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Silver Cinemas

Address: 32173 Gratiot Avenue
City: Roseville State: MI Zip: 48066 Phone: 586-285-8200  
County: Macomb
Notes: AKA Cinema 4, Macomb Mall Cinema, Macomb Cinema I, II, III, IV
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Open: 1965 Closed: Capacity:    
Owner: Silver Cinemas
Web Address: N/A
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5/14/2015 - Dee Snead
It closed last month. but it was a good cinema to go too.
5/5/2015 -
This location closed April 30th.
1/23/2012 - C. Messerschmidt
I worked in the Macomb Mall theaters starting in January of 1990 when it was owned by General Cinema. At that time the district manager, Paul Paquette, had his office upstairs and the theater manager was Mr. Jones. I worked there again for several years when it was re-opened under the Cinemark banner. Other people I remember from back then include Rick M.

, Jon, Milton, and Andrew. I worked pretty much every position in the theater and remember spending many late night splicing together the Friday openings in the projection booth. When Cinemark took over, the manager and I replaced a lot of seats and ran track lighting. Mr.

Paquette became manager of the Showcase Sterling Heights on Van Dyke. Lena (wife of the infamous Harry) worked box office there as well.
11/1/2011 - The Chief
Worked there in the early 80's. Paul Paquette was my Manager and then the District Manager. After that a pretty quick turn over of bosses. Rocco Barletta, Rick Dekyser and Doug Behnke. Joe T.

Made many friends at the Cinema Al A, John M, Kathy B, Joe R, Vicki D, Al L, Dave B, Tricky Nick, Margaret B, Terrie A, Mike J, Frank K and Kelly are all alumni of the Macomb Mall who could forget Harry and Mrs. K. long live the Cleans legends in their own right. Many years have passed, we sure had fun.

1/15/2004 - Cinema Treasures
Opened in 1965 as a sister to the Livonia Mall Cinema (now called the American Family Cinemas) by General Cinemas Corporation, the identical Macomb Mall Cinema I & II opened with The Greatest Story Ever Told and the bizzare animated children's movie Pinocchio in Outer Space. The Macomb Mall Cinema was located near the site of the long-demolished Gratiot Drive-In. Later renamed the Macomb Mall Cinema I,II,III when it was triplexed, and in 1992, the Cinema Macomb Mall, the theater was increased to four screens in the early 90s. Today, with eight screens, the theater is part of the Silver Cinemas chain, and called the Silver Cinemas 8, screening second-run features. Cinema Treasures Link.

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