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Lost Web Sites of Michigan

The following sites are no longer "live". I retreived them from the Web Archive. I feel they have historical importance and some good information that should be preserved. Although I tried to clean up as many old links as I could, bear in mind that I may have missed a few. Also be advised that these folks are no longer involved in these sites so don't bother e-mailing them.

Evil Sam

Evil Sam's Drive-In Theatre Guide

This site is probably the first comprehensive web site on drive-ins. It was also the starting point for the current site. I restored all of the ancillary pages on the site, but I only restored the Michigan section on the state by state breakdown. The info I found was as of 1997.

Dave Roleau

Dave Rouleau's Drive-Ins of Alpena, MI

This is a nice little site that was done on the Drive-Ins of Alpena. There is some rare old photos and a nice history of the theatres going back to the 1950's.
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