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Marquis Theatre

Address: 135 E Main St
City: Northville State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Oakland
Notes: AKA: P & A Theater
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Open: 1925 Closed: Capacity: 600    
Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
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4/8/2008 - Larry Parks
Zayti Family purchased the theatre in 1971 and still do a good job running it. Also, downtown Northville and the the Marquis Theatre is located in Wayne County. Theatre website is: http://www. northvillemarquistheatre. com/ with a History link on that page.

The Northville DDA website home page still lists the Movies at the Marquis Series, even though the series ended on March 29, 2008. (Who knows - maybe they will do another series of showing old movies. ) DDA''s website is: http://www. downtownnorthville.

com/We were able to see one of these old movies at the Marquis and it was great. (Casablanca)You have a very nice website here. I appreciate all of your hard work. The small info type website I ran a couple of years ago was enough work.

I stopped updating it two years ago when the City of Northville began posting the City Council Packet information to their Council Meetings on their own website. Prior to that I scanned that info and posted it for the residents to view and be informed. It''s still located at: http://www. northvilleinfo.

com/Keep up the good work - again, it is appreciated. Larry.
5/25/2004 - Barry Kirsch
Last I heard, (15 years ago) it was owned by the Zyahti (sp) family.
Marquis Theatre - RECENT PIC
Marquis Theatre - RECENT PIC
Marquis Theatre - MARQUEE
Marquis Theatre - 1941 POST CARD FROM PAUL
Marquis Theatre - OLD AD FROM JAMES

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