Lona Theatre

City: Mancelona
State: MI
County: Antrim
Owner History: Unknown
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6/7/2013 - Jill Stephenson
This picture shows the old Laing building, Buck's Bar and Grille which used to be the Mancelona Tavern and the building to the far left with the peaked roof is the Pizza Shoppe. that building used to be a tobacco store. It is wood building and one of the oldest buildings in the downtown area. This is a great picture as it shows the old Laing building which is gone and it also shows the top level of the Mancelona Tavern which is also gone. but this is not the Lona theater. Sorry. But I'd love to get a good scan if possible?? thanks.
2/22/2009 - arts tavern
Actually, the theatre burned down in the early ''80''s...I want to say 1981. But it was the result of a police chase with a person that I knew from high school. I do not recall him being drunk at the time, but distraught. But the theatre did burn down, I recall it being converted from a movie theatre to a disco in the late 70''s. The photo above does not show the actual theatre building, but the Laing''s five and dime further east down the street.
1/27/2008 - Russ Emmons
The old picture shown here looks like the present National City Bank building at the NW corner of US131 (Williams) & State St.. For years that (this) building had modern siding/trim across the front covering the whole front of the building including the upstairs windows. Just this past year this was all removed and the building looks just as this photo now! The bank is still operating on the main floor. Some kind of changes/plans are in the wind for this building-or corner

There is a small BP gas station just down State St. aways on the south side across the street from the Mancelona Library. Another huge fairly new BP Truck Stop out on the north end of town at M66. I don''t think either is where this building is (was)?

Russ Emmons, St. Clair county and Cold Springs Twp. Kalkaska county

2/9/2004 - King Chuck
In its final years, the Lona was a family theatre as the Mancelona Family Theatre, showing only G and PG films. The theatre would also feature school dances. Sadly, a drunk driver crashed his car into the theatre around 1978 and it caught fire. It was never rebuilt. Today, a BP station sits in its spot.
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
June 1959 - Harold Wilfong is now the owner of the Lona at Mancelona, formerly operated by Pat Guthrie, with Clive Waxman as film buyer.
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
May 1960 - Harold Wilfong is running three changes in the Lona at Mancelona.
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
May 1959 Issue - Pat Guthrie closed the Lona Theatre at Mancelona.
Lona Theatre - OLD PHOTO
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