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Movies at Twelve Oaks

Address: 27300 Novi Rd
City: Novi State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Oakland
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Open: 1977 Closed: 2000 Capacity: 1870    
Owner: United Artists
Web Address: N/A
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5/7/2011 - Unknown
This theater opened December 15, 1977 and the opening films were: 1: Rocky 2: Pete's Dragon 3: Looking for Mr. Goodbar 4: The Spy who Loved Me 5: Saturday Night Fever.
9/8/2007 - Kurt Thornbladh
This was a United Artists Cinema which opened on Wednesday, August 3, 1977 as a United Artists Cinema near J. C. Penny. When United Artists ran out in 1994, this movie theater was renamed as Movies at Twelve Oaks which remained untill 1998 or 1999. This remained vacant untill 2001, when demoliton began, It was constructed for a food court called Lifestyle Cafe which opened in June 2002?This Lifestyle Cafe came up with construction in late 2001-early 2002.

I suppose this Lifestyle Cafe had came up because there was not a food court anywhere.
5/28/2003 - Bryan
It was closed sometime in the late 90s and was torn down to make way for a food court.
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