Home Theatre

Address: 6417-6421 Chene St.
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1935
Owner History:
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Notes: AKA New Home Theater
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3/18/2020 - Brianne Turczynski
Hello, I'm writing a book on the Poletown neighborhood and would like to know more about the Home Theater/The Castle. If anyone could share their stories with me that would be great! Pictures would be welcomed too. Thank you! -Brianne Please use this email to contact me. Briannefaye@gmail. com.
6/10/2014 - Raymond Karwoski
I was the drummer for Ray & the Chene Dells. If anyone has pictures please-mail them to me. What a great time of my life.
1/6/2014 - Emily
Im sorry my mistake in my recent comment. Max Hayward, Pat LaRose, & another man named Gene or Jean unsure of his last name. but it was all 3 men who purchased The Castle together.
1/5/2014 - Emily
My father Pat LaRose invested money with Gene Hayward along with another man & purchased The Castle together My father Pat LaRose ran the place & played there with his band The Thunder Rocks, as well as enlisting the bands signed under his label SABRE Records tro play there as well I don't know all the details yet, as to how & why my father is not being acknowledged But I have an idea & will find out the truth I have the original copies of these two photos & Pat LaRose played a major role in the key to the success of The Castle & deserves to be acknowledged for it I don't want anything. except giving my father the acknowledgment, respect & credit he so rightfully deserves Pat LaRose (Lead singer & guitarist of the successful 1950's-1960's band The Thunder Rocks, to which they formed the Club 7-11 in 1963, & started their own record label Sabre Records They've also been acknowledged in many books & news articles regarding The Thunder Rocks stating how their music had influence & importance in the developing history of Detroit rock & roll.
6/26/2012 - Cathy
My parents Max and Patricia Hayward were the owners of the Castle in 1967, I was eleven years. What great memories and so much fun we had,, my Dad with the help of his eldest son Gene and their love for music had great dreams for the Castle. Max always thought it would such a great place for young people to hang out and to dance and listen to all the great bands that came and played. My parents also had the little place next door. They opened as the a little take out place. I remember all the teenagers coming in to both our places. My parents are both deceased now, but seeing this has bought back alot of great times,, thanks for mentioning the Castle on your web page. Cathy.
7/16/2008 - Brian WisniewskiBrian
I remember going to the Home theater on Saturdays to see all the Beach-Blanket movies with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello as well as repeates of Elvis films....that has to be in the mid-late 60''s. This wasn''t a first-run place, but a small neighborhood theater. Saturday matinees would be filled with all the kids from the area schools: I don''t think there was anyone more than 17-18 years old in the place.. There was a candy store next door that made their own chocolates.
6/4/2007 - Larry W. Ratliff
I sang on that stage it was cool. And when I was younger I watched 15 min. shows of the green hornet staring Bruce Lee that was cool too.shows of Elvis Presley. Chane St was a hard street but life was good. NEXT TIME: Larry Ratliff
6/2/2007 - KenOngSr
Theater was closed approximately 1966-67. During the early 1960''s Ed Kroll, Hamtramck Police Officer owned the Home Theater When the theater became the Castle, the owner last name was DeCocco. Detroit own Rationals played there. The Puzzed Corner Band opened for them. When the Castle closed, Pluzzed Corner Band was the last name on the Marquee until the building was torn down for G.M. Pole Town
5/4/2007 - Mark Kempinski
We lived on Jos. Campau in Detroit near Warren (by Northeastern High) and spent many Saturdays at the Home Theater. The features, serials and cartoons were great. It was a fantastic local theater. Please do submit ALL the pictures you can possibly find! PEACE, Mark.
4/9/2006 - Jim Chominski
In 1967 & 68 the theater turned into a teenage night club called the Castle. The neighborhood loved it, it gave the kids place to go. It was a tough neighborhood, and I always managed to get into a fight. I believe the owners name was Howard Hayward. My band (Von Dutch Inc.) played there in 67 & 68, and I took all the promotional pictures. Attached is a picture of the interior. I do have a negative of the outside marquee and the name New Home Theater above. If I can find a photo lab that can make a print from a B&W sheet film negative I will send it. Today the entire neighborhood is torn down and the Poletown Cadillac plant is there today.
12/18/2003 - Box Office Magazine
July 1959 - J. B. Krul is closing the Home in Detroit on Wednesdays.
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