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8/28/2016 - Deer Acres - Pinconning - countrygirl
All the information about Deer Acres opening again, I DO Not see that happening It has been closed for @ least 5 years or more. don't get me wrong they have Car Shows and movie nights there but none of the attractions are up to date and It was a beautiful place to go to with young children so they car learn there nursery rhymes. I will believe it when I see it when families can come back and make memories. Beautiful place gone to waste.
8/28/2016 - Packard Proving Grounds - Utica - Paul Spring
The address of the Packard Proving Grounds is 49965 Van Dyke Ave. , Shelby Township, MI 48317 The person to contact for tours or events including weddings is Mary-Anne Demo maryanne@packardevents. org (586)943-5785 or fax at (586)933-2557 The information provided says that it's on 23 mile road but the entrance is actually right off of Van Dyke south of 23 Mile Road.
8/28/2016 - Kalamazoo Speedway - Kalamazoo - Brett Davis
Bob Kitzmiller measured the inside of the track with a 49 mercury and the story has it that he measured a perfect 3/8th mile on the third try and this is the inside track distance to this day.

Problem is a 49 Mercury was equipped with a 1/10th odometer and measuring a perfect 3/8th mile with a 1/10th odometer and getting it perfect on the third try would not be possible. Mr. kitzmiller never measured 3/8th, he measured 3/10th which is the inside distance of the track today at 1584 feet. the base of the track at the outside wall is 1756 feet.

Two feet three inches short of a perfect 1/3rd mile. Kalamazoo Speedway is not and never was a 3/8th mile. It is actually 223 feet 9 inches short of 3/8th and it is a world record nothing.
8/28/2016 - Van Dyke Theatre - Detroit - Ed Golick
As of August 23, 2016, the Van Dyke is being demolished.
8/17/2016 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Helen Kelley
I am now 69 yrs old, and thoughts of the old Edgewater Park come to mind.

From 1953-1976~ Through my childhood and the birth of my children there was Edgewater Park. My favorite rides were the roller coaster and the Octopus. My son loved the roller coaster, and my daughter enjoyed going through the House of Mirrors. So many wonderful, fun memories & blue cotton candy.

I remember a very different Detroit than what we see in the 21st century..
8/17/2016 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Radjack
We used to go every year.

I remember in the 1960's my sister and I finally got the courage to ride the wild mouse and it broke down while we were in line. People had to be rescued it was stuck up high. Later we checked back and watched as a maintenance worker rode the entire ride standing up holding on with one hand. We thought if he can do that we can ride on it, so we got in line and rode it a couple times that day and regularly on our return visits.

8/11/2016 - State Theatre - Grand Rapids - Doug Taylor
AKA Bird's New State opened its doors at 7 p.

m. on Saturday, July 30, 1927. The first evening's program featured Ralph Waldo Emerson from radio station WLS in Chicago, at the console of a new Kilgen wonder organ. Built by Boshoven / Willer on the northwest corner of Stocking Avenue and Second Street, the State was operated by attorney Samuel H.

Himelstein and later by Beecher's, Inc. Harry C. Himelstein managed the theater for his brother in the 1930's, and was known for his showmanship and gimmicks (including raising dust from the stage floor as would attempt a little soft-shoe with his ample frame, according to John Szczytko). At that time, they lived at 311 Garfield N.

W. This was perhaps the only theater in Grand Rapids to at one time feature Polish-language films. Creator: Father Dennis Morrow.
8/6/2016 - Northern Michigan Dragway - Bear Lake - Brian Ledford
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Brian Ledford 231.

218. 2657 Mopars Against the World Attendance hits 3100 8/3/2016 Kaleva- When last year's record crowd of 2,600 people attended the Northern Michigan Dragway 18th Annual Mopars Against the World event, a question was raised. How big is this going to get? The 2015 event drew in 1,966 spectators and had a total estimation of 2,600 overall attendance. In keeping up with the recent tradition of breaking records, the crowd this past weekend's 19th Annual MATW increased by 455 spectators to 2,421 pit and spectator admissions.

