Albion Opera House

Address: 223-225 S. Superior St
City: Albion
State: MI
County: Calhoun
Open: 1869
Owner History:
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4/13/2014 - Elijah Shalis
The Albion Opera House is still in existence but closed. The bottom level is a dentists office and the stairs to the main level are gone, you have to climb a ladder to get in now. It is worth checking out.
4/13/2014 - Web

The Albion Opera House building was erected in 1868-69 by Theron Soule and George N. Davis. The stage measured 30 x 48 feet, and 18 feet high. The facility seated 500 persons. The Albion Opera House was used for traveling musical groups, local talent plays, lectures, theatrical groups, political and social meetings, and even wrestling shows and other sporting events.

A later owner of the building, druggist Hadley H. Sheldon, added Vaudeville to the repertoire, and the remains of old show posters can still be seen plastered on the backstage walls. The Albion Opera House was once so popular that young men used to perch themselves in tall stately elm trees on S. Superior St in front of the building for a free peek. The building was declared a fire hazard in 1918 and closed, although it occasionally reopened in the 1920s for plays produced by Albion High School students.

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