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Showboat 5 Cinemas

Address: 13800 Sibley Rd
City: Riverview State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Wayne
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Open: Closed: Capacity:    
Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
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6/5/2010 - Price
A couple of corrections:The Showboat has been gone for many, many years (perhaps up to a decade now). It was long gone in 2008 and well before then (maybe even a decade at that point). Next, the Showboat had only 3 screens. Two main screens and one very small room type theater with wooden floors and everything. I saw Delores Claiborne there in the mid-1990s and had never been to such an intimate small theater.

It was almost like a theater built for only a few people or one that you would have in your house. VERY cool little place! One thing I certainly remember hearing (just a rumor, of course) was the what destroyed the Showboat was that, in the mid-1990''s when the Detroit newspapers went on strike, the Showboat stopped listing as a means of support for the paper''s employees. Of course, this isn''t something I can confirm or deny, but after the strike, the Showboat NEVER listed another movie in the paper, if memory serves, BUT still ran films (as I know I went there after). I believe the idea was to have people call or drive by, since the internet wasn''t like it is today, and it really hurt business.

Of course, somebody could have been talking out of his or her rear and the Showboat''s decision to not list may have been a money decision, but seeing that a few showings I went to were still rather full, I wonder if that may not have been a factor. If anybody can add anything, or correct that, please do!.
3/3/2008 - Andrea
Still a big empty lot. All I have is my memories of walking from The Village to Showboat every weekend. I loved that place. Sad to see it closed then torn down. No Cirlce K, just more empty parking lots.

1/17/2008 - Dawn
It is still there I grew up in that neighborhood i''m there all the time.
10/20/2005 - Mike
Right next to an Amoco gas station, Showboat 5 was torn down to make room for a Circle K.
9/1/2005 - Mike Kasprzyk
Torn down in the spring of 2005.
Showboat 5 Cinemas - FROM 2003
FROM 2003
Showboat 5 Cinemas - MARQUEE
Showboat 5 Cinemas - MARQUEE
Showboat 5 Cinemas - FROM THE GUESTS
Showboat 5 Cinemas - FROM THE GUESTS
Showboat 5 Cinemas - FROM THE GUESTS

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