The event's overall attendance was approximately 3,100 people. Plans are in place to accommodate for more parking, and even earlier starting times to keep from running so late into the morning hours. Looking ahead on the 2016 schedule, the Cory Gunther Memorial Race, points event #12 is taking place Saturday August 13th. Race #13 is slated for August 20th.

The 4th Annual Blue Oval Battle, featuring Ford competitors taking on all others, takes place August 26th and 27th. NMD is located three miles north of Kaleva on Potter Road. Full race results, event times and points standings can be found at NorthernMichiganDragway. net and NMD's Facebook page.

8/6/2016 - Jackson 10 - Jackson - Chu8ck
Did this theatre open as the Jackson 8? On Cinema Treasures it lists a Jackson 8 with no address in Grand Rapids.
8/1/2016 - Movies at West Main - Kalamazoo - Brian Coady
I remember this mall opening in the late 60's.

It was filled with stores and it was always busy. At the center was the most fabulous fountain with long delicate arms emanating from a silver orb and each ending it a flower-like spray of water. The whole thing was lit in various colors at some indiscernible rhythm. There was spencer's gifts there, and in the back was this big black light poster that had drawers of naked people, and I would sneak in there to peek and I felt so wrong but drawn nonetheless.

The movie theaters were state of the art and we're at the far west end. I remember watching the towering inferno there and thinking it was such a great movie. Wow.
7/29/2016 - New Baltimore - New Baltimore - Tony
it was a horse racing training facility back in the late 70's/early 80's.
7/27/2016 - Night-Sky Drive-In Theatre - Beulah - Aaron Wissner
From the 1955 satellite image, it looks to me like the Night-Sky was located on the west of US-31 where Amerigas now stands.

Look at the satellite image, and you'll see the tell-tale curved rows moving back away from US-31. You can also see that the rows are smaller in the front, and get larger away from the screen, but are limited by the size of the property. Behind that now is a campground, which seems like it makes sense, being behind the site of a closed drive-in. The property number is: Property Number: 02-103-032-00.

7/27/2016 - Midway Theatre - Dearborn - Thomas Drauss
I believe Trudell Pharmacy was next door.
7/27/2016 - Ramona Park - Grand Rapids - Mike Moore
Bicycled here when I was 12 in 1947 with a few other adventure-seeking friends from our neighborhood in East Grand Rapids.

Went to the park as it was opening for the season. They needed weight in the roller coaster cars to test out the ride. We volunteered, one kid per car. Vividly recall wet paint sliding between fingers, only the lap bar holding me in.

Awesome! Family would go annually to see the live Nutcracker performance at the huge theater. Best fun house ever, especially the slides. Double-deck paddle-wheeler on the lake. What a place for a kid to enjoy!.

7/27/2016 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Bill Kratchoff
Sad news, My brother Kenny passed away last Thursday.

He worked on my cars in the late '60's and after moving to California, he worked with CRA\USAC Sprint car drivers Bubby Jones and Rip Williams. Also, Lee Harm and Don Harris passed a while back. I met Lee when he was working on Alton Kukuk's #27. He was a great mechanic, and later worked on my cars and those of Carl Scholtz's.

Don Harris started out with Tom and Ed Kunkleman and a '57 Chevy #425. He later was associated with Wayne Lee, Jim Brooks, and Bob Beltz. Also worked at United Auto Parts, and always gave racers a break. On a lighter note, to Benjamin Johnson, I have a picture of High Pockets dumping me in the 3rd turn of the quarter mile in 1968.

To Jim Laraway-There, I finally posted! Will try to get some 60's & 70's picture's posted soon..
7/27/2016 - Getty 4 Drive-In Theatre - Muskegon - Howard Parks
Screen One now just uses FM broadcasting and doesn't use speakers anymore. According to a Getty manager this is due to when they installed the digital projectors they added fiber optic cables underneath Theater One and it severed the speaker wiring in that theater. So now it's soley FM transmission for Screen One. Screens Two thru Four, however, still has their speakers.
7/23/2016 - Capitol Theatre - Flint - Kenneth Sherman
Work has finally begun on the restoration of the Capitol.

