Time Theatre

Address: 13321 E. Jefferson Avenue
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
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Notes: Located at East Jefferson and Drexel Avenues.
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6/17/2013 - kerry pardue
I have a photo of my parents pushing me and my twin sister pass the time thearter on jefferson in detroit.
12/10/2010 - Tom C.
There were 3 movie theaters there on East Jefferson, all just a block or so apart- 4 if you count the Esquire which was just over the city line in Grosse Pointe- Time (9 cents). Cinderella (20 cents) and Lakewood (12 cents). I don't know what the admission was for the Esquire but, as a kid, we never went there. I remember when Superman himself made a personal appearance at the Cinderella and amazed us all with his feats of strength.
9/2/2007 - JIM DRISCOLL
Ahh... the fond memories the Time Theater rekindles in my mind, where Rex and Roy and Gene and Durango and Rocky rode the range. Plus...the Bowery Boys, Abbott & Costello, the East Side Kids, Tarzan ...and so many more classic "B" entries. It was a different era, where, as a mere 10-year old, I could walk 14 blocks - - -alone - - - to see 3 of these classics on Saturday afternoon...for 9 cents...before that dreaded price-increase...to 11 cents!

5/9/2007 - Dick Johnson
Just happened to bump into your page and noticed that the "Time" theater is not listed under Wayne County. Back in the middle 50's, as a kid, if I walked a block past the Cinderella Theatre on E. Jefferson I could get into the "Time Theatre" for 9 cents (that's right 9 cents).
Time Theatre - OLD PHOTO
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