Art Theatre

Address: 314 Monroe St NW
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
County: Kent
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Notes: AKA: Fox, Rialto, Superba
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9/9/2012 - Jim Fahlstedt
I'm old and I never saw this house in operation. It was very decrepit by the time it was torn down. One of the old time operators (projectionists) said that it was one of the theaters that had a ground glass screen. Tickets for the front side were 10 cents and only 5 cents for the back side.
1/22/2010 - AW Fox
Though I know very little of this particular theater, I believe it''s status should read as "demolished." The address listed for this building is now the location of the Grand Rapids Administration Building (City Hall) which was built in 1968 and designed by Skidmore Owings and Merrill. It is likely that this building was demolished at the same time as the rest of a ten block area as part of an urban renewal plan in the 1960s. At least one other theater was a casualty of this major redevelopment.
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