In 14-16 months we wil have an awesome new asset to our growing downtown. At a cost of 32 million dollars they are completely redoing the whole building and bringing back it's original grandeur. They are removing the plain 3rd story addition on the west side of the building and recreating the Terra Cotta on the roofline just like the remainder of the building. They are also recreating the coffered barrel ceiling in the lobby.

7/23/2016 - Mariner Theatre - Marine City - Kenneth Keith
Welcome to the Mariner, located in lovely Marine City, Michigan across from the St.

Clair River. This former theater was built in 1927 and has taken on many different lives over the years. The Mariner has recently been renovated in order to become home to Titanic - The Building of an Icon Exhibit, which includes the official builder's model of Titanic, Fine Art Models' galleries of museum quality, limited edition scale models and finds from around the world. We have also added a boutique theater with 48 original 1930's mohair theater seats.

We show classic movies, documentaries and independent films to an intimate audience. www. marinertheater. net.

7/23/2016 - Capitol Theatre - Flint - Dastardly Dan
The theater is now being restored with around $25 million in funding ($20 mil from private foundations, and another $5 mil from the state).
7/19/2016 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Benjamin Johnson
My father Edwin Wolff Jr.

Used to race the 611 with my brother and I in the pits and stands watching him. All during the early to mid '60's. Good times. They called him high pockets.

7/16/2016 - Cinema 2 Drive-In Theatre - Manistique - Heidi
This theater will be open 7/15/16 for an 8:30 pm showing of Back to the Future. one day only.
7/16/2016 - Flint Park - Flint - brenda burda
Boy, was I stunned.

This is a picture of me and my little brother Mike. The little girl in the background was my cousin, Linda. We used to go to the Flint Park once a year. What a big deal it was for us kids.

We always wore our Sunday clothes. and our Moms would pack our lunch. This was a long, long time ago. My thanks to who ever took this picture, and who ever posted it.

Brenda Trimble, and now Brenda Burda..
7/16/2016 - Albion Motor Speedway - Albion - Doug Austin
at the end of first season when the track was closed all the buildings and grandstands were bought buy Lou Hayward for one thousand dollars and moved to Butler Motor Speedway, They cut the wood grandstands with chainsaws in sections to fit on Lou's lowboy trailer then splice back together at the track, they were used for a good ten years. My Father loaned Lou the thousand dollars and as I remember it took along time to get paid back.
7/16/2016 - Standish Speedway - Standish - mark s bala
Iam interested in the track would like to know if it is for sale or does the city of standish own it who do i get in contact with my phone number is 313 334 9047 thank you mark s bala.
7/5/2016 - Flint Park - Flint - Leona Weiss
Sorry to tell you another one of the Anger Boys Passed away Jimmy Edward Anger Died June 21, 2016 he has already been Cremated but they are having a Memorial Service for him at Swartz on Hill road in Flint, Mi My mother was Mary Anger her father Pat Anger Sr. was her father.
6/22/2016 - Sunset Drive-In Theatre - Midland - Tammy BB
I remember going there with such fond memories, I wish it would have still been open to take my kids there (or now my grandsons).

The first time I remember going there, was about 1970 or so, and we went there as an extended-family outing -my Mom, brothers, & me, and my Aunt and her kids as well. We saw Snoopy Come Home, I still remember how fun that night was! We didn't have a lot of money growing up, so my Mom always made popcorn and a jug of Kool-Aid, & sometimes sandwiches (instead of buying Concessions there). We also saw Jaws there, and the BIG screen really makes a difference! As a teenager, we would go almost weekly. The first movie I saw WITHOUT parents in tow was Conan the Barbarian.

