Eastland Theatres

Address: Pine Rd.
City: Essexville
State: MI
County: Bay
Owner History: Unknown
Number of visits to this page: 1436
Info Updates:
5/16/2020 - Brett
The Eastland Theater & Lanes has been being converted to a storage facility for a while now. I saw all the wood from the lanes put out for the taking a couple summers ago. The main doors were expanded too. The Bay City 6 to the east of it is now a Life Church.
6/13/2008 - Jeff
From inside the bowling alley you can get a good view through some locked glass doors of the inside of the lobby and one of the theaters. It appears as if a fair amount of demolition was done and then stopped. There is no longer a wall between the lobby and the theater and rubble is everywhere. The sloped floor of the theater is still evident but not much else that identifies it for what it was.
9/12/2004 - Eric
2 Screen theatre - was next to Hampton 6 in same building as Eastland Bowling Center.
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