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Lincoln Park 8

Address: 1748 Dix Hwy
City: Lincoln Park State: MI Zip: Phone: (313) 382-9240  
County: Wayne
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Open: 1988 Closed: 2003 Capacity:    
Owner: Star Theatres
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4/9/2018 - Charlie
As of a month or so ago, the entire shopping mall has been torn down, except for the Sears store. No word as to what will be done with the property.
3/19/2014 - Anonymous
unlike other Star Theaters, this one only had one entrance, and was considerably smaller than the other Star Theaters.
3/15/2013 - Chris Squiers
The shopping center is now mostly (if not completely) vacant and is set to be demolished sometime this spring. A Wal-Mart has been planning a move-in on the site for several years now, but due to conflict over Sears' property, has not been successful. Negotiations between Sears and Wal-Mart are currently still going on.
7/6/2009 - freak
That theater was at the site where the Lincoln Park Shopping Center is.
11/18/2005 - Doktor Hippy
The Lincoln Park 8 was Loeks-Star theatres second location. The design and layout of the building was reflected in the six theatres that Star built following its construction in 1988. The theatre closed in 2003 due to aging and tough competition.
7/5/2005 - Becca
It is now closed and a vacant building. There hasnt been word for it to be something else.
5/5/2004 - Brian Popa
The Lincoln Park 8 shut its doors within the last year. It is no longer in operation.
Lincoln Park 8 - RECENT PIC
Lincoln Park 8 - OLD AD

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