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Livonia Mall Cinema

Address: 29584 7-Mile Rd
City: Livonia State: MI Zip: Phone: (248) 427-9851  
County: Wayne
Notes: AKA American Family Cinemas
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Open: 1965 Closed: Capacity: 1510    
Owner: American Family Cinemas
Web Address: N/A
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6/1/2012 - Fulby
You should change the status to demolished, the entire mall was torn down except for a Sears store. A Walmart opened on the site in 2010.
2/17/2009 - Kurt
The theater is long gone now. Demoliton of the mall began in February 2009. Bakers Square is closed now, but a new strip mall called Livonia Marketplace will open in place. It will now feature a Wal-Mart but there already is a Wal-Mart in Livonia, it''s at Wonderland Mall at the corner of Plymoth and Middle Belt. The new Livonia Marketplace will open in the summer of 2010.

5/8/2008 - Matt
The theater is now closed. Livonia Mall will now be demolished except for Sears and Joann Fabric store. The free standing Bakers Square restaurant will allso remain. There are sign on the Lionvia Mall doors with this message. Livonia Mall is closing on May 31, 2008.

Thank you for 44 years of business. Here is a story from the Livonia Observer.

http://www. hometownlife. com/apps/pbcs.

dll/article?AID=/20080507/NEWS10/80507023/1027Sears to stay open during mall demolitionAlex Lundberg The Livonia Mall, which has been in decline for many years, is about to get a radical facelift and its biggest tenant, Sears, will be open throughout the mall’s demolition and reconstruction. “There was an agreement that the demolition and rebuilding of the mall property can occur without disrupting the onoing operations of the Sears store,” said Livonia Mayor Jack Kirksey. “Sears will continue to be a valued part of the new mall. ”According to representatives of Konover South, the company that owns and manages the Livonia Mall, the remainder of the tenant stores have been given until the end of May to move on.

Kirksey said demolition will start soon. “Probably sometime in mid-June there will be work there,” he said. “But just on the west side of the mall. ”What that means is that the east side of the mall, the Sears side, will not be touched at all.

Sears owns not only the building it operates in but also the ground it sits on. Konover South officials have said in the past they planned to raze everything but the Sears site to begin redeveloping the property. Kirksey, during his State of the City address earlier this year, urged residents to join a letter-writing campaign that quickly got the attention of Sears management. The idea was to urge the retailer to participate in the renovation or to sell and leave the property.

Since then, Kirksey called off the letter-writing campaign and joined with other city officials to visit with Sears representatives in Chicago try to come to an agreement about the future of the Livonia store. “I couldn’t have been more pleased with the progress and spirit of cooperation of the Sears management and the developers,” Kirksey said. The exact details of what will be built on the rest of the mall site are still being fleshed out. Two other businesses on the mall property that are not part of the physical structure are going to stay open.

Both Baker’s Square and Jo-Ann Fabrics will not be touched and are not closing during the demolition, Kirksey said.
1/10/2004 - Cinema Treasures
Opened in 1965 as a twin, with 1000- and 510-seat auditorium, the Livonia Mall Cinema I & II, as its name implies, was built at the Livonia Mall. It purportedly cost $2 million to construct, and advertised picture window screens, which were just screens on sunken walls. It also featured a small art gallery in its early years. In the 80s its main auditorium was divided into two 455 seat auditoriums, thus it was renamed the Livonia Mall Cinema I,II,III. It was renamed again in 1991, as the Cinema Livonia Mall, and by this time, its largest screen (510 seats) had Dolby sound installed.

When the mall received a facelift during the 80s, the theater was not included, and by then was notorious for its bad seats, sticky floors and generally dirty appearance. General Cinemas, which was the theater's original owner, sold the triplex to Cinemark in the early 90s, which turned it into a bargain price house. MJR Theatres later ran the theater in the 90s, but today it is independently owned, and called the American Family Cinemas. Cinema Treasures Link.

2/9/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
Opened by General Cinemas in the Livonia Mall for $2 million, the 2 auditoriums held 1000 and 510 seats respectively. The theatre boasted a picture window screen and a small art gallery. Later known as the Livonia Mall Cinemea I, II & III and as the Cinema Livonia Mall. The largest auditorium had Dobly sound but the place was a bit run-down until the Cinemark chain updated it a bit, adding stereo sound to all auditoriums and switching to a $1. 00 ticket price in 1992.

I remember this was the first multi-plex I ever went to marveling at the notion there were FOUR auditoriums in one place!.
Livonia Mall Cinema - RECENT INDOOR SHOT

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