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Harbor Theatre 1 & 2

Address: 1937 Lakeshore Dr
City: Muskegon State: MI Zip: Unknown Phone:  
County: Muskegon
View on Google Maps  
Open: Closed: 2006 Capacity:  
Owner: Unknown
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 2307

5/5/2009 - Brendan Pelto
The Harbor Theater reopened as an Art House in April 2008. It is the new home of the Muskegon Film Festival. http://www. theharbortheater. com.

7/2/2006 - Muskegon Chronicle
I went to almost every movie, unless I was out of town, Bakke said. Sometimes wed do a double feature, and once I think we did a triple, saw all three movies that were playing.

To raise funds, Lewis last week instituted a membership program in which patrons would pay $50 for 10 admissions, and then receive an 11th admission free. Lewis said money raised through the membership drive was to help pay off accumulated debts. He said the theater had to stop advertising in The Chronicle because it could not pay a $3,000 bill. He said another couple thousand dollars was needed so the Harbor could get caught up on payment of a bank loan.

Lewis said the membership drive raised around $2,500. Because of the closing, he said, patrons will have their money refunded. We decided that the membership drive wasnt going fast enough and we werent accumulating enough money, Lewis said. Lewis said he met within the past few days with the buildings owner, John Bultema, and the two decided that keeping the Harbor open was financially unfeasible.

We just decided that the business conditions werent right, Lewis said, and it was just time to cut our losses and close the doors. The biggest problem plaguing the theater, Lewis said, was poor attendance. The Harbor specialized in showing second-run movies (which previously had run at other local theaters) and art and independent films that no other Muskegon-area theater books. The Harbor had about 200 regular patrons, Lewis said, but that was not enough.

The numbers just werent there, he said. No matter what we did, we couldnt generate enough attendance.

I really thought we had a recipe for success because we really didnt have any competition here for those movies. Maybe Muskegon is not a large enough market for these art films. Bakke said Harbor employee Barb Arthurhultz on Friday informed him of the closing because he, as had a number of Harbor patrons, had purchased memberships.

Bakke said he was offered a full refund but, because he already had seen two films, he asked for only $40 back. Its sad, Bakke said. Maybe it can come back in another form, if somebody can think of something. Until then, Bakke said, I guess Ill just buy a DVD player.

That wasnt much consolation to Lewis. He said he felt just as bad for the Harbors patrons as he did for himself. Im just really depressed right now. Lewis and his business partners re-opened the Harbor in 2004, after the theater was extensively renovated.

First opened in 1921 as the Rivoli, the Harbor closed in 2001. In 2002, it reopened as a teen rock club, but closed again within a year.
7/2/2006 - Dan Goodman
The Harbor closed its doors for the second time in less than two weeks. But this time permanently. The Muskegon Chronicle printed an Article about two weeks ago stating it had temporarily closed & would reopen on weekends only. They tried it but it didnt work. They tried Art films too but, that didnt work either.

Art films just do not draw attendance in Muskegon. People do a lot of grumbling that these types of films arent available locally but, when one gets booked at any of our theatres in Muskegon it always fails attendance wise.
1/12/2006 - Dianne Milek
The Harbor Theatre & Lounge is open again. It has been refurbished and shows second run and fine arts / independent movies.
2/21/2005 - Steve Reeths
The Harbor is currently showing second run movies and offering deli sandwiches - they even have tables in the theater to dine at. Current price of admission is 2. 50.
1/13/2004 - Cinema Treasures
Opened in 1921 as the Rivoli, the Harbor Theatre was one of the oldest operating movie theaters in America. The theater switched to talkies in 1929 and was renamed Our Theatre in 1931. The theater did not receive its current name until 1965, when the Fonstein family purchased the theater. When the Dhuses family, the current owners of the theater, bought it in 1976, they retained the Harbor name. In 1977, a fire broke out in the theater and the Harbor was gutted and closed.

It reopened two years later and, in 1981, the cinema added an additional screen. The Harbor Theatre closed in June, 2001 after 80 years of showing movies for the Lakeside neighborhood. Citing increased competition from the Plaza 1 & 2, a second run theater in nearby Norton Shores, the old movie house had been leaking money for months before closing. At the time of its closing, the theater was still charging just $1.

50 for admission. The Dhuse family has put the theater up for sale, but has not entertained any serious offers because they have been too low in price. The family hopes the Harbor will continue to show movies even after the sale. Cinema Treasures Link.

Harbor Theatre 1 & 2 - FROM CINEMA TOUR
Harbor Theatre 1 & 2 - SPRING 2008

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