Movies at Oakland Mall

Address: 578 W 14-Mile Rd
City: Troy
State: MI
County: Oakland
Open: 1979
Capacity: 1741
Owner History: United Artists
Number of visits to this page: 6701
Info Updates:
1/5/2019 - Devon J Lott
This Movies Was a United Artists Theatre. One of the first that was not in a Taubman mall. I seen Rush Hour and The House on Haunted Hill (Remake) Before it permanently closed.
6/1/2011 - Anonymous
This was a UA movie theater, i remember going to this theater in the 80's and 90's and it had the UA the movies signature outside, like all its other twin theaters (Fairlane, Lakeside, Twelve Oaks, Briarwood, etc. ). I forgot what films I saw here, but I went to this theater many times with my girlfriend. I can't remember when it closed (i moved in 1993 to Cleveland), but when I returned to Oakland Mall in 2009, the theater was gone.
5/25/2011 - Link
Those who say Movies at Oakland was a UA theater are correct. A small (useless) tidbit is that ANY theater with Movies At in front of it were United Artist theaters. In the 1980s, there were a total of six Movies At locations. Those locations were Fairlane, Lakeside, Twelve Oaks, Oakland, Prudential and Universal City. This is confirmed by newspapers which group The Movies (U. A. ) locations together. The UA theaters are quite interesting in that they were, basically, the local midnight movie locations in 1980s Detroit. Movies At Oakland showed 1981s Heavy Metal on and off into the 1990s (seeing it had not been released on VHS) as well as 11:45 pm to 12:00 AM shows of various 'first run' films. While Im not sure what year the Heavy Metal run totally ended, it was before winter 1993. For the record, Lakeside and Fairlane showed various first run movies at the 11:45 PM-12:00 AM slot into the 90s, but they instead showed The Rocky Horror Picture Show, not Heavy Metal in that 'old movie' slot as the decade closed. Other various midnight movies at The Movies locations through the 1980s were Pink Floyd: The Wall, Kentucky Fried Movie, The Song Remains the Same, No Nukes and The Beatles Let it Be. among others.
12/30/2008 - Roadie
I''m pretty sure it was an United Artist Theater. I can remember the big UA on the wall.
12/23/2008 - Kurt Thornbladh
It said on Wikipedia that Taubman never owned the mall.
9/30/2007 - A. Ratcliffe
It certainly was a UA theater. Are you positive that Oakland Mall wasn''t a Taubman property at one time??
9/8/2007 - Kurt Thornbladh
I also have something to add also to this page, this theater was not owned by United Artists because this was never a Tabuman mall.
9/8/2007 - Kurt Thornbladh
This movie theater opened in 1980 after the demolition of Wrigley''s, this movie theater closed in 2000 and is currently Steve & Barry''s.
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