Rex Theatre

Address: Aurora Street
City: Ironwood
State: MI
County: Gogebic
Owner History: Unknown
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2/13/2004 - Greg Bellamy
My parents are both from Ironwood, a now small town at the very farthest west end of the UP. (Farther west, by the way, than St. Louis MO.) I still have many relatives in town. Although small today with a population of about 5,000, Ironwood was a major Michigan town in the late 19th century with a population of over 20,000. The Gogebic Range produced much of the iron ore that allowed steel production in Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo. It was still doing fairlly well into the early 20th century, and as such had reason to have several theatres to entertain the thousands of ore miners from dozens of mines. In addition to the still surviving Ironwood and the listed-in-your-list Morgan the third theatre of the teens/twenties was the Rex. I have a page from "Photoplay News/Red Theatre" framed in my living room, and will get it scanned if you wish. The picture playing was "Sea Hawk" starring Milton Sills and an all-star cast. I believe the Rex was across the street from the Ironwood on Aurora (as in borealis, by the way). The Morgan, if Im not mistaken, was on Suffolk St., just around the corner.
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