Riverview Cinema

Address: 211 Vine St
City: St. Clair
State: MI
County: St. Clair
Owner History: Unknown
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Info Updates:
9/6/2010 - R. M. Glowczewski
As of 9-6-2010, it is still abandoned. I doubt the lawyer still does business there, if he is even still alive. It seems like an estate probate case or something.
The capacity of the theater is 108 people. If one were to walk up to the main entrance under the marquee and look in, you''d be witness to a portal to the past. There is a ticket window outside the door to the right, 1960''s red-orange carpeting in the lobby, "dying" artificial plants, the candy counter is still there with a lone box of lemonheads in it, complete with 1960''s "orb" lighting above it, there is an original "Space Invaders" arcade game in there with the quarter door ripped open, a 1970''s Coke soda fountain, a spiral staircase leading up to the projection room in the corner, and like the previous poster wrote, a "VCR Rental" display stand with vhs tapes still displayed on it.
My favorite though is a concession price sign on the wall that asks 40 cents for a box of candy, 80 cents for a pop, and 90 cents for a popcorn.

Oh man, would I love to own this place.
9/19/2004 - Greg Donahoe
The Riverview opened in the late 1960s and closed in 1990 with "Pacific Heights" the last title on the marquee. A lawyer bought the theatre in the early 1980s and added a movie rental business in an attempt to keep the place afloat. The lawyer still owns the facility and maintains his office there. A very nice fellow, a few times during the 1980s hed run the Saturday matinee even if I was the only one who purchased a ticket. I actually had the place to myself several times! One can only hope that the theatre might one day open again.
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