed March 28th, 1948 in front of the RKO Theatre.

He was stabbed to death. He went to Catholic Central High School, and had a football scholarship to MSU. He was murdered on Easter Sunday morning. Does anyone remember this murder.

It was big news back then. I just want to know if anyone remembers my Uncle Bob. I never met him and would love to know what he was like. I hear he was a great guy, and was so handsome!! I have a picture of him, but don't know how to submit it.

Thankyou. Please e-mail me at toza37@yahoo. com.
1/21/2015 - Niles 31 Outdoor Theatre - Niles - John Brock
I rember the Outdoor Theatre my parents took me there when I was a kid in the early 80's then later on it was torn down to biuld Wicks Lumber then the building laid empty for several years after going out of buisness what a waste. The one the thing I remember that we did on a Satuerday was go to Kelly's Sportsland and in the late evening go to the Outdoor Theatre.
1/18/2015 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Terry
I went to this Dragway every Sunday and enjoy it John was the owner then I believe. I did security and loved it, at times race the track, I went out to the track on 26 mile rd last yr high grass now and miss them days,which was the good old days. I believe these kids today will never have the fun we did back in our days, Just wish I kept my 1968 Charger.
1/18/2015 - Thunder Bay Drive-In Theatre - Alpena - Callie
What year was the Alice Cooper concert and who was the 'special guest'?.
1/18/2015 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Jason Flames

Still looking to get a photo of Butch Flames Hemicoffin 65 Dodge S/S. I tried your email several time with no luck. Give me a call if you can. 419-308-4zerozero8.

1/13/2015 - Riviera Theatre - Detroit - Michael Bolan
In October of 1969 I went to the theatre to see Joe Cocker & the Grease Band. The Grande Ballroom was not functioning for a few weeks and Russ Gibb had the British rock artist's play there. I went backstage and took some photo's of Joe & Henry McCullough as they chatted with Dave the MC who had a boa wrapped around his neck. I also recall going there a week later and seeing The Band, King Crimson, and The Kinks perform What a fantastic venue.
1/13/2015 - Flint Park - Flint - Marsha Galbraith
My mom has talked about her memories of Flint Park, so I thought I'd interview her tonight.

She is in her 100th year, just having celebrated her 99th birthday, and has an amazing memory! She lived on E. Stewart and spent a lot of time having fun at Flint Park with her family and as a young adult. Her dad used to take the large family on Hamady Days, when it was free to get in. Her sister, Genevieve (called Genny by her friends), worked at the roller rink there, selling tickets.

My mom, Eleanor, told about being there the night of the accident with the flagpole sitter. There was loud music playing. The man's wife said it was the last night they were using that pole, as it was not in good shape. It was right by the dodge 'ems.

There was absolute silence after he fell to his death. She remembers every detail of that night..
1/13/2015 - State Theatre - Wayne - Cory Jacobson
The owner of State Wayne is officially Phoenix Theatres as of September of 2014. We have installed fully reclining seats in every auditorium, increased the picture sizes in theatres 3 & 4, and fully carpeted all the auditorium floors as of Thanksgiving Day of 2014.
1/10/2015 - Eagle Opera House - Marshall - Zane DeGraw
The image you have posted for the Eagle Opera House in Marshall, Michigan is not actually the opera house. The opera is located further west along Michigan Ave. The building shown in your picture houses the original Masonic Temple in Marshall before a newer one was constructed south of the location on Green St.
1/9/2015 - Eastwood Park - Eastpointe - Keith
I'm looking for information about a restaurant that was in business in the late 1940's located on the corner of Gratiot and Eight Mile.

It was called The Three Sisters. It was owned by Agnes, Lolly, and Cecil Salter. My father worked there after coming home from the war. The three owners were his aunts.

I'd like to see pictures or any information someone might have..
1/7/2015 - Cameo Theatre - Detroit - conrad t nagel
Used to go to the Cameo Theatre during WW II on Saturdays. Saw many neat movies there until Oct. 1946 when my folks moved out to west coast. Went to Courville school kindergarten thru fifth grade.
1/4/2015 - Booth Theatre - Detroit - Sharon M. Cox
I am doing research on the Detroit that I grew up in.

