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Ready Theatre

Address: 420 E Main St
City: Niles State: MI Zip: Phone: (616) 683-1112  
County: Berrien
Notes: For sale as of Feb 2005.
View on Google Maps  
Open:   Capacity:  
Owner: Butterfield Theatres
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 9848

10/28/2014 - Thomas Burger
In the 1970's my father would take me to the Ready Theatre. We used to get our haircuts at the Ready barber shop on the corner. I remember seeing a section of the lobby walls that were painted dark green and stenciled with large curly vines. Years later the place was divided into four Theatres. All the walls were painted a light pink.

The original ticket booths were taken out and the Ready barber shop became part of the lobby. I hated the remodel. Glad to know the place is being restored. The place was meant to be a one stage and one movie screen show palace.

10/8/2014 - Jillian Stanley
Hey, everyone. My group and I are doing an oral history project about the Ready Theatre and were wondering if we could interview anyone who has been there. If anyone is interested or would like to help out, please email me at jillian. stanley@nilesnewtech. org ! Thank you!.

7/19/2011 - Jim Smith
I was born in Niles in 1936 and recall sitting in the balcony with my sis and mom behind a man with the Niles Daily Star with the caption telling us that Pearl Harbor had been attacked. At that time I had no sense about such things. Back in those days, it cost twelve cents for the Saturday matinee at The Rivera theater on 2nd st. Would sure like to have a pic of 1618 Maple St, the block house my dad and uncle built in 1943 before was drafted. I believe it's still standing and in use.

11/6/2010 - Jon Shelton
Some of my favorite memories surround this theater. I guess we all took it for granted what a marvelous palace we owned in our little town. Going to see a movie now-a-days, although much fun, has lost the sort of awe, mystery, and glamor a visit to the Ready offered. From it's glass & brass doors, to its marble staircases, to its ornate, lush interior, every aspect of going to see a movie at the Ready was satisfying, and memorable. I deeply hope the city of Niles will bring this lost treasure back to its original glory - one magnificent, large screen, and a proud, flickering marquee to light the night!.

4/29/2009 - Don Dantine
I was born in Niles in 58. I remember going to Saturday matinees in the 60''s at the Ready. If I remember correctly, it cost 50 cents for the movie and maybe 10 cents for popcorn. I just didn''t realize at the time what a great theater it was. There is nothing to compare it to here in Phoenix.

Thought about it a few days when I saw it while using google maps and seeing it. Happy to see it is getting restored back to the way it was years ago.
3/15/2009 - A Fan
The Ready Theater was the weekend escape for my 3 siblings and me. It was old, but gracious in the early ''70s. There was only one screen and stage back then. All the ornate decorations was still visible on the walls and ceiling. There was a curtain that opened to reveal the screen.

It was pure joy watching the curtains part as the lights dim! The free movies they hosted at Christmas times were the best! Every parent in Niles dropped off their kids for hours of fun. We always went straight to balcony where we could see all of our friends on the lower level. Silent Milk Duds candy fights was the game of choice. The ushers made sure you didn''t leave your seats while they tried to spot who was throwing the milk duds.

You were escorted out to the theater if you got caught.
1/11/2008 - Terra
it would be nice if someone would buy this theater and restore it, this beautiful building is being used for storage now :(.
12/6/2005 - Tanya
It is actually 3 lower and 1 upper.
3/7/2005 - Glenn Peters
The Ready in Niles is closed and has moved to the Wonderland Theater on Front St.
11/16/2004 - Jon C.
The Ready probably was a nice theater at on time. Now it is a hodge podge of 4 theaters in one (2 lower and 2 upper). Interestingly enough, much of the theaters original architectural details can still be seen.
Ready Theatre - READY THEN
Ready Theatre - READY NOW

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