Ritz Theatre

Address: Main and State St.
City: Cheboygan
State: MI
County: Cheboygan
Notes: Independent Exhibitor Theater Service owned this theatre.
Open: 1940?
Capacity: 432
Owner History: Carl Johns
Number of visits to this page: 1628
Info Updates:
2/6/2011 - Ray Miller
Sadly, the Ritz closed many years ago. Early 60's. Nellie Johns passed away in 1977. I am certain of this information, because i drove the car that carried the pall bearers at her funeral. She and her husband Carl were so well liked her in town. It was a wonderful little theater with a rich history, as all of them do.
11/26/2007 - Jeff
A friend of mine has the original operating neon marquee in his Alpena home theater along with about twenty of the seats that now look as good as the day they were installed in the theater.
12/19/2003 - Box Office Magazine
September 1959 - Nellie Johns is now operating the Ritz and Kingston Theatres in Cheboygan, long operated by her husband, the late Carl Johns.
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