Our Theatre

Address: 119 S. Main Street
City: Standish
State: MI
County: Arenac
Owner History: Unknown
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Info Updates:
7/28/2005 - Pat Weaver
There was a second theatre in Standish called the Temple, which was around the corner from the Our on M-61, to the east. I heard it was there in the 1950s. It was the earlier theatre; my 1931 FILM DAILY YEARBOOK lists it alone.
5/14/2004 - Cactus Bob (Bobby Peacock)
The Our was owned by Everett & Gertie Perrin. They sold it in the early 1960s to Larry Raymond, who converted it to a furniture store. The furniture store burned down later, and a V & S Variety store was built on the site. The V & S store became an Ace Hardware around 2002.
2/9/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
This theatre was likely built in the 40's, the ad pictured is from 1956. It is not known how long the house lasted before going dark.
Our Theatre - 1956 AD
1956 AD
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