Pandora 1&2

Address: Telegraph Rd & Wick
City: Taylor
State: MI
County: Wayne
Owner History: Unknown
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6/4/2019 - Hamoody Jaafar
Hello, Growing up, I used to go to my uncle's Video Store International Video Center on Schaefer rd in Dearborn. My dad took me every weekend and every weekend, my Uncle, Fawzi Jafar, who owned that store, made sure I always left with a new movie to take home and watch. That same uncle, owned two movie theatres called Pandora. It was just before I was born. One was on Lafayette downtown in Detroit and the other in Taylor off of Telegraph. I'm a filmmaker now myself (www. hamoodyjaafar. com) and can't help but have a longing to discover more about my Uncle's theatres. Do you have any additional info about these by chance? I just figured I would reach out to ask. Thank you so much in advance.
12/23/2003 - John Lauter
the Pandora 1&2 was originally built as the Jerry Lewis cinemas--an unsucessful venture by the famous entertainer. The Pandora operation was run by the Jafar family of Dearborn, to show arabic films. they had previously operated the Pandora theatre (ex-Summit cinerama, originally "Cass" theatre, 1926, Herbert Kapp arch. corner of Cass and Layfayette, Detroit--demolished 1977). Jafar began operation of Pandora 1&2 in late 1977, folded early 80's.
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