Nortown Theatre

Address: 7706 E 7-Mile Rd
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1936
Capacity: 1000
Owner History:
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9/26/2019 - Pamela (Chadwick) Savant
My grandmother, Clara Reuter (Kuester) ran the sodette and candy area in the early days. She lived at 7617 Robinwood and so did I. So many fond memories. I think we went to the dentist in the same building (Shulman).
1/28/2014 - judy Thompson
I worked the candy counter in 1960. made 55 cents a hour. Got fired for leaving the butter machine on all night.
10/12/2010 - Carolyn (Mandich) Beck
Memories of Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 25 cents and we saw two movies and cartoons between. Lived on Robinwood and Nortown was in walking distance. Great childhood memories of that theater. Detroit was such a great city, so sad to see the decay.
6/6/2010 - Tim OBrien
Shortly before the Nortown was demolished I salvaged the old marquee letters which are still in daily use on the Vassar Theatre.
8/16/2007 - Don Willhite,Jr
My father has talked to me about this theater many times,how he and his buddies in the late 50''s through the ''60s would go there every week to catch the newest monster movies.My father went to this theater to see "The Tingler",and wound up getting one of the specially-rigged seats with the shocker in it.
1/5/2006 - Jim Chominski
I grew up in the 7-Mile & Van Dyke area in the late 50s threw the 60s I went to the Nortown Theater on a regular basis. In the winter they just had Saturday matinees, in the summer they had Wednesday & Saturday matinees. Addmision was .25 cnts, candy, pop, ice cream was .05 cnts. Mom could get rid of us kids for the day, for .35 cnts each. We saw every late 40s & 50s B horror movie you could possibly think of , & to a full house too. Occasionally they had live magic shows & 3 BB movies. Thanks for the memories NORTOWN!!!!!
1/15/2004 - Cinema Treasures
Not to be confused with the somewhat larger and better-known Norwest on Grand River (opened the same year, 1936), the Nortown could seat around 1000, and was designed in Art Deco style by the firm of Bennett & Straight. During most of the 70s, the Norwest was an adult theater, until it closed at the end of that decade. It has since been demolished.
10/1/2003 - Ron Glowczewski
My father went to this theater during his childhood (late 40s-early 60s). But unfortunately, this quaint family theater was turned into a porn theater in 1971. As of 1987, it still was.
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