Sparta Theatre

Address: 203 E Division St
City: Sparta
State: MI
County: Kent
Owner History: Unknown
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9/15/2014 - Jon C.
This theater became Great Lakes Recording Studio in the mid 1960s. The 60s rock group Aorta from Chicago recorded much of their self tilted first album here. The studio closed in 1970.
9/11/2014 - Heather
This theatre spent some time as a local chicken take out restaurant, and as the Bee Hive rental hall. It has not been a banquet hall in several years, and spent a lot of time empty. I no longer live in Sparta, and can not tell you what it is now, but I would love to see someone rip the wood shingles off and restore the facade to it's original Art Deco style. The Sparta Cleaners, which is seen here, is still there now.
6/26/2008 - Timmy
Is this the place that was also a recording studio in the 60''s?
12/30/2005 - Dennis Wolters
The Sparta Theatre was closed in 1970. The sloped floor was leveled off that summer and the building became a banquet hall. The theatre was built in the late 1930s and as a kid I remember going to the Sparta Theatre on a regular basis. The movies changed twice a week, with one movie playing Sun-Mon-Tue and another movie from Wed thru Sat, usually a double feature. The theatre had excellent accoustics. I always walked past the theatre daily on the way to school and always loved looking at the one sheet posters on the front of the building. I canstill smell the popcorn and vision the six large art deco lights that adorned both side of the auditorium.
Sparta Theatre - Photo from 5/9/2010
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