I lived a block and a half from the theatre and I went there often (because my mom preferred to go to see movies instead of staying home and watching soap operas). While I don't mean any disrespect to the family, I am trying to confirm whether the closing of the theatre had anything to do with a murder? I have a vague memory of a story circulating back in '62 but I was just a kid. I tried contacting the the local newspapers' archives but they do not provide info on events that occurred during the 1950's-1960's. Does anyone have any info on the Booth Theatre's closing (before it became a boat store)? Thank you.

1/1/2015 - Flat Rock Speedway - Flat Rock - Mary Coughlin (Flor)
Looking for old VCR tapes from 1978 thru 1987 when I raced #37. Would love to copy If anyone has any or knows where I can find them would greatly Appreciate it. Want to show my Grandaughter. Thanks.
1/1/2015 - King Animaland Park - Richmond - Bob Revard
I worked there in the summer of 1972.

I was kind of under Auggie's control most of the time. He and I got along pretty good, so he let me do a lot of things the other guy's didn't get to do. I did a lot with Queenie, putting her through her routine everyday to get ready for the 2:00 circus act. I also had two dogs to keep trained.

A white poodle named Puff-Puff, and a black poodle named Tashmo. They all knew their tricks, so we just had to keep them ready. I remember a time when Auggie and I were trimming Queenie's toenails and Auggie cut in too deep and blood started squirting out and Queenie went a little nuts. I had to try and hold her down with the training hook cane hooked over her ear! I have a lot of pictures of when I worked there, with of all the rides and of Queenie.

Someday I'll try to copy them and download them here to show what it was like in 1972! Oh yea, there was a lot of partying back in the picnic area every weekend!!!..
1/1/2015 - East Detroit Theatre - Eastpointe - Joan
During my high school years in the early sixties I worked at the East Detroit Theater. The manager had two sons that also worked with me. They were all so nice to work with. I can still smell the popcorn.
12/29/2014 - Huron Theatre - Waterford - Joe M.
I lived on the street right behind it, Myrtle, and remember the Huron Theater well.

Everybody just called it the Huron. When we were kids, we would make a run up there to get a free bag of popcorn at Halloween, and I went to many saturday afternoon matinees to see the goofy kids movies that Disney made in the seventies. I actually worked there in my high school years, in the early 80's,and gave people as much butter as they wanted on their popcorn. Changing the letters on the marquis involved standing on a ladder with traffic zooming by on M-59.

There was a standing area behind the seats, and the bathrooms were there, so you didn't have to leave the viewing area for long. There was a cry room upstairs, right next to the projector room, and there was a wooden stage in front of the screen. I remember the night the Huron burned down, because the fire was so bright it lit up the window shades of our house. When we lifted the shades, we could see the flames shooting out of the roof.

I walked up there to watch. It was a bitterly cold night, and they had a hard time fighting the fire because their equipment kept freezing. They demolished the building soon after that.
12/29/2014 - Beverly Theatre - Detroit - Alan Sibley
My grandfather was the manager there for a while before it closed up. I worked as an usher for a while when the beach party movies played there. I stood next to one of the girls from the movies when they came there and I also got to ride in the Chrysler turbine car when it was brought there for a movie it was in.
12/29/2014 - Cadillac Drive-In Theatre - Cadillac - Steven Schaffer
I remember going to this theater as a young child.

I seen The Last Starfighter, My Science Project Psycho II, Bad boys with Sean Penn and many other movies. I lived at Leeson court at the time in Cadillac. I wish it was still open. I have many memories of this place with family and friends and the movies I had seen there.

I still miss this drive-in and always will..
12/29/2014 - Brighton Cinemas 9 - Brighton - Sarah Schumm
I used to work at the Howell Theatre and the staff actually used to go to the Brighton Cinema 9 for a late show after we closed the Howell Theatre because we only had one screen and they would have first runs. Kind of ironic that the Howell Theatre is still around.
12/29/2014 - Wonderland Amusement Park - Southgate - Tom Hempel
I see a person below asking about metal detecting at the site.

