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Steinbergs Opera House

City: Traverse City State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Grand Traverse
Open: Closed: Capacity:    
Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
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2/28/2013 - Tom Rombouts
Hi - Clearly. those two photos are from different locations. Based on a photo at the Traverse City History Center web site, I would like to suggest that only the top photo (of an empty stage) is from Steinberg's Opera House. - Tom.

2/28/2013 - Tom Rombouts
Steinberg's Opera House (and Steinberg's retail store on the ground level of the building) was at 227-231 E. Front Street in Traverse City. It is _not_ to be confused with the recently restored City Opera House on the south side of Front Street about two blocks west. _Many_ web sites mix them up, but they are two separate venues. - Tom (lived in Traverse City for about 10 years).

5/16/2007 - Jason
I have found just a little info on this Opera House. I have discovered that it opened on December 11th 1894 and it''s first show was Hamlet Starring Walter Whiteside. So far this is all i have found but hope it helps.
Steinbergs Opera House - 1906 POSTCARD FROM PAUL
Steinbergs Opera House - OLD PHOTO
Steinbergs Opera House - OLD PHOTO

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