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Waterford Cinemas

Address: 1565 Crescent Lake Rd
City: Waterford State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Oakland
Notes: AKA: Playhouse Cinema, Academy-59
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Open: 1972 Closed: Capacity: 350    
Owner: Suburban Detroit Theaters
Web Address: N/A
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 4122

12/21/2009 - David
I grew up in Waterford in the 70''s and 80''s. I went to this theater on numerous occassions when it was the Academy 59 Twin Theaters. I attended Waterford Township High School which was right across the street on the other side of M-59. This was the place I first saw the movie Grease and Saturday Night Fever.

1/27/2009 - Shawn D
I remember going to the Waterford Cinema years ago, I can recall the theater had 2 screens, one on each side, It was afun place to see movies.
1/6/2003 - Unknown
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