Martha Washington Theatre

Address: 31 N Washington St
City: Ypsilanti
State: MI
County: Washtenaw
Notes: AKA: Art 1&2
Open: 1915
Owner History: Butterfield Theatres
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7/30/2010 - Vince M
I''d seen a good number of first-run movies there in the late ''60s - then there was a big brouhaha over its playing a movie of "Uncle Tom''s Cabin", and not long after turned to a porno theater. They later made a go of running older mainstream movies, and at one point in the mid-70s was playing some independent fire-and-brimstone thing more suited to a tent revival.
3/12/2004 - Doug Shirk
Interesting. Butterfield Theatres closed the Martha, which was purchased by Larry Nehegian (sp.), who had run a sucuessful film series in connection with the McKenney Union Directoate at Eastern Michigan University. If my memory is correct (and it probably isnt), he ran it as a dollar/revival house for a while before turning it into the ART 1, mostly because he could use the letters from the name mARTha. I also remember it being just called the Martha, named because it was on Washington St.
1/10/2004 - Cinema Treasures
The Martha Washington was built in 1915 for Florence Wilson Singer. In a style befitting its name, the theater was designed in a Colonial-Revival style, and sat between 1000 and 1700. About 1920, the theater was sold to Butterfield Theatres, which continued to operate the theater until 1971. That year, the theater's new owners twinned the auditorium, and began screening adult fare under the name Art 1 & 2. The theater was still operating as an adult film house into the early 90s, when it finally closed.
3/16/2003 - Web
The former Martha Washington Theatre is today the Deja Vu adults only nightclub.
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Martha Washington Theatre - RECENT PIC
Martha Washington Theatre - RECENT PIC
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