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Cameo Theatre

Address: 1324 E 7-Mile Rd
City: Detroit State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Wayne
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Open: 1939 Closed: 1949 Capacity: 1440    
Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
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6/16/2017 - Rosey schmidt, rodgers
I sent my photo of the cameo, hope you got it. My schools were , Marshall, Nolan, Pershing. Also the same for my sister Doris. We lived on robinwood during that time period, they were the greatest.

1/7/2015 - conrad t nagel
Used to go to the Cameo Theatre during WW II on Saturdays. Saw many neat movies there until Oct. 1946 when my folks moved out to west coast. Went to Courville school kindergarten thru fifth grade.

12/5/2014 - Donald McLeod
I was in this theater twice, both times as a child. My mother took me to see Ivanhoe. I conflated the title with Eisenhower and called it Ivanhower. She also took me to see The Night of the Hunter with Robert Mitchum when I was six years old. That movie riveted me.

5/11/2013 - Ron Markowicz
I lived at 18078 Russell and went to the Cameo Theater as late as 1955. The building still stands today, go see it.
7/6/2012 - rob
I remember this theatre very well. I lived in the area and attended often. I also attended Nolan Intermediate school. This was a great place and Detroit was a Great city, what ever happened to it???.

5/14/2011 - Sylvia Powers (Kociel)
Oh my gosh - I have so many great memories of seeing movies with my sister & father at the Cameo. My mother worked @ Hank's Delicatessen in that very same block. I believe a Brickley's Dairy was next door to that and then the theater entrance. Went to Marshall Elementary, than Nolan Intermediate. Lived in the 1st block of Hanna St.

It was a great neighborhood to grow up in. Lots different now, I'm afraid.
12/28/2009 - Ron Markowicz
That is a picture of the temple after it changed from Cameo Theater. I lived on Russell between Nevada and 7 Mile as a boy. I hope someone has a picture of the theater.
10/26/2009 - Ray Girard
The Cameo Theater was on the corner of Russel and 7 Mile my family moved on Cardoni 1 block west and a block and a half south in about 1956 and I remember going to the show on Saturdays I also remember Reverand Ralph Hart making into the Liberty Temple.
1/28/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
This old depression-era neighborhood house used to be near 7 mile and Russel, it only lasted until the television era, when it closed in 1949.

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