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Phoenix Theatres The Mall of Monroe

Address: 2121 N Monroe St
City: Monroe State: MI Zip: Phone: (313) 457-0380  
County: Monroe
Notes: Back in Business with Phoenix! AKA Frenchtown Square Cinema 8
View on Google Maps  
Open: Closed: 08/19/2007 Capacity:  
Owner: Phoenix Theaters
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 8175

8/6/2012 - Cory Jacobson
The theatre was fully converted to digital cinema in late November of 2011. New systems are Christie digital projectors, GDC cinema servers, and all 8 auditoriums were converted to Dolby 750 - 7. 1 sound processors with QSC amplifiers. 3 screens are capable of 3-D presentations using Dolby's 3-D technology.

2/19/2010 - Steve Bielawski
It appears that there has been a name change, not just of the theater, but of the mall. It is no longer Frenchtown Square Mall, but now is known as the Mall of Monroe. This change has been made on their web site, www. phoenixmovies. net.

2/11/2008 - Cory A. Jacobson
I am one of the owners of Phoenix Theatres and we re-opened the theatre on November 2, 2007. The photos of the renovation including a virtual tour are available at www. phoenixmovies. net. We refurbished the complete theatre including a new concession stand and equipped all auditoriums with Dolby Digital sound and a new projection system.

It is our first theatre to feature (11) 42 flat screen monitors for concession menus and preview trailers. It is also innovative because it is the first theatre we have designed without a box-office, allowing all tickets and concession items to be purchased all in one line at any of the concession stations. This theatre was originally a Hoyts Theatre and opened in 1990. Regal accuired the theatre when they purchased the Hoyts'' chain several years ago.

Cory Jacobson.
11/15/2007 - Steve Bielawski
This little movie house didn''t stay closed for long. Phoenix Cinemas, who run the Bel Air and the West River, leased it. It is up and running as of November 15, 2007, according to movietickets. com. I presume that this was once part of the UA chain.

UA Theatres in Metro Detroit generally went by the title of Movies At (e. g. , Movies At Fairlane, Movies At Twelve Oaks, etc. ) UA was a bit of a weak chain, and eventually, they closed most of their houses in Metro Detroit.

Regal bought out UA, but they don''t like to compete with AMC too much, so they only had the Frenchtown 8 and a multiplex in Walled Lake. They apparently let the lease expire on the Frenchtown 8, and Phoenix stepped in. (THe Phoenix West River was once a UA Theatre as well. ).

9/4/2007 - Monroe News
Regal's screens will fade to black By: Charles Slat story updated August 15. 2007 11:47AM Regal Cinemas plans to close its operations at Frenchtown Square mall for good Sunday, leaving the Monroe area with only one commercial movie house. The closing of the nine-screen cinema complex apparently is part of a companywide downsizing that could see the company shuttering up to 30 percent of its theaters nationwide as it tries to pay off nearly $2 billion in debt. Regal is owned by Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc. and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

, both of which operate other large cinema chains. The company already has closed 61, or about 14 percent, of its more than 4,000 theaters and reportedly is considering closing up to 69 more based on profitability figures from each theater. Regal officials at the mall declined comment and wouldn't confirm nor deny reports of the closing. Frenchtown Square mall management did not return Evening News phone calls.

Officials at Knoxville-based Regal did not respond to Evening News phone inquiries or e-mails, though others within the company's Knoxville headquarters confirmed the decision and said the firm is ceasing its advertising in The Evening News. Some cinema employees, who declined to be identified by name, also confirmed the closing. The guy who owns the mall came by today, took pictures and said they didn't sign the lease and they're closing, said one worker. Employees aren't supposed to be informed until Thursday because the fear is the employees will stop working.

They're afraid if too many people know, they'll refuse to work. Some workers already know about it and don't want to work the rest of the week. The lease reportedly expires Aug. 31.

Some employees became suspicious because ceiling damage caused by recent heavy rain hasn't been repaired for days and the damaged area still is cordoned off. The cinema also recently received a shipment of about 400 boxes, bubble wrap and duct tape, apparently for packing up equipment and concession inventory. Fewer than 20 people are employed at the cinema. Thursday we're finding out we're losing our jobs Sunday, said an employee, who heard about it through a manager.

It means I'm out of a job and have no time to find another job. I feel very hurt. I feel very, very hurt. If I was told ahead of time, it would have been a lot easier for me.

I think everyone should know, the employee added. What about people with gift certificates who were depending on coming to these movies? Movie buffs were disappointed. I'm just really surprised, said Matthew Smudz, 17 of Monroe. I didn't think they would do that.

They seemed to make pretty good business in Monroe. Some workers said the cinema was making money, but apparently not enough to keep up with maintenance or pay the mall rent, which doubled. I hope there will be a better theater in town, Mr. Smudz added.

Hopefully, someone sees this as a business opportunity. A year ago, Regal was running 430 theaters with a total of 4,485 screens. The company now operates 375 with 4,219 screens. Last week, it closed theaters in Sarasota, Fla.

, and Greensboro, N. C. Regal acquired the mall movie house operation in February, 1998, from Hoyts Cinemas Corp. , which had operated it since the 1990 shortly after the mall first opened.

9/4/2007 - Monroe News
Frenchtown Square mall looking for cinema tenant to fill vacancy Frenchtown Square mall officials say they hope to fill the space being vacated by Regal Cinemas - preferably with another theater company - by the end of the year. The nine-screen Regal Cinemas ceased operation at the mall Sunday and fixtures are being removed. We are working with cinema tenants to fill this occupancy, said Daniel Wiery, a spokesman for Cafaro Co. , the Youngstown, Ohio, owner of the mall. However, we do not want to rule out any additional uses for this space.

Although we have not yet determined an exact opening date, we hope to have an announcement regarding a new tenant by November of this year. We are currently working with several tenants that have expressed interest in this facility, he said. We will continue to aggressively pursue a suitable surrogate that will serve the needs of the Monroe community. Knoxville, Tenn.

-based Regal acquired the mall movie house operation in February, 1998, from Hoyts Cinemas Corp. , which had operated it since shortly after the mall opened in 1990. Regal officials said the operation of each of the company's theaters is evaluated individually based on profitability and that is the reason for closings. The company also said it is a public stock company no longer owned by KKR-Hicks Muse and the Frenchtown Square closing is not the result of a companywide downsizing.

The firm said it operates 529 theaters and is actively increasing that number.
1/30/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
These cinemas are located in a small shopping mall. When I showed up I was immediately warned by security that no photos were allowed to be taken in the mall without written permission from the mall management. As I was discussing the matter with them however, the shutter on my camera malfunctioned and ended up taking this shot of the entrance inside the mall anyway. I guess the folks at Frenchtown Mall don't want to publicize the fact there is a theatre at their mall. The fact that people might show up and actually want to see a movie and spend their money could create problems.

Phoenix Theatres The Mall of Monroe - ENTRANCE FROM CORY
Phoenix Theatres The Mall of Monroe - PROJECTION BOOTH FROM CORY
Phoenix Theatres The Mall of Monroe - OUTSIDE OF BUILDING
Phoenix Theatres The Mall of Monroe - ENTRANCE OF THEATRE IN MALL

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