East Jordan Opera House

City: East Jordan
State: MI
County: Charlevoix
Owner History:
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5/9/2015 - Jason
Thats pretty neat Bob, Im glad we both could offer some good info about the place. Please post more info on it as i would love to see it.
5/5/2015 - Bob Loveday
Douglas Charles Loveday was my Great x2 Grandfather's brother. Yes he built Loveday Opera House in 1899 - He was actually born Oct 15 1840. I can send you things pertaining to the Opera House, or him, or both, but I would have to have an email address that I could add attachments to.
3/28/2013 - Jason
This was actually called Loveday Opera House after the man who built it (Douglas C. Loveday). He immigrated from Barnstable, Devonshire, England and was born October 15, 1840. The opera house cost 5,000 to build and held 800 people. It looks like it was built around 1899??.
East Jordan Opera House - 1912 FROM PAUL
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