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Shops at Stony Creek

Address: 26 Mile and Old Van Dyke
City: Shelby Township State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Macomb
View on Google Maps  
Open: 2007 Closed: Capacity:  
Owner: Phoenix Theaters
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 4430

9/8/2006 - Web
Phoenix Theatres, the Farmington Hills, Michigan based theatre chain, announced today it has signed a lease with Modena Development Corp. of Shelby Township to build a prototype theatre complex within their development. It is the first lease signed for The Shops at Stony Creek development, which is expected to open in late 2007 at the southwest corner of 26 Mile and Old Van Dyke Roads, in Shelby Township. Phoenix Theatres opened its first theatre 2001 in Detroit, making it the only movie theatre at the time in the city of nearly one million people - a fact which drew national media attention to the theatre complex on Eight Mile Road near Van Dyke. In 2003, owners Cory Jacobson and Charlie Murray opened a second Phoenix Theatres, in Farmington Hills along Nine Mile Road west of Middlebelt Road.

In both cases, Phoenix saved and refurbished theatres previously-operated by national chains, returning neighborhood theatres to their respective communities. In designing our new prototype theatre, we have looked at theatres all over the country to draw upon new and old ideas. The architecture, geometry, colors; everything about the theatre can enhance the experience and make you feel as if you are sharing a major event. Every choice we will make in the development of the theatre has to support the idea of making the movie-going experience in the theatre vivid and alive Jacobson said.

The new location will be one of the first to be built in the digital projection era allowing us to be one of the first to develop methods of incorporating the new technology into the theatre design. When old ideas and new technology start to combine, we feel we will have a theatre that will capture the imagination of the public in a way that will draw customers from inside and outside typical trade areas. Market Profile: According to the 2000 U. S.

Census, within a five mile radius of 26 Mile and Van Dyke were 23,211 Housing Units, valued at a median price of $225,000. Projections for that same geographic range by the development and mapping company ESRI for the year 2010 come out to 29,496 Housing Units, valued at a median of $365,900. The over 27 percent increase in Housing Units makes Shelby Township one of the fastest growing communities in Michigan. Phoenix Theatres is obviously expanding to where the people are, and when we get there well provide them the best entertainment experience possible, Murray said.

We have developed what other Michigan theatres have since begun adopting - self serve drink stations with free refills. We have tried to offer imaginative concession products that our own families love to eat and select only the best quality brands available. Recently; we were the first in the market to add a complete line of non-carbonated drinks that has expanded our customers drink selections from everything from an icy cold Starbucks Frappuccino to a refreshing choice of Dole Fruit Juices. The Shops at Stony Creek: Modena Development Corp.

will create a small downtown atmosphere - a lifestyle and entertainment retail center providing shops, restaurants and office lease space on a boulevard with sidewalks along retail frontage. Phoenix Theatres will be the largest tenant to occupy the total 352,647 sq. feet available. Additionally, the development will include space for up to four medium box stores ranging from 20,000 sq.

feet to 40,000 sq. feet, as well as numerous freestanding restaurant and retail spaces. More than 1,800 parking spaces are forecasted. The theatre will be in a stand-alone building at the end of the boulevard.

The retail, restaurant and office spaces will be available in one or two story configurations. The deal was brokered by N. A. Berkowitz Development Group Inc.

of Birmingham representing Phoenix Theatres and Bercich Realty of Sterling Heights representing Modena Development Corp. The Shops at Stony Creek will provide a shopping and entertainment destination tailored to meet the needs of customers who value convenience in a distinctive outdoor setting. said Simone Mauro, President of Modena Development Corp. The unique architecture and public spaces evoke a main-street atmosphere unlike any in the area.

A distinctive gazebo will be the centerpiece of the development that will create a friendly gathering place surrounded by restaurants, shops and the theatre. With easy access to M-53 we anticipate consumers driving from longer distances to enjoy the type of shopping experience this unique property will provide. We couldnt be happier that Phoenix Theatres will anchor this remarkable destination development. They are a very well respected theatre operator that takes pride in running a great family-friendly operation.

This community is in for a real treat when they see this theatre and all of the fantastic innovation come to life.
9/7/2006 - Detroit News
A new movie theater complex is being planned for The Shops at Stony Creek development in Shelby Township. The Farmington Hills-based Phoenix Theatres chain announced in a release Monday that it has signed a lease with Modena Development Corp. to open a theater at the development at 26 Mile and Old Van Dyke. Owners Cory Jacobson and Charlie Murray also have theaters in Detroit and Farmington Hills. The theater complex is expected to open in early 2007.

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