Unfortunately there is a car dealer at the location and the entire area is paved over. So metal detecting would be impossible. But if it were possible I am sure you could find some very interesting stuff there. I should also note that right next door to the park on Trenton road to the north was a driving range and a miniature golf course called The Putt, Putt right where the high rise bank is located.

We spent a lot of time at both the amusement park and the Putt Putt when we were kids back in the 60's. Across Fort St on the south east side was EJ Korvettes, Mc Corys and Chattams Grocery. ( excuse the spelling please, It's been 40+ years).
12/29/2014 - Wonderland Amusement Park - Southgate - Tom Hempel
I remember this amusement park fondly.

I lived a half a mile away on Huntington and the owner Sam lived across the street from us. I read one of the comments from 2013 below that stated the roller coaster was sold to Cedar Point, it's now called the Blue Streak. I am sure when the person that posted that was a child it may have looked big. But just to make sure everyone hear is clear.

This amusement park was like a year round carnival. I can assure you the roller coaster was not even 1/20th the size of the Blue Streak. It was a kiddie ride. Sam also owned the party store across the street at the corner of Fort and Pennsylvania.

It was called the Minute Market..
12/26/2014 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - George Bozynski
Looking for any pictures of a 1968 Chevy Nova SS from 1968-1972. Teal blue with a black vinyl top.
12/26/2014 - Great Lakes Theatre - Detroit - Ginger OConnell
I use to live on Starthmoor bet.

Eaton and Lyndon in the 60's and 1970. We moved in 1971. I use to go to the Great lakes Saturday Mat. w/ friends.

Lots of fun. I think of the old neighborhood fondly. and Great Lakes comes to mind as good times. I went to Burns, Cadillac and Cooley.

12/26/2014 - Kalamazoo Speedway - Kalamazoo - Todd Noble
My Dad and Jerry Lind, who flagged at Kalamazoo for many years were best friends.

We were there every single weekend throughout the 70's and 80's. I was awlways getting rides in the pace car, pictures taken by Rays Racing Photos with the drivers and crews. Kind of a big deal for a kid who loved racing. Used to love watching this Tri-Sac modified's!! Dean Best, (I was in love with his daughter!) Willie Stutzman, Sammy Sessions, Bob Seelman, all a few of the names I remember.

I became good friends with Bob and Cherie Friend, and spent a lot of time hanging around that #75 street stock pit. Good memories for sure..
12/26/2014 - Auto Theatre - Saginaw - Debbie Nichols
I lived close enough to see the screen through the trees but far enough away that we couldn't hear it. What wonderful memories I have of mom and dad loading us up in the station wagon while in our pajamas to go watch the movie.
12/26/2014 - Wenonah Park - Bay City - Debbie Nichols
I remember when I was a very small child, my father's employer (Chevrolet Transmission) had a picnic for all the families there. I remember there was a sand or sawdust pile right near the JackRabbit that had pennies and I sat there and dug out pennies for quite a while.
12/26/2014 - Crystal Theatre - Crystal Falls - Rhonda Wickerham
website address is: www.

thecrystaltheatre. org email link is info@thecrystaltheatre. org I am currently a comanager of Crystal Theatre and can also submit some current photos. I will send them to the email address as listed above.

Rhonda Wickerham..
12/21/2014 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Ron Latine
I was owner/driver of the MID PARK Chrysler Plymouth Injected Funny Car (previously owned by D.

Koffel). We finished runner up to the Ron Brothers at a large Funny Car meet at this track. I think it was in 1966/67. It must have been a big race since the Virginian and many other top names were there along with me doing an interview prior to the final race with two magazines.

If anyone has any pictures or print from this race I would greatly appreciate hearing from them..
12/18/2014 - Clarkston Cinema - Clarkston - Scott Raby
I grew up in Clarkson and Waterford.

And I can remember when the Clarkson Cinema was G-Rated only. Then it was PG or PG-13 only. It was a cool idea that the owners back then tried to keep it a Family oriented Cinema. But the low ticket price was the coolest thing for me and my friends.

And it was convenient to that area without having to drive a good ways. I saw movies throughout the 1980's and early 1990's. Forrest Gump was the last movie I saw there in 1994. I miss the memories- I wish they would open it up again.


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