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Southland Theatres 4

Address: 23000 Eureka Rd #24
City: Taylor State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Wayne
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Open: 1976 Closed: 2000 Capacity: 1600    
Owner: Suburban Detroit Theaters
Web Address: N/A
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 8785

4/30/2016 - jt
as of 4/21/15 the Cinemark Southland Center 12 and xd theatre is now open. features include stadium seating and power recliner chairs in every auditorium.
5/9/2015 - jd
The demolition of the former Mervyns has been completed and the clean up is almost done.
7/3/2014 - jd
An article in todays Free Press says that the site that used to be Mervyns will be razed by the end of July to make room for a new twelve screen theatre to be operates by Cinemark. the new theatre is expected to by open sometime next year.
3/15/2013 - Chris Squiers
After Borders went bankrupt and closed all locations in 2011, the building sat empty for a year. As of 2013, a Forever 21 is moving into the spot.
9/30/2012 - jt
the theatre opened not long after southland mall itself. the theatre must have opened in about 1972. one of first movies I was able to attend with friends and not have a parent in attendance was American Graffiti and for a fact that was 1973. the mall was much smaller then. at one time it ended just a bit East of Hudsons.

Krogers was attached at the east end and Rays prime meats was inside the mall at the east end.
6/1/2012 - Fulby
Actually, it opened in mid-1970 and was originally a twin. It was turned into a quad around the time AMC took over, it then closed in January 1999 due to increasing competition from larger and newer theaters nearby, especially from the nearby Star 10 theater (on an ironic note, that was also owned by AMC from January 2006 to December 2009). Borders moved into the space formerly occupied by this theater, but it closed in 2011 when the rest of that chain closed. It now sits vacant today.

3/27/2010 - Mr. Nobody from Canada
This cinema opened in 1976 as part of Suburban Detroit Theaters(?). In 1986, this cinema was sold to AMC Theaters. This cinema closed in 2000 due to other theaters in popularity around the area (AMC Star Taylor 10 was across the street). This cinema has been gutted and is now a Borders Books and Music store.

9/29/2004 - Charlie S.
When this theater was closed in 2000, it was gutted and used as the shell for the current Border Books & Music that occupies the corner of Southland Mall.
Southland Theatres 4 - GRAND OPENING

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