What FUN!! They really need to open up Drive-Ins again for the new generations to enjoy, as we did growing up. I miss the closeness of times before cell phones and other gadgets! Thanks for listing the Sunset on here and letting me reminisce!..
6/10/2016 - Civic Detroit Theatre - Detroit - Tom Boufford
When I turned 16 and could legally get a job, I was hired by a local “mom & pop” drugstore.

Drudgery. Hated the work. Then I had a brainstorm: why not apply at the Civic Theatre for an usher's job? I did, and was hired! Hey. now I was in Show Business! The manager at that time (1954) was Eline Bright, formerly Eline Bowers.

A lovely lady, but she could be “hard as nails” if the situation called for toughness. Since I was in high school, most of my hours as an usher were on weekends, which meant working the Saturday matinees for kids. Oh, the mess they made! I remember we used to use wide snow shovels to shovel up the empty popcorn boxes, candy wrappers, etc. , and then bag this trash.

One thing I did on a weekly or semiweekly basis (depending on whether the movies changed mid-week) was change the marquee. There was a tall ladder and I had to change all three lines of the marquee, both sides, for $1. 00. And I loved it! I remember that when Gone with the Wind was playing, I suggested to Ms.

Bright that we use the top line of the marquee to state: THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE! She was unsure we should do that (false advertising?) but I showed her a clipping from the newspaper that called GWTW the greatest movie ever made, so she allowed me to do that marquee that way. (Of course, I had at that time read GWTW at least 3 times, and had fallen in love with Scarlett O'Hara. ) When I graduated from Denby High School in 1956, I missed the Civic and Ms. Bright.

Now, seeing what has happened to this magnificent theatre, I feel sad..
6/6/2016 - Deer Forest Fun Park - Coloma - DAVE SMITH
Deer Forest has been closed for a couple years now. What's left is rundown & property was auctioned off last year.
6/5/2016 - Fairmount Theatre - Grand Rapids - Doug Taylor
This theatre opened as the Fairmont Theatre in 1930, it was later renamed the Roxy Theatre.

Closed as a movie theatre in 1945, and now houses retail. Listed as the Roxy Theatre in Film Daily Yearbook’s;1941 and 1943 editions. Seating capacity is given as 450. 2150 Plainfield In 1949 it is where Blessed Sacrament Church was listed.

In 1953 it is vacant. In 1964 it is the gun shop. Sometime between 1953 and 1964 it was a roller rink. Nearby Theaters: Creston Theatre, Crestonette Vaudette Theatre, Stadium Drive-In, Park Theatre, Royal Theatre.

Google Maps Street View now: https://www. google. com/maps/@43. 0020307,-85.

6542655,3a,76. 2y,113. 52h,82. 09t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sI1DAXU6IOtmJ32aOOOYxVw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1 Built by Boshoven in 1929 as the Fairmount, and operated by W.

H. Semeyn, this was one of several Grand Rapids theaters named after famous New York City movie houses. S. Rothafel, better known as “Roxy,” was one of the late 1920's top moviehouse impresarios. He was a Minnesota native who had fought in the Boxer Rebellion, played minor league baseball, and mined coal before setting up his first nickelodeon. He later ran such lavish New York venues as the Strand, the Rialto, the Regent, and of course the Roxy. He carved out the opening night entertainment for John D.

Rockefeller's Radio City Music Hall on December 27, 1932. (Source: American Movie Classics Magazine, December, 1999, p. 12. ) The local Roxy Theater was closed by the mid-1940's.

In 1946 it was purchased by the newly-established Blessed Sacrament Catholic parish for $35,000, and for an additional $15,000 was remodeled into its first church. The projection room was converted into quarters for the pastor. The congregation worshiped here until 1950, when a combination church-school building was built on Diamond Avenue. For some years afterwards, the building was used as a roller skating arena.

(Source: Father Dennis Morrow)..
6/5/2016 - Regent Theatre - Grand Rapids - Doug Taylor
Regent Theatre Ballroom above theatre. Later it will be converted into a bowling lanes. Regent Theatre 1923–1964 133 Crescent St NW at about the Kent County building stands today on Vandenberg Plaza.

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