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Gratiot 21

Address: 35705 S Gratiot Ave
City: Clinton Township State: MI Zip: 48035 Phone: (810) 791-3420  
County: Macomb
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Open: 1990 Closed: Capacity:    
Owner: Star Theatres
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2/4/2006 - Steve Bielawski
As of February 3, 2006, it is now the AMC Star Gratiot. The founders of the Star chain, Barrie and Jim Loeks, sold their 50% stake in the chain to Loews Cineplex in 2002. In June of 2005, Loews agreed to a merger with AMC, with AMC becoming the parent company. The merger was completed on January 27, 2006, and on February 3, the Star Theatres came to be listed in the newspapers under the new combined name. This theatre became the AMC Star Gratiot.

AMC enterred the Metro Detroit market about twenty years earlier, buying out the Nicholas George theatres. As is their custom, the theatres were renamed to reflect their parent. So, the name change comes as no real surprise. A few things will remain.

For now, the ticket stubs still bear the Loews logo. That may take a while to fix, since AMCs receipts are not the same size as Loews receipts. Also, they still have Loews cups and bags at the refreshment counter, and probably will until they run out. For now, Stars Theatres will continue to use Fandango as their online ticketing agent, while AMC will continue to use Movietickets.

com. I suspect that the division in online ticketing agents represents outstanding contracts (and perhaps even financial interests in the online companies) and will be unified when the contracts run out.
11/18/2005 - Doktor Hippy
Star Theatres built the Gratiot 10 screen theatre in 1990. After releasing how busy the theatre was, Star decided to add an additional 5 screens in the early 90s, while also significantly lengthening the lobby and building a second concession stand. The second phase of expansion took place in 1998 with an additional 6 screens that were added in the north wing. All auditoriums were converted to stadium seating at the time, and the lobby was given a light facelift. The final phase took place starting in 2004 with a complete lobby renovation to update the the concession and box offices.

The concession stand was expanded, a hot food menu was included, and the box office repositioned. Many other on-going facelifts are also taking place at the theatre, such as re-upholstered seats and a new lobby floor.
2/3/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
The Gratiot 21 came on the scene after the 80's and early 90's decimated most of the drive-ins and smaller theatres around the state.
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