Tra-Bay Theatre

Address: Front Street
City: Traverse City
State: MI
County: Grand Traverse
Owner History: Butterfield Theatres
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Notes: AKA Dreamland
Info Updates:
7/6/2018 - Larry Hains
Unfortunately, some inaccurate info in other posts here. Yes, Dreamland Theater closed in 1935, and reopened shortly after as ‘Tra-Bay’ (from Traverse Bay). It was located at 210 East Front Street (not 214). ‘Paul Peterson Barber and Beauty Shop’ occupied the front of the main floor. A narrow ascending hallway along one side of Peterson’s led back to the theater, which was in the rear of the structure. The was a small (2-4 rows) balcony. The ‘U&I Lounge’ never occupied 210. Today 210 is a business called ‘Trains and Things. ’ The Tra-Bay was not around until 1964. Peterson’ was there in 1956, but shortly thereafter, ‘Hamilton’s Clothing’ moved there from 206. The Tra-Bay closed sometime between 1950 and 1955, not sure of exact date offhand.
5/9/2014 - Hedges Macdonald
The Tra-Bay was a smaller theater than the nearby Lyric/State and Michigan theaters. They showed low budget westerns and Saturday matinee cliffhanger serials among their offerings. The theater closed in 1964 shortly before TV 7&4 began broadcasting, a fate that befell many small town movie houses in the 1950's.
2/28/2013 - Tom Rombouts
Based on google searches that hit a newspaper archive site, the Tra-Bay was open at least until July, 1950. Some old timers on a FB Traverse City history group said the Tra-Bay was closed for good after there was a small fire (no serious injuries) there, but I could not find a reference to that online.
5/26/2007 - Jason
I have found more info on this former theater. There is now a sports bar where this theater once stood and it''s called the U & I Lounge and this is in downtown Traverse City Michigan.
5/16/2007 - Jason
I forgot to mention another interesting piece of info lol. I did find a site that says in 1945 the Tra-Bay Theatre had a seating capacity of 700 which is alot for where this Theatre once was.
5/16/2007 - Jason
I have found a little bit of info on this theatre that I would like to share. First of all this Theatre was Located at 214 East Front Street and has since become a bar. Before it was Tra-Bay it was known as Dreamland Theatre and the Dreamland Theatre was closed and Tra-Bay was opened in 1935. I will try to find more info for everyone and post it as i get it.
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