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Village Green Theatre

Address: 2415 Gratiot Blvd
City: Marysville State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Saint Clair
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Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
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9/11/2016 - Jeff Young
This is actually the Playhouse Theater in Marysville. There was a Village Green Theater across the parking lot in the small strip mall and it had one small theater in it. The Playhouse started off as two theaters and eventually went to three, then closed. It is now a Wesleyan Church. I can send pictures off both if you would like as I live about a mile away.

9/3/2011 - Davey Taylor
I remember being in a line that wrapped around the building to see the first Star Wars.
4/14/2009 - RobertaG
I want to say it closed sometime in the mid 90''s. Shortly after that it became a bingo hall for a few years, before becoming the toy store and now church.
11/9/2005 - R.M. Glowczewski
It is now Community Wesleyan Church.
9/11/2004 - Unknown
It is a church now.
9/19/2003 - Web
I think its some kind of toy store now.
Village Green Theatre - RECENT PIC
Village Green Theatre - RECENT PIC

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