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Plaza 2 Theatre

Address: 6235 S Westnedge
City: Portage State: MI Zip: Phone: (616) 323-1118  
County: Kalamazoo
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Owner: Jack Loeks Theatres
Web Address: N/A
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1/28/2013 - james simpson
The man in one of the photos is my cousin Doug Davis , who recently passed away. He was the manger there , must have been around 1974 or so. He invited a friend and I to come there to see a movie , I think it was a Godzilla movie. He set us up in the projection booth and access to the snack bar after he gave us a mess of food from McDonalds. My friend and I were both a little sick to our stomachs when my mom came and picked us up.

She was very upset that we took adavantage of the situation and stuffed ouselves with about everything the snack bar had to offer. Hard to believe that was just about 40 years ago but I still remember it very well. I was shocked to hear of Dougs' passing because he wasn't very old and always appeared to be in good health. I remember Plaza 2 opening and it was a very big deal at the time.

5/23/2009 - Andrew Thornton
I have a lot of fond memories of this one, saw a ton of movies there as a kid with my parents. I KNOW I saw the Lion King there and I know there were plenty of others.
9/16/2007 - JAlexander
Theatre opened October 25, 1972.
2/15/2005 - Brad Adams
The last decent place to see a movie, huge wide screens and DTS and Dolby Digital in both theatres. Each sat approx 500. Opened in 71 or 72. Saturday Night Fever, The Exorcist, The Lion King, Twister, Jaws, Billy Jack. Broke all records for longest running films here.

Sad to lose a nice theatre.
4/28/2003 - Ian Ehrnstrom
This theater is now closed. It was replaced in the fall of 2002 with a Mr. Bs Warehouse.
Plaza 2 Theatre - WHEN IT WAS OPEN
Plaza 2 Theatre - GRAND OPENING
Plaza 2 Theatre - GRAND OPENING
Plaza 2 Theatre - AUDITORIUM
Plaza 2 Theatre - BOOTH
Plaza 2 Theatre - RECENT PIC
Plaza 2 Theatre - OLD SIGN
Plaza 2 Theatre - RECENT PIC
Plaza 2 Theatre - OLD PHOTO
Plaza 2 Theatre - OLD PHOTO

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