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Showcase Cinemas Flint West

Address: 1591 S Graham Rd
City: Flint State: MI Zip: Phone: (810)230-6668  
County: Genesee
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Open: 1995 Closed: Capacity:    
Owner: National Amusements / Redstone
Web Address: N/A
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5/17/2010 - Unknown
Originally a 12-plex, auditoriums 11 & 12 were added in 1999, with the former 11 & 12 becoming 13 & 14. Auditorium Seat Count (circa 2006): 1-281, 2-315, 3-287, 4-166, 5-164, 6-153, 7-155, 8-165, 9-166, 10-287, 11-383, 12-383, 13-315, 14-274.
5/14/2010 - Steve Bielawski
The theatre has been sold, or at least, it is in the final moments of sale. The new owner is Rave Cinemas from Dallas. They also are buying the Showcase Cinemas Ann Arbor and a theatre in Kalamazoo, all from National Amusements. National Amusements will now leave the state of Michigan. They had quite a few theatres around here at one time, but they closed a lot of their older sites (built anywhere from the 1940s to the 1970s) but kept this one in the hopes of finding a someone who would buy it.

Apparently, they found them. Rave Cinemas now has 65 theatres, including three in Michigan. 35 of those were purchased from National Amusements. Their web site is www.

ravemotionpictures. com.
10/26/2009 - mike leslieike leslie
where to start. first this building is for sale. but to the history of flint west.

this building was rushed into being when UA started with their plans to open where cinema 10 is. National Amusements hired the guy who designed star theatres at this time. This was the first of the star style theatres built by national amusements. This guy ended up stealing national amusements blind and later was fired.

This building went way over budget. but by building west they were able to stop UA from completing. They then bought out C-10 from UA. They never wanted west to do business it was built to protect Burton (sc east).

They went years before deciding that they would play same movies at both buildings. this building had much promise but showcase never wanted it to succeed.
Showcase Cinemas Flint West - FRONT ENTRANCE
Showcase Cinemas Flint West - FRONT ENTRANCE
Showcase Cinemas Flint West - MARQUEE

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