Lake Theatre

Address: 194 E Main
City: Benton Harbor
State: MI
County: St. Joseph
Notes: Thanks to Ken Williams for info on this.
Open: 1940
Capacity: 748
Owner History: Unknown
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Info Updates:
11/2/2012 - Ward
The Lake Theater is visible in this picture just to the right of the Liberty Theater. Across the street, but exactly one block away going west (also in the middle of the block) was the City Theater. Just past the third intersection going west from the Liberty and Lake was the State Theater, next door to Doc's Hiway Bar, and again, in the middle of the block, just west of Colfax on the south side of Main in Benton Harbor.
6/2/2012 - Brian Radde
The city of Benton Harbor is located in Berrien County, not St. Joseph County. However, the city of St. Joseph is located right next to Benton Harbor (hence the Twin Cities as they are commonly referred to by the local residents) though. Both cities are located in Berrien County, MI which is in Michigan's Great Southwest.
2/16/2012 - Johnny
On the end of the street beyond the Liberty Theater there was a place the kids hung out called Fred's Grill. On the other end of the street was Popcorn Johns. There was another theater accross the street.
3/21/2010 - Ken Williams
There was also a theater called Lake that was locate in between the other two but on the North side of the street. I know it existed, I used to go to all three when I was a kid.
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