AMC Forum 30

Address: 44681 Mound Rd
City: Sterling Heights
State: MI
County: Macomb
Owner History: AMC Theatres
Number of visits to this page: 3894
Info Updates:
7/29/2018 - Cameron Kanachki
The proposed shutdown of one wing of the theater has not come to fruition. The theater will remain a 30-screen theater.
2/7/2016 - Greg Hunt
They have now closed down one wing making it a 17 plex and I have noticed this is the same thing they have done with other 30 screeners. I worked at the Sterling Center 10 and there were viable options for 4 more theatres.
6/5/2012 - Fulby
This theater opened in November 1999 and is the only 30-plex in Michigan.
12/29/2005 - Steve Bielawski
As Moviegirl reported, they do have an IMAX. It is one of their largest screens (they have four giant screens, all right in the middle of the building; these screens have such big auditoriums that they have an elevator to get people to the top of those auditoriums.) It appears that they have two projectors in that auditorium (number 14, btw). When I was there on December 27, the pre-movie material (trailers, announcements, ads) were shown just fine, but when the movie started, it had no sound. Within two minutes, the movie stopped and the manager came out to tell us that his best technitian were working on the problem. About five minutes later, the manager came back to tell us that his best technitian was now on the phone to the IMAX people to see what was wrong. At that point, we were offered the opportunity of exchanging our tickets for tickets to another moivie that afternoon plus a pass for next time or staying and waiting it out. Ten minutes later, the manager told us that the IMAX people had promised to have someone call back, but that he doubted that that showing would happen. Again, we were offered a pass plus a ticket exchange. About five minutes later, another employee encouraged me to leave. (In case youre curious, I saw _Munich_.) The movie then restarted, silently, so that it would all go through the projector and then be rewound for the next showing (whenever they got things fixed). From this experience, I have deduced that the pre-movie stuff is shown on a regular 35-mm projector (which likely is the same one that was there before), and the feature is shown on an IMAX projector. While the screen is big, it is not IMAX big. This screen has perhaps twice the square footage of other screens at the Forum 30. (Indeed, I would not be surprised to find that auditoriums 15, 16, and 17 have screens of the same size as auditorium 14.) However, the projector is an IMAX projector. This could be a good combination, as the large IMAX film stock on that sized screen produced a very clean, crisp pitcure. I liked what I saw, even if it was silent.
8/6/2005 - Moviegirl
As of about 2 weeks ago, the Forum has converted one of its 4 largest houses from regular 35mm to IMAX!!!
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