Warfield Theatre

Address: 5126 Hastings
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1914
Capacity: 376
Owner History:
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12/29/2013 - Jeffrey S. Swinkin
My Uncle Morris was forced to close the theater by the State of Michigan as some of the land was being taken for the construction of the Chrysler Freeway (I75).
12/29/2013 - Jeffrey S. Swinkin
My great uncle, Morriss Teitel was the original and only owner of the Warfield. He opened a nickelodeon in 1914, several years after arriving in Detroit from Ostrow Poland. In the mid thirties he rebuilt it as the theater shown in the photos.
10/15/2011 - Roxanna
I remember going to this show to see the Tingler and the mummy, I also remember hearing the late Robert Battles UAW leader worked there. I lived at that time at 692 E. Hancock off Hasting Street. Those were the good old days.
9/11/2004 - JoAnn
You have listed the closing date as 1949. I believe it may have been in the mis 1950s because I remember being old enough to later go with my cousins and there was no way I was going by myself at the age of five. I also know they held talent shows in the 50s.
Warfield Theatre - VINTAGE